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Translated by: Jen


".....yaa–– Freed––!! Please–– I'm already about to come–!! uwaa...nnng....aaahhh!!"
"You can't, don't climax yet"

Freed softly stroked my skin as he ignore my protest. With the tip of his finger he caressed my body, and just from that, I trembled all over.


From there just how much time had pa.s.sed, I wonder.
Declaring that it was punishment, I was pressed onto the bed as Freed continued to toy with me with his tongue and hands. 
My clothes had already been torn off, my indecent appearance exposed on top of the bed. 


My hands that had been held down from the start was already freed.
However, I was already unable to resist, my body was completely bewitched. Even the word escape didn't come to mind.

For a long period of time, my body continued to receive pleasure, simply reacting, no matter the stimulus. 



Lifting up both my legs, Freed stimulated the region near my crotch with his tongue.
He had been continuing like that from the start.
My secret place, the tip of my breast, the places I wanted it the most he completely avoided.
Despite being muddled in tears with my resolve melting away, he still didn't stop stimulating the places he had decided on.

"Feed-!! Please--!!"



As I reacted to the stimulations, I pleaded over and over again.
Although I certainly disliked it at first, Freed's touch felt good even 'there', and before I knew it, my thoughts slowly started to dissolve. 
Wanting more, I even begged for more stimulus, but Freed wouldn't give in.
Not letting me climax, he adjusted as he tormented me with just the minimal amount of pleasure.


Despite it not being touched, my secret place was already loosening, as my nectar sloppily spilled out. 
Freed licked up my overflowing honey while carefully avoiding my secret place.


"I said you can't. Because this is punishment"
"Yaa–– already, impossible-!!"

He traced with the tip of his tongue from the line of my bottom to the back of my thighs, my tears spilling out from the new stimulus.

"This is difficult for me too, because I can't taste Lidi, who is so disheveled liked this. Ahh, but Lidi is also the same, right? Because this place here already wants me, it's been twitching this whole time."


For that place to be continuously stared at, my abdomen furthermore grew hot from embarra.s.sment.
Before Freed's eyes my thick love juices spilled out, my head seems to have become strange from his stare.



"Ah, it's still coming out huh. Earlier was just the beginning, yet it's already become like this. Lidi's quite lewd huh"
"n-....no more....already"
"You say that, but your body seems to be enjoying it"


This time he lightly licked the area just outside of the areola.
Just from that repeated action, the heat inside my head seemed as if it was boiling.

"No more.....punishment....yaa!!


As I pleaded to him with tears overflowing, Freed finally stopped moving.
Even as he paused, his expression, not even once, relaxed.
Still with a stiff expression even now, he seriously asked me.



"You don't want to be punished?"
"No...that kind of thing....I don't want"
"Then what does Lidi want"
"Properly touch me.....I want to climax"


I didn't want this torture like s.e.x.
As I said that still out of breath, Freed gently caressed the blooming「King's Flower」while he pondered for a bit.

"Is that so. Then it's fine to give you what you want. But before that, promise me, that you'll never to lie to me anymore?"


Freed, who was caressing the「King's Flower」, loosened his expression just a bit.
Then, he gently dropped a kiss there.



"That's right"
"Something like lying.....I didn't"
"But earlier you lied to me right?"


With my head all fuzzy, I thought about what Freed meant.
The cause for him to be like this. The trigger for Freed's anger....

I recalled back to when I returned to myself from the military uniform festival, and as I tried to run away I felt his imperial wrath.

ahh, that.

"No....that was, I was just embarra.s.sed....after all, if I go, I knew it would definitely end up like this. That kind of thing....was just insane....."

As I said this, Freed's eyes flickered. It was probably because it was something he didn't expect to hear. He continued to stare at me.


".....is that so?"


He nodded as he let out a hot breath with a 'haa'.
Freed let go of my leg he was holding, and with his right hand, struck his head.

(*TN: Anyone good with j.a.panese onomatopoeia know what くしゃり means)

"Uwaaa, Sorry....I jumped to conclusions...surely I....."


His face was read as he muttered this.
Finally catching my breath, I sat up and unblinkingly stared at him.


