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"Come at me. Let me, Ling Xian, have a taste of what you two are capable of."

This simple statement was not loud in volume, yet it echoed throughout the entire House of Zi Yang, startling everyone.

Then, people from the two political forces began to laugh, laughing at Ling Xian’s inability to recognize his own power, laughing at his stupidity.

Even the few completion leveled cultivators sighed while shaking their heads. Even though they knew Ling Xian was now in the undefeatable realm of the foundational level, they did not believe he had the ability to challenge the two completion leveled powerhouses.

After all the gap between completion and foundational was insanely large, just like Heaven and Earth. Even if he was already a victor of the foundational level, he may not be able to overcome this.

However, when he made this statement, every cultivator of the Zi Yang House became ecstatic.

They now know Ling Xian well enough. They personally witnessed him battling against the Phoenix, and naturally, believe he had the skills to challenge completion leveled powerhouses.

Zi Dong Lai felt the same way. Though he knew very well, just like everyone else, that no matter how powerful Ling Xian was, it was hard to disrupt the law of Taoism and defeat completion cultivators as a foundational.

They could hope that Ling Xian can drag out the battle a little.

Even Ling Xian himself thought so. He was not arrogant enough to believe he could kill these two completion leveled cultivators.

Even though he had broken through to the undefeatable realm and his chances of winning are much higher than before, he still belonged to the foundational level. Facing completion leveled cultivators, he was still weaker, and it was still hard to ignore the gap.

However, before Ling Xian even entered the undefeatable realm, he could already face completion leveled cultivators. Now that he was even stronger, though he was no opponent of the two powerhouses, he could hold them off a little.

"Hehe, interesting."

The Supreme Headmaster of Xuan Yin Clan chuckled. "The world has changed. When did such a young and little foundational cultivator dare to challenge completion leveled powerhouses?"

"The world did not change."

Ling Xian’s expression was calm as he stared at the two opponents, "It’s that you never encountered a foundational cultivator who dared to challenge a completion leveled cultivator."

"Interesting. I have lived for two centuries after all. It is the first time I met a little kid as funny as you."

The leader of the Xuan Yin House clapped his hands. His pale white face smiled an eerie smile as he said, "Fella, I see that you are a Heaven’s Favorite. Why not join the Xuan Yin Clan? It is not worth it to be in a clan who uses foundational cultivators for war."

"That’s right. If you are willing to join the Ling Jian House, I, Li Jian, can make you a true descendant and a true apprentice. How about that?" Ling Jian Supreme Headmaster suddenly spoke. Even though he hid his emotions, his eyes remained shocked.

It was obvious that they have found out Ling Xian’s cultivation level.

"That’s okay. I am used to being free. I don’t like being restrained." Ling Xian faintly smiled as his white robe tussled.

Hearing this, those two’s faces immediately darkened. They were completion leveled and thus were of high status, when have they ever been rejected after inviting someone?

But before their noses, Ling Xian declined them. They naturally felt angry.

"Good, very good."

Ning Wu Ji’s face was grim as he snickered, "Young man, you are seeking your own death. Don’t blame anyone for it."

"Brother Ning, stop wasting your breath." Li Jian’s face was cold as he glared at Ling Xian. "Those who enter the door of the Ning Jian House are geniuses. Those who do not enter are trash. No matter how naturally talented they are."

"No wonder you are all in leadership positions. You sure are overbearing."

Ling Xian spoke softly, his visage was just as collected and not at all threatened by the two powerhouses.

"I will not allow an enemy with such talent to remain alive in the world." Li Jian’s face was full of disdain. The sword in his hand spat out heavenly light and cold killer’s instinct.

"Wise man’s choice."

Ling Xian softly grinned then quickly wiped it off his face. Slowly, his expression turned frigid. He marched forward one small step and uttered out two words.

"Fight me."

As soon as the words were dropped, his white robe began to dance in the wind. The entire atmosphere turned gaspingly cold.

"Hmm? No wonder you are a Heaven’s Favorite in the undefeatable realm. You have some capabilities." Li Jian slightly frowned, but quickly relaxed. He was a completion powerhouse after all, he did not think Ling Xian would threaten him.

"Make your move!"

After a cold sneer, the leader of the Li Jian House held onto his sword. It exploded with light and sliced towards Ling Xian.


Killer’s instinct washed over. Ling Xian’s eyes brightened as the Sword of Extinction howled and greeted the sword.


The moment the two swords clashed, Li Jian felt the power from the long red blade. His face changed, as he did not expect Ling Xian to be so overpowering. In terms of offensive power, Ling Xian was not weaker than him!

This created a flash of shock across his face.

He had no time to think, however, as the b.l.o.o.d.y long blade gave off dazzling heavenly light. It struck again towards his throat.

"Hmmph, get away from me!"

Li Jian coldly snickered as a three-meter-long sword appeared. Along with terrifying Qi, it clashed against the Sword of Extinction again.

Dong, dong, dong…

The two blades shone brightly. One side was as red as blood, the other as faint as moonlight. Both were sharp to the eyes as they waited to end this war.

Facing this completion leveled powerhouse, Ling Xian demonstrated all his capabilities and did not dare to be reckless. Every strike of the sword was of full force and laced with killer’s instinct.

In a flash, the two have had more than ten reb.u.t.tals.

Li Jian’s nerves was shaking. Even though he didn’t fear this victor of the foundational level, he did not believe Ling Xian could confront his attacks and be at a stalemate!

To know that at first, he believed no matter how strong Ling Xian was, Ling Xian would find it hard to even defend. But before his eyes, Ling Xian has had ten reb.u.t.tals against him, how could he not be surprised?

He was not the only one who was surprised. Ning Wu Ji and Zi Dong Lai, as well as the completion leveled cultivators on the valley, were stunned at this sight.

However, when they remembered that Ling Xian was of the undefeatable realm, they understood.

From a logical point of view, foundational cultivators of the undefeatable realm could stop completion leveled cultivators. This was because when cultivators enter the undefeatable realm, their Qi changes in property. Though their offensive abilities are not up to par with the completion level, they only lack by a hair.

Therefore, though Ling Xian and Li Jian’s ten reb.u.t.tals was a concept hard to grasp, it was acceptable.

"What a mysterious young man. He could use the foundational strength to stop the completion might." Ning Wu Ji frowned. He was a careful man. To not leave anything up to chance, he decided to quickly end Ling Xian’s life.

Spinning around, Xuan Yin Clan’s leader joined the battle.


Terrifying Qi swirled out of them and converged the clouds. Heaven and Earth changed colors!

Then, the battle changed into two versus one. It was two completion leveled powerhouses against one foundational Heaven’s Favorite!

In an instant, Ling Xian’s stress exponentially multiplied!

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