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First Time Coming to the Capital (5)

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Du Xiao Li had a little more than half the roast duck finished, before finally putting down her chopsticks contently. A while later, those people from before came again to take the containers away. Fu Wan San said to Du Xiao Li, "Miss, this humble one will be awaiting your visit."

"Hehe, when I have time, I'll definitely go." Du Xiao Li said.

After Fu Wan San and them left, Du Xiao Li said a few words to Du Xiu Heng, before leaving the Du Manor together with Luo Qi. At the time when they left, the dead drunk Du Yun Han was supported back to the manor by someone and directly sent to Zhong Mei Qing's courtyard.

"Wu, today is the day, Xiu Heng and them came back, I need, I need to go see how they're doing right now?" Du Yun Han was completely drunk, and when he finished saying this, he immediately collapsed onto the bed and pa.s.sed out. 

"Madam, if master learns of it tomorrow, will he blame madam?" Xiao Cui said.

"What's there to blame? Those courtyards are all still being rebuilt right now, who knew they would encounter a rainy season, delaying the construction. How can this be pinned on me? This is also something the old madam previously agreed on." Zhong Mei Qing said, "Alright, go to bed then."


The servant girls went forward and served Zhong Mei Qing in changing, attending her for bed. 

The next day, Du Xiao Li woke up early and strolled around Laifu Inn. Although this was her first time coming to the capital, she was still very familiar with this Laifu Inn, because she'd also partic.i.p.ated in the construction of this in the beginning. However, he'd only designed it, and Luo Qi invested the manpower, material resources, and money. Unlike Suiyuan, which was her independent establishment. 

"Miss." When Du Xiao Li returned, Xia Yuan was waiting for her.

"How was it?" Du Xiao Li asked after entering.

"The prime minister had indeed been called out by a few officials near evening. It wasn't anything important either, just went to a restaurant and ate a big meal, even got forced completely drunk. He'd returned to the manor, when we were leaving." Xia Yuan replied, "Those few were all a.s.sistant Minister Zhong's good friends."

a.s.sistant Minister of War, Zhong Yi was precisely Zhong Mei Qing's nephew(sister's son), this bit of help, he would still help.

"I understand." Du Xiao Li said.

"Also, miss, when I went out in the morning, I heard some rumors outside regarding miss." Xia Yuan somewhat hesitantly spoke. 

"What rumors about me? Seeing your hesitant look, it's definitely not anything good." Du Xiao Li guessed.

"En." Xia Yuan said, "Right now, the outside all say you're a wild village girl, unlearned, with no talent, no virtue. Everyone all say that you're not fit to be the prime minister manor's di daughter."

"Looks like their movements were quite fast." Du Xiao Li wasn't angry and lightly laughed, "Mouths all grow on other people's faces. We have no control over that, so you don't need to be that angry either!"

"But things are clearly not like that!" Ying Ge angrily said to the side.

"En, this Zhong-shi is indeed a little hateful." Du Xiao Li narrowed her two eyes and said, "Then we'll just return her the favor." 

"Miss, what are you going to do?" As soon as Ying Ge saw Du Xiao Li's look, she just knew she had a plan, and curiously asked.

"This, you'll know in a bit. Right now, I'm hungry. Can we go eat breakfast now? If no mishaps occur, then during breakfast, there'll be a good play to watch."

"Really? Miss, let's quickly go eat then." Ying Ge impatiently said.

Du Xiao Li ordered three bowls of porridge, a steamer of buns, and a few side dishes, and began eating together with Xia Yuan and them. Every Laifu Inn's chefs were meticulously picked and all had a specialty skill. The normal guests that come to stay at Laifu Inn, if there's no special circ.u.mstances, all won't chose to eat outside.

"This steam bun tastes quite good. Ying Ge, you went to gather information this morning, you've worked hard, eat some more." Du Xiao Li put a steam bun onto the empty bowl in front of Ying Ge. 

"Thank you miss." Ying Ge said, afterwards lowered her voice again, "Miss, just earlier you said you were going to return her the favor, just what was that all about?"

