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“The natural essence here is twice stronger than outside!”

The oncoming endless divine essence drilled into their bodies spontaneously, nourishing their bodies and Destiny Spring!

Tie Baocai swallowed the essence with its big mouth. Its body sparkled like crystal and its fur shone autonomously, spurting auspicious glow. Bathing in flowing brilliance, it was like a sacred giant panda, solemn and serene.

The half open Taoist door inside Su Bingshuang’s body gleamed, absorbed the endless divine essence from all directions and stored them in her Destiny Spring. She was about to crash the Taoist door!

"How great this is!"

Su Yan clenched his fist. Occupying such a rare adobe, it was too difficult for Zu Yan not to become powerful. The essence here was inexhaustible!

Originally, Su Yan was on alert. After all, they all came in and they were likely to be discovered. So they were prepared to kill and get rid of some of Zu Yan’s trusted men.

But what made them unexpected was that it was very quiet here, it seemed that this place belonged to Zu Yan alone!


At this time, Tie Baocai widened its big eyes, pointing to a hill which was not far away with its claw. On the hill grew all kinds of precious herbs, more than tens of thousands. Even some high-level herbs were absorbing the essence between heaven and earth autonomously!

"More than dozens of millennial herbs here!"

Su Bingshuang was surprised as millennium herbs were too rare, but there were at least twenty or thirty species on this hill.

The benefit of rare earth was obvious. The growing speed of herbs here was very fast. It was estimated that millennium herbs could mature only in decades!

This was a panacea hill, full of all kinds of herbs.

Su Yan quickly went up. He drew out the Qi of earth vein and covered the Qi of them three to prevent any guardians here.

Just as they approached the hill, their face changed sharply as they sensed a faint breath of demon on the peak of the hill. A giant beast was crouching on it!

"Go up and see!"

Su Yan lowered his voice. They quietly approached the peak of the hill. With the Qi of earth vein  concealing them, the crouching beast here did not notice them.

Su Bingshuang's face was sullen when she saw a black dragon exuding fierce breath. It belonged to the same species as the one killed by Dragon Totem years ago.

"Black Dragon!"

Su Bingshuang’s big eyes were on fire and she almost went up to kill it.

Some of the famous demon kings in the wilderness region once caused a catastrophe to Huaxia Alliance. The black dragon was one of them. It was so fierce that it swallowed 100,000 Huaxia people!

Black Dragon was one of the dead goals of Huaxia Alliance, but it had disappeared for many years. Who would have expected that Black Dragon was living here? And Tie Baocai felt that it had opened the Taoist door!

Su Yan and the other two had an ominous presentiment so they left the hill. With black dragon guarding, they dared not take risks.

They continued to move forward and came across a spiritual field which sprayed exuberant essence!

"Source Crystal Rice!"

Tie Baocai was shocked. It was not as particularly precious as the Star Rice, but there was too much here with even hundreds of thousands of  unripe grains!

They looked grave, as this spiritual field was also guarded by a demon king, but it had not opened the Taoist door yet.

A few beautiful girls were picking the ripe Source Crystal Rice cautiously. Zu Yan was very picky about the diet and he ate the Source Crystal Rice every day. This rice could improve human’s body greatly. The divine power inside the body could be strengthened a lot if he ate this rice for a long time!

"There is a fruit forest in front. d.a.m.n! Thousands of them. Could he eat them all?"

Tie Baocai wiped his mouth as it couldn’t help watering over the many spiritual fruits over the trees and some precious bamboos. The servants of Zu Yan were collecting bamboo liquid, which made Tie Baocai drooling more.

Zu Yan’s life was so extravagant, Su Yan met hundreds of different housemaids along the way, who were all trembling with fear. Once they did something wrong, they would be eaten by the beasts!

A murderous beast was crouching in the fruit forest, guarding it for Zu Yan and preventing these maids from stealing.

"Zu Yan must be killed! His atrocity is intolerable by the course of nature!"

Su Yan’s eyes were red out of wrath when he saw a maid accidentally knocking off a fruit and the guarding beast almost swallowed her!

Only when she cried miserably and pleaded frantically for mercy on her knees was she spared from death.

Su Yan quietly approached her. When the girl was away from the fruit forest, he grabbed the girl with the cover of the Qi of earth vein!


The girl was scared and she trembled violently, her face pale and bloodless. She kneeled down to the ground and dared not to speak.

"Don't be afraid!" Su Bingshuang lifted her up, gently touched her head and whispered.


The girl saw Female Asura with mask, and she recognized her. She said with amazement, "Are you Female Asura?"

Seeing Su Bingshuang nod, the girl was terrified. She knew that Female Asura was the enemy of Zu Yan, but how did she get in?

Su Bingshuang calmed the girl down and asked about the things here. The girl’s name was Huang Lin. It was a long story. These girls were all actually from the families who followed Zu Yan. For these families, entering Zu Yan’s cultivation field was a great blessing.

They came with excitement, thinking that they could change their life. Life was changed indeed, but so much worse than animals.

"Zu Yan is too hateful, he colluded with the fierce beasts, and these fierce beasts now take him as their master now!" The girl cried. Fate of the girls here was very miserable and many of her sisters were eaten by the beasts. If they didn’t work hard, they would die.

