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A+ A- Chapter 346: Watch out for your Head
It was noon. The Sun was shining down warm sunlight.

However, Li Jian's heart was cold. Everyone's heart was cold, as if they had fallen into an ice cave.

Everyone had now realized one thing. The Ling Xian before them was no longer the Heaven's Favorite from two years ago. He was now a completion levelled powerhouse!

Two years ago, Ling Xian was already powerful enough that n.o.body from the two forces could stop him, not even Li Jian. Despite that, he was merely a foundational levelled cultivator. He could be called a Heaven's Favorite, but not a powerhouse.

Two years had pa.s.sed, Ling Xian had finally broken through and surpa.s.sed his own generation. He now possessed the t.i.tle "powerhouse"!

"It is no wonder you are fearless and dared to enter my House in such a manner…" Li Jian's face was dark. Even though he knew he would most likely lose this matter, as the leader of the House, he could not be scared away.

Ling Xian retracted the Sword of Extinction and smiled, "I am here to cause trouble. Of course I have to choose an outrageous pose that announces my arrival."

Everyone stared at Ling Xian in a way that made it seem like fire was about to spew out of their eyes.

Here to cause trouble?

An outrageous pose?

Everyone here was bathing in rage. The House of Ling Jian was the king of Shi Ao Island and was unmatchable. Who dared to step before their door like this? Who dared to announce they were here to "cause trouble"?

Before their eyes, Ling Xian dared to say so, and dared to do so.

The way he described this whole ordeal infuriated everyone here!


Rays of spiritual energy rolled out. All cultivators above the foundational level formed hand seals in preparation to attack Ling Xian.

However, as all of them readied themselves for a battle, Li Jian raised a right arm and stopped them.

"Leave. You aren't his opponent."

Hearing this, many people felt a little angry. But they knew that Li Jian was right.

Two years ago, they could not fight against Ling Xian. Now, they did not even have the right to be his opponent!

"Ling Xian, you may have cut my cheek, but this does not mean I have lost." Li Jian's face was dark. The sword in

his hand continued to emit heavenly light.

"True. It does not mean you have lost." Ling Xian gave a smile, "But, you have been at a disadvantage since the first move. How can you still think that you are an opponent of mine?"

"You won't know until you fight me." Li Jian's expression was grim as he formed a hand seal. Instantly, the entire Ling Jian House shook unstoppably.


Seventeen giant swords flew up from mountain valleys throughout the House. They converged and formed into a strange sword array that pressed down from above.

"A sword array…"

Feeling the vibration of the strange power up above, Ling Xian frowned. He thought, [it is no wonder that this guy's the Supreme Headmaster]. However, his face did not show a trace of fear. Instead, the desire to battle flashed across.


Within the blink of an eye, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior emerged. Spinning around, Ling Xian manipulated the golden Dan inside his body.


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud. Under the support of the golden Dan, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior grew in horror and snapped three of the giant swords in half. Then, Ling Xian intensified his attacks again and the explosion of Qi diminished al the other swords in the sky!

Then, just as he was about to finish off the entire sword array, a gold sword suddenly emerged and aimed for a kill!

Li Jian had made his move. He had predicted that the array would not stop Ling Xian, thus, he calculated his time and attacked at a crucial time.

"Hmmph, get the h.e.l.l away from me!"

Ling Xian sneered. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior exploded with an infinite amount of light that wiped out the sword before him!


After a crisp sound, Ling Xian was unharmed and did not retreat a single step.
Li Jian on the other hand, trembled and stumbled back seven whole steps.

This scene silenced the crowd.

Li Jian smiled wryly and sighed, "Undefeatable completion sure possesses strength unmatched by others of the same level."

"Why else would I show up at your door?" Ling Xian's lips curled up. He brandished around the Halberd of the Divine Warrior again!


An invisible wave of energy rippled throughout s.p.a.ce. Like a strong gush of wind, everyone in the

the area shook!


Li Jian's face changed colors as he summoned all his Qi that materialized into a long sword that defended against the opponent's attack.

In the next second however, Ling Xian's silhouette ghostly appeared beside Li Jian. The Sword of Extinction was aimed right between his brows.

Instantly, Li Jian's hair stood on their ends. He knew then that even if he defended against this attack, he would be heavily wounded. Therefore, he unleashed the Steps of Jian Xuan to avoid the sword.

However, how could Ling Xian allow him to do what he planned?

Raising his right hand, the Halberd of the Divine Warrior roared and blocked Li Jian's way out, forcing him to face the attack.


An earsplitting rumble shocked the heaven and the earth!

The Halberd of the Divine Warrior was unmatchable in strength and supported the Sword of Extinction. The two weapons made their moves at the same time and was unbelievable terrifying!

Instantly, Li Jian's expression changed. He had already summoned his strongest technique to defend. However, it was still difficult to withstand Ling Xian's attack and he was knocked out in an instant.


