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The atmosphere between the heaven and the earth was so depressing, and suddenly beams of exuberant light shone and spurted up straightly, soaring through the sky!

Su Yan's body rumbled as his essence and blood rolled!

When the blood and essence were reviving, his whole body turned into a furnace which was burning up with golden flames, collapsing the air and scorching the earth within the radius of 500 meters!

All people around retreated abruptly. With the awakening of Su Yan, they couldn’t withstand the furnace, even the clouds high in the sky were melted!

"The Mother Scripture!"

Jiang Wuhen was absorbing the purple air, but then his eyes shrank out of ecstasy. That was the Mother Scripture he had been dreaming of!

Rumor had it that the Mother Scripture had existed for a very long time and it was the very origin of all scriptures of the cultivation world created by the first ancestor of humans. Once a man cultivated the Mother Scripture, he would reach the ultimate peak of body and spirit!

This scripture was shocking and splendid, and it was born along with the snow-dragon coffin. Unfortunately, Zu Yan only saw a small part of it, which still had played a crucial role to his early awakening.

Zu Yan knew clearly how great this scripture was. He had always been holding the grudge that he did not get all the Incipient Scripture in the past, but Su Yan’s appearance restored his hope now and he was confident of getting the scripture. 

The weakness of dragon vein, together with the gradual outbreak of Zu Yan's power, made Su Yan feel a sense of crisis. Su Yan must kill Jiang forcibly and leave here as soon as possible!


Su Yan's aura was resplendent like a sea, his messy hair was dancing around. When the Incipient Scripture started to operate, the power of the Destiny Spring flowed into Su Yan’s body. And his body awakened like a ferocious beast!


Su Yan roared madly with his fists up, divine light was shining all over the sky and he could be called as the most splendid cosmic star. When he broke out, his entire fist faintly turned into a fuzzy golden star.

Alkaid Boxing!

Su Yan exerted the strongest strength by his first move.


Under the incredible eyes of all, Jiang’s momentum, his divine power and his Heaven Incinerator all started to collapse against Su Yan’s Alkaid Boxing!

That horrible boxing light made Jiang’s body tremble, even about to crack!

"Oh no!"

Jiang's heart was filled with shock, but he reacted fast. He knew that if Su Yan’s punch got him, he would undoubtably be injured or worse, killed. He had no time to even think about why Su Yan’s fighting power had increased so much!

A purple robe suddenly appeared and wrapped him up, which was unearthed from ancient ruins. And it could withstand the attack from master in ninth-level of Destiny Spring Realm.

With the help of the treasured robe, Jiang’s aura was much stronger. The entire palm which suppressed toward Su Yan now was covered with the energy of the robe, getting much mightier than before!


Under the eyes of the petrified audience, Su Yan’s fist, with unstoppable power, hit straight against Jiang’s palm severely.

The loud noise of collision exploded, causing a series of stuffy thunders that shattered the air. When the two forces collided here, it was like a thunderbolt hitting the ground.

What made them more petrified was that Su Yan’s fist was so horrible, like a primordial star with divine shining light, fierce and invincible!

"Liu Peng is old, but I’m older than him. Today, let your grandfather, me, teach you how to behave!"

Su Yan's hair was flying around, killing light filled his pupils. When the wisps of Qi and power intertwining all over his fist burst out, it was formidable enough to tear the sky.

Alkaid Boxing, what was the Alkaid Boxing? To destroy the enemy with measureless light! Yet the strongest power of Alkaid Boxing was not the fist, but the power it erupted!

When the divine light shield protecting Jiang was smashed completely by the impact of the boxing, the rolling fist light hit Jiang’s body like a prehistoric monster awakening!


The entire purple robe was cracked inch by inch under Su Yan's peerless attack!

"Thud! Thud ! Thud!"

Su Yan’s hair was dancing frantically around, was that all?

Clearly not!

One punch after another, Su Yan struck against Jiang Wuhen with fierce and heavy force like the invincible war lord under the starry sky. One punch after another, irresistibly, he smashed at Jiang Wuhen. Every punch drew the Qi and blood from Su Yan’s body and was suffused with the powerful force of the real dragon!

With three consecutive punches smashing out, the scene was so shocking and peerless!

Heavily damaged with blood spurting, Jiang’s entire palm fell apart and his protecting robe exploded, too. Cracks appeared on his whole body under the attack of Su Yan!


Jiang roared miserably, he was so painful because winds gushed out from the Alkaid Boxing was like heavenly knives, splitting his body, drilling into his pores, and chopping his bones!

At this moment, his entire body was about to crack!


He spat out a large amount of blood, his frightened eyes fixing at his smashed palms, his body shivering involuntarily.

Was this still Su Yan? The boy who he could easily trample upon?

"The Alkaid Boxing of the Big Dipper Boxing!"

Zu Yan gasped in astonishment. He widened his eyes and muttered, "The secret art of the Big Dipper Galaxy! Did Su Yan get the complete Big Dipper Boxing? The Big Dipper Boxing is the top martial art in Big Dipper Galaxy, which even ranks among the greatest 72 martial arts, infinitely approaching the top ten!"


At the moment when Zu Yan was absent-minded, the Iron Rod appeared in Su Yan’s hand. He whirled it and smashed violently toward Jiang Wuhen, releasing formidable power enough to crush Jiang’s body.

"Teacher, save me!"

