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"I, vow, right here and right now, under G.o.d's oath, that if this person here can get me out of here, I will help him accomplish three tasks. If I ever disobey or have the thoughts of breaking this promise, I will… I will be struck by lightning five times!"

The demon's tone was powerful and steady.

Hearing this made Ling Xian's lips curl up. He revealed a satisfied smile.

Since the demon had already made a vow to the G.o.ds, it meant Ling Xian's goal had been achieved. Not only did he acquire a very capable bodyguard, but he can also free up the s.p.a.ce inside this particular Demon Defending Monument in preparation of stopping Ling Tian Xiang.

After becoming possessed, Ling Tian Xiang's cultivation improved drastically. In the near future, it was expected that she would get to a point where he needs to look up to her. Therefore, he had to prepare himself early, just in case he gets caught off guard.

"Very good."


The demon hissed, feeling somewhat uncomfortable. He was once one of the most dominating demons on the nine continents. It has always been him looking down at others - when has he been threatened by others?

On top of that, the one threatening him was a completion leveled cultivator, one he could kill with the flick of a finger.

Therefore, the demon was somewhat uncomfortable. However, he knew very well that his life was under Ling Xian's control. No matter how angry he gets, he had to suppress it.

"It seems like you are somewhat unhappy."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, and he teased, "If you are not satisfied, then you don't need to listen to me. But don't blame me for not warning you - even if you didn't make the vow to the heavens, I could destroy your soul."

He made this statement relatively calmly. However, he didn't allow any questions with his tone - it was as cold as winter.

The demon's heart felt cold and now truly believed that Ling Xian understood the arrays to speed up the killing process for the monument. It sighed. "Oh well, I have made the vow. So even if I have regrets, it's too late."

"Exactly. So store away your arrogance." Ling Xian was teasing and used a very unwelcoming tone.

"d.a.m.n you, young man!"

The demon was clenching its teeth from anger. However, because of the existence of the monument, it didn't dare to express its dissatisfaction. "Since I have made my vow to the heavens, then you can let me out right."


Ling Xian softly grinned and said without much thoughts, "But I have to give you one piece of advice. After you exit, do not have any evil thoughts. Or else I can promise you that you will end up tragic."

Then, his hands formed a strange and mysterious seal. Immediately, a strange wave of power dissipated throughout the area. The black stone monument shivered softly and exuded an infinite amount of light.

After some time, the stone monument began to crack from the center and outwards - pouring out an infinite amount of demonic energy. Instantly, the sky darkened and the endless amount of eerie energy covered up the entire area.

"It is no wonder that it's a powerhouse who has surpa.s.sed the original level. Luckily I am confident in my abilities."

Feeling the sky full of demonic energy, Ling Xian frowned, but he was not afraid. The reason why he dared to go up against a powerhouse of the original level was that he had enough confidence in himself.

People who dare to fight against tigers normally belong to two groups. One is that they are stupid, two is that they have guts and the right to.

Ling Xian was, without a doubt, the latter. Therefore, even if the demon leaves the monument, he would remain fearless.

The reason for his confidence was because of the Demon Defending Monument. This object was extremely mysterious, and every single one of them can only seal one demon. If the demon inside the monument is liquefied, then the monument would crumble into pieces as well.

However, if the monument is broken open using specialized techniques, then the monument can be reused again and again for an unlimited number of times. Therefore, for Ling Xian, who possessed the Demon Defending Monument, he is not afraid of the demon itself!

If the demon has ill intentions, Ling Xian can crush it with an arm alone!

"I hope you won't provoke me."

Staring at the never-ending and continuously converging dark air, Ling Xian waved around his sleeve. Before the demon could completely materialize into a physical being, Ling Xian grasped onto the closed up Demon Defending Monument.

This was a treasure that will ensure his victory. Naturally, he has to hold onto it tightly.

When Ling Xian got his hands on the monument, the dark air in the sky finally came together and solidified into a tall and grand silhouette.

It was a handsome man wearing a long black robe. His visage was serious and grand, and his eyes were like a hawk's. Demonic energy kept on swirling throughout his body like an evil G.o.d. Even though he was standing there, unmoving, he had the temperament of swallowing a river!

Behind him, a mountain of corpses and a river of blood appeared, making the air around him smell rusty. Just like the arrival of the keeper of h.e.l.l, the s.p.a.ce around him became filled with tragedy, coldness, torturous, and other negative emotions.

Even for Ling Xian, who had a determined and resolute mentality, the river of blood affected him. His eyes turned bloodshot red, and he had the urge to start a rampage.

After only a few seconds, he restored back to normal and overlooked the mountain of corpses and blood.

"Hahaha, finally, I am out. I am out!"

The demon threw his head backward and laughed out loud. Rays of black Qi poured out of him like waterfalls. It turned into dark clouds that covered up the sky.

The evil prowess was truly captivating!

"Hahaha, it's been two thousand years, I am finally out of my trap!" The demon continued to laugh. His black hair was tussling in the wind like the leader of all demons - sending chills down everyone's spine.

