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People were filled with awe as the voice of justice from Elder Lei infused the air with stateliness.

They hated Su Yan’s guts. How dared he ransack Zu Yan’s treasure? What else he dared not to do?

Now Elder Lei was here, everything would be settled After all, as the Deputy Dean of Huaxia College, he was almost invincible in the ninth-level of Destiny Spring, not to mention his special physique – Thunder Body.


The deafening sound of thunder was resonating over this area, astoundingly and domineeringly, almost like an authentic thunderbolt with strong attack power.

Although Elder Lei was a bit hasty with weak aura inside his body, he still looked majestic! After all, Elder Lei was the deputy dean and a master who was only one step away from the Implement Constructing Realm.

“He who violates the law, no matter a king or a plebeian, must be punished! You’re the disciple of Martial Lord, but so what? Today, on behalf of the college, I shall punish you, you corrupt rat!”

Coldly and callously Elder Lei rose up to the sky. Thousands of bolts of lightning shot out from his body, furiously ripping the air and rushing straight at Su Yan.

At that moment the sky was stirred up with billowing dark clouds, flashing lightning and rumbling thunder.

The frightful celestial phenomenon with billowing dark clouds looming over Su Yan almost covered the whole sky, which was like a starving black monster intending to devour Su Yan.

“What a justice and righteous speech!”

Descending from the sky and hearing Elder Lei’s words of “justice”, Su Yan became rampageous.

He recollected the time when in college, how Elder Lei picked on him, and how Elder Lei deprived resources of him. The unpleasant memory of Elder Lei’s heinous activities made Su Yan’s fiery anger burn high and blast.

Su Yan’s Destiny Spring broke out instantly, thousands of golden light burst out like fierce flames which tore apart the darkness and shattered the lightning that was coming at him.

At this moment, Su Yan was so powerful and almighty as all the divine power brewing violently inside him was about to turn into a dragon of Qi which could penetrate the sky.

“Kill him, Elder Lei!”

Zu Yan’s followers were utterly discomfited for Su Yan had taken away the treasure which belonged to Zu Yan. They felt that Su Yan was about to force his way into the ninth level of Destiny Spring Realm.

There were nine levels of Destiny Spring Realm, each breakthrough could strengthen your power greatly.

The ninth-level of Destiny Spring Realm was strong enough to slay a dozen of masters in the sixth level. However, with nourishment of the purple air, Su Yan’s potential had increased so speedy that it was almost comparable to the ninth level.

“G.o.d will forbid such wretch in our world! He must be handled.”

“If I don’t kill you, I’m setting free a tiger back to the mountain, laying by great trouble for the future! You will do great harm to Huaxia Alliance one day!”

Elder Lei was so furious and he felt so envious. One year ago, Su Yan was just an ant in his eyes! But now Su Yan’s aura was so close to him. If he didn’t kill Su Yan now, he would be surpa.s.sed by Su Yan in a few years for sure! Elder Lei felt insecure and threatened.

Elder Lei’s strength was growing madly, more and more bolts of lightning drilled out from his body which congregated into one enormous integration of lightning that was as giant as a bucket.

The devastating energy permeated the s.p.a.ce and made people around shiver in fear. They were frightened that their bodies were about to split. Elder Lei was Thunder Body which was so special that his attack power was even more domineering and fierce. Now he committed all his strength, almost no one in the ninth level of Destiny Spring Realm could resist the direct attack from him.


Elder Lei made a judicial sound, driving the colossal bolt of lightning to smash directly at Su Yan.

“You f.u.c.k. I’ll f.u.c.king destroy you!”

Facing such a destructive source of power, Su Yan made a simple and resolute response by concentrating all his divine strength in Destiny Spring and turning it into a dragon column that raged toward the lightning.

The earth quaked, mountains trembled and streaks of energy waves swept in all directions when the lightning and the dragon-shaped column hit.

“You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You think you’re just as powerful as the Martial Lord? You don’t even deserve to fight with me!”

Su Yan’s words reminded Elder Lei the suppression he had suffered from the Martial Lord. He became even more frantic and hysterical. He pushed the lightning harder against the dragon-shaped column, making it crumble off layer by layer that even the dragon’s head exploded entirely.

“Bravo! Hail to Elder Lei!”

The bystanders shouted and cheered in craziness, as if Su Yan was completely defeated by Elder Lei.

“You son of a b.i.t.c.h! You don’t deserve to be my mentor’s opponent!”

Suddenly Su Yan widened his eyes. The calmness in him remained no more, instead, something else took over control. His momentum changed completely.

Su Yan’s dormant body started to revive. In the meantime, people seemed to hear the blare of mountain disintegrating.


Su Yan’s aura grew crazily as the Incipient Scripture started to operate. The combination of his Destiny Spring and physical strength made him almost an inapproachable Warlord.

Especially the horrible sound of his body, deafening and overbearing, made people retreat continuously.


