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She scrutinizes the water in the large pot with her dark eyes and a dark smile on her lips. In the water, a clear image of Fang Aisa and a young boy is seen. She waves her hand and the image change. It's Sung Jun, desperately trying to tear down the blank s.p.a.ce between the dimensions. He is trying to reach Fang Aisa before it's too late.

Namgoong Ok, the same ancient ghost who have met Fang Aisa at the party, observes that his master is in good mood. He recalls Fang Aisa and compares her with his master. They look a lot alike, but his master is a lot more dangerous and colder than Fang Aisa.

"I have finally sent him back." With another wave of her pale hand, the image completely disappears in the water. Her attendants bow down and take the water pot away. Xia Fengnian, also known as Dabria in the other world, lays herself down on the couch.

"The Sung legacy has ended." Xia Fengnian begins counting on her finger. "Fang Aisa has gone to h.e.l.l like my lord has said that she would. I am free from more than a hundred years old curse. I am free. There is no one to oppose me."

She clenches her fingers and glances at Namgoong Ok with satisfaction.

"This world can finally be mine."

Namgoong Ok bows down his head. He is just a trapped ghost. He can't go against her wishes. He can only pray that someone can stop her before she brings chaos to this world.


Sung Jun gazes at the wall. The people around him stare at his back. There are four people in the waiting room. If one more person appears, the door to the next circle will appear. However, Sung Jun doesn't have patience. He knows that this door can be opened. He refuses to listen to other contestants.

"I have to see her." He rubs his eyes. He didn't want to use that, but there is no more option left now. Seeing his wife is the first priority. He closes his eyes and chants quietly. A giant black scythe appears in his hand. It has a sinister red radiance. The rank 7 scythe is one of the seven scythes of the G.o.d of death. It can whack anything except the primordial G.o.ds.

Sung Jun has managed to get the most of the contract when he made a deal with death itself.

"I hope that you can keep your reputation." Sung Jun glances at the scythe with disinterest. "I don't like fancy names. But, you are mine now. So, your new name is Sci. Suits you, right?"

"..." Sci wants to refute. What kind of lazy naming is that? He has just shortened scythe.

"Now, do your job. We will cut everything down until we find my wife," He tells her with a smile. "Your owner is no longer him. It's me. If you betray me, I will not think once before erasing your existence. Got it?"

Sci, the seventh and youngest scythe of Death, feels the chill in the air. She doesn't take it seriously. The proud Sci glares back at him. How dare he threaten her? She has been with the G.o.d of Death himself for eons. Obviously, she can even cut the G.o.ds. However, she refuses to acknowledge him as her master.

"We can't come to an agreement like this." Sung Jun smiles at Sci. He infuses his heaven energy into the weapon. Like the raging river, the angry heavenly energy courses through the veins of Sci, burning it. Sci has never experienced anything like that. It shrieks in bitter and piercing howls. The others in the room cover their ears and shrink to the corner of the room. This man is bad news.

"Let me inform you something crucial," Sung Jun tells Sci solemnly. "I am blessed by heaven. Ever since I was born, I can directly cultivate pure energy from heaven. The same energy that the primordial G.o.ds can cultivate. I can burn you, destroy you, or use you as a weapon. It's up to you what you want me to do to you."

Sci, who is howling madly because of the blazing heavenly energy, feels like crying. She shouldn't be treated like this. She is the favorite weapon of the G.o.d of Death. Even the G.o.ds are afraid of her. At this moment, she is being tormented by this evil creature.

"You like being hurt?" He injects more energy into her. "I have never met anything you. Do you love misery? I should fulfill your wishes. Here, we go. More pain for you."

This goes on for a few seconds. Sung Jun is looking concerned. Sci is literally crying. Finally, she gives in. She will do anything that he wants.

"You have chosen wisely." He doesn't beckon the heavenly energy out of Sci, but he doesn't make it hurt either. "If you ever go against my wishes, you will get the same pleasure again. I a.s.sure you that even Death himself can't get it out of you."

Sci doesn't believe that the G.o.d of Death can't free herself from this evil shaman's spell, but she doesn't argue. It won't be long before she will be reunited with her true master. Until then, she would play along.

Of course, Sung Jun can sense it all. He ignores her true feelings and strikes the wall. Sci slashes the wall in half. Everything starts crumbling down. The illusion is gone. There is no more barrier between the circles of h.e.l.l.

"This is more like it." Sung Jun smirks as he looks around at the circles of h.e.l.l. He can sense the bond between him and Fang Aisa clearly now. He can finally find her.

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