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She and the Dreary Tea Party 2

"… It's good if that's the case. Ah, somehow, I feel sick. Even though I was enjoying a pleasant tea with my daughter-in-law…"
"M, Mother-in-law! Let, let's stop talking about this. Eh, err, the fruit tea is delicious, how about a refill?"

While fl.u.s.tered I picked up a teapot. Mother-in-law exhaled and nodded.

"You are right… Could I ask for it?It is foolish to fray my nerves over such an inconsequential story. Let's pull myself together and enjoy tea."
"Y, yes. That sounds good."

Phew, I managed to change the subject somehow. While I was in cold sweat on the inside, I heard a voice from the side of the courtyard entrance.

"Eh…. Freed?"

The voice belonged to my beloved.
Huh? Why is he here? When I turned my head while thinking so, I saw Freed… and the King walking here.
My face cramped in an instant.

Hii! Your Majesty, your timing is beyond bad!

I wished he'd refrain, but with a sweet smile Freed came to me.
Of course, the King who was together with him also came.

"A while ago I heard from Clara that Lidi went out to the courtyard for tea, so I thought of stopping by for a moment."
"I, I see. Freed, what about work?"
"I'm in the middle of a break. I had a little talk with Esteemed Father. To take our minds off it, we decided to visit the courtyard. Then Clara informed me that you were here, Lidi."

I see…
I understand why they came here, but how should I put it, the timing is particularly bad.
Moreover, Freed splendidly ignored Mother-in-law and only talked to me without breaking eye contact.
When I fearfully peeked at Mother-in-law, she was elegantly drinking tea, giving off an impression that it was completely unrelated to her.
O, oh. The atmosphere is painful.
While I was trembling, Freed again started a conversation.

"But, how unusual to have tea in a place like this."
"M, Mother-in-law invited me, and the weather is good, and…"
"What is it. Is there something strange about me inviting my daughter-in-law?"
"No, n.o.body has said that."

Mother-in-law reacted to the implication behind Freed's words. Freed answered harshly.
The King who can remain silent in this air is exceptionally strong.
Not turning his gaze to me or Freed, the King intently directs his gaze at Mother-in-law.
I think his gaze is a little too pa.s.sionate.

… Your Majesty, no matter how I look at it, you love Mother-in-law.

Speaking of Mother-in-law, despite being aware of the King's gaze she didn't relax her aloof att.i.tude.
Until a while ago, I thought it's natural that she's angry with the King, but I wonder if it's a little beyond help.
Considering the situation I quite seriously hoped they'd go back quickly, but for some reason Freed and the King called for Clara and had seats for them prepared.
They seem intent on staying here.

"We have some time. It's fine, right?"
"Y… yup."

Freed peered into my face. When I nodded since I couldn't forbid him, the King sat next to Mother-in-law and spoke to her.

"Would you mind if I joined?"
"Please do as you like. This is the Wilhelm Royal Castle, Fafnir Castle. Its lord is Your Majesty, not me. You do not need to ask for my permission."

I felt like crying from the blizzard that blew violently.
Woah. Mother-in-law is scary.
Clara served everybody tea with a nonchalant look and withdrew. Therefore, the terrible square of the King, Mother-in-law, Freed, and me was completed.
Mother-in-law faced me and began talking.

"Lidi. Be patient just a little. Let's go on a stroll in the garden afterwards."
"Y… yes."
"There are flowers in full bloom in the inner part of the garden. It's not something either man would understand, so let's go around to・geth・er."
"… Y e s"

It's painful how she emphasized the word together.
Undaunted, Freed talked to me.

"Lidi, you came to see me yesterday, so I came to see you today. I can't stay long, but…"
"Y, yup. Thanks. I'm happy…"

It's true that I'm happy to meet Freed, but I'd be even happier if he could think more about the timing.
While smiling at me, Freed said.

"I think I'll be able to return early today. Let's eat dinner together."
"Really? Got it. I'll be waiting."
"After that… okay?"

Before I could, Mother-in-law reacted violently to the words oozing with l.u.s.t.
However, Freed paid it no heed.

"Esteemed Mother, it's unrelated to you. This is a conversation between me and Lidi alone. Right Lidi?"
"T, t h a t ' s  r i g h t…"

Please, don't turn the talk to me.
In this situation where it's hard to take either side, Mother-in-law and Freed are giving off sparks.
Oh, what should I do?
Unable to endure being here, I cast a glance at the King wishing for help, but was busy gazing at Mother-in-law.

… This is hopeless.

However, what the heck is happening?
Wasn't the King supposed to favor Lady Helene and visit her every night?
Considering that, his att.i.tude is strange. The King's gaze directed at Mother-in-law is hot, as if he was in love with her.
Would such a person favor a concubine?
No, did he reluctantly turn to a concubine because he was refused by Mother-in-law?
If Mother-in-law isn't the King's mate, it's normal he'd have a concubine. That's why there should be no problem, but various things were bothering me.

… Hmm.

"Eh? Ah, sorry. It's nothing."

I accidentally ended up staring at the King. Before I noticed, the quarrel between Freed and Mother-in-law seems to have stopped.
Mother-in-law is calmly drinking tea.
The King is talking to her, but Mother-in-law is indifferent. Or rather, her frigid att.i.tude remains unchanged.
While observing their situation, I talked with Freed.
Eventually the time came for them to leave, but after all I felt like some things didn't make sense.
I was invited by Mother-in-law for a stroll, and while walking through the garden I gazed at her profile.

"Is something the matter, Lidi?"

I don't know what to say.
While I was troubled, Mother-in-law breathed out and said in a whisper.

"However - you really are close. Actually seeing you talk made me just a little envious."

Surprised, I stared Mother-in-law.
Mother-in-law seemed unaware of her own remark. When I blinked a few times, she hurriedly glossed over it.

"Aah, no. It is nothing. Please forget it."

When I started talking to her, I was glared at. I cowered under her strong gaze.

"I told you to please forget, Lidi. That remark was just me getting lost in the moment. Do you understand?"
"Y, yes."

Saying that, Mother-in-law straightened her back. Her gaze was strong and unwavering.
The moment she muttered that she's envious, I saw Mother-in-law make a very lonely face.
My intuition says Mother-in-law, who's unused to being honest because of her brave front, showed her true feelings for a moment.

If that's the case, Mother-in-law is surely――.

Yup. After all, it looks like that to me. Then, let's do my best for a bit longer.

Right, just a bit longer.
I'll gather hints, and then.

"I hope everyone can be happy…"

Mother-in-law asked me about my quiet mutter.
I replied that it's nothing and began planning for the next actions I'll take tomorrow.

Translator's note: Another change in the light novel, description of the queen's dress and hair from the previous chapter was removed.

Editor: Valeria

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