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Chapter 714: The House Leader

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

Since the beginning of the battle until now, only minutes have pa.s.sed. Yet the eternal Sun never shifted as it continued to hang high in the sky, emitting heated light.

Within these short minutes, the Qing Ming House’s descendants experienced many different emotions.

First, they felt like Ling Xian had overestimated himself and thought he was laughable. Then, they were shocked. After that, they felt fearful and from there, they were astounded.

By now, they were utterly hopeless.

Everyone was now acting as if they had lost their soul. Thinking about death, which they will soon face, their bodies trembled and they found it hard to control themselves.

Just as they were flooding with fear and uncertainty, Ling Xian opened his lips.

He glanced around with his commanding gaze, forcing everyone to subconsciously lower their heads and not meet his gaze. It was as if his gaze was a sharp sword that could tear open the sky.

“You descendants did not partic.i.p.ate in their decision to try and overtake the City of Sin and I am certain you took no part in that decision of theirs.”

Staring at the trembling young descendants, Ling Xian spoke, “Therefore, I plan on letting you live.”

At that, all the hopeless cultivators rose their heads and their eyes exploded with color and light.

Letting me live?

My G.o.d, did I hear him wrong!

Many people widened their eyes and wondered if Ling Xian had said the wrong words or if they had heard the wrong thing.

“I did not say anything wrong and you did not hear it wrong.”

Looking at the people with disbelief on their faces, Ling Xian smiled. The reason why he chose to let these people go was because these people pose no threat to the citizens of the City of Sin.

Also, these people did not partic.i.p.ate in the invasion of the City of Sin. Ling Xian was not one to kill innocent people.

The reason why he decided to kill all the cultivators who were completion leveled and higher was because he didn’t want to leave anything to chance. After all, other than Chu Zhu Tian and himself, there were no other completion leveled cultivators.

After all, these people were all upper management of the Qing Ming House and they were responsible for the invasion of the City of Sin. Therefore, he didn’t let them live.

As for these little ones who were of the meditational and the foundational stages, even if he does let them go, they wouldn’t be able to make much splash with their revolt.

After garnering Ling Xian’s affirmation, the cultivator’s faces exploded with color. All of them began to celebrate with excitement, as if they had just survived something catastrophic.

Most of the cultivators had tears in their eyes.

“From today on, you will no longer be the pupils of the Qing Ming House.”

Ling Xian glared at everyone, “Remember, do not try to avenge anyone. Because you will only lose yourself if you try.”

Hearing this, the cultivators silenced.

Thinking about how they will now have to become nomads and wander the world, they felt bitter. However, they knew very well that to have their lives saved was already Ling Xian showing them kindness. How could they ask for more?

As for revenge… what a joke… against such a terrifying devil, who would dare to even think about revenge?

It would be the same as complaining to G.o.ds that life is too long.

“Go. Vanish before my eyes before I change my mind.” Ling Xian waved his hand.

Hearing this, the descendants all bowed down as a way to show him their appreciation.

Even though he destroyed the Qing Ming House, no matter what, he did not kill them. This alone was enough to make them thankful.

Then, these people began to leave the Qing Ming House in small groups.

Only Ling Xian and the citizens of the City of Sin remained on this barren land.

In other words, from this moment on, this land now truly belongs to him.

The citizens from the City of Sin cheered to expression their excitement.

Whether it was the size of the land or the treasures on the land, the City of Sin could not compare to the Qing Ming House.

Plus, the Qing Ming House has been dominating this area for a long time and the amount of resources saved there does not need any more description. If they were willing to enter this House, then their cultivation level would enhance drastically.

Thinking about those powerful techniques and the rich resources, these people’s hearts became heated and they couldn’t help but to want to raid this place.

However, they knew very well that while they now share the resource in this land, they had no say on how the resources will be divided. The terrifying youth will be responsible for that.

By now, everyone’s eyes were on Ling Xian and they were full of pa.s.sion.

“You guys sure are quick to l.u.s.t over the wealth of the Qing Ming House.”

Ling Xian shook his head with a smile. His original intention was to find a safe place for these people to be placed, so he could hurry up and bury the city.

But now, he suddenly had a thought. If he could gather these people and train them, then maybe he will get some surprise gains in the future.

Even if what he does next will be useless to him, at the very least, he will have some roots in Yuezhou. If he ever needs to find some information, it would be convenient. Plus, he had no intention to manage this city himself. He planned on leaving it to Chu Zhong Tian and Huang Er.

“Since I have exterminated the Qing Ming House, then this House is now mine.”

Ling Xian grinned. “If you are willing to join the House, then naturally, I will divide up resources for you to use. But if you are unwilling, then I won’t force it.”

Hearing this, everyone once again reacted to indicate their willingness to join.

What a joke. There was an ocean worth of resources and techniques. Only an idiot would refuse to join. More importantly, they had someone as powerful as Ling Xian as their leader. Their future is deemed to be bright.

Since that was the case, then who wouldn’t want to join?

Thinking about all the advantages this House had to offer, everyone appeared heated and full of expectation.

At this, Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, “Very good. Then from now on, all of you are my subordinates. As for what will happen next, you will just have to listen to Huang Er’s orders.”

Then, he brandished his arm to gesture for Huang Er.

“Hehe, Master, I am here.” Huang Er smiled and jogged to Ling Xian. He appeared exhilarated.

He had a feeling that he will soon be promoted from a city’s general manager to a House’s manager.

As he predicted, what Ling Xian said next gave him great joy and excitement.

“From today onward, you will be the side commander of the House. You will be responsible for all every-day matters.”

Hearing this, Huang Er felt himself being hugged by happiness. He now even more firmly believe that the most important decision he made in his lifetime was to follow Ling Xian.

To know that he was once the lowest leveled cultivator in the City of Sin. Yet now, in the blink of an eye, he was an important figure. Who wouldn’t feel extremely happy about it?

Who wouldn’t be thankful towards Ling Xian?

Therefore, he patted his own chest and swore, “master, do not worry, I promise you that I will manage the House perfectly.”

“I trust you.”

Ling Xian smiled and continued, “Send some people to clean up the battle field. Then, based on cultivation level, a.s.sign different positions to these people. I will go to the storage rooms here and count the wealth of the Qing Ming House.”

Then, he headed to the southeast.

Just then, someone unknown suddenly shouted out loud, catching everyone’s attention. Then, the entire area became filled with sentences. The words rose up and dialed down, shaking the heavens.

The statements were short and simple, but they were full of respect, and full of enthusiasm.

“Farewell, Leader of the House!”

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