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First Time Coming to the Capital (1)

T/N: Chapter (1/4) sponsored by Madam Daim! Bless our golden thigh Madam Daim for sponsoring so many chapters again!! This chapter will be divided into 5 parts again.

"Miss, we still haven't reached the capital, how can there already be a.s.sa.s.sins?" Ying Ge asked.

"It's precisely because we still haven't arrived, but are about to reach the capital." Du Xiao Li said, "Blocking someone else's path, so naturally there will be someone that doesn't want us alive." 

"It's that madam?" Xia Yuan asked.

"Aside from her, who else can it be? Who let the Emperor have this di son and di daughter position given to us." Du Xiao Li said. Although she didn't care for this di son di daughter thing, this was still considered a certain recognition to Su Su Xin's status. They can't not want it!

(T/N: iirc the equal wife's children are considered shu born, only first/main wife's children get di status.)

Yuan Ge stuck her head out and glanced at that a.s.sa.s.sin, saying: "Just with those people they sent, not even enough for us to pick our teeth!" 

Du Xiao Li laughed. This a.s.sa.s.sination attempt, not only won't harm them, but will even have that one in the capital's intentions exposed out in the open. Beating the gra.s.s to scare the snake, wait, why did she have herself compared to a snake!

The a.s.sa.s.sins saw Ying Ge sticking her head out from the third horse carriage with Du Xiao Li also inside and said, "Boss, in the horse carriage in the back, I saw that female target!" 

The a.s.sa.s.sin boss listened. Since they've confirmed that Du Xiao Li and them are here, then this party of people all can't be let off, thus he opened his mouth, "Since you've encountered us, just forget about pa.s.sing through here. Attack!" The a.s.sa.s.sin boss waved his hand, and the men in black behind him all flew over from horseback, completely surrounding all four horse carriages in front. 

The window next to Du Xiao Li was opened the whole time, letting her see those people clearly. For them to have sent a.s.sa.s.sins to intercept them here, they must have had this side's manpower and strength clearly figured out. That's why, the people they sent out were a little stronger than the ones Du Yun Han left behind, and the amount was also a little higher too.

But they'll never guess that after coming out of Fuyang, Du Xiao Li and party would be together with the Meng family. Although she didn't know the Meng family's ident.i.ty, she noticed yesterday that their guard's movements were swift, uniform and orderly, one look and can tell they've been meticulously trained. These a.s.sa.s.sins encountering them can also be said to be unlucky. 

As expected, without waiting for those a.s.sa.s.sins to come near, the Meng family's and Du family's guards pulled out their swords in succession and forged ahead, only leaving behind a few near the horse carriages to defend.  

Actually the Meng family's guards were all selected from the imperial family's army, because the Meng family possessed an prestigious position in the capital. Meng Bo Wen was the emperor's teacher. Moreover, his son was also the current crown prince's teacher. Two generations of imperial tutors, who in the capital dared to offend? Even when the emperor saw Meng Bo Wen he would be deferential and respectful, else he would get spurned by the people of the world! 

And Meng Bo Wen this time had returned to his old home for Qingming to sweep the tombs, but because his body wasn't very good, he stayed at his old home until the sixth month before returning to the capital. Learning that the previous emperor's* teacher wanted to return home, the emperor specially sent the imperial guards to protect. 

(*T/N: I'm a.s.suming he's the teacher for both the previous emperor and current emperor.)

Therefore, this bunch of a.s.sa.s.sin's luck really wasn't good!

However, no one expected that the Du family would be together with the Meng family, no?!

Very soon, those a.s.sa.s.sins were all eliminated. As soon as that boss saw the situation wasn't right, he immediately escaped. When he was escaping, Du Xiao Li just happened to see that he had a birthmark behind his neck. 

"Old master, all is taken care off." The guard said to Meng Bo Wen.

"To actually dare to be this insolent the foot of the emperor, after going back, I will definitely tell his Majesty to properly investigate this matter! Cough, cough....." Meng Bo Wen was so angry that he started coughing. 