The dragon column thrived suddenly as if it came alive like a real dragon, releasing a domineering martial aura.

As for the lightning created by Elder Lei’s strongest power, it was blasted away by Su Yan’s dragon.


When the dragon-shaped column swooped forward, the wind and the dancing divine power hit hard at Elder Lei, who immediately coughed a lot of blood and backed several steps away with his hair loosened, stumbling and falling down to the ground.

People all around were stunned!

Elder Lei, the Deputy Dean of Huaxia College, was now badly hurt by Su Yan.

They seemed to saw Jiang Wuhen. But how could he have the same power as Su Yan?


Elder Lei coughed up blood. He climbed up without a word. However, he looked very calm though blood kept flowing out from the corners of his mouth.

He sneered, his voice cold as if coming from the h.e.l.l, “Su Yan, I underestimated you. You devil! No matter how powerful you are, you will be rejected by righteousness! You dared to kill Tao Tianhua! You must pay for this!”

Elder Lei roared out the last word with more blood flowing out from his mouth!


Su Yan responded much more terribly. Like a furious human-dragon, he rushed towards Elder Lei quickly as lightning, raising his fist. The dragon-shaped column roared furiously along with Su Yan, bursting out dazzling golden ripples shrouding the sky.

“Have you thought about my feelings when you tried to take away my Body-cultivating Pill?”

Su Yan roared, punching forcefully on Elder Lei’s chest with his fist, which made Elder Lei shiver and his body crack. Elder Lei was blown away severely!

“You tried to s.n.a.t.c.h my Qi of Dragon Vein for your disciple, Teng Yingjie! Is there any justice in your heart?”

Su Yan swooped across the air like lightning, chasing Elder Lei who was flying away backward and hitting him with another punch, which made Elder Lei fall to the ground like a broken kite. As he fell down to the ground, a large layer of mud collapsed.

Elder Lei screamed hysterically in pain. Recalling what Su Yan said, Elder Lei thought of what he had done, which turned out to be a mistake.

Teng Yingjie could not be compared with Su Yan at all.

“You abused power for personal gain and tried to lock me into the Penalty Chamber!”

“You chased after me without checking things through!”

“Have you ever wondered why they wanted to kill me!”

“You never know! How are you qualified to be the Deputy Dean of Huaxia College and teach the younger generation? Even judge me?”

“I wonder, where is my justice? Where is my law? Ah?!”

Su Yan aimed his furious fists at Elder Lei, one after another!

Accompanied by the dense sound of bone crack, the spraying blood tinted the sky and the ground red.


With a long shrill cry, Elder Lei recalled the hard time when he fought against beasts with brothers who had weathered through life and death together, founded Huaxia College, and cultivated the promising younger generation...

He couldn’t help trembling and thinking a lot at that time. Those brothers of life and death who died in blood had wished that their descendants could grow up in peace and safety. They had wished that those children could avoid the pain and hate they encountered, and never experience blood or cruelty.

It had been a long time, so long that Elder Lei felt confused. But when he looked at the furious Su Yan, he felt a little ashamed.

“I won’t kill you today. But I don’t want to see you again! Get lost!”

Su Yan lifted his foot and kicked on Elder Lei’s belly, sending him high up into the sky to somewhere out of sight.

The whole place seemed to have been swept by a cold wind. It became so silent that everyone could hear a pin drop.

People all stared at Su Yan who now clenched his fists. They were wondering what he was guilty for. There should at least be some reasons!


All of a sudden, Zu Yan’s aura burst out here. Like a raging warlord, he, wearing his gold armor, approached the purple air finally.

“Zu Yan!”

Su Yan turned his head slowly, seeing that Zu Yan was about to take away all purple air.

Su Yan’s face was sullen. He knew the situation was going to be worse if he stayed here, because, once Zu Yan broke out from the sea of Dragon Vein, he would be doomed.

“You trash! You can’t even catch Su Yan?! Idiots!”

As those words came with fury, people at present felt angry and p.i.s.sed. Although some body could not bear such naked humiliation, they dared not to refute.

The end of the horizon was glowing with golden light, seemingly like an immemorial golden crow awakening. And Jiang Wuhen came majestically.

He looked down at Su Yan and said cruelly, “Wonderful Su Yan! Escaping all the way to here. I can’t believe you dared to show up in front of my teacher! I would like to kill you ten times to cool down my anger!”

“Now, kneel down here and wait for my teacher’s trial!”

Jiang Wuhen rushed here. Basking in the fire of the sun, he was powerful, horrible and confident with hegemony.

With the majestic and dominating look, he lifted his palm, transparent with golden light, towards Su Yan aggressively!

“You idiot! Get over here to die!”

Su Yan’s pupils were full of murderous glint with killing atmosphere around his body. Along with the awakening of Su Yan, all the people around were shuddering and the blood and Qi inside their bodies were about to dry up!

What a horrible scene, which seemed like a huge furnace erupted here!

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