A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed into air. Who won and who lost was now clear!

"Unbelievable! The Supreme Headmaster lost so fast!"

"My G.o.d, how strong is that guy? After so little moves, the Headmaster is done?"
"We are finished. The Supreme Headmaster is defeated. Who else here can stop this person?"

"We really are finished! Could it be that the thousands of years of glory in our House is diminished by one person? By Ling Xian?"

Everyone watched Li Jian puke out blood with wide eyes. Then, they glanced at the standing tall white silhouette. Their expressions were full of shock.

When they thought of the terrifying result, their bodies felt physical pain and they couldn't help it but to shake again.

Li Jian was the strongest powerhouse in the entire House of Ling Jian. Now that he had lost, who else could stop Ling Xian?!

The faces of all the people there paled and they seemed to have lost their souls in this moment.


Li Jian's face was dark. Though he had predicted that he was no opponent of Ling Xian's, he never thought that he would lose so thoroughly and so quickly!

He felt a

felt a mix of hundreds of emotions. There were rage, helplessness, unwillingness, humiliation, and most of all, bitterly.

Two years ago, Ling Xian could fight against him but was still forced to retreat. But now, he had thoroughly lost in the hands of Ling Xian. How could he not feel bitter?

"I have lost. How you want to deal with me is up to you." Li Jian was utterly disheartened. Before everyone here, he made an unexpected move.

While floating in midair, he slowly closed his eyes, as if waiting for Ling Xian's sword to land on his neck and take his head.

After half a minute, he still felt no coldness on his neck. He opened his eyes and stared at Ling Xian in curiosity.

"I don't want your head."

Ling Xian's lips curled up and made a statement that very highly presumptuous.

"Watch out for your head, someone will take it sooner or later."

This statement was spoken softly by him. There was no taunt in tone, but simply filled with disinterest.

Li Jian once again felt rage build up in his heart and humiliation flood over his mind.

Watch out for your head?

Someone will take it sooner or later?

Everyone here was so infuriated they wanted to chop Ling Xian into 300 pieces!

However, despite the anger, they were still logical. They knew that even if they attacked together, they couldn't defeat Ling Xian. Therefore, they suppressed their anger.

"Good, very good."

Li Jian's teeth were about to break from his constant clenching. Full of humiliation, he looked at the calm Ling Xian and shouted, "I have ruled the Shi Ao Island for a hundred years and I have never been so disrespected. You defeated me, and you can kill me, but you cannot humiliate me!"

"You can think however you want. Humiliated, taunted, feel however you want to feel."

Ling Xian's eyes were bright as his Sword and Halberd vanished in thin air, "I have promised Headmaster Zi that I will not be the one to take your life."

Li Jian frowned as he understood, "You mean, you are sparing my life now and leaving it to Zi Dong Lai's children."

"Yes. You killed their father, they will avenge him." Ling Xian spoke slowly. His goal was to warn the Ling Jian House. He never meant to kill Li Jian.

Because he promised Zi he promised Zi Dong Lai.


Li Jian laughed out loud. But quickly, his face darkened again, "How are you so sure that those two children, who still drink their mother's milk, can kill me?"

"That does not concern me. Whether or not they can achieve it, time will tell." Ling Xian's expression was still calm as he spoke out his true intention.

"The Zi Yang survivors have been sent by me to other islands. Stop wasting your energy looking for them."

Li Jian coldly sneered, "You think I would believe you?"

"That's up to you." There was no change in Ling Xian's face, "But I think you know that if those people were still on Shi Ao Island, I would not provoke you then spare your life."

Looking at the collected Ling Xian, Li Jian was now uncertain. However, he was leaning towards believing Ling Xian's words.

Just like Ling Xian had said. If those people were still on Shi Ao Island, he would have no reason to provoke the House just to spare Li Jian's life. On top of that, he would not warn Li Jian that someone wanted his life.

This would only anger Li Jian completely and result in him looking for Zi Yang survivors even harder.
This was the normal logic of everyone. Thus, Li Jian believed.

Not even in his dreams did he think that Ling Xian would actually do this!

"Okay. I merely wanted to cause trouble to relieve my anger. Now that I feel better, I shall leave."

Ling Xian then waved his hand at everyone and turned around to leave.

His white robe ta.s.seled in the wind as he hummed an unfamiliar song and walked out of the House. His relaxed behaviors was like he was simply strolling in his back garden.

This made everyone here tighten their fists as they felt humiliated again. However, despite their anger, n.o.body dared to attack him.

Because they were utterly scared of Ling Xian.

To have shattered Ling Jian House's entrance, how aggressive?!

To have defeated Li Jian and to leave right after without anyone daring to stop him, how dominating?!

Without a doubt, from this moment on, the image of the man in the white robe was engraved in everyone's heart.

The name Ling Xian, wa.s.s now a scar that the House of Ling Jian could never erase!

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