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Inside the room, Ling Xian protected himself against the rays of dark energy using his own spiritual energy and his Golden Dan.

Throughout the entire process, he was careful and did not at all dare to be reckless.

After all, this was a curse that once killed a heavenly sword. Even with the Holy Spirit Water's protection, he wouldn't dare to taint himself with it.

But as he shaved away the rays of black air, the rust on the heavy sword began to shed at a faster rate and it even began to exude coldness.

Though the actual sword was just starting to be revealed and was actually a long way away from total restoration – the peek from the actual sword dropped the temperature of the room down to freezing point.

Even Ling Xian felt shaken.

But more than that, he was happy. The blade of the sword was revealing itself and was emitting so much Qi. By the time it's restored, how powerful will it be?

"It truly is a heavenly sword composed of purple gold. I have high hopes for the amount of light it will shine when it is completely restored."

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with high expectations. He formed a hand seal and his Golden Dan crazily emitted energy and destroyed all the rays of dark energy.

"I will wait patiently. In less than two days, this sword will be reborn like it's new."

A smile sat on Ling Xian's lips. He continued to try and cleanse the curse as he waited for the moment the sword is reborn.

Time pa.s.sed by little by little.

After around two days, after the rusty sword completely shed its old skin, it immediately exploded with an infinite amount of light. Like an eternal Sun, the light it gave off was insanely bedazzling and blinding.

At the same time, rays of energy from the sword howled out, as sharp as ever, and was seemingly unprecedented.

Though there was no owner using it right now, it still possessed a terrifying amount of power – as if at any second now, the sword would slash across s.p.a.ce and send shivers down people's spines.

Even for someone like Ling Xian, he couldn't help but to move around in his seat. More than anything, though, he felt happy.

This sword was his. Naturally, he wanted it to be as powerful as possible!

"Based on this Qi alone, I can tell that this sword is made out of Purple Immortal Gold and is extremely dominating!"

Ling Xian's eyes were heated. He so impatiently wanted to lunge forward and find out what this sword was capable was.

The Purple Immortal Gold!

That was one of the top heavenly materials! Even real immortals cannot often use that material to make their weapons!

Weapons made out of this kind of material is completely deserving of its powerful t.i.tles. Whether its offensive or defensive powers, they are all top notch and infinitely strong.

The Purple Immortal Gold may have a simple sounding name, but its attacking abilities is definitely unmatchable. Even out of all nine of the immortal materials, it is considered top three. Its strength makes people's fingers quiver.

The value of immortal gold is even more shocking. It is considered to be invaluable and extremely rare. Even a piece as small as thumb nail is enough to trigger a war between the omnipotent.

Based on Ling Xian's estimation, the sword before him used a purple gold the size of a fist. Neither its powerfulness or its value could be estimated!

Therefore, when this sword was starting to reveal its abilities, Ling Xian's eyes turned heated. he stared deadly at the sword, waiting for its curse to be lifted so its real self can be shown.

Just like that, time pa.s.sed by for a while and all the light in the room dissipated. The meter long sword finally appeared before his eyes.

This sword was about one meter in length and three inches in width. It was completely purple without much decorations. But when you glance at it, you could feel the coldness from the sword and it would make you shudder.

Its sword's hilt was entirely purple and was carved into the shape of a dragon's head. Its grace made it appear impossible to offend.

The Qi it was exuding was even more terrifying. It was as if it could shred the heaven's organs and dominate the world!

"Great sword!"

Ling Xian's eyes appeared almost drunk as he exclaimed uncontrollably.

Don't forget, he was a craftsman and had the Immortal of Crafts' inheritance. Therefore, by just glancing at the sword, he was able to tell that the person who crafted this sword was a master craftsman!

Though this sword didn't look fancy by any means and did not look delicate, it gave off a very harmonious vibe. It had the sense that it was merged together by some kind of great magic.

Plus, there is a hint of spirituality circulating the sword. It truly was a state of art and extraordinary!

"The sword uses Purple Immortal Gold as its base – a top notch material. The craftsmanship on this sword is also out of the world along with the many other heavenly materials. These three factors helped create such a great sword."

Ling Xian's eyes revealed his surprise and he continued to exclaim, "The creator of this sword must've put in mad effort. But it makes sense, since Purple Immortal Gold is a material that is hard to encounter. If it were me, I would also do everything I can to ensure the sword is perfect."

Then, the corner of his lips curled up and he smiled, "Now this flawless heavenly sword is mine."

At that, Ling Xian leapt forward like a roc with wings. He so desired to grasp onto the sword now.

Just as his hands were three inches away from the heavenly sword however, this hilt exploded with the energy to shock the heavens and earth. He was instantly forced to retreat.

At the same time, another light ray from the sword emerged – sharp and threatening as ever.

Instantly, Ling Xian's expression changed and he hurriedly stepped to the right.

The light ray was too fast and it was sent off while he was completely without defense. Though he had made the right judgement call, the light ray still sliced across his cheek.


The light ray continued to howl across and pierced the wall behind him.

