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The whole Huaxia City was shocked by Zu Yan’s aura!

First of all, the bronze chariot was strong enough to be called the emperor's vehicle, spontaneously spreading the breaths of hegemony that could crush rivers and mountains within a radius of hundreds of miles.

What shocked them was that there were two huge beasts pulling the bronze chariot. They were divine horses, with shining silver hair and the breath of demon lord. Pulling the bronze chariot, they rushed from the wilderness region!

"My G.o.d, two silver horned horses are pulling Zu Yan's chariot!"

"These are two demon lords. Warlord Zu Yan is so domineering that he even subdued two silver-horned horses to serve for him!"

Residents of Huaxia City were stunned that two demon lords were pulling chariot? How overbearing!

They encounter such a thing for the first time that there were actually two demon lords pulling chariot for Zu Yan as beasts and Huaxia Alliance had been old foe ever since the mutation of the earth!

Many people looked at Zu Yan with admiration and fanaticism. Some women screamed excitedly. How domineering was this! Especially that Zu Yan was sitting in the bronze chariot with divine breath, overlooking the entire Huaxia College!

At this moment, Zu Yan the Emperor was inspecting his territory, and his words confused all those around a lot. What resentment did he have with Su Yan?

"What did you say? "

Xia Ze was frightened. Su Yan was going to visit Zu Yan's den and confiscate his property?

Xia Ze shuddered. Never had he expected that Su Yan would have such an idea as, putting aside Zu Yan’s mightiness, his den alone was by no means easy to break in.

Su Bingshuang was also shocked. If failed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

But Tie Baocai and Su Yan were determined to search Zu Yan's den and confiscate a number of resources for cultivation. Su Yan needed the Essence Stones to step into the Taoist Door Realm, so did Tie Baocai. Besides, Su Bingshuang needed more Essence Stones to open her Taoist Doors!

Now they had none so they could only put their hope on Zu Yan's den, hoping that there would be a lot of treasures of heaven and earth!

"Let’s go now!"

Tie Baocai couldn't wait any longer. He shook its hair and seriously said, "Things might change later. Xia Ze, you have to hold Zu Yan here. Don't let him go back. We will manage to ransack his home!"


Xia Ze nodded after just a short hesitation. He got a very bad presentiment that since the followers trained by Zu Yan had grown up, once Zu Yan had the ambition, it would be the catastrophe of Huaxia Alliance!

Su Yan and the other three quickly left Huaxia College and began to approach Zu Yan's den!

The whole Huaxia Alliance was stirred as Zu Yan's words had been spread out. Some people praised, "Warlord Zu Yan is what he is. After all, Su Yan's talent is very high. If he really dies fighting Warlord Zu Yan, it is a huge loss of Huaxia Alliance."

"It’s understandable because Su Yan is young and aggressive. But will he stand out and yield?"

"I won't make any comment on this matter. The treasures Su Yan seized at the Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin don’t necessarily belong to Warlord Zu Yan. Will Su Yan be willing to hand them over?"

"Anyhow, Su Yan has offended Warlord Zu Yan, and he should explain for this!"

There were many people who admired Warlord Zu Yan. For a time, Huaxia Alliance showed an air of superficial clam but there were signs of unease under the surface. Now Warlord Zu Yan was hovering over Huaxia City. The two silver horned horses’ pulling chariot had caused a great sensation, making Zu Yan's prestige even more terrible!

"A day has pa.s.sed but Su Yan has not responded yet?"

Ding Jun was impatient and sneered, "I’d like to remind Su Yan that time is running out. You'd better hurry up to avoid wasting Zu Yan's time. You're wasting your life too. Zu Yan won’t embarra.s.s you since he’s generous, but you can't make a mistake yourself!"

"Time is running out. The challenge was initiated by Su Yan. Anyway, Su Yan have to come out and give the world an explanation!"

"That's right. How exactly does Huaxia College handle matters? Xia Ze, you said that Su Yan is grounded for a year, but now where is Su Yan? Ho-ho, this is Huaxia College's negligence, and your Xia Ze's failing. I suspect you’re shielding Su Yan!"

"You can’t handle even a sinner. How on earth do you Xia Ze manage your college? I think you're really old!"

Countless voices were censuring Huaxia College, accusing Xia Ze!

The situation faintly changed, and even some people had threatened to overthrow Xia Ze and let Zu Yan be the dean.

Liu Chengtian looked gloomy. Now Zu Yan was very powerful and had the heroic posture of controlling the world.

They all blamed Xia Ze. Liu Chengtian worried that when time came, Zu Yan would really take Huaxia College’s negligence as the excuse to attack the college.

Many strangers, with horrifying breath, appeared in Huaxia City. The situation had been completely chaotic. A large number of people under Zu Yan's leadership had come to Huaxia City.

What Zu Yan thought was simple. If Su Yan didn’t come out, he would use this as an excuse to crack Huaxia College and govern the world. At that time, he could mobilize the forces of the whole Huaxia Alliance and search for the whereabouts of Su Yan. He didn’t believe that Su Yan could hide for decades!