He has been trapped inside the monument for two thousand years. Every day, he had to endure an unimaginable amount of torture. If he didn't have a very determined belief system, he wouldn't have made it this far. Now that he was free and could go anywhere he wanted, how could he not feel excited?

After moments of excitement, the demon finally cooled down. He stared deadly at Ling Xian with ill intentions.

Even though he has escaped, he was still bound by his vow to the heavenly oath, which meant he was not truly free just yet. Only after he strikes and kills Ling Xian, will he truly be free and fly above all birds!

Therefore, the demon had thoughts of killing Ling Xian!

Sensing his killer's intent, Ling Xian's expression was calm and quiet. He predicted that the demon would try and kill him, so he wasn't too surprised.

After all, he can stop him easily, why would he feel the need to freak out?

"You sure are a talented genius, that is without a doubt. Sadly, you are about to fall right here and now." The demon checked out the young man in white and instantly recognized Ling Xian's age and cultivation level. Shock flashed across his eyes.

Such an excellent young man. Even for him, someone who has stepped all around the world, he hasn't met a lot of them in his life.

Ling Xian softly grinned and taunted, "It seems like you are planning on fighting against me. Have you forgotten your promise to G.o.d?"

"Of course I have not forgotten."

Revealing an eerie smile, the demon continued, "however, I only plan on helping you with three tasks. I never said I wouldn't kill you."

"That is true. So you have thoughts of killing me." Ling Xian laughed, "Demon, I thought you were a smart one, but I didn't realize you are actually this stupid."


Seeing that Ling Xian remained calm and casual like usual, the demon frowned, and he had some doubts cast onto his heart.

Remember that he was a powerhouse who has surpa.s.sed the original level. His strength is unimaginably commanding. Even an original leveled cultivator wouldn't be able to keep their cool before him, let alone a cultivator of the completion level. This was also after he revealed his killer's intent!

Yet before his eyes, Ling Xian remained collected and cool, as if he never even cared. Naturally, it made the demon doubt himself.

Was Ling Xian faking it, or was he truly confident?

The demon asked with suspicion, "Then tell me, how am I being stupid?"

"Isn't it all so obvious?"

Ling Xian glared at the person, "You really think I didn't spot the loophole in your oath? I simply am too lazy to waste more words with you. If I have no guts, then why would I let you out?"

The demon frowned and remained silent for a while. "Perhaps you are just faking it."

"Then, why don't you come and try." Ling Xian raised his right hand and gestured for him to come with a smile. "Don't blame me for not warning you though. If you attack me right now, you will end up rather sad."

"Hmmph, you are bluffing."

The demon hissed. Though he had his doubts, he was a generational powerhouse, why would words alone make him give up his intention to kill? Besides, Ling Xian has been talking impolitely, and every time he thought about this, he felt like he was being bathed in anger!

"Young man, I sure want to test it out and see if you are confident or if you are bluffing."

Just then, the demon began an aggressive attack. Ferocious and demonic spiritual energy roared out and shot up to the sky in giant waves!

At that moment, the clouds swam, and the sky changed color!

"This sure is an attack from an original leveled powerhouse. This aggression sure is terrifying," Ling Xian complimented. Not only did he waver, but he also had a victorious smile on his face.

This demon really was powerful. But before the Demon Defending Monument, it was nothing.

"Demon… demon… you better get back like I order."

Faintly grinning, Ling Xian tossed out the Demon Defending Monument and formed a hand seal.

An indescribably strange Qi poured out and transformed into a black hole that sucked in the infinite amount of dark energy.

"Dammit, isn't Demon Defending Monument useful only once? How can it still be used to contain me?"

The demon's face changed color. Sensing the irresistible force of gravity, he felt extremely fearful, and his body began shivering.

He wanted to escape, as far as possible, but under the control of the monument, he couldn't budge even a little bit. He could only let the force take over him and drag him in.

Just like that, Heaven and Earth restored their clarity, and the front of the Demon Defending Monument once again showed the five b.l.o.o.d.y carvings.

This indicated that the demon has once again been sealed.

"Dammit, let me go, let me go!"

The demon screamed out loud as his forceful Qi washed over the defensive monument again and again in hope of crashing through the barrier. Pity though, for thousands of years, he was unable to escape, why would he be able to escape now?

"Let you go?"

Ling Xian's lips curled into a cold smile, "Do you think I am an idiot? You want me to let you out so you can keep on trying to kill me?"

Then, he stepped on top of the Demon Defending Monument. He formed a mysterious hand seal in order to teach the demon a lesson.

"I warned you a while ago to not have any bad thoughts against me, or else you will end up tragic." Ling Xian's lips curled up as he continued to display his mysterious hand seal, "I, Ling Xian, do what I say."

After his voice trailed off, the Demon Defending Monument shone with heavenly light as it released a form of energy that can scare any demon gutless!


After a heart ripping shirk that shot all the way through the cloud, the demon began to bleed and experienced an agony so intense he wished for death!

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