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T/N: Omg I finally finished. (ノдヽ) Even though I said I will post it in a few hours, I ended up posting it a day and a half later. Gomeennnn~~~~ ( ̄Д ̄;;

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Chapter 35: Her and the Court Lady


It's warm??

I felt warmth as my consciousness gradually awaken .

My eyebrows gently lifted at the peculiar sensation of waking up.

The sheets that were touching my cheek felt different than usual.

Above all, my body seemed incredibly tired. I don't even want to move a finger.

I was then made aware of a lukewarm feeling that is clinging onto me. When I unconsciously moved closer to the pleasant heat, I was embraced tightly.


This is splendid. I can’t get enough of this……, eh?

……Embraced?? I was?

When I opened my eyes from suspicion, I was met with the close-up appearance of a blond-haired tranquil beauty.

Although he looked peaceful asleep, I was certain that I am currently embraced by a naked man.


In an instant, I was fully awake. I turned pale as the memories of last night suddenly returned to me.

That's right, I was brought to Freed's room, and then stayed as is…


When I fully comprehended the situation I am in, the next thing that left my mouth was a big sigh.

……I went and did it.

I was splendidly taken away.

「……What have I been doing」

I was completely bewitched by Freed's military uniform appearance, and while also being in complete knowledge of forgetting myself in my own indulgence. After that, I was swept by Freed's insatiable self-fulfillment as well.

It's no wonder my body is aching allover.  This situation wherein moving even an inch is painful makes me want to shed my tears.

I heard it from Deliris-san too, but either way Freed seems to be an unparalleled guy.

Since it was my first time previously, he expressed that he held himself back and I only just then realized that he might actually be saying the truth.

Unlike previously, I felt like my energy is exhausted to the bone.

「Wai-……can't move……」

When I experimentally tried to move my body, Freed tightened his embraced on me, prohibiting my movements.

I tried twisting my body roughly out of his arms with a huff, yet still, it proved to be impossible. I gave up henceforth and stopped my resistance.

With nothing else to do, I moved my eyes to gaze around the room instead.

Since it's the room of the Crown Prince, I looked around with expectations of it to look grand and extravagant, yet it seemed to have not that much difference to my own room.

The painting held up as an ornament is indeed wonderful however; other items of the same or higher quality are kept to a minimum. Even things such as personal properties are just about nowhere to be seen.

The nearest chair with a refinement of a baroque style is where Freed's discarded military uniform is placed on. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, yesterday's chain of events with connection to the uniform ransacked my brain. It made me want to bury myself alive.

「I'm an idiot……」

Just what have I been doing with my own fiancé……

Requesting clothing play and the like, I could not believe myself.

If I remember clearly, I ordered Freed to not take it off……

Ahhhh, what have I done.

……In the meantime, let's leave this topic for another time.

I certainly will be self-reflecting once I get home, however, making sure it never happens again is more important.

It would probably be in vain anyhow but I still hardened my resolve. Afterwards, I continued my surveillance of the room.

The light peeking out of the curtains made me realize that it is now currently morning.

「So it's already morning……」

I absentmindedly murmured as my eyes scrutinized the dazzling light, not yet completely in my senses.


My eyes widened from the overwhelming surprise. My drowsiness dispersed instantly.

Wait a second. If I remember, Freed brought me here at noon and yet, how could it be morning already!!

I remembered the moment I finally collapsed from his tiresome deeds.

I saw the colors of the rising sun peeking out from the windows ……I certainly thought that I wasn’t able to eat two set of meals.


I’m suddenly at my wits end. Doing it for almost one whole day, how could that happen!!

……Too idiotic. I almost want to cry and the deny the truth.

Leaving that aside, there is a question of more importance.

It would appear that I stayed out overnight without giving notice.

My father that sold me out likely understood the flow of things so I wouldn’t worry about him, but I wonder if mother is worried about me.

For the time being, I want to go home. And then I want to eat.

Since I didn’t eat two worth of meals yesterday, my stomach became honest. It has been strongly complaining about it being hungry.

「Uuuu……I'm hungry.」

More than anything it was painful and made me disheartened. While thinking so, I heard a stifled laughter from in front of me.

「Kukuku……Saying that as soon as you wake up……」

「Freed!! You were awake?」

Freed's shoulders shook in laughter as he held me tightly.

「Good morning. I wondered what Lidi would do as she woke up and observed you.」

「……You have strange hobbies.」

While my lips pouted with a 'mu', my head was caressed tenderly. It somehow felt good so I quietly closed my eyes. I then heard laughter once more.