"Ah.....no nothing. Anyway I'm really sorry. Because I unintentionally lost my cool, I did something terrible to Lidi"
".......it's fine, already"


If I looked at Freed's reddening face, somehow it improved.
In the first place he didn't have to get that angry, but speaking of which, it was my fault since, I said I would go to his room but still tried to run away.
This may sound strange but, I didn't dislike doing it with him.
Rather it felt too good, although not letting me climax was a bit painful.


"I won't lie to Freed. This is fine right?"


I understood that he gets angry when someone close to him lies to him, so if that's the case then it's best to not tread on it. 
When I was questioned by Freed, I was so scared that I couldn't immediately work out the misunderstandings.

Showing that I wasn't angry, I smiled at him as I said that. And as if overcoming with emotion, Freed tightly embraced me. 


"Mou.....why are you such a handsome man..."
"What's that"


A completely naked woman embraced by a man in a military uniform, what kind of composition was this.
During that long torture play, he didn't even take of his coat. He only removed his gloves.


As Freed tightly held me, I returned his embrace. As I patted his back, I unexpectedly heard a laugh. 
I felt relieved.

Ahh, he finally smiled.


"Why are you laughing?"
"hm? I was just thinking of Lidi's usual manner of speaking. Appropriate for your age and really cute"


When Freed pointed it out, my body stiffened. Oh no, a lot had happened, so I completely forgot about using formal speech. 
Just as I was foaming at the mouth, Freed gently stroked my back as if to soothe me.



"It's fine. We're already at this point. You really don't need to use formal speech"
"I want to be equals with Lidi. So please."


While nodding from the pleasant sensation of his touch, I gently closed my eyes and noticed the aiguillette of his uniform hitting my bare skin.
I love military uniforms, but as one would expect it was painful on bare skin.

".....Sorry, let go"

The moment I said that in a sweet and gently voice, his voice turned dry.


"The aiguillette is hurting me"

As I blatantly pointed it out, Freed fl.u.s.teredly separated from me when he realized. 


"Sorry, are you okay?"
"I'm fine. It was only touching"


I was fine since it didn't particularly hurt that much. 
More of less checking my body, it was evident that it wasn't the aiguillette, but manmade red marks that scattered all over my body. 

The markings appear as if it was claiming for oneself, and as I was reminded of the act from earlier, my face became hot. 

"Were you recalling?"


As I glared at Freed, who slyly asked this when he saw me turn red, he gently dropped me a kiss.
Pecking me over and over, he softly smiled as he met my eyes.


"I like you, Lidi. I really like you a lot. It may have only been a few days since we met, but I'm not lying. I love you so much that I can't bear the fact that there's days we can't meet"


Freed's eyes that were looking at me were overflowing with love, I didn't think he was lying.
I realized that I also felt happy hearing those words.

Even so, I still don't know whether I loved him or not.

Ever since meeting Freed, it seems like many turbulent things have happened. Despite dealing with it the best I could, there was not much I could do.


"You don't understand right? It's fine. The days ahead are long. I know it, it's fine if you come to like me slowly."

I didn't know how I should answer as Freed continued.

"You don't like it when I touch you?"

Instinctively I shook my head.


When he touched her, never once did she felt uncomfortable.
Actually I had thought of more things. But for today let's just leave it at that.


"I see that's good.....how about when I embrace you?"
"I don't, dislike it"



While in a daze, I replied with such.
Given what I said earlier, I wondered if I'd really wanted it.
If I didn't like it I definitely wouldn't have said that.
Even so there was a part of me that was surprised that I thought it was nice to be embraced by him.


As expected, it must be because we'd already done it already, that the hurdle was low. 
Else.....I don't want to consider it, but wouldn't that make me a b.i.t.c.h*.
I want to believe that, that was not it.


Anyhow, since my marriage with him has already been decided, I think I'm glad that he's not someone I dislike having s.e.x with.

While I tried to think of it that way, I looked up to Freed who'd already made me say something so embarra.s.sing. He smiled as he said this. 


"Then, is it okay if I continue"


Only touching my insides, all the places left alone felt painful.
Nodding, his lips once again rained down on me.
His tongue urged my mouth open. Responding to his desires, he invaded the insides of my mouth with his tongue and freely teased my upper jaw.



Because there was the matter from earlier, without drawing into an embrace*, our tongues intertwined as my breast were softly ma.s.saged. With his index finger he touched the tip of my b.r.e.a.s.t.s for the first time, and my body sensitively reacted.
The tips of our tongue mutually came together, and then separated.
Feeling lonely, I once again drew my own lips closer to kiss him.

