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"Explain for what? It is not time for the duel yet!"

Xia Ze appeared with Heaven-suppressing Bell above his head, the two faint heaven-level Taoist doors emerged in the body. His imposing manner was overwhelming like a sharp spear which could even break the sky, his spirit and will utterly powerful, all of which panicked Ding Jun a lot.

Yu Yiling also walked out, wearing a black long dress. Her temperament was n.o.ble, her body was graceful, and a heaven-level Taoist door also revived in her body. She said lightly, "War Lord Zu Yan, brother Su Yan is in close-door cultivation. After all, the time of the duel has not arrived yet. But Su Yan said the duel is set at Huaxia College!"

"What? Huaxia College!" Ding Jun angered, "Battle at Huaxia College? Who doesn't know that Su Yan has mastered some strange manuals, and he can use the help of Dragon Vein? That is unfair!"

"It’s fine!"

Zu Yan had been sitting in the bronze chariot. Upon hearing Yu Yyiling, he said coldly, "Call Su Yan out and let him give back what is mine, then I can spare him."

"War Lord Zu Yan, I’m afraid that Su Yan will not compromise easily, he even asked me to help build a ring for him!"

Yu Yiling looked composed and cool. Her temperament was n.o.ble and elegant. She said, "Now the stage is in construction. Would you like to take a look? I have spent a lot of effort in it, which will be completed in a few days!"

Ding Jun felt terribly sick by her words. A ring? It was obvious that Su Yan would lose. Who gave Su Yan the courage to be like that!

"H haha, I am also very looking forward to the strength of student Su Yan!" Xia Ze laughed, "After all, Su Yan is the best student of our Huaxia College. Even if Su Yan lose the duel, it is no big deal. Zu Yan, you have been famous for decades, but how long has Su Yan cultivated?"

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"Young people are just energetic as they are, I think Zu Yan can understand." Xia Ze continued, "What, Zu Yan is not willing to come to Huaxia College for a look? This ring did take quite some work."

With that, Xia Ze opened the door of Huaxia College. The scene inside made all stupefied. Hundreds of Huaxia College disciples were building a large ring, all drenched with sweats.

They all were shocked, who gave Su Yan the courage!

Building a ring? Not afraid of miserable failure?

Time went by day after day!

As Su Yan speculated, he spent two days refining the ban-breaking plate!

"Kid, you sure about it?"

Tie Baocai worried, "Once it failed, it will waste all the previous efforts. There are at least three demon kings who are in Taoist Door Realm!"

"I’m positive!"

Su Yan was full of confidence, he drew out the Qi of Earth Vein and covered Huang Lin, so she boldly approached the core hall.

Su Yan observed the trend of Earth Vein and stared at the formation lines in the air. Soon he locked the target. The Ban Formation required the Qi of the Earth Vein to exert its power, which would be disabled temporarily if he could subdue the Qi.


Su Yan threw out the ban-breaking plate which was full of brilliant formation lines. When it landed on the ground five feet away, it revived and gusts of heavy force gathered underground, making all formation lines intertwined in this area disappear instantly.


Huang Lin gritted her teeth and went forward all the way.

Soon after they left, the ban-breaking formation plate self-destructed, and the Ban Formation began to operate as usual.

Su Yan stored Huang Lin in the phoenix hairpin, and they rushed in with excitement toward the core hall!

Tie Baocai lifted its big claws and pushed a door open. The air of antiquity greeted them right on the face shocked Su Bingshuang to dull. It was a huge Scripture Pavilion harboring at least tens of thousands of books and rare manuals, even some precious hide maps and jade slips!

Su Yan opened the phoenix hairpin and took all these secrets records away.

Many precious things were stored here in Zu Yan's cultivation place, most of which were unearthed from ancient ruins. Yet their true purpose was to find Essence Stones!

Soon, they entered the innermost palace, which was filled with divine essence. At first glance, they knew there were some rare treasures.

After pushing the door open, Su Yan and Tie Baocai almost shouted out in excitement. The interior of the hall was very large, richly ornamented, magnificent and resplendent. Several ancient implements were floating in the hall. There were at least 30 pieces of various implements!

"d.a.m.n! I’ve got a fortune. Zu Yan is too rich!"

Tie Baocai's eyes were red out of excitement, more than 30 legendary weapons, even several superior ones, unbelievable!

Su Bingshuang was also extremely excited. Besides, they were just treasures in the hall, maybe there existed some secret doors. It was estimated that there were a lot of Essence Stones!


Su Yan suddenly reached out his palm and pulled off a purple gold armor high in the air. It was very rigid and densely covered with secret lines.

Su Yan smiled. This was the inner armor, a defensive type. His body was originally strong. With this armor, his physical defense would be greatly strengthened!

Su Yan did not hesitate to wear it in case he met any danger.

They were all collecting these treasures rapidly. Tie Baocai was holding a silver shiny bowl with its big claws excitedly!

"Hei hei!"

Tie Baocai smirked, its divine power penetrated through the silver bowl, which enlarged quickly and released destructive air, the swallowing power it spread could even kill an overmatch!

"Storage treasure!"

Su Bingshuang felt so envious that she wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it from Tie Baocai, who now laughed with its black face, sacrificed the bowl and collected many treasures floating in the sky!

"What’s that?"

Su Yan was a bit shy as he pulled down a red bellyband which was supposed to be a treasure for women. Seeing the red light lingering around it, Su Yan was sure that the value of this treasure was very high, not inferior to his purple gold armor.

"Bingshuang, do you want it?"

Su Yan handed the red bellyband to Su Bingshuang, who immediately blushed out of embarra.s.sment and glared, “I don’t want it!”

"If you don’t want it, I’ll take it!"

Tie Baocai moved over and took away it shamelessly. Under the stunned eyes of Su Yan and Su Binghuang, Tie Baocai quickly put it on its back.

"What the f.u.c.k!"

Su Yan felt so embarra.s.sed that Tie Baocai continued to collect a variety of treasures excitedly with the red bellyband on!

It didn't take a long time before Tie Baocai was shining all over, like a landlord. Four different bracelets were on his four claws, a bell was hanging around its neck and on its abdomen was a red bellyband, leaving only its head empty without any ornament.

Tie Baocai was not satisfied, so it covered its head with the treasure bowl!

"Follow me!"

Armed to its teeth, Tie Baocai sprinted inside with excitement and slapped a door open. They rushed in!

Upon entering, Su Yan was shocked. This place was full of a kind of divinity which was an amazing power. And they were all somewhat suppressed!

"Deity material!"

Tie Baocai screamed, this secret chamber was not big, but what inside was too expensive, and there were some very precious deity materials on the jade shelf.

"What? This is deity material!"

Su Bingshuang was pleasantly surprised. Deity material was way too rare. It was difficult to find a few pieces in the entire Huaxia Alliance!

Tie Baocai lifted a piece of bronze with a lot of efforts, which was not big but extremely heavy. This piece of bronze was enveloped in divine glow with terrible divine materials inside!

"Oh my G.o.d, this is deity material!"

Tie Baocai exclaimed happily, "Look, the deity material inside can not only be used to refine implements. We could also use the extraction of it to cultivate divine liquid and elixirs!"

"Bronze deity material!"

Su Bingshuang recognized it at a glance, not just this one, but also a bright silver divine iron, which was even heavier!

"We got so lucky."

Su Yan was all smiles. Deity materials were very heavy so they couldn’t be stored in general storage s.p.a.ce, or they would be crushed!

Three pieces of deity materials owned different attributes. They split them, and Su Bingshuang asked for the largest as she wanted to re-refine her Life Implement!

They went to the next secret chamber, where stored elixirs. They were quite disappointed for those elixirs were all ordinary. Maybe Zu Yan took all the precious elixirs himself.

"This should be the secret chamber where Zu Yan cultivates!"

Tie Baocai saw a secret door which had the most exuberant essence. After pushing it open, they seemed to break into a sea of ​​scriptures!

A jade table came into their eyes at first. On the table placed several hide maps, each of them was self-illuminating, pa.s.sing the chanting sound!

They were full of surprises, and they were shocked when they took a simple glance at these hide maps.

Those were left by ancient overmatches, on which recorded the scriptures on cultivation and their understanding of the rules!

What surprised them most was a jade book engraved with a type of very mysterious characters. Su Yan observed it for a while and felt dizzy, which surprised him a lot. What was this character?

"This is the Taoist book!" Tie Baocai's eyes shone, "The very precious Taoist book, we can't understand it now. Whoever wrote it is no doubt one of the most powerful in the universe!"

Su Yan was attracted by another thing. He walked over and saw a futon made by gra.s.s and wood.

The moment Su Yan sat on the futon, his body was shining. At this moment, Su Yan had a feeling of unity with the heaven and the earth. By virtue of the futon, Su Yan felt that the power of the rules between heaven and earth was running through his body!

"Oh G.o.d, what is this treasure?"

Su Yan trembled all over. This futon had a fantastic function that could enable one to clearly understand the rules between heaven and earth. So the value of this thing was terrible even for a powerful clan.

“It must be made by psychic vegetation, and it’s amazing!”

Tie Baocai said decisively, "It can help people understand the Taoism. That’s so precious and priceless."

Su Yan took the futon away, then they quickly left here and entered the last secret chamber!

"Whether we can find the Essence Stones or not depends on this secret chamber!"

Su Yan's fists were clenched. The purpose of their visit was Essence Stones. Precious treasures could all be found gradually, but Essence Stones were so rare. There had been a time when the whole Huaxia Alliance opened up major mine lots and excavated ores to build weapons against beasts.

However, back at that time, few knew the value of Essence Stones, so most of which dug out that year by Huaixa Alliance were bought by Zu Yan at a very low price. The amount was amazing!

Tie Baocai hit the door with its claw; however, this secret door shone autonomously, blocking the power of Tie Baocai!

"Being useless at such a key moment, let me try!"

Su Yan's palm was filled with golden light, and his Life Tripod also revived. Under the state of unity of him and his implement, Su Yan's combat power increased sharply. His entire palm exuded the formidable Qi of crushing down the mountains!

"Come on, kid. I’m just not ready yet!" Tie Baocai looked sullen, its eyes widening large like bells as it wanted to be the first to open the door.


The door of the entire secret chamber was crashed into pieces by Su Yan.


At the same time, ocean-like Qi of source essence spewed out!


Su Yan couldn’t help but swear and tremble.

Inside the secret chamber were all Essence Stones! They conservatively estimated that there were more than 40,000 pieces at least!

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