「The last time you escaped successfully. I didn’t want Lidi to be gone once I wake up again that’s why I observed you.」

「Perhaps, were you awake the whole time?」

I was surprised, but I then realized that two hours have only pa.s.sed since then.

「Even if you stayed up the whole time, I wouldn’t be able to escape with my arms bind behind my back like this.」

「Despite that fact that you want to run away, Lidi is still adorable, you know? I almost want to do it one more time.」

「Impossible!!That's impossible!!」

I desperately shook my head to that frightening sentence. Freed smiled warmly as he agreed and understood what I said.

His princely smile that can charm anyone only seemed contriving to me.

「I won't push you over any more than this for today. My official duties piled on me from yesterday as well; therefore I don't have much time to rest.」

「……Would you be okay without sleep?」

「My condition is extremely pleasant. It's thanks to Lidi.」

I checked his physical condition just in case and he expressed that he is in perfect form with his sparkling eyes and smiling appearance.

How could he be so energetic without sleep? I'm the one that feels worse, you know.

「For the time being, let me go.」

「That's fine, but can you get up by yourself?」

I glared at Freed as he finally let me out of his embrace. I then tried straightening myself up but ended up losing strength and felt myself collapsing on the bed.


「See, didn’t I told you so.」

Predicting this, Freed held me up as I was about to fall down. He sat me up while making me lean on him.

I got fl.u.s.tered as I couldn’t put up any strength.

「Eh? How?」

「It might be because I pushed you to your limit yesterday.」

While I'm leaned against Freed, he circled his arms around my waist. We were then glued to each other naturally. Since we were both naked, our bare bodies touched together. My body trembled with a start and then, Freed dropped a kissed on my throat.

「I cleansed your body with my magic so it shouldn’t feel unpleasant, but how is it?」

As he said that, I realized just then that I didn’t feel any discomfort. I couldn’t help but think that if I had magic too, it would be extremely handy.

I'm not very good with magic as it turns out. I also couldn’t understand how magic flows.

「……It's alright. But I still would like to take bath therefore, I want to go home.」

Even if my body is clean, the urge to sink myself in a hot bath still creeps within me.

Was it the traces of my j.a.panese roots? It probably was the feeling of wanting to take a bath after being worn out.

When I expressed my desire to return home, Freed candidly knitted his eyebrows.

He caressed my back as if persuading.

「With your body at that state, it's impossible. If you want to take a bath, you could always use the ones inside the castle. I wonder if it will be too late if you bathe after eating breakfast. I haven't told you this before, but the head chef cooks superb dishes, you know?」

「……Is that true?」

I suddenly felt my eyes sparkling momentarily, but it was probably my imagination.

My having reaction towards eating before taking a bath instead is honestly disagreeable.

While happily smiling towards me, Freed then ordered for food to be brought in. When I raised my head up to his words, the sound of a knock and an opening door was heard.

「Good morning, your highness Frederic. I have brought your meal. May I receive your permission to enter?」

From the gentle-sounding voice of a woman, I understood that it was the castle's court lady that came.

As expected of the Crown Prince's attendant, she works fast.

Hmm? Wait a second, aren’t I naked……?

I panicked at the sudden occurrence, but opposite to me, Freed replied towards the door with a playful expression.

The arm that was around my hips was holding me tightly that I was unable to move.

「Good morning, Head Court Lady. I don't mind so bring it here. However, don't let the guards come near. Let them be on standby before the door.」

「……Understood. Well then, Excuse me.」

I understood her position as I heard the phrase 'Head Court Lady'. The door opened with a heavy sound. My eyes then met with the young ladies that entered the room.

Ah, they're somehow surprised.

About 40 court ladies with clean-looking plump bodies exuded a surprise as their brown circular eyes widened greatly.

They stared fixedly at my face, drilling their gaze intently. Afterwards, the head court lady's line of sight stayed rooted at the left side of my chest.

I was naked, so naturally, 'The King's Flower' was in full view.

It was already too late when I realized that I forgot to conceal it.


She said with a gasp before straightening herself as she quickly realized.

When I thought that a well-mannered grat.i.tude would exude from her, it was replaced with an apology instead.

However, her actions seemed constrained.

「……I deeply apologize. I did not think that the Princess Consort would be present as well. It was immensely impolite of me.」

……Err, I'm still only the fiancée though. The t.i.tle of a 'Princess Consort' startled me.

Freed thoroughly ignored that statement and cheerfully pointed it out.

