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Inside the gold room, the six armed gorilla was getting clumsy and revealed possibilities of losing.

Yet Ling Xian on the other kind was getting more and more courageous. Like an undefeatable warrior of war, every time he struck, the six armed gorilla's blood boiled!

"Dammit, he is acting inside a human's body, how can he be more horrifying than my kind?" The six armed gorilla's eyes were full of shock, finding it hard to believe that the scenery before its eyes was real.

To know that the foreign kind's physique was naturally powerful. Amongst the multiple kinds, it was considered to be even more terrifying. As the strongest Heaven's Favorite of the gorilla kind, his physique was naturally powerful to the extreme. In the entire Yunzhou, very few can match up to it.

As for the human's physique, it is common knowledge that humans are weak. Even the cultivators who go down the path of pure physical strength lack next to the foreign kinds. Yet today Ling Xian was breaking this norm and had made the six armed gorilla shudder. How unbelievable was this?

Why wouldn't the gorilla be shocked?


As the six armed gorilla was in a state of shock, Ling Xian's attack intensified. Even the s.p.a.ce was shaking as he lifted his arm.

At that, the six armed gorilla could no longer handle it. Its long arms couldn't defend and the sound of bone breaking came from its arms. It lost its composure at the fact that someone from its own generation would be able to break its bones!

It was also a human who did this!

"How did this person cultivate? Could it be that he took pills that would help improve the physique? But aren't those spiritual medicine gone?"

This six armed gorilla had a look of astonishment and finally reality hit it. Using physique alone wasn't going to make him win against the person before it. Therefore, it swung both of its arms. Waves of strength poured out of it and forced Ling Xian to step back.

Then, colorful clouds emerged all around it. Like an undying Sun, blinding light began to pierce through.


Ling Xian frowned slightly, knowing that the six armed gorilla was about to make its ultimate move. However, he didn't take this opportunity to attack. Because for one, he knew that if he attacked now, he would be hurt by the demonic energy from the gorilla.

For two, he wanted to see what kind of heavenly technique the gorilla kind was capable of!

"I sure want to see if you can turn the sky upside down."

High expectation flickered across Ling Xian's eyes. He prepared against the foreign kind's ultimate technique with his own stored Qi!

Just as he expected the worst, the six armed gorilla finally displayed its best technique. From its body, four arms suddenly grew out of him. Every single arm was shining with heavenly light and was releasing terrifying amount of energy.

It was its own kind's best and most famous technique.

"Haha, young man, die under me!"

Laughing loudly, the six armed gorilla instantly appeared before Ling Xian and all six of its arms smashed down onto his head!

"Six arms, break the sky!"

Immediately, a horrifying amount of energy rolled out. The six armed gorilla stood there like a tall mountain. The moment its arms smashed down, the s.p.a.ce was close to crumbling!

"A technique that enhances its physical body."

Ling Xian's expression turned frigid as he sensed the energy to be exponentially stronger. His right hand began to produce heavenly light as he decided to straight up use the Disorder Conquering Fists!

In terms of pure physique, the six armed gorilla can rarely find opponents in Yunzhou amongst the young generation. The moment the gorilla displayed this technique, its physical strength multiplied and was pushing the limit of the completion level!

Therefore, if Ling Xian continued to fight using his own physique, he had to unleash the Disorder Conquering Fists!


As the Disorder Conquering Fists tightened, Ling Xian's right fist turned bright like a small Sun that released powerful and eternal light.


After a loud rumble, the two fists exploded and vibrated, crumbling down the surrounding area!


Scorning, the six armed gorilla stepped back two steps. Its red eyes flashed with awe, unable to believe that even after it used its best technique, it was still being overpowered by Ling Xian!

To know that the technique he used didn't increase its strength by a few percent, it increased its strength exponentially!

Yet it still had trouble defending against Ling Xian's one punch. How could it not be surprised?

"Dammit, its physical body cannot be this powerful. What kind of technique is he using?" The six armed gorilla cursed under its breath, but did not fear.

Its technique did more than increase its strength.

"Young man, if you think my technique's only use is to enhance my strength, then you are wrong."

The black gorilla expressed a devious smile as all six of its arms headed for Ling Xian, "You have two arms, yet I have six. Show me how you can defend!"


All six thick arms began to wave crazily in the air. Every single one of them had the strength to break rocks and shock the sky. Now that all six were attacking at the same time, the powerfulness of them was hard to imagine!

What's more important is that six arms meant he had six different attacking patterns. Every single move was becoming impossible to predict!

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned, but quickly he relaxed.

So what there were going to be six different attack patterns, he will destroy them all in one move!


Ling Xian flung his arms and pushed the Disordering Conquering Fists to their extreme in greeting to the six different arms!

Bang, bang bang!

A series of clash occurred, followed by blood splattered everywhere!

Though the six armed gorilla's arms were extremely terrifying and unpredictable, Ling Xian's Disorder Conquering Fists were without a doubt, more aggressive!

Against the six arms, he defeated it using one move!

"Dammit, what is his story? How can he be so insane?" The black gorilla's heart was shaking at this point. Though the fight continued, there were hints of it losing.

What could it do? Ling Xian was far too powerful, to fight against six arms with two hands made its blood boil!

"Little monkey, you are no opponent of mine. Behave and go to h.e.l.l."

Noticing the six armed gorilla was losing strength, Ling Xian felt like he had no more time for this. Tightening his fists again, he casually swung an arm.

This punch was gentle and slow. But as it travelled, everything around it were crushed to pieces from its force.

"Six arms, break the sky!"

The gorilla's expression drastically changed as it greeted the attack with all arms in attempt to defend. Though this move was powerful, how could it equal the Disorder Conquering Fists?

Don't forget, during the darkest time for the humankind, the Untainted used this move to defeat all foreign kinds.

Even though Ling Xian's current cultivation level didn't let him demonstrate the move's power in its entirety, stopping the six armed gorilla was not all that difficult.


As the punch swept across and landed on the six thick arms, the force it carried finally exploded and overpowered even lakes and mountains!


A bone breaking sound rung. Then, five more rung.

Though the volume of it all was not loud, it undoubtedly represented the reality that n.o.body can now deny.

The six armed gorilla had lost.

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