"Alright, your body isn't good, don't be that angry anymore." Meng old madam consoled, following which said to the people outside, "Send someone to invite the capital's magistrate, let them come take care of these corpses. Let's continue on our way."

"Yes, old madam." The people outside replied and immediately had someone head back to the capital first on horseback. 

This place wasn't far from the capital. If they're fast on horseback, there and back won't take more than two hours. 

Soon after, the horse carriage once again set out, continuing towards the capital city. Finally, before the sky grew dark, they arrived at the capital. 

Having entered the city gates, Du Xiao Li and them had to part ways with the Meng family. Before leaving, Madam Meng pulled Du Xiao Li and said, "Xiao Li, you see, my father's body isn't that great. If in the future, anything happens, still need to trouble you greatly." 

Du Xiao Li looked to the already much better Meng Bo Wen and said, "This isn't a problem, however Xiao Li has a small request."

"The medical fees naturally won't be lacking." Madam Meng thought that Du Xiao Li wanted to say this and spoke first.

Du Xiao Li shook her head and said, "My request isn't this, but rather wanted to ask grandpa Meng and you all to help me keep this a secret and don't let my medical skills be known to others."

"Just this?" Madam Meng asked.

Du Xiao Li nodded, looked to Meng Bo Wen and sweetly smiled, "Grandpa Meng will help Xiao Li keep this secret, right?"

Seeing Du Xiao Li's appearance, Meng Bo Wen stroked his beard and loudly laughed out, "Fine, I'll help you keep this secret." 

"Thank you grandpa Meng." Du Xiao Li said with a smile.

"Then if there's something, where will we go to find you?" Madam Meng asked.

"I also don't know where is where." Du Xiao Li had never came to the capital before, so she didn't know where Du Yun Han's old lair was either. She turned around and shouted towards her own ranks, "Chang Feng."

Chang Feng walked over and said, "Miss."

"Where's my father's old lair?" Du Xiao Li asked. 

-----eh, old lair!

Chang Feng felt a cold sweat dripping from the back of his head, replying: "Directly say Right Prime Minister Du Manor, the entire capital all knows." 

"Oh, I actually forgot!" Du Xiao Li was still thinking of how like in her past life they needed to know which street and which road to find someone, and forgot that her father now was also a famous person. His residence, everyone probably all knows.

"Aunty Meng, if there's anything, you all can send someone to the Prime Minister Du Manor to find me." Du Xiao Li turned and said to Madam Meng.

"So it's Prime Minister Du's children. As expected, not bad. Then we'll be going first. Later, when you're free, come visit this old man, understand? Xiu Heng you also come." Meng Bo Wen had always quite admired Du Xiao Li and Du Xiu Heng. Hearing they were Du Yun Han's children, he wasn't too shocked either and bid them farewell with a smile. 

"Hehe, when we have time, we'll go visit you all. Grandpa Meng, Grandma Meng, Aunty Meng, goodbye!" Du Xiao Li and Du Xiu Heng said, afterwards retreated out of the way to let their horse carriage pa.s.s through. 

After they all left, Du Xiao Li finally asked, "Big brother, do you know where they live?" 

Du Xiu Heng shook his head and said, "Don't know, you don't know?"

"I also don't know." Du Xiao Li said.

"Yesterday, after dinner, didn't you chat with them very happily? You had them all amused into laughter in their room, and even returned to your room that late, don't tell me you didn't ask?" Du Xiu Heng said.

"Cough cough, I forgot." Du Xiao Li said.

"Then never mind. If in the future, we encounter them again, we can ask. If we don't, then just never mind." Du Xiu Heng said. He also felt Meng Bo Wen and them were quite nice, but they also have only been acquainted for a day. There weren't that deep of feelings. 

"Young master, miss, that should be the Imperial Tutor Meng and his family." Chang Feng said from the side.

"Imperial Tutor!?" Du Xiao Li never thought that Meng Bo Wen was actually the imperial tutor. That was the emperor's teacher, ranked one of the three Ducal Ministers, proper first rank official! 

T/N: New golden thigh++; if this was an rpg her luck stat must be off the charts, tho she is a cheat character lol. Actually depending on dynasty, her father would actually be considered equal in rank to him.

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