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Inside the Yan Clan's garden of beasts.

A purple cauldron half the height of a person was sitting on the ground and was surrounded by a faint sheet of purple light. The hole on top of the lid was emitting an aromatic scent that exhilarated everyone.

It was obvious that the Dan inside the cauldron was about to form.

Ling Xian, sitting behind the cauldron in a lotus position, focused intensely on what was going on inside the cauldron. He manipulated his Qi meticulously to increase the speed of the Dan forming inside the cauldron.

The crowd silently stood around him, afraid to even breathe. They were terrified that they would disturb Ling Xian, if too uncareful.

After half an hour, the aromatic smell of the Dan intensified. Everyone closed their eyes sub-consciously. When they opened their eyes, their gazes were even more heated.

Even sniffing the fragrance of the Dan exhilarated them. What effects would the Dan have on them if they consumed it?

Everyone had high expectations and were silently imagining what it would be like to personally consume the Dan.

Sadly, all those who were having these thoughts were destined to be sad. After Ling Xian tells everyone the actual effects of the Dan – their expressions will definitely be very funny.

After another few minutes, Ling Xian abruptly opened his eyes and formed a hand seal. He shouted, "Solidify!"

After his voice trailed off, the purple cauldron began to emit a sheet of light that brightened the entire place.

Then, a black Dan in the size of a fist broke out of the cauldron and suspended in midair. The aromatic smell of it was very penetrating.

The Dan of Transformation!

Staring at the Dan in the sky, everyone's eyes brightened. They wondered what effects this Dan had and wondered if they would get lucky enough to try it.

In the next second however, their faces changed color. Even Yan Xiong Fei.

Because they heard Ling Xian's introduction.

"This is the Dan of Transformation. Just like its name indicates, it allows beasts to turn into human form." Ling Xian smiled. He wasn't that aware of what everyone else was thinking, which was why he explained it in detail in fear that they wouldn't know of this Dan.

"This Dan helps beasts to breakthrough in training, and allows them to transform into humans in a short period of time. This Dan can only be used on beasts. If humans consume of it, it will be ineffective and side effects are unknown."

Ling Xian continued to describe the Dan and its pros and cons. He failed to recognize that everyone's expression was turning more and more strange.

Only beasts can consume it?

G.o.dd.a.m.n, why didn't you say that earlier!

Everyone's face turned green. As they remembered how they were just imagining themselves having the Dan, they wanted to puke.

Even Yan Xiong Fei, the clan leader, reacted the same. He too, just imagined himself having the Dan for himself. But now, he was red faced from anger.

Sadly, this was not caused by Ling Xian. Who asked them to run their imaginations wild? Therefore, despite their dissatisfaction, they could only break down their own teeth and swallow them.


Realizing everyone's strange look, Ling Xian asked, "Why are you looking so unwell?"

"Nothing, it is nothing. Please continue, Master Xian." Everyone brandished their hands and tried to hide their awkwardness.

"There's nothing else to it really. After we feed it to the beasts, you'll understand." Ling Xian smiled. He then threw the Dan inside the bucket of water and dissolved it using his Qi.

Seeing this, everyone became speechless, thinking [why are your Dans so powerful? Other people's Dans are consumed one by one, yet you make them into buckets?]

But after what just happened, they were no longer underestimating Ling Xian. On the contrary, they had high hopes.

"Okay. Take a look at how magical this Dan is."

Curiosity flickered in Ling Xian's eyes. He released some spiritual energy to exert dominance over the now healthy beasts. Then, he dabbed his finger in the spiritual water and pressed between every monster's brows.

After some time, the hundred of beasts had all been pressed by Ling Xian. Just then, the group of beasts growled into the sky and startled the entire garden.


The beasts roared one after another. Then, an amazing scene happened.

The hundreds of beasts were now shining with light and their breathing has gotten heavy. Beasts who were originally of the ninth realm suddenly broke through to the eighth realm!

This had shocked everyone. What astonished them even more was that the beasts were transforming under the light!

First, their skulls took the shape of humans, then their upper bodies transformed before their lower bodies finally turned into human form. In the time of a few breaths, all beasts had transformed into the shape of humans!

Sadly, it only lasted a few short while before they restored to their original form. But after this one short transformation, the beasts had gained intelligence and half of them broke through to the eight realm!

"Oh my G.o.d, have I gone blind? Did I just see a group of beast transform?"

"No, you are not blind. These beasts have gained intelligence. The way they are looking at us is no longer cruel and emotionless."

"Look! Half of them are of the foundational level now. Don't forget, they were of the ninth realm before today!"

Everyone was drowning in shock, even Yan Xiong Fei. The way they stared the beasts was full of disbelief and some excitement.

Remember that the Yan Clan had spent a lot of time and energy training these beasts. Originally, they thought after the poisonous Dan, they had no hope of advancing in training. But events had taken an u-turn. How could they not be excited?

On top of that, these beasts gained intelligence. This meant they would learn from each battle and enhance the overall capability of the Yan Clan.

All was this was thanks to Ling Xian. If he didn't lend a helping hand, these beasts would all be dead. If he didn't brew the Dan, the beasts wouldn't have broken through.

"What does everyone think of the Dan?" Ling Xian gave a smile.

What! What does everyone think? What else can everyone think?

Everyone was deep in astonishment as they stared at Ling Xian in unison. Their gazes were respectful and somewhat pa.s.sionate.

"As long as you are happy with the result." Ling Xian grinned lightly, collected as ever. His att.i.tude did not change at all after he shocked the crowd.

His calmness garnered everyone's respect.

Look at Master Xian! So young and so much achievement, yet not at all arrogant. How rare of a mentality was this?

Everyone felt somewhat ashamed of themselves. They silently compared themselves to Ling Xian and realized that… they were trash!

Because they were not even comparable to Ling Xian!

After all this, everyone was extremely shocked and one thought formed in their heads.

Master Xian… is far too heaven defying.

With his profound knowledge of arrays, he repaired the array even Master Jiang was helpless before. With his unparalleled alchemist skills, he used a Dan of the seventh realm to fight against a Dan of the sixth realm.

My G.o.d! What other hidden skills does he have up his sleeves!?

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