「I thought as much. It's Clara after all, you probably thought I brought another female didn’t you?」

「……No, I would never……」

「Never? Then that's fine. On another note, quickly prepare our meal. Lidi is hungry; making her wait any more than this is pitiable.」


Freed, who seem to be calling to me, protested too. The head court lady quietly bowed her head.

「Understood. I will prepare it immediately.」

She signaled towards the line of court ladies and instantly, an arrangement of food crowded the table.

The food varied from eggs, to vegetables, to fruit juices, even cheeses, chicken and Caesar salad. In addition to that, various counter of meal courses lined the court ladies' hands.

As expected of the royal palace's head chef, just the appearance alone displayed brilliant colors beautifully.

While I was admiring the food's exquisiteness, I remembered Freed's words. I impatiently gazed at the dishes intently as I thought of wanting to eat already. While doing so, I felt a warmth envelope my back.

「It wouldn’t be good if you catch a cold.」

From the fluffy feel of the item, I understood that a blanket was put on me.

The Head court lady supposedly handed the blanket to Freed with the intention of hanging it on me.

「Thank you……」

I felt relieved at the warm, gentle sensation. As my body was completely wrapped up, I released a breath.

If they wanted to cover me up it would have been better to give me a set of clothes instead though.

Without noticing, Freed was already sporting a white coat. I'm so jealous……

After a while, the preparations of the meals were finished and the court ladies stepped back. The only one to remain was the Head Court Lady.

「Your Highness, the food arrangements are complete.」

「Yes, Thank you. Lidi, since it's already in the way, let me introduce you. She is a court lady from ever since "Clara Grimm". A long time ago, she was the court lady a.s.signed to me.」

Clara deeply bowed her head as she was introduced.

「Princess, My name is Clara Grimm, the head court lady. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Let me make a correction to His Highness' words. I am proudly stating that I am still His Highness' aide even to this day. I would not think that anyone can a.s.sist His Highness better than me.」

To the Clara that is overflowing with self-confidence, Freed answered with a bitter smile.

「That is true, since Clara is comfortable to be with, it's easy. Other court ladies are noisy and annoying…… Clara, she's my princess consort Lidiana. 」

Umm yes, I already told you I'm still just a fiancée. I gave a faraway look as I realized that correcting them is pointless.

Freed stroked my hair as he pulled me closer even further.

He easily supported me as I was about to fall from imbalance. He then kissed my cheek as he did so.

What are you doing? I thought as I turn my head to face him but he kissed me on the lips instead.

……At least hold yourself back in front of other people.

As if she couldn’t believe what was happening, Clara fixed her gazed at us, however, she immediately bowed her head as she came to her senses.

……I have a feeling that her ears were red.

「……I am well aware……The lady is His Excellency's, Vivouare Duke's daughter.」

It was unusual to see someone that calls my father as a duke. Unconsciously, my gaze fixated on Clara.

Almost everyone called him the Prime minister since it was known that he liked being called Prime Minister more than the Duke.

He wanted to be called by the t.i.tle he acquired than the t.i.tle he was given. That kind of pride, I'm aware of it.

「……I'm Lidiana. Please treat me well.」

Since she went out of her way to call my father using that t.i.tle, she probably dislikes him.

It wasn’t because of Freed; this time I was fed up being disliked as a result because of my father.

Nevertheless, my father is my father. Me is me.

After this, my meeting with the head court lady would probably increase.

If she understands that my father and I are completely different it would be better though. I don't want to be paired up with that work fiend.

I'm going to be under the head court lady from now so I would prefer it if we were on good terms.

……Umu, let's work hard.

While I thought that way, Freed opened his mouth to add more words to say.

「Oh that's right, let me get this out of the way. I wished for this marriage to happen because I want Lidi. That's why I hastened the preparations. It has nothing to do with the Prime Minister. Be careful not to misunderstand, okay?……If Lidi is treated harshly, I wouldn’t forgive even if it’s you.」

Clara casted her eyes downwards as she felt his forceful gaze.

I wasn’t able to see her expression because her face was looking down.

「……I understand.」

「Well then, Lidi sorry for the wait. Let's eat breakfast」

His cold tone was gone in an instant and was then replaced by his usual demeanor as he cheerfully smiled.

……He probably protected me, in order to prevent the court lady from harming me.

I'm glad about his feelings but,

I don't particularly mind. It would be better if he stops overly protects me like this.

……Since, right?

I'm not that weak.


T/N: Wah lol, I didn’t expect it to be that long to translate, when I read it, it felt short though (´ж`;)

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