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 When I opened my eyes, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

 Not knowing where I was, a question mark floated above my head. After several seconds, I recalled the situation I had put myself in. In a fl.u.s.ter, I sprang awake only to find that because of the arm wrapped snugly around me, I couldn’t move.

 Apollo was sleeping while still hugging me in his arms.


「What time is it!?」


 I stretched out my arm to check the clock nearby only to find that the hands pointed to 3:30 at night.

 Last night’s Masquerade Ball started from six in the evening. I think my last memories of the night were from about 2 in the morning.

 Thinking that we had begun doing it after eight made my head hurt. With a virgin as a partner, how much s.e.x did this man plan to have? I held my head in exasperation.




 The mask I should have been wearing was off. I had no recollection of when it could’ve been taken off.

 During the concluding cowgirl position, it should’ve still been on…… I wonder if it slipped off while I was sleeping. It was likely that my face hadn’t been seen. Reaching for the nearby mask, I reaffixed it once again. I had to hurry back. I felt bad towards Marianne who had helped me with finally setting the table.

 Apollo appeared to be sound asleep. Even if I moved, it didn’t seem like he would wake.

 Feeling relieved, I carefully pulled away his arm from my body.




 The moment I removed it, his arm reached out to grasp for something so in a rush, I pushed a nearby pillow to him instead.

 After hugging it tight, Apollo’s lips curved upwards with a satisfied expression. His breathing became steady again.




 That was dangerous.

 It’ll be troublesome if he wakes up. Let’s leave this place quickly.

 Finding the discarded dress beside the bed, I briskly dressed.

 Because of my rapid movements, a large amount of off-white liquid slid out from the inside, giving rise to an extremely unpleasant feeling.

  Despite my bitter feelings, I speedily dealt with it. After I arranged my appearance to look at least somewhat decent, I quietly slipped out of the room.

 Opening the door, I turned around and spared him a parting glance. His golden mask glinted in the dim lighting.


「……I quit.」


 I had opened my mouth to throw some sharp parting remarks but stopped.

 I didn’t know what to say.

 I wondered if I wanted to say, “thanks for taking my virginity.”

 Or, “you thoroughly came inside and did whatever you pleased, you savage b.a.s.t.a.r.d” and hold him in contempt. My feelings were quite complicated.

 In any case, I had already achieved my objective so I thought “well, whatever” and without saying anything, I closed the door.

 ……The figure of him sleeping contentedly was strangely burned into my eyes as I left.



「Lidiana-sama!! Are you alright!?」


 I boarded the waiting carriage and rode to the mansion in a rush. As soon as she saw that I had arrived Marianne rushed over with enough force to tumble over.


「I’m sorry, I made you worry.」


 Feeling guilty about making her anxious, I apologized. With a sleep deprived face, she smiled and replied: “It seems you’re fine.” That man refused to let me go after one round and thanks to that Marianne was troubled.

 Thinking about having lied to such a sweet girl and even getting her to collaborate with my scheme made my heart ache.

 I apologized to Marianne once more, and lied again, telling her that nothing happened.

 Then as I had planned, I stayed over at Marianne’s until just before noon before returning to my own estate.


 Returning to my mansion, I was extremely pleased that I was able to carry out everything according to my plan.

 Father had gone to the castle and had yet to returned.

 He would likely return before dinner time, so the time until then would be the battle.

 I was to tell him that I was no longer a virgin, therefore, my marriage with the Crown Prince would be impossible.

 If asked about who my partner was, his face had been covered with a mask so I wouldn’t be able to respond.

 Father also wouldn’t think of causing me any unnecessary shame, probably.

 After promptly annulling the engagement, I expect that next time he would bring me a more suitable proposal.


 Such a good idea, why hadn’t I thought of it earlier?

 I became exhilarated at the thought of my future without the Crown Prince.

 ”Crown Princess” could go eat s.h.i.t. Such a thing, give it to someone who wants it.

 I want to marry someone who would love me and me alone.

 I absolutely refuse to be just a woman among many, and I’d hate a life where I was bound by duty and unable to move as I want. There was no silver lining in marrying the Crown Prince.

 Thinking that after long years I would finally be freed from this agony, a deep emotion filled my heart.

 While glowing with self-satisfaction, I heard the flurried sounds of servants moving about.


「Father? Has he returned already?」


 Whispering that to myself, I denied it. No, it was much too soon.

 But, after the door opened loudly, the voice calling for me was without a doubt my Father’s.


「Lidi!! Lidi!!」


 While I had questions about my Father’s unusually urgent voice, I thought I should receive him and saved my concern for later.

 Descending the large staircase in the center, I approached my Father in the entrance hallway.


「Welcome home, Father. You seem to have returned considerably early. Has something happened?」


 Delivering the line just as I was taught, I gave my greetings.

 When I raised my face, I met the eyes of the person behind my father and immediately stiffened.

 He had medium length golden hair with loose waves and long, slitted turquoise eyes. His features were well put together and he possessed a frighteningly graceful appearance capable of charming anyone.

 Noticing me, his face broke into a cheerful smile.

 In contrast, my face hardened. I was aware that my smile had frozen along with it.

 Why in this sort of place……

 Even though I had never met him, with just his defining traits anyone would be able to recognize him. The special features of the Wilhelm royal family males were blonde hair and blue eyes. He was……


「Lidi, because he wanted to meet you, His Highness the Crown Prince expressly made his way to my residence.」


 My Father informed me with his face illuminated in joy.

 ……Honestly, I want to escape right away.


 Just when I wanted to break off the engagement, why did it become this way……!!



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