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Chapter 47: A Dumb Fugitive, Small Improvements in Life!

“It seems like something's wrong with this kobold mage. I already pinned it on the floor! Why is it still laughing?”

After taking out some psychic energy water and feeding it to the kobold to maintain its life, the kobold was still grinning stupidly. Vexed, Su Mo punched it on the face, so that the kobold could properly understand its current situation.

“Oreo, do your job. Monitor this guy properly. Keep it from waking up.”

Oreo was excited after getting an order.

Its black-and-white face lit up with happiness.

Maybe the task of looking after this kobold who had disfigured it would bring Oreo more joy compared to a sumptuous meal.

“I got three wood boxes and a bronze box after killing five kobolds! They're quite lucrative!”

As time pa.s.sed, the kobolds that were shot to death had truly died as judged by the game, and they left loot boxes in their wake.

Somehow, the first kobold mage Su Mo had killed did not turn into a silver box, but only a bronze one.

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Su Mo collected all the boxes and opened them.

[Record]: You've gained Wahaha Bottled Water 500ml x2

[Record]: You've gained Chilli Water 30ml x1

[Record]: You've gained Plant-based Oil 5L x1

[Record]: You've gained a bag of Chinese p.r.i.c.kly ash seeds

[Record]: You've gained a skateboard

“Wow, I gained some Plant-based Oil! That's some good stuff.”

After putting the other four objects into his storage s.p.a.ce, Su Mo took the bottle of oil out.

Under the sunlight, the oil shone pure gold.

“Maybe I can make a stir-fry once my vegetables are harvested. And then I'll make some noodles too…”

“No, I'm going to make a bowl of oil-seared noodles with beef today. Who can resist the temptation?”

At the thought of how tasty the noodles would be, Su Mo felt like he had eaten a sour plum. It was as if his stomach was flooded with acid.

His stomach rumbled, even though he was not hungry in the first place.

In his good mood, Su Mo surveyed the kobolds slumped on the floor, and his eyes lit up with excitement.

Kobolds were really his treasure troves.

He took a shovel out from his storage s.p.a.ce, found a corner that was more secluded, and started to dig.

Although there was not much purpose to burying them in such a simple way, burying them could keep the other kobolds from spotting them. This was why Su Mo decided to bury those humanoid monsters.

After the first time, Su Mo found the process easier.

He managed to dig a hole—one that was bigger than the one before—with several strokes.

After carrying the dead kobolds one by one into the hole, Su Mo opened his storage s.p.a.ce. There were two wooden buckets that had belonged to the two kobolds from the ruins. He set them inside the hole too and started to bury everything.

Su Mo was like a hardworking farmer who tilled his barren plot of land.

Droplets of sweat trickled down from his forehead and fell into the deep hole, mixing with the soil.

Not only were human lives worthless after the apocalypse, but those monsters also had to abide by one rule: that the strong always devoured the weak.

After Su Mo was done with everything, Su Mo took out the rope he had used during his exploration of the ruins, walked to stand in front of the kobold mage, and started to tie him up.

One, two, three…

The three-meter long rope came around the kobold five times. The kobold was tied up from head to toe.

Su Mo nodded, satisfied.

Oreo, who was beside him, nodded as well.

Under the setting sun, the shadows of one dog and one human were elongated without limits at sight. It was as if they had become the only protagonists in this land.

“I'm so thirsty! Hurts! Why can't I feel my arm?”

Monty's brain was muddled. He struggled to open his eyelids, which felt impossibly heavy, and looked forward.

Its surroundings were dark, but clean.

This was its first impression it had of the place.

Not only did this stone cave not have the stench characteristic of the kobold's castle, but it smelt like a mixture of soil and sunlight.

Monty turned his head with difficulty and looked at the only place that was illuminated by light.

“What's shining there? Why is the light so gentle?”

It was an object that was smaller than a human's fist. In the dark cave, it shone, and illuminated a corner of the cave, and…

Illuminated the man who felt like Death himself.

Monty saw the man pick up a small white bag gingerly from the floor and spoon some white powder out from the bag.

He also scooped some water up and started to do something on top of a plank of wood.

Some time later, the man picked up some whitish strips from the plank, satisfaction on his face, and tossed them into a pot filled with boiling water.

A fragrant aroma wafted from the pot.

“Aha, is he planning to recruit me? I heard that humans attract their fugitives with food and pretty women. It seems like I, Monty, am now going to enjoy this privilege!”

“He cherishes these things dearly, and it looks like he can't bring himself to eat it too. Is he planning to use them to recruit me?”

“Do I eat them directly when the moment comes, or do I feign loyalty and only eat them when he begs me to?”

Monty smiled. He could clearly see how the man would lure him into submission.

However, what did a kobold know about food eaten by humans…

The man poured something out from a small bottle, and with a sizzling sound, a spicy and fragrant aroma filled the cave.

“What divine food would that be?”

The kobold's mouth gaped open, and a long thread of saliva trickled down from the corner of its mouth.

A stimulating smell entered its mouth and traveled to its stomach, and then to its brain.

The kobold felt strangely euphoric, as if its every cell was breathing.

Monty could be sure that he had not seen such delicious food even during his race's annual sacrificial ceremony!

The man was finally done with the preparatory processes. He divided the food inside the pot into two bowls, and poured one bowl into a basin, which was owned by the low-level dog crawling on the floor.

The other bowl was poured into another basin, and Monty was almost unable to control his smile.

It was envious of the low-level dog, for it could enjoy such delicious food, but at the same time…

It was very expectant, for the man who looked like Death would beg it to eat delicious food and recruit it personally to be his general!


“That punch's as huge as a fire ball!”

“Dang it, there's definitely something wrong with this kobold's brain. I've made a fool my fugitive. That was a bad move.”

He was just done with making his oil-seared noodles with beef when he saw from the corner of his eyes the stupid grin on the kobold mage's face.

It was grinning, although it was thoroughly tied up and could not move at all…

The kobold looked like it knew nothing. It opened its mouth and chuckled a few times.

That face… Unceremoniously, Su Mo gave it another punch, so that it could finally take a break.

“It'll be nice if I had some garlic and diced green onions!”

As the kobold fainted again, Su Mo clapped his hands happily and returned to his bowl.

The noodles would be doubly fragrant if he had some garlic.

There were some fried chillies, some beef jerky, and some dehydrated vegetables in the bowl, but there was no garlic. The noodles tasted less flavorful because of that.

Feeling regretful, Su Mo dug in.

From the corner of his eye, he could see that Oreo was almost done with its portion. If Su Mo was not finished with his own bowl when Oreo was done, the dog had the habit of acting adorable in a bid to plead for more.

Su Mo quickly wolfed down his food, devouring the noodles and washing them down with a big cup of psychic energy water.

Su Mo was satisfied.

Oreo was too.

The human and the dog slumped on the floor and savored the post-meal haze that was hard to come by.

However, in a dark corner, on the kobold's face that wore an expression of terror, a tear streamed down…

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