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First Time Coming to the Capital (2)

T/N: ML has a short cameo in this chap and next chap ;v; but it'll still be a few more chaps before he officially meets up with MC. 

"This one should be Meng Bo Wen, Imperial Tutor Meng. He's the previous emperor's sworn brother, and the current emperor's teacher. His son Meng Wei Ren is currently the crown prince and the other princes' teacher. In the capital, members of the Meng family that were capable of having this kind of imposing manner can only just be the imperial tutor's family." Chang Feng explained.

"Oh, is that so. Anyways, never mind for now. Let's go back first." Du Xiao Li said as she returned back onto her horse carriage. After Du Xiu Heng got on his horse carriage, and Cheng Feng returned to his horse, he lead the horse carriage towards the Prime Minister's residence. 

"Never thought that the person we encountered was actually the old imperial tutor." After the horse carriage began advancing, Xia Yuan said with a sigh.

"You know him?" Du Xiao Li asked.

"We although walked the pugilist world in the past, we still know of the important figures of each country. It's said that this old teacher Meng is infamous for his eccentric personality, but is also very impressive. Even if his Majesty makes a mistake, he would still punish accordingly. But for the previous emperor to have been able to succeed the throne that year, old teacher Meng's contributions cannot go unnoticed. Moreover, he only served as the imperial tutor, such a empty position, and very much received the previous emperor's trust, knowing that he punished the princes, yet never said anything." 

"So he can also be considered a legendary person then." Du Xiao Li said, afterwards turned and pulled open the window curtains, gazing out to the street view outside. Because after entering the city, Du Xiu Heng didn't allow Du Xiao Li to pull open the carriage windows, she could only secretly open a little to look at the people coming and going outside. After looking for a while, she felt bored and put down the curtains again. 

"This capital city really is much livelier than other cities." Ying Ge said.

Xia Yuan nodded. She could tell from hearing too. Ying Ge and Xia Yuan although didn't look, they both possessed martial arts, so they could hear the sounds outside. 

"It's Feng Ming's capital city after all. The development naturally needs to be good." Du Xiao Li said. Thinking about the corruptions behind the flourishment, she couldn't help but sigh. 

"Miss is worrying about the matters after returning home?" Xia Yuan asked.

Du Xiao Li nodded, "Although I'm not scared of the schemes and whatnot, I don't like it either. If possible, I still want to go live in the village."

"Where is there any villages near here? The land near the capital have all been bought up by those officials." Xia Yuan said.

"I was just thinking only. Heard that many with power and money all have estates in the outskirts. If there's land, let's also go build one. In the future, when I don't want to live at home, I can still go to the outskirts to relax. Ying Ge, leave this to you to handle." Du Xiao Li said.

"Miss, this I've long prepared." Ying Ge replied.

"When did you take care of it?" Du Xiao Li looked to Ying Ge in surprise.

"It was prepared last year. At that time, when miss just had the matters handed over to us, I'd mentioned it to miss. At the time, miss, you said that you needed to come to the capital, so I began letting someone prepare it." Ying Ge said. These things were all being handled by Ying Ge. Although her temper wasn't as steady as Xia Yuan's, her ability to take care of these things was still very strong. "Moreover, I've even let them plant miss's favorite grapes in the estate. The northern region's weather warms a little later, so should be able to mature soon."

"Really?" As soon as she heard Ying Ge even let someone plant grapes, Du Xiao Li excitedly hugged Ying Ge at once. She recalled that Ying Ge seemed to have mentioned this matter to her before, but she never thought that she actually had this matter taken care of already. "Then when we have time, let's go check out the estate."

"Yes, miss." Xia Yuan and Ying Ge simultaneously replied. 

The horse carriage travelled past several bustling streets and entered a quiet and secluded street. Lightly lifting the window curtains, Du Xiao Li discovered that this street they were currently traveling down was a little wider than the previous streets, but there weren't any people around, appearing very quiet. Moreover, on the two sides of the street, from time to time, there would be a very imposing house erect, and written on there, something something manor. Looks like, it was all large wealthy households. 

Suddenly, she saw a residence that was obviously slightly inferior. On there were the words 'Niu Manor'. She thus had Chang Feng called over and asked, "Is that Niu Jing's residence?"

"Yes miss, that is Imperial Physician Niu's residence." Chang Feng took a glance and replied.