"In a bit, you'll know. You also don't need to do anything. Just watch from the sidelines. Xia Yuan, in a bit, act according to my signals." Du Xiao Li said.

"Alright miss." Xia Yuan replied.

Just when Ying Ge planned on asking again, a loud disturbance suddenly sounded outside the door. The people that were having breakfast in the hall all looked out. Turns out it was a luxurious sedan stopped at the entrance.

Du Yun Han got down from the sedan and immediately saw Du Xiao Li who was having breakfast in the hall. 

"Xiao Li, what are you doing here? Quickly, come home with father." As soon as Du Yun Han entered, he bolted towards Du Xiao Li, saying as he looked to her.

Du Xiao Li swept Du Yun Han a glance; those eyes contained bare accusation. Then, her nose turned sour, and two streams of tears fell, as she said, "I won't go back, there isn't even a place for me to stay there. Why would I go back? Later, I'll just return to Du village, never coming back to the capital ever again."

(T/N: I swear every transmig MC are like oscars level actresses.)

"What do you mean there isn't a place for you to stay? That big of a house, how can there not be a place for you to stay?!" Du Yun Han said, but seeing the tears on Du Xiao Li's face, his att.i.tude immediately softened, and said, "You come back with father, and can stay wherever you want to stay, how about it?"

"Hmph, if there's a place for me to stay, then why last night was big brother and I arranged into one courtyard?"

The spectators outside recognized Du Yun Han and spoke in succession, "Isn't that Prime Minister Du?"

"Really is Sir prime minister. Entered the capital yesterday? Could it be, this is that rumored talentless, virtue-less, and unlearned countryside daughter of his?"

"Actually had the siblings arranged into the same courtyard, is that prime minister's madam muddled-headed?"

"Hey hey, the wealthy family's affairs, aren't they all like that!" 

"That's right, those large family's affairs, how are they anything like what we see, bright and clean? Even if it's the prime minister's wife who's always had a very good public reputation, didn't she still do something like this?"


The people at the entrance all fervently gossiped, and very soon, this place filled with spectators. 

Du Xiao Li listened to those people's words and wiped her tears. Not waiting for Du Yun Han to speak, she continued, "Although I grew up in a village, mother once said, when I'm grown up, I can't live in the same courtyard as big brother, else others will gossip. That's why, I just let big brother live at home, and I move out with Xia Yuan and them. But last night when we arrived in the capital, it was already that late. The sky had already darkened, but we still needed to come out and look for a place. However, we've never been to the capital before, and wasn't familiar with the place, how could we even find our way around? Fortunately, a kindhearted person pointed us in the right direction, else last night, we would've had to sleep out in the streets!" 

Du Xiao Li gave Xia Yuan a glance, and Xia Yuan also started crying along. Ying Ge seeing Du Xiao Li and Xia Yuan both crying, also cried along too. The three feeble girls directly cried into a lump, appearing very heartbroken.

The three feeble females held each other as they cried. That sobbing sound made all the people present can't help but feel sorry for them, especially the father, Du Yun Han, who was even more heartbroken. He never thought that his precious daughter was actually this pitiful, and nearly ended up sleeping in the streets. He quickly went forward to apologize, "Yesterday was all father's fault, don't be sad anymore, alright?"

Du Xiao Li looked to Du Yun Han, seeing the genuine heartache and self-blame in his eyes, thinking whether she'd somehow gone too far? But recalling the things that woman in the Du Manor did to her, right now, she couldn't give up halfway either. She could only continue. Thus, she lowered her head again, and began weeping, continuously using her handkerchief to wipe her tears, making herself appear especially wronged.

Alright, in reality, she really was wronged! Who would come this far to encounter something like this and not feel wronged?

Du Xiao Li's tears made quite a few young women in the surroundings also began tearing up. For a moment, the scene was somewhat out of control.

T/N: Better hone your acting skills in case you might transmigrate one day lmaoo

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