A red blood mark appeared on Ling Xian's left cheek. It made him feel surprised and somewhat joyous.

The first move this sword made was at the perfect timing when he couldn't defend and the attack was extremely fast. Though it hurt him, what capabilities did Ling Xian have?

He was a heaven-defying monster who was once at three different undefeatable realm!

His insane foundation was surprising and his heaven-defying strength was also shocking. Leaving those all behind, let's talk about his battling experiences. That alone was something not regular people could match up to.

One could make the claim that both his battling abilities and his experiences make him extremely powerful. Yet just now, during his exchanges with the sword, he was hurt by it. This is enough to prove how powerful this sword is!

"It hurt me the moment it made a move. This is something that's never happened before."

Ling Xian suspended in midair and his eyes flickered with disbelief. Out of the countless number of battles he's fought since he began cultivation, he's never been hurt by someone during the first reb.u.t.tal. Even when he fought against several people solo, it's never happened.

Yet just now, he was wounded by this sword. Why wouldn't he be surprised?

As much as he was shocked, he also felt a dense amount of happiness. This sword was his weapon, if it wasn't powerful, then what was the point?

Naturally, the stronger it is, the better!

"It appears that the sword is asking me to fight it before it admits me as its owner."

Looking at the purple heavenly sword that was pointing directly at him, Ling Xian's eyes flashed with a desire to battle, "Might as well. Let me tame you and make you a weapon that I acquired during my cultivation journey!"

At that, he began making a move. The Qi from the undefeatable realm exploded!


Ling Xian swung down his leg and like the sky just collapsed, everything within 10 miles were suppressed.

Perhaps it felt the opponent's abilities, the purple sword shook all over and sent out an infinite amount of Qi. Every single ray had the power to pierce through metal and rock!

One was a heaven-defying monster who's been through three different undefeatable realms, whose every action causes the nine levels of heaven to shake and jolt. The other was a heavenly sword made out of undefeatable heavenly material. Every movement of the sword was sharp and impossible to stop!

The clash of the two parties caused explosions of much terror. If Ling Xian's hasn't set up protective arrays before, the entire palace would've already be in ruins.


Ling Xian made his drastic movements and began to attack aggressively. Every single move he made revealed how violent he could get!

The purple heavenly sword did not pale in comparison. Every single ray of energy it shot out scared away the clouds!

It was not living being. But before it was sealed away, it had acc.u.mulated a lot of energy. Today, the seal had lifted and the stored up energy naturally had to come out.

If that wasn't the case, there was no way that it would be attacking by itself without the command of an owner.

Ling Xian saw through that, but he could also sense that this sword had something spiritual about it. Therefore, he wanted to dominate this sword and make the sword follow him willingly.

"Be tamed by me and step on this cultivation journey with me. We can defeat demons and be alongside the immortals!"

Shouting, Ling Xian's black hair danced in the wind like a G.o.d of warrior. He made a ruthless move that was violent and ferocious!


The heavenly sword shot out another round of rays of energies that threatened its opponent!

"Defeat it!"

Ling Xian was fearless. He continued to aggressively attack.

He didn't use his Eyes of Execution and he didn't use any of the techniques he knew. Instead, he used his physical self and Qi to fight against the power of the sword. Despite that, he remained very authoritative and was utterly fierce!


His leg once again acted like a whip that flicked throughout the air and crumbled down the entire place. Then, his fist acted like a live dragon that landed on top of the purple immortal sword.

Instantly, the meter long sword shrieked and its color dimmed somewhat.

What could it do? Though it was made out of Purple Immortal Gold, it was still just a sword. Only if it was placed inside the hand of a cultivator at the peak of the completion level, could it perhaps get to surpa.s.s and defeat Ling Xian.

But right now, it could not defend against Ling Xian's amazingness!

"Admit that I am your master and I will let all your light shine!"

Ling Xian continued to move his arms and legs. Every movement was overbearing and extraordinary. His movements were simple but vicious!


His strong physique defended against the sword. Then, he rushed towards the heavenly sword and his fist landed on the body of the sword.

Once again, the sword groaned and its color dimmed.

At this, Ling Xian's expression showed how happy he was. He forcefully bled a drop of his majestic ancient blood. Immediately, a wave of heavenly force landed upon the area, making the entire s.p.a.ce shake and quiver.

The sword too, began to tremble under this amount of power.

"Give yourself to me. I will take you on this journey to the peak of the mountain!"

Ling Xian guffawed and dropped the ancient majestic blood onto the heavenly sword. At that, the sword began to shake even more violent, as if struggling and not willing to be tamed.

In the end however, it could not resist the power of the ancient majestic blood and it was suppressed.

Then, the feeling of being connected by bloodline appeared, bringing a warm smile to Ling Xian's face.

Because this feeling meant from this moment on, he was the owner of the sword!

"I have tamed this sword. from today on, this sword will work to serve me, and me only."

Ling Xian smiled and finally placed the purple sword into his own palm. He studied it carefully.

Then, at the connective part between the hilt and the blade, he saw the carving of two small sized ancient characters.

Zi Yao.

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