"Look, Zu Yan is really going to rebel. It's a rebelling plan to send troops towards Huaxia City!"

Tie Baocai squatted on a big tree with many branches and leaves that concealed its fat body. He stared with its panda eyes at groups of cultivators pa.s.sing by.

Su Yan looked at the direction of their departure and immediately concluded that they must have come out of the Mount Qomolangma.

Su Bingshuang looked grave because time was running out.

They were cautious and didn’t disturb anyone along the way. They gradually approached Mount Qomolangma!

Coming to Mount Qomolangma again, even the natural essence flew in the periphery made Su Bingshuang dull, because the natural essence here was extremely prosperous, and every training area was like a treasure cave of the dragon vein!

What did this mean? The cultivation speed here could be imaginable. Su Bingshuang speculated that if she practiced here, even if she had no Essence Stones, she could open the Holy-level Taoist Door in just one or two years.

This undoubtedly showed that Zu Yan's powerful forces could sweep the whole earth even without Zu Yan in a few years.

There were not many people cultivating here since a large number of people had gone to Huaxia Alliance.

Su Yan was looking at the area covered by the Little Five Elements Formation, Mount Qomolangma was in it. His blood had been boiling to re-step on a road of return!

"A large number of overmatches are guarding and patrolling that place!"

Tie Baocai whispered, "It's not easy to get in silently. I guess only Zu Yan can get in there while others are not allowed."

"Tie Baocai, have you forgotten the Iron-back Ant?"

Su Yan's words let Tie Baocai grin with excitement while Su Bingshuang listened in bewilderment. They quickly left here and began to search for traces of Iron-back Ants.

A few months ago, they were hunted by the Iron-back Ants, which was unforgettable until now.

It was not difficult to find the nest of Iron-back Ants, as they were herding species that would not migrate in a large scale in a short time.

Half a day past, they came to a barren place for more than a radius of a dozen miles, even a weed could not be seen.

"Don't move! Look what I’ve got!"

Tie Baocai squatted on the ground, and quickly threw out more than a dozen pieces of ores to the dense caves above.

When these ores had just been thrown out, this area was quaking faintly!

Thousands of Iron-back Ants flocked out like black torrents in a flash from countless caves.

These ores were eaten in the blink of an eye.


When these Iron-back Ants, filled with ferocious breath, grouped together, it could be called a black torrent breaking out!

Carrying a large ore, Tie Baocai rushed crazily like a tortoise.

They were not afraid of Iron-back Ants now, as Tie Baocai alone was able to burn a large number of them with fire of star.

In this way, they seduced the Iron-back Ants out and ran all the way to Mount Qomolangma.

When they were about to reach their destination, Tie Baocai threw dozens of pieces of ores into the rolling mountains ahead!


It was a big buzz. People who were cultivating immediately got alert.

There were at least one thousand cultivators here looking at dozens of minerals flying over.

Next moment, their souls were disbanded because they saw a black torrent coming like a big black wave, exuding an air of great ferocity.

"No, it's the army of Iron-back Ants!"

They were all frightened and their scalps were numb. It was a torrent of iron-back ants!

Even a group of guards guarding the Little Five Elements Formation pulled out their swords and shouted, "Don't panic, although there are many iron-back ants, they are not strong!"

Under the cover of the chaos, Su Yan drew the air of Earth Vein and moved quickly like a flash in this mountain range. It was difficult to notice that someone was quickly approaching the Little Five Elements Formation.

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

Su Yan's heartbeat was accelerating as he was very close to Little Five Elements Formation.

There were two guards here watching the scene of bustle without offering to help.

When Su Yan and the other two appeared, the two guards’ faces changed as they recognized Su Yan. When they wanted to shout to alarm others, Su Yan's palms pressed down like lightening, and the strength of his body was powerful enough to annihilate a mountain!

The two guards were smashed into ashes without even the chance to struggle.

Su Yan immediately communicated the Qi of the Earth Vein to hide their bodies.

"Come on, boy! Confiscate his home! Come on!"

Tie Baocai urged anxiously. Although the people here were not mighty enough to pose a threat to them, Tie Baocai worried that things would spread out and Zu Yan would come back to kill them.

"Take it easy."

Su Yan was clear-minded, and the soul in his forehead shone brightly, covering the whole Little Five Elements Formation!

His soul flew out at once, throwing out fist-sized rare ores one after another. Each ore was densely carved with lines of formations and landed separately in five directions of the Little Five Elements Formation.


As the five formations on the ores revived, the light it released all of a sudden contained a peculiar force that extinguished the Little Five Elements Formation completely!

Su Bingshuang was shocked that the Taoist Formation was so magical that it could even suppress the tactical formation silently.

"We did it!"

Tie Baocai was so excited and then they burst in.

Just after they left, five formation ores Su Yan sacrificed annihilated automatically and the Little Five Elements Formation resumed running as usual.

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