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A+ A- Chapter 345: New Heights
"Who dares to barge into my House of Ling Jian? Death awaits!"

A sentence that was full of killer's intent rang throughout the air and shocked the entire House of Ling Jian!

In the next moment, Li Jian held onto his sword and dashed across the sky in a rage. Using an extreme speed, he left everyone else behind.

When everyone saw the way the Supreme Headmaster was, one thought entered their minds.

Supreme Headmaster really was angry this time!

This was normal. They were rather enraged themselves and wanted nothing but to kill the invader. Anyone, from any force, would react this way if an invader smashed their door to pieces!

If Ling Xian entered without a sound, n.o.body would be this angry. However, he did not choose to do so and instead, chose to enter in an arrogant way that announced his invasion!

To know that destroying the entrance of a House was a taboo. It represented naked provocation!

To the party whose door was shattered, it meant they had been humiliated!

How could they not be angry?

However, when they rushed to the front and saw the silhouette, their flaming hearts felt the splash of cold water. All rages were diminished.

Dammit, why was it this monster?

Many people began to tremble as they stared at the grand silhouette. Their angry expressions were replaced with fear.

The white robe, the faint smile, he was no stranger to most people here. On the contrary, his face was imprinted on their hearts.

The battle two years ago destroyed the Zi Yang House, but at the same time, established Ling Xian's fame. Using the strength of the

foundational, he defended against the completion. More than that, he fought against two opponents himself. How dominating was this?

Though it had been two years since this happened, n.o.body had forgotten about Ling Xian and his powerfulness that stopped the group of heroes.

Even though everyone really wanted to forget, Ling Xian had become their nightmare. Every time they drifted into sleep, they would remember his h.e.l.l-like shadow, then, their bodies would uncontrollably began to shake.

It was obvious that Ling Xian's terror had invaded their souls deeply.

"It's you…"

Li Jian's face was as heavy as water as he snickered, "I cannot believe that you still dare to show up before me. Are you looking to die?"

Killer's instinct then poured out of him like waves and engulfed the entire area.

Two years ago, he had wanted to kill Ling Xian. However, he did not succeed and had been thinking about it since then.

Before him, Ling Xian had showed up willingly and obnoxiously. He had shattered the entrance door that made Li Jian feel nothing but pure humiliation. This new hatred on top of the old hatred had raised his anger level!

"You just saw me and you are already threatening me with your spiritual energy. This is rude." Ling Xian shook his head. His expression did not change at all as he greeted, "Headmaster Li, it's been two years. How have you been?"

"Good, very good."

Li Jain taunted, "After killing off the House of Zi Yang, I have been the king of Shi Ao Island. How can I not be well? You on the other hand… have been hiding like a stray dog. I bet you haven't been feeling

feeling well."

"I have been okay. Without these two years, how can I be standing before you?" Ling Xian's lips curled up. His completion leveled Qi washed out of him and posed a threat to the entire House of Ling Jian!

In that instant, everyone's face changed color. They stared at Ling Xian in terror and shock. They never would've thought that he had entered the completion level!

Then, a scary thought emerged in their minds.

Before he was a completion levelled cultivator, he already fought against Li Jian for more than 300 reb.u.t.tals. Now that he was in the completion level, is the headmaster still a worthy opponent to him?

Everyone's bodies shook at that thought.

Even Li Jian could not hide how surprised he was at this. However, he was a completion levelled powerhouse after all. He shoved down his complex emotions and said in a dark tone, "No wonder you dare to show up now in such a manner. You have broken through to the completion level and are no longer afraid."

"You could say that. It does not matter to me."

A smile remained on Ling Xian's lips as he calmly stared at Li Jian, "Stop trying to suppress it. I know you are feeling rather complex. You must be thinking about the possibility that you have no ability to stop me, now that I am in the completion level."

Li Jian frowned at this thought. He did not think that Ling Xian could see through his thoughts.

It was true. He was feeling complexed. He didn't think that after merely two years, the foundational Heaven's Favorite had become a completion levelled cultivator. He questioned himself as to whether or not he could

he could stop the Ling Xian now.

After all, the Ling Xian two years ago already could have over 300 reb.u.t.tals against him. After two years, the victor of the foundational level had become a completion levelled powerhouse. Would he still be able to withstand this person?

Li Jian was nervous and uncertain. However, he was a completion levelled cultivator after all. He ignored his negative thoughts and snickered, "Ling Xian, stop giving me bulls.h.i.t. Since you willingly stepped on my doorstep, then I will take your life!"

As soon as he finished speaking, an unparalleled Qi seeped out of him and the ground shook in respoesn!


Like a roaring ocean with giant white waves, the completion levelled Qi covered the ground and the sky. A shot of energy headed straight for Ling Xian!

"How rude of you to begin attacking without even saying hi first."

Ling Xian's lips remain curled in the face of the storm-like attack. His collectiveness showed that he saw nothing of Li Jian's attack.

Two years ago, he didn't think highly of this man. Why would he be afraid now?


Ling Xian waved around his sleeve and his own Qi soared out and fought against the opponent's. Then, his expression turned cold as he uttered out an emotionless statement.

"An useless attempt. Why not bring out your all."

Li Jian's face darkened. A light flashed in his right hand and a long gold sword emerged into his palm, "If you want to die so much, I will fulfill your demand."

Then, his long sword sparkled with a golden light that threatened Ling Xian.


The sword sliced across the sky. The light it The light it emitted lightened up the universe and the killer's instinct it exuded froze everyone's hearts!

"Two years ago, I was no opponent to you. but now, you cannot last 10 moves against me!" Ling Xian's lips curled up. The Sword of Extinction materialized into his hand!


The color of blood dyed the sky. With its unstoppable amount of light, it instantly flung Li Jian's sword out of his hand and left a deep long cut on Li Jian's face.

Li Jian retreated in giant steps. His face was full of disbelief.

Even though he was mentally prepared for Ling Xian's power, he never expected that this little guy had reached such a degree!

One move!

One move had left a cut on his face. How unbelievable was this?

But very quickly, Li Jian's expression changed again. Because he had finally realized Ling Xian's cultivation.

Undefeatable completion!

A t.i.tle only granted to those who enter the completion level as an undefeatable foundational!

This symbolized a giant honor and also represented that Ling Xian's battling abilities were unmatchable. Even though he had just broken through to the new level, he could still defeat completion levelled powerhouses who were in the intermediate phase.

Li Jian was merely in the beginning stages of the completion level.

Of course Ling Xian would hurt him with one move.

"An undefeatable completion… it is no wonder you dare to show up at my door…" Li Jian smiled bitterly. He did not think that after merely two years, Ling Xian had grown so much.

This new height of his, was something even Li Jian had to look up to see.

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