(*TN: I'm quite unsure if I translated this first part correctly: 先ほどの件があるからか抱き寄せる事はせずに)


"Lidi....rarely ever instigates"
"That's because"


I motionlessly stared at him. And as if unable to bear the standup collar, he removed two of the metal fittings with two of his fingers. 
As he tried to take off his outer garment, I grabbed his hand to stop him.



"....Don't take it off"
"You said you'd let me enjoy it till I'm satisfied, right? Then don't take it off. I want to look at that appearance of Freed's more."


Before I knew it, I'd lost my mind once again, I was truly faithful to my instincts. 
Freed blankly stared at me, who'd clearly said to not take it off, and the next sound that came out was a laugh.


"Pfft...! Hahahaha!!"
"Don't laugh, so mean"


As I said that, Freed while saying 'sorry sorry', once again stopped and redid the metal fittings on the collar of the military uniform. I absentmindedly stared at that gesture without reservation. 
I wasn't scared since it had already been found out.
As originally planned, I intend to fully appreciate it.

While trying to hold back his laughter as he observed me, Freed as if recalling something, opened his mouth.



"Fufu. It seems you really like it. For me, I'm just happy that Lidi is being a.s.sertive. Perhaps I should change the tone of my voice too?"
"Earlier, when talking with those n.o.ble daughters. It seemed you were intently staring at me the whole time, that's why I just thought perhaps you'd wanted it"



I've been found out!!
Freed's perception was quite frightening.
I didn't want to think whether he'd seen through the military uniform festival or not.
I already couldn't deny it. He laughed as he tried to pacify me.


"If this is the real Lidi, then from now on it seems I'll never be bored. So please, stay like this."
"What do you mean?"

As I tilted my head while asking this, Freed meaningfully raised the corner of his mouth.

"It's fine to not worry about it if you don't understand. Let's just enjoy ourselves."


Saying that, Freed separated from me and got off the bed. Then, he quickly straightened up his disorderly clothes.
As I was left alone on the bed, I sat and looked up to him.

"Now then, how does Lidi want it?"



After readjusting his clothes, he completely changed the tone of his voice, my spine shivered like an electric shock at his inquiry.  
That voice. From earlier.


It was the voice he used when talking with the n.o.bles daughters earlier.
Just, what was different from before, was that there was a bit of sweetness mixed in.
It made me think just how s.e.xy it was, it directly shook me to the core.


Instantly, my head heated up. Freed's eyes swollen with desire, while wrapped jet black military uniform, my innermost part reacted first.
Recalling the act from earlier, my body instinctively mended my legs together.
Once again I could only feel the sensation of the thick honey overflowing.

Looking at my current appearance, Freed narrowed his eyes.


No good, I can't hold on anymore. 
Unable to bear it, I begged Freed in a shaking voice.


"Please...insert....your fingers"


As I instinctively replied formally, Freed mercilessly responded with a question. 
Something like inserting the fingers, naturally it was no where but 'there'.
That place which had been left alone for a long time, was unbearably begging for direct stimulus. 

It already was unable to be satisfied with just touching.



As expected I couldn't say it, I dropped my gaze as I conveyed my intentions.
I thought that he'd forgive me with just this, however Freed who was in military mode, didn't stop.


"I can't understand when you just say 'here'. If you can't say the name, then show me the place yourself."


While I knew what I wanted to say, the moment when Freed calmly made such a terrifying demand, I stiffened. 
To spread open my legs myself, was that what he meant?


While shocked, I looked up to Freed.
Freed with an nonchalant look, while ordering me around in a military uniform, was really attractive.
The instant I looked up, my heart was struck with a single blow, it felt like being crushed by a throbbing agony.


Despite being told such unreasonable things as if challenging the limits of my embarra.s.sment, I noticed that I was becoming completely obedient to him.
This is bad.
Even so, as I was trembling from over embarra.s.sment, Freed dropped another bomb.

"If you don't hurry up, not matter what, I won't be able to give Lidi lots of love. If you can't do it yourself, then shall I order you to?"

Before I could comprehend what he said, he pressed on in one breath.

"Lidi, open your legs"

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