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She and Her Lover 2 ◇◇◇

“Ah ah ah”

How long has it been already since the act began.
Freed is boring inside me with remarkable fierceness.
He's already come twice, while spilling more and more honey my inside is tightening around his c.o.c.k.
My whole body appeals that it loves him, it feels like it's crying for more.

“Lidi… I love you, I love you… Want more?”
“Nh… Me, too… I love you… Freed”

While replying to Freed repeatedly telling me he loves me, I pulled him towards myself.
Realizing my intention, Freed tenderly kissed me right away. But that's not enough.

“Nn… Hey, more”
“Yup… Let's do more”

When I opened my mouth pleading for a deep kiss, his tongue immediately intruded.
It feels like the movements of his waist changed to pushing deep inside me.
Although I responded to his kiss, at the feeling of having the depths of my body touched, I twisted my body, unable to endure.

“Nnh… Nn Aaah”
“Tsk… Feels good?”

When Freed asked so upon parting his lips, I nodded with teary eyes.
With my sensitivity heightened compared to the time I'd recognized that I love Freed (provisionally), my whole body shivered from pleasure. With just a little stimulation I immediately came.
I understand it's because I accepted him in the true sense, both physically and mentally.
The act of having my beloved directly touch the depths of my body is irresistible and pleasant enough to tear up.
I'm also nothing but happy about him spitting out hot s.e.m.e.n. Wanting more I clung to Freed. Seeing my pleading gesture, Freed broke into a smile.

“Lidi… you're cute. Do you like being prodded there so much?”

Freed again pushed up at my weak spot.
I responded to that with a sweet cry.

“Hyah… Ah… Aan”

When I bent backwards and gasped, Freed kneaded the tip of my breast. Fiddled by him, the tip of my breast turned red, and became pointed and firm.
Rubbing it with his fingers, he strongly sucked the other tip.


I felt electric shock run through my body. Again thick honey gushed forth from inside of me.
While ecstatic I hugged Freed and accepted his caressing.
Each time he sucks my tip, my inside strongly constricts around him.

“Aah, jeez… Lidi, you're too cute… Lidi's so cute, I'll come with this much…”

As Freed let out a voice overcome with emotion while caressing me, and roughly breathing I told him in a smallish voice.

“Freed… I love you… Hey, touch me more?”
“Yup… But, I'm still in Lidi's deepest place? Look, Lidi's saying such cute things it grew even bigger”

Exactly as he said, his ma.s.s inside me grew remarkably.
At the sense of pressure from inside, I let out an intoxicated, hot breath.

“Nn… I'm happy…”

Seeing him respond to me like this, more than anything I felt delighted by how easy-to-understand he was.
I felt intoxicated by the sensation that he'll completely satisfy me.
Seeing such me, Freed smiled troubledly.
It's an unusual face for him to show during a love affair.

“Really, Lidi keeps instigating me today. I thought you'd want to finish quickly to have a meal, and yet has that desire disappeared?”
“Nn… After all, it feels good. Because, Freed is in me…”
“Look, you're instigating me again. Aah, I'm about to reach my limit… Can I come inside Lidi again?”
“Yup… Please”

Painfully grimacing, Freed asked me so.
When I nodded to that, Freed put strength into his arms wrapped around my back.
Third intercourse. Normally I'd be tired, and yet I'm strangely fine today.
While wondering if the difference is that my feelings are making up for it, I responded to him.

“Freed, I love you”

With these words as a signal, Freed began his strong in and out movement. The rubbing of his c.o.c.k that thickened feels so good my body's quivering while gasping for air.

“Nh nh nh… Aa Nh… Feels good… Freed, more”
“It's amazingly tight… Feels like I'll come at once… Look, I'm touching Lidi's pleasant place”
“Fua Anh. Ah ah ah…”

Having the prodding concentrate at my weak spot, I cried in a high-pitched voice.
The bedroom is filled with the lewd sound of two people connecting and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Mixed with them is my clearly delighted flirtatious voice.
While being hugged, I strongly clung to him and panted over and over as he desired.
The ma.s.s of his endlessly burning heat further grew inside me.
At the same time, Freed's breathing got rough.

“Haah… I'm coming soon. Lidi”
“Nh… come”

I'm too near my limit. The feeling of climax is again creeping up to me.
While not knowing how many times it'll be today, I obediently went along without resisting.

“Ah… Aah… Freed… Quickly… I'm, coming, again…”
“I know. Me too… Kh!”

Immediately after, a large amount of s.e.m.e.n was released inside my womb.
His hot s.e.m.e.n splashed, feeling that, I also came. My head blanked out for a moment, and I again squeezed Freed hard. I think my reaction like I want to suck up all of his s.e.m.e.n is too honest.
After all, I love Freed. I love him so much, I can't help being happy about hit hot drippings he only gives me. Wanting more, unconsciously I tightened around his c.o.c.k.

“Lidi… Too tight… ouch…”
“Sorry… because… it feels… good”

Freed who pushed up to my innermost place, slightly grimaced while spitting out his s.e.m.e.n.
And then again began unhurriedly moving his hips.

“Fueh… Freed? Nh Ah… Why”

I expected that to be the end. Because, first of all two, three times. Freed said so.
I looked up at Freed who for some reason resumed the act.
Freed smiled at me with eyes full of l.u.s.t.

“It's not enough for Lidi either, right? Let's do a little more? It's fine to have a meal afterwards, isn't it?”
“I love you. I want more Lidi”
“I, I love you too…”
“Yup, it's fine if I have my fill of Lidi once again, isn't it?”

My abdomen tightened in response.
It's not just me, Freed is the same.
His stake, still as stiff as before, grew even hotter and pressured me from inside.

“Look, you can understand it's saying it wants Lidi?”

With Freed spreading my legs wide, I looked down at the place we're connected.
There, the s.e.m.e.n he spat out and the love juices I spilled are messily smeared.
My honey mouth is spread wide to its limit, and is lasciviously swallowing his thing until my innermost place. Wanting more, honey spilled in an easy-to-understand way, and I waited for further stimulation while twitching and tightening around him.

“Lidi too is saying she wants more of me. I understand”

His finger scratched my swelled up flower bud.
Having him feel around for my weakest spot, my back arched.
Seeing me shiver from pleasure, Freed made a satisfied face.

“Hey? Let's do it a little more”
“… Yup”

When I got totally swept away and agreed, with his c.o.c.k still buried in Freed skillfully turned me around.

“Lidi, raise your hips. Yup, like this… you're good”

I got on all fours and as urged by Freed further raised my hips.
When I pushed them out, Freed again began his in and out movement.
Immediately, my body became controlled by intense pleasure.

“Aaaah! Aah!”
“Kh… That's amazing pressure. Lidi likes it this way, right”

Originally, doggy style is my preference.
But, in the current situation the pleasure of being pierced is too stimulating for me.

“Hyaaaah! Ah! Not, there!”
“Why? Usually Lidi's delighted with this, right?”

While crumpling my breast from behind, he fiddled with the tip of my breast.
Freed is intensively prