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She and Her Two Days Before the Evening Party 2

While following Will who walked without hesitation, I restlessly looked all around.
It's royalty quarter, with the exception of Freed's room, naturally I've never approached it.
While I was unable to calm down due to the novelty being too much, Will called out to me.

"… Are you here due to the matter with Crown Prince Maximilian tomorrow?"

Of course Will would know, I thought at that question.
A legitimate child of a ducal house, Freed's childhood friend, Magic Division Commander. Rather, it'd be strange if he didn't know.

"Yup, right. And I was asked to come earlier. I may say that, but I have nothing to do anymore. And while I didn't know what to do with the free time, Will came"
"I see…"

Having had my circ.u.mstances explained, Will nodded, and stopped before the innermost door in the corridor.

"We're there"
"Commander Will, please"

Two young men, who going by their long blue robes seemed to be members of Magic Division, stood in front of the door and bowed to Will.
Then they looked at me with curious faces.

"Commander, this woman is?"
"… You also know. His Highness's fiancée. I let her enter the room with my authority"

At those words two members of Magic Division stole a glance at my chest.
Forgive us for confirming the 'King's Flower'! they nervously raised their voices in apology.

… This is truly a name tag.

"Lidi, not going in?"

As he opened the door, Will looked at me with a difficult face.
I followed after Will in a hurry and the door to the room closed.
Will next to me chanted a spell. Three magic formations emerged, and brightly illuminated the room.

It was a s.p.a.cious room without any superfluous decorations, enclosed by white walls.
In the center was a pedestal with a magic formation that could fit about five people. Surrounding the magic formation were four round pillars with diameter of around 15 cm.
The tips of the three-meter-high columns were pointed, with orbs attached on top.
On the pillars fine magical pattern was densely engraved.

"… This is the transfer gate for the exclusive use of the royalty. I'll be doing maintenance… In the meantime, feel free to watch"
"Ah, yup"

With Will's explanation, I approached the transfer gate a little.

The existence of transfer gates, I think this is exactly the height of fantasy of this world.

Transfer gate is a common name for transfer magical art that allows bidirectional travel between gates that had been linked in advance.
The distance doesn't matter at all. As long as gates are linked, the magic formation can transfer you even to the proverbial end of the world in an instant.
But, the drawback is they take a large quant.i.ty of magical power to activate.
Although there's at least one transfer gate in every town or church now, there's few people with sufficient magic power to activate them, so the fee is set relatively high.
In addition to the fee, it's necessary to submit a written form to use them at least a month in advance, the present situation is their status fell as they can't be used as convenient.
The managers are usually clergymen, but there are also many who are members of Magic Division who reside in towns.

By the way, they can be used on the same day after paying the express fee, but only wealthy merchants and high ranking n.o.bles can afford it.
I understand very well I'm almost at the top of them, still the story that has me aware of the social disparity makes me feel awful.

Starting from the gigantic transfer gate for ma.s.s transfer, in the Royal Castle there are many transfer gates for various purposes.
The management and activation of every transfer gate has been the duty of the Magic Division Commander for generations. Nowadays, it's Will's.

Right right, it's a completely different story from transfer gates, but there's a magical art with similar effect called 'Return magical art'.
It's a one-way magical art that lets you return to a premarked location with only your own magical power, but the amount of user's magical power determining the distance and the difficulty in transporting other people makes its usability horrible.
The necessary magical power is doubled when trying to transport two people. Tripled when it's three.
Because it's a magical art that depends on the amount of possessed magical power, some people can only move around ten meters. The average is around a kilometer. It's a tricky magical art.
However, with huge Freed-cla.s.s magical power, it's possible to return from anywhere within the country.
I asked Will before, he's able to return from mostly anywhere within the country.
From that talk it's easy to understand the greatness of the two people with highest magical power in our country.


While I was lost in thought with my eyes on the transfer gate, Will, still checking a transfer gate pillar, called out to me.


I turned my head towards Will. Not looking at me but at the design engraved on the pillar, Will softly muttered.

"Is His Highness… treating you kindly?"

Not understanding what I was asked, I stiffened for a moment.

T r e a t i n g y o u k i n d l y ?

Kindly… is it about nights?
No, at night Freed is an unequaled savage prince… Not that.

When I understood Will's words, they brought to mind a very disappointing story. Of course, I know he didn't mean that.
But what's with this being the first thing that came to my mind… Since only this came up about Freed, I'm anxious about the future.

In any case, I kept this inside, and honestly answered Will's question.

"Yup, he's kind"

s.e.x is brutal, but otherwise he's kind. I understand he worries about and treasures me.
That's why I nodded, and replying I see Will dropped his gaze.

"Then that's fine. I was wondering… if you didn't have a hard time"

I understand those words mean Will worries about me.
It's probably about Freed's followers. Last time I briefly mentioned them, looks like he still worries over that.

"It's okay. I'm not bothered Freed's followers surrounded me a little. I understand they're completely jealous, but so what. When push comes to shove, I'll drive them off, Will understands that, right?"

When I spoke to soothe him, Will slowly shook his head.

"… But, if you didn't marry His Highness you wouldn't have to go through that trouble"
"Even if you say that, it can't be helped. Moreover, does it look like I'm struggling? Does my face look like I'm burdened with misfortune?"

It's bothersome fighting the young ladies who follow Freed, but it's really not a big deal.
If they're picking a fight, it's as I've said before, I intend to return the favor threefold, moreover without involving Freed.
I'm the one who's accepting it. I won't let anyone interfere.
And if I'm going to crush them anyway, I'll do it thoroughly, so that they never feel like going against me again.
I was taught that by Father and Brother, and I agree with that view.

Seeing my belligerent expression, Will smiled wryly.
For Will who rarely shows emotions, it was a usual expression that seemed to say that it can't be helped.

"No… it doesn't. Lidi is… the same as ever"

For some reason a yearning expression showed on Will's face, while tilting my head I approached him and peered into his face.

"Right? That's why it's okay. Thanks for your worry"

As I said so while looking into his eyes, Will jumped back like he was repelled.

… How rude.

"No, sorry… It's nothing"

I found Will, who made a fl.u.s.tered gesture of placing the back of his hand on his cheek, and had an unusually expressive face, interesting. It would be nice if he always made such faces rather than be lacking expression.
I spontaneously put that thought into words. Before I noticed, I voiced them.

"I wish you were always like this"

I can't take back the words I spilled.
Reluctantly I continued.

"Will doesn't make show much expressions and doesn't talk much. I'd be happy if you could show various faces like this. After all, it's fine since I know Will is a kind person, but I'd hate it if other people misunderstood you"

Although I thought I'd be told it's none of my business, I still informed him, but Will's eyes slightly widened. He lowered his head a little and said.

"… It's okay"
"Really? You aren't being misunderstood?"

I have no idea if it's true, but if that's what Will says, so be it.
I won't say more. I nodded I see, and looked up at the transfer gate.

"Hey… will Sahaja's Crown Prince Maximilian also come through a transfer gate?"

I brought up a question that suddenly came to my mind, and while Will resumed checking the transfer gate, he answered.

"… Via horse, I guess. Since n.o.body came to talk with me, he won't use the castle transfer gates at least"
"Is that so"

All transfer gates in the castle are under Will's management. If anyone were to move through them, Will would know.

When I nodded hmm, Will added.

"It's said Crown Prince will arrive tonight… During his stay, my ducal house will take care of him"
"I see"

I can understand, since it's the Pellegrini Ducal House that's influential domestically.
Will's father, Duke Pellegrini is also the Foreign Minister.
But, is it alright for the legitimate child Will to not be there?

"It's afternoon already Will, is it okay not to go home?"

Asked that, despite his lack of expression, Will's cheeks twitched.

"… There's no problem. Crown Prince Maximilian seems to hate magic and magical arts. If I go there, I may incur his displeasure instead… Father and Glenn will be his companions"
"Hates magic… huh. Come to think of it, there was a story like that"

Crown Prince Maximilian has a strong dislike of magic.
Of course I was aware of the rumor, but it just might be true.
Certainly, if Will who holds the t.i.tle of Magic Division Commander was there, it could get a little troublesome.

Interested in the Crown Prince of another country that I haven't yet seen, I asked Will a question.

"What kind of person he is I wonder"
"I understand you're curious, but according to His Highness he's a dangerous person… Please, stay quiet"
"… Even Will says that…"

Freed, Cain, now even Will. Including Brother and Father whom I met at the castle yesterday, it's the fifth time I've been told that.

I wonder if everybody has that opinion of me.
Looking at Will's figure from behind as he crouched to check a pillar, I grew a little angry. At the same moment, I took action.

"… Ey"
"Ouch, Lidi… What's that for"

I got quite angry, and while sullen I kicked Will's back with all my strength.
Him being my close childhood friend, I didn't hold back.


As I laughed contentedly with my hands rested on my waist, Freed stood up and sighed.

"You truly… haven't changed"

Will didn't get angry.
Seeing this att.i.tude, I felt apologetic, and patted the spot I kicked to dust it off.

"Ugh… I was venting my anger. I am sorry"
"Don't mind, because you're like this, I…"

Will looked back at me. His right hand slowly reached out.
I stared back at him as if to say what is it, when.

Guh, my stomach rumbled.


In a fl.u.s.ter I held my stomach and stepped back.
We go way back. He's heard the sound of my stomach many times, but even so, what's embarra.s.sing is embarra.s.sing.

"Lidi, are you hungry?"
"No, this is. How should I put it"

Will had been staring at me like he was delirious with fever, but the sound of my stomach seemed to return him to his senses. He quickly returned to his usual self and produced something from his inside pocket.


It was a candy that he took out. My favorite grape flavor. Will held the round violet candy in his fingers and held it out to me.


When I habitually opened my mouth, Will tossed the candy inside my mouth.
The sweet aroma of grapes spread. Rolling it with my tongue, I narrowed my eyes.


As I said thanks, Will's expression broke into a little smile.

"I see. I'm glad I had just the right thing"
"Come to think of it, Will always has something to eat. Does Will get hungry like this too?"

Since a long time, whenever I've complained about being hungry, he's produced something to eat.
Even though I found it strange, the little snacks he's given me have been delicious, but I've never actually heard the reason behind them.

"… That's right. Magical arts consume your stamina"
"Heee. I see. I have no idea since I've never used them, but magicians also have it hard"
"… Yeah"

Always having to carry emergency rations, what an unfortunate occupation.
When I nodded thinking so, Will smiled with a somehow sad face.

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