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Cursing Ren w.a.n.g In Anger (1)

The Sui Yuan Club was a place of leisure recreation that Du Xiao Li established in references to modern day lounges, in addition to the capital city's state of affairs. Included amongst the place were lodging, catering, poetry gatherings, and various art halls. The halls were built on the edge of the Bian river. 

Unlike the little brook that flowed into the rear of the Jade Bamboo Courtyard, the Bian river flowed into Phoenix City's main river, and Phoenix City was just like being divided into two by the Bian river. Because the river surface was wide, and the river stream gentle, many people liked playing by the riverside. And many shops also opened by the riverside. Sui Yuan Club was one among them. Just, its location was a bit remote. Although it was only separated from the bustling district by a few streets, the surrounding inhabitants and buildings were comparatively less, and was also rather quiet. In addition to its top quality design, top quality service, and the recreations inside were also very fresh, plus the immense advertising before opening, after they opened up, they very quickly rose to the top ranked recreation club. 

Although this place was designed according to Luo Qi's description of the capital, after coming to the capital, Du Xiao Li still haven't gone to see the place yet. Suddenly seeing the manager come look for her, she truly was startled. 

"Uncle Mu, why did you suddenly come to find me?" Du Xiao Li looked to the merely thirty years of age Mu Zi Mu and asked.

"Miss, it's like this. Today, this subordinate suddenly received an imperial decree. Since the matter was of great importance, I had no choice but to come look for miss to discuss." Mu Zi Mu said.

"Imperial decree?!" Du Xiao Li looked to Mu Zi Mu in shock. Why did the club receive an imperial decree?!

Mu Zi Mu had the shiny imperial decree fished out from his chest and handed it to Du Xiao Li, saying: "In the recent decades, every few years, the countries will gather together and compete in verse, song, poetry essay, and other talents. The ones partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion are the students of each country's imperial academy. Last time was three years ago at the gathering held in Northern Yuan. This time, it's our country's turn to conduct the gathering."

"What does this have to do with us?" Du Xiao Li asked in confusion.

"Don't know who suggested it, for this year's compet.i.tion to be held in our Sui Yuan, but this imperial decree is making us in charge of all matters aside from security." Mu Zi Mu said.

"What?!" Du Xiao Li instantly shot up from her chair, as she looked to Mu Zi Mu and asked, "Why was Sui Yuan picked for this kind of thing?" 

"According to the news we received, someone had suggested it to his Majesty, saying that Sui Yuan has always held some verse and poetry essay single-elimination open tournaments, so holding the compet.i.tion this time there won't be a problem. This compet.i.tion originally was set in Northern Yuan, but because of Norther Yuan's internal turmoil, it was changed to our country in the last moment. But we've never prepared something like this before, and wanting to temporarily close the hall isn't possible either, so.........."

"So someone is using Sui Yuan to take advantage of the situation?" Du Xiao Li continued, "Do you know who recommended us to the Emperor?" 

"This subordinate is useless, we were unable to find out." Mu Zi Mu remorsefully said. 

Du Xiao Li opened up the imperial decree and rapidly skimmed over it. As expected, on there stated for Sui Yuan to carry out the arrangements for the compet.i.tion this time, letting Sui Yuan's owner enter the palace to have an audience with the Emperor. Du Xiao Li sat back down on the chair and silently stared at the imperial decree for a while, "Where's the eunuch that came to announce the imperial decree?"

"I've already told him that I won't be able to contact you until tomorrow, so he said that tomorrow at the end of chen-hour(7-9am), he'll come pick you up to enter the palace." Mu Zi Mu replied.

"I understand." Du Xiao Li had the imperial decree placed on the table and said, "You go back first. Tomorrow, I'll come to Sui Yuan at chen-hour." 

"Yes." Mu Zi Mu got up and left under Ying Ge's lead. 

Xia Yuan stood to the side, and seeing Du Xiao Li's anxious look, she said, "Miss, what should we do about this?" 

