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Choi Min Ho curses internally. They didn't see this coming. As soon as they have stepped inside the domain of wrath, someone pulled him away from her and covered his mouth. Fang Aisa stepped into the trapping circle. She fell on her knees lifelessly.

Flaming snakes are coiled around her body, not touching or burning her. The wrath demons are standing around the cage of fire, watching her like they want to tear her apart. Lord Wrath, a tall man with yellow skin and red eyes, is standing beside Lord Greed and other lords of the higher circles. It's like they are waiting for something. Min Ho has tried to read their minds, but there is a strong barrier around their minds. He sighs and looks at Fang Aisa. He must find a way to free her.

"I know what you are thinking," The pet.i.te woman, who pulled him away from Fang Aisa, says to him. "There is a reason why they are doing this."

"Who are you?" Min Ho asks her. He can't read her mind. That's frustrating. Usually, he gets answers by just reading minds. "Why are they doing this to her?"

"She is the granddaughter of Jar'golen." The woman grins. "My name is Orana. I am the oracle demon."

"I know that her grandfather was a demon. What did that get to do with this? There are many half demons." Min Ho tells her, curiously. He has been trying to read her personality. She seems like a person who gives away information easily. Other demons are busy watching Fang Aisa.

"When I met her on earth, I wondered why she was different." Orana, the oracle demon, looks at him playfully. "Her husband is a shaman. He is quite scary."

"Yes, she told me that." Min Ho smiles at her. "So, you are noona's friend."

"What?" She looks to the right and left. "Don't say things like that. I can never be her friend. She is the granddaughter of Prince Jar'Golen."

Again! They are talking in a circle. Who is this demon Jar'Golen?

"You are a human boy." Orana purses her lips. "I will tell you a story about a demon who wanted to become the ruler."


"How long will it take, Lord Wrath?" Lord Greed stares at the skinny girl with dark hair. It's easy to trap her, but it's hard to bring out her true nature. "She shows no sign."

"Lord Wrath," Lord Treachery narrows his yellow eyes. "Are you sure about the information though?"

"Orana has never been wrong." Lord Wrath blinks his red eyes. "His daughter sent words. This girl will reveal her true colours."

"I don't have patience," Lord Violence mutters under his breath.

"Neither do I." Lord Fraud clicks his tongue in annoyance.

"If it doesn't work this way, " Lord Wrath sighs. "[Feed]."

The flaming snakes hiss after hearing their lord's command. They circles around Fang Aisa ferociously. Fang Aisa bows down further. The flaming snakes drape themselves around her, burning her skin and digs their fangs into her body. She flinches and opens her dark eyes. A slow smile appears on her red lips. "Looks like I am caught."

Lord Wrath's pales when he hears the voice. The same taunting tone. The same mockery. The same look in the girl's eyes. "Jar'Golen."


"Basically, this bad demon killed his own siblings and their children to become powerful." Min Ho repeats the summary of the story that this Oracle demon has been telling him. Her version was long and boring. So, he made a guess.

"Yes, a demon is immortal. But, they can die in a way. One way to kill them is to absorb them." Orana shakes in fear when she remembers the things that Jar'Golen did. "It's a huge crime in here. It's carnivorous. Even if we are demons, eating our own kind is a bit...disturbing. He didn't leave his own children either."

It's disturbing that demons find it disturbing. Min Ho wants to tell her that, but he decides against it.

"Lord Wrath and the other Lords killed his supporters and tried to send him to the unbreakable prison," Orana tells her quietly. She can't forget those chaotic days. She was nearly devoured by a higher demon back then.

"But, he managed to escape. He went to Earth where he kept himself hidden for a long time. He took the ident.i.ty of a human and birthed many children. He killed his own children and absorbed demonic core to become powerful until his own daughter did the same to him. Dabria found a way to kill him by eating his core directly. It was a clumsy way, but it worked." She sighs.

"However, she was a half demon. It was difficult for her to keep him inside. Jar'Golen was weak, but he could take over her body someday or do worse. She couldn't come to h.e.l.l because she knew that Jar'Golen's children are not welcome here. She couldn't reach immortality on earth because she was a demonic cultivator. She used a similar method to make herself stronger. She worshipped the G.o.d of death and sacrificed her own children to make her life longer and become stronger. More than half of her power was spent on keeping Jar'Golen asleep inside her."

Min Ho understands that much. He looks at Fang Aisa who is smiling back at the lords. She has a different aura around her. He can't read her mind like before. Something is blocking him away.

"That circle can trap a demon and reveal his true ident.i.ty." Orana continues. "Fang Aisa was born with a strong seal. When Dabria found out, she was disappointed at first. But, an idea came to her. She transferred Jar'Golen's spirit to her body. When Fang Aisa's seal was broken, Jar'Golen woke up. He was tremendously weak. So, he kept himself low and hidden. With Fang Aisa, he also became stronger. After coming back to h.e.l.l, he has gained his strength back. If she had died on Earth, Jar'Golen wouldn't be able to unbind himself from her soul. Now, things are different."

"That sounds bad."

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