Jiang Wuhen made a terrified and trembling cry, and instantly took out a bright killing sword, which broke out resplendent light. He held the sword with one arm and resisted the Iron Rod that was crashing down toward him.

Su Yan swooped in and hit Jiang with Iron Rod crazily, unleashing horrible bursts of Qi and energy that almost collapsed the air!


This. .h.i.t was so domineering that the killing sword was squeaking, as if it was going to break. The sword couldn’t bear Su Yan’s power, even Jiang’s arm was about to shatter!

Without a word, Su Yan soared to the sky, holding the Iron Rod with both hands, swooped down like a fighting demon, and smashed frantically toward Jiang Wuhen!

This blow crushed the sky and collapsed the earth!

The whole killing sword fell apart by the attack of the Iron Rod. Jiang could not withstand the great force of Su Yan, his knees were cracked, and he kneeled down on the ground with his broken arms.


Jiang kneeled down on the ground and made scared voices. The killing atmosphere of Su Yan chilled his bones, especially when Su Yan whirled the Iron Rod and started to hit him once again!

"Don't kill me, please!"

Jiang trembled with fright. Recalling his palace and groups of pretty ladies, he became more frightened because he did not want to die and lose everything he had now.

"Introspect yourself when you are in the h.e.l.l! Don't look down upon the older generation. They experienced more than you did. I will send you to h.e.l.l now!"

Su Yan was cold and ruthless. He smashed the rod down, but before it even touched Jiang, the falling power of the Iron Rod was strong enough to crack Jiang into a b.l.o.o.d.y fog.

This strike made the ground tremble and mountains shake.

Su Yan slowly stood up and looked around.

Everywhere he glanced over, the already stupefied people all retreated gingerly, even some cultivators were fleeing away, crazily!

Elder Lei was defeated disastrously and Jiang was killed by Su Yan with a rod!


Suddenly, the weak ocean of dragon vein cracked once again.

Coming to sight was a G.o.d-like shadow whose one foot had already stepped out of the ocean, which was now about to return to the nine giant mountains.

Zu Yan's cruel eyes looked at Su Yan with a killing intention.

"So strong!"

Su Yan could feel the aura of Zu Yan, whom he absolutely had no strength to fight with for now. Once confronted, there was no hope of surviving.

Su Yan took the rod and ran towards the depths, he must leave here as soon as possible!

"Stop him!"

Zu Yan's indifferent voice blasted between heaven and earth. He was furious for real. Although Jiang was just a piece of his p.a.w.n, Su Yan’s killing of Jiang was indeed a humiliation and defiance to him.


Su Yan's face changed dramatically. He saw an old man in purple robe, whose face was as pale as a dead man, appear in front of him strangely, and there was a faint dragon-like wave in his frontal bone!


The old man was laughing but with no emotion on his ghastly pale face, but this laugh was gloomy like purgatory.

When he stepped toward Su Yan, the Qi and power emitted from his forehead made Su Yan's frontal bone almost crack, and his inner soul was about to break up, too!


The old man in purple robe laughed again, his dry finger stretching out to touch the center of Su Yan's eyebrows!

Lingering at his fingertip was killing energy and irresistible power, like a sleeping dragon beginning to wake up!


Su Yan was extremely painful. His frontal bone was broken, his soul was twitching as if to shatter completely!

The soul of this old man was too terrible, Su Yan had never seen such a terrible soul!

Even Xia Ze, or the Martial Lord, or even Zu Yan didn’t have such a strong soul!

Su Yan yelled hysterically out of pain. Right at this point, in his soul that was about to smash resounded the sound of Sanskrit chanting as if an immortal Buddha was sitting in his sea of consciousness.


The eyes of the old man in purple robe shrunk. He saw Su Yan’s soul, which was like sitting in the future, a very distant star territory, a territory that was extremely difficult to cross.

"Is that ??"

The old man couldn’t believe it, and the killing thought in his heart was more prosperous. This old man had such a strong soul that it could easily shatter Su Yan’s even though Su Yan had mastered the invincible Future Scripture!

"The disciple of the Martial Lord dared to plunder Zu Yan’s treasure? Let me see what secrets you’ve got!"

The old man laughed coldly, his finger about to touch Su Yan's soul, which was the crisis of death. It made Su Yan crazy, who immediately communicated with the blood lance with his soul, trying to stab the old monster to death.

"Who said that my disciple is not as good as Zu Yan?"

When Su Yan almost blacked out, the sound of thousands of horses galloping between heaven and earth made the ground tremble within dozens of miles, like a fierce dragon rushing toward here!

It was a man, with his messy hair fluttering in the air. His bronze body was covered with ferocious aura!

"What an arrogant Martial Lord! How dare you fight with me!"

The old man did not even look at the Martial Lord. His skinny palm stretched out, enlarged quickly to shroud the sky, and pressed down toward the Martial Lord. He was so casual and easy just like killing a mosquito!


The roaring sound of the dragon was so shocking that it blasted the scope within hundreds of miles. Many dragon-shaped light columns rose from the body of the Martial Lord quickly as lightning, one after another, amounting to over a dozen that opened up the sky!


Seeing that Su Yan’s soul was about to crack, Yi Yuan roared furiously, and those dragon-shaped light pillars burst out along with his fists and ran through the sky, which faintly intertwined the power of the rules between heaven and earth, unleashing power so horrible that almost collapsed the sky!

This palm of the old man, under the bombardment of the inexhaustible strength of the Martial Lord, was directly broken into pieces.

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