"Right now, I don't know either. We'll have to wait until tomorrow after I enter the palace and meet the Emperor, and then decide." Du Xiao Li ma.s.saged her forehead, "Seeing that the Grand Empress Dowager's body has more or less recovered, I originally was thinking to wait another few days before removing the gu for her, but looking at the present situation, we'll need to have this matter taken care of in the next two days." 

"This way is better too, else when that side gets busy, we won't be able to pay attention to this side." Xia Yuan said.

"If I find out who was it that had Sui Yuan pushed before his Majesty, I'll definitely........" Du Xiao Li angrily said.

"Miss will definitely do what?" Xia Yuan, seeing Du Xiao Li fuming look, asked with a laugh.

"When the time comes, you'll know!" Du Xiao Li said, "Right now, we need to prepare for the gu removal first."


Xia Yuan curtsied and then left, leaving Du Xiao Li alone in the guest hall as she absentmindedly stared at the imperial decree on the table.

In the evening, Du Xiao Li as usual examined the Grand Empress Dowager's body for her, and after the Grand Empress Dowager went to sleep, she bid Meng Gu farewell and then left. Just as she walked out, she saw Han Ming Yi outside the door.

"Big brother Yi, what are you doing here?" 

"Waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?"


"Do you need something?" Du Xiao Li combed her hair by her ear as she asked.

Han Ming Yi walked over, suddenly embracing her waist, and with a leap, disappeared from the courtyard. Shortly after, they arrived at the mountain in the back.

Along the way, Du Xiao Li didn't say anything, and when they finally landed, she looked to Han Ming Yi and asked, "What did you bring me here for?"

"To talk."


Du Xiao Li casted Han Ming Yi a glance and said, "Can't we talk at home? Must we come here?" 

Han Ming Yi carried Du Xiao Li in his arms and leapt all the way to the treetop of a tall tree that was reaching into the skies. This tree was already very lush, there was simply no need to worry about falling down. 

"Sit." Han Ming Yi sat down and patted the s.p.a.ce next to him.

Du Xiao Li sat down next to Han Ming Yi and looked down to the lights of the estate below, listening to the early autumn insect cries. Her somewhat jittery heart slowly calmed down. 

Han Ming Yi quietly sat next to her. Sensing her calm down, he finally asked, "What happened? This my first time seeing you this anxious."

Although currently Han Ming Yi has been staying every night at the estate, in the morning he still needed to enter the city to take care of business, or go to the army barracks to handle affairs. During dinner, he'd already sensed that Du Xiao Li was different from usual, thus he brought her here to relieve her stress. 

Du Xiao Li had the matter of the Emperor wanting to hold the talent compet.i.tion between the countries at Sui Yuan told to Han Ming Yi. And after listening to everything, Han Ming Yi opened his mouth, "Since the imperial decree has already come down for this matter, then it's already a fixed matter. Placing the literature compet.i.tion between the countries at Sui Yuan is indeed somewhat stressful. However, you don't need to worry either, I will accompany you together."

"Together with me?" Du Xiao Li turned her head to Han Ming Yi, and seeing his face being blur by the night, she suddenly felt the urge to reach out and touch. 

"En, such an important matter, his Majesty won't let Sui Yuan just handle on their own. Tomorrow, I'll talk to him, and let him have this matter given to us to handle together. For cautions sake, he most likely will also do it this way." Han Ming Yi grasped Du Xiao Li's hand and said, "Not only that, you can also drag your fox-like old father into this. With Prime Minister Du present, you for the most part can relax on this matter." 

"Right! How did I forget about my father!" Du Xiao Li suddenly recalled Du Yun Han. With her fox-like old man around, she completely can hide in the back and be idle. "Tomorrow, I will tell his Majesty to let my old man help out too." 

"Actually, even if you don't say, his Majesty would also let Prime Minister Du come. You just need to worry about providing the location. Everything else, just give to your husband and your father to handle." Han Ming Yi said a.s.suredly.

T/N: I don't think I can think of a MC that's better at recruiting free laborers than DXL. 

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