Looks like Niu Jing is doing quite well in the Imperial Physician's Court, because a normal imperial physician didn't have their own official residence and were all arranged to live in the Imperial Physician's Court's living quarters. 

"Good eldest senior brother, just wait until I catch you, see how you explain yourself to me!" Du Xiao Li somewhat angrily said. If not for Niu Jing, she wouldn't need to come to the capital now, and further wouldn't need to use this ident.i.ty to enter the capital! She said to the Chang Feng outside, "If I want to go pay someone a visit, what should I do?" 

"Just need to pa.s.s along a visiting card in advance. If the other party receives the visiting card, miss can just go according to the time written on the visiting card." Chang Feng said.

Send an invitation card? Probably as soon as Niu Jing sees the visiting card, he'll just escape. Looks like this method won't do. She needed to think of another way. Presently, she still didn't know that Niu Jing currently wasn't in the capital. 

Niu Jing at the moment was currently at a place thousands of miles away, watching the army pitch camp, somewhat wishing to cry, but there were no tears. He'd just arrived not long ago, and they were already about to withdraw the troops and return to the capital! Thinking that Du Xiao Li was already in the capital waiting for him by now, he just wanted to escape, escape, and escape!


On the little mountain slope, Niu Jing stuffily drank a sip of wine, then recalled that it was precisely all this wine's fault and angrily had the wine gourd thrown on the ground. Watching the wine flowing out, he felt a burst of heartache, and picked it back up again.

Wine Gourd

"Yo, what's wrong with our great imperial physician Niu? To actually take your anger out on wine!" 

From behind, came a teasing voice. Niu Jing picked up the wine gourd and turned around, seeing Han Ming Yi and Ji Liu Feng in full-body armor. He performed a bow and said, "Ding w.a.n.g, young general."

Presently, Ji Liu Feng was already a 21 year old young man. The once still somewhat tender youth has already grown into a handsome man that made thousands of young maidens faint. Wearing a silver white armor, he looked formidable and valiant, yet it didn't diminish his elegant inherent nature.  

And Han Ming Yi was also already 18, his chiseled face even more stern than before, emitting an ice cold air all over, letting one not dare to easily approach. The black armor on his slender and tall body didn't look c.u.mbersome, but instead was like a decoration, letting his entire person appear even more attractive. 

Ji Liu Feng sat down on the mountain slope and said, "Imperial Physician Niu, what's wrong, to be this sulky? If you have any unhappy matters, say it out and let us be entertained."

Niu Jing gave Ji Liu Feng a glare and crawled back onto the little mountain slope, "Young general, I'm already quite vexed here, yet you all still want to laugh at me!"

"I'm just seeing that you're down and wanted to let you say it out loud, so as to avoid wasting this good wine!" Ji Liu Feng said with a smile.

"Sigh, wine really is a bad thing!" Niu Jing both lovingly and resentfully looked to the wine gourd in hand. 

Actually, he very rarely let himself get drunk. After all, he was a doctor. But that day when he was drinking with Du Yun Han, it'd just happened to be his wife's death anniversary. In a moment of grief, he got drunk.

Ji Liu Feng glanced to Han Ming Yi and then asked Niu Jing, "Looks like you've gotten into trouble because of wine! No wonder you would run here. Aiyaa, don't tell me you got drunk and wrecked some family's young lady?!" 

"Go go go, at this age, what young lady would I wreck. If have to wreck, it's still a young lady wrecking me!" Niu Jing said. Thinking what kind of ending he will have if he meets Du Xiao Li, why did he feel his legs just want to run? 

"If not for defiling some miss, then what are you worried about, even running to this border town to hide." Ji Liu Feng was even more curious inside now.

"It's that girl Du Xiao Li, she......" Niu Jing spoke halfway and suddenly stopped.

"Du Xiao Li? Isn't she at the little mountain village in the south? How did she scare you into coming here?" Ji Liu Feng recalled that little village girl, who once said he smiled very alluringly. Although he'd only lived in Du village for a short few months, but even until now, they would still recall from time to time that simple and beautiful period of time. 

Hearing Du Xiao Li's name, Han Ming Yi's eyes flashed as he silently sat next to Ji Liu Feng.

T/N: Lol this chapter I just thought, now that Niu Jing ran away we're replacing him with a better old man.

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