"Little girl, if you want to take revenge, take us to the cultivation field of Zu Yan!" Tie Baocai said gravely.

"Anything you want me to do, just say it!" Huang Lin was very emotional, "Spread the things here out please! Reveal the true features of Zu Yan, and let my grandfather know it."

This girl named Huang Lin was very courageous and familiar with this place. She put Su Yan’s phoenix hairpin on her hair, carried the basket of spiritual fruits and walked inside.

Su Yan, the three of them hid in the s.p.a.ce of the hairpin. Tie Baocai’s eyes were red out of craze. This storage treasure that they were hiding in was too precious, whose value was higher than the Nine-dragon Swords Su Yan possessed!

Su Yan was also very cautious. After all, Huang Lin’s family followed Zu Yan once, and he was really afraid of being cheated.

"A great chance!"

Su Bingshuang said coldly, "Zu Yan is so hideous that even the people followed him are harmed. He would rather believe in the beasts. So resentful! If things happened here spread out, no one would be willing to work for Zu Yan!"

In this way, Huang Lin went all the way to the cultivation field ​​ of Zu Yan which was strictly guarded. Su Yan also felt a demon king who had opened the Taoist door!

"We are here!"

Huang Lin kept her head down all along, carrying a basket of spiritual fruit, and crossing layers of defense. She seemed to have entered an ancient world, where the essence between heaven and earth was more intense!

In front was a majestic mountain, where endless source of essence poured down, nurturing the earth, nourishing the creatures.

This giant mountain was very magnificent. Under the foot of the mountain, the clouds were lingering, and a magnificent palace was located here. This was the cultivation field of Zu Yan. In the depth of the palace, it exuded divine radiance faintly!

The scene here was very distinguished with some powerful beasts crouching here. Huang Lin was unimpeded along the way, and soon she came to a large hall.

The guardian of the hall was a demon king. After seeing Huang Lin, its eyes gleamed with greed and ferocity, which made Huang Lin shudder with fear. It seemed that this demon king wanted to eat her alive.

She kept her breath, dared not to speak, and lowered her head.

The demon king opened the door of the hall. After Huang Lin entered, she took a deep breath of relief!

The scene inside the hall made Tie Baocai drool. It was a large hall to store spiritual fruits, and there were at least thousands of precious fruits.

"Holy s.h.i.t! Zu Yan’s life is too f.u.c.king good!"

Tie Baocai wiped his mouth and said ferociously, "What now? Let’s get started?"

According to Huang Lin, there were Spiritual Fruit Hall, Spiritual Rice Hall, and Medicine Hall. These three halls all stored treasures of heaven and earth. Once someone was found stealing, he would be directly eaten by the beast.

Huang Lin took out the picked fruits and quickly cla.s.sified them.

Su Yan observed here with his Soul and immediately said, "Zu Yan is so f.u.c.king horrible. The guarding beasts dare not come in. Maybe he is afraid being stolen by the beasts. Let’s take some precious spiritual fruits."

The phoenix hairpin glowed, and Su Yan swept through the hall for several times by the Qi of earth vein. Then some spiritual fruits fell into the phoenix hairpin. More than one hundred species of spiritual fruits, which were all rare species in the earth. They dared not to take too much. After all, this was just the beginning!


Tie Baocai was biting a red fruit madly.

Huang Lin left the hall, the guarding demon king scanned Huang Lin for a while and closed the door!

The demon king wanted to eat of course! But Zu Yan was too ferocious so it dared not to steal. It was lucky that Zu Yan didn’t kill it.

Under the education of Tie Baocai, Huang Lin quickly found a few girls. The housemaids here all wanted to go out. The timid ones were knocked out by Tie Baocai and sealed in phoenix hairpin. Soon they found a few girls who were as courageous as Huang Lin. They went through three secret halls and took away a lot of good treasures.

Su Yan had a specific grasp of this place. First of all, this place was just the periphery of the cultivation field, inside was the place where Zu Yan cultivated!

But here was a forbidden place. No one could get close for a big killing formation was operating here and guarding the cultivation field of Zu Yan. More importantly, Su Yan found that the entrance to Mount Qomolangma was likely to be blocked by this cultivation field.

"The Ban Formation!"

Su Yan watched for a while and said, "Although it is not a particularly strong formation, it is difficult for a person in Taoist Door Realm to break in. This formation works all the time. Once approaching it, one would be suppressed in it!"

"Give me two days, I will create a Ban-cracking Plate to suppress the Qi here, which will deactivate the formation!"

Tie Baocai urged, "Be fast! If Zu Yan is crazy and he comes back., we will be in trouble!"

"Hope Xia Ze could stall Zu Yan!"

Su Yan took out the Source Pen and several precious minerals prepared in advance, and began to refine.

The current Huaxia City was very crowded with numerous cultivators from all forces gathering. What a raging moment. The duel between Zu Yan and Su Yan was around the corner!

"It’s been a day. Xia Ze, come out, give justice back to Zu Yan!"

Ding Jun was unable to contain his impatience any longer and shouted, "Did you hide Su Yan? Xia Ze, no matter what, you have to explain this clearly. Warlord Zu Yan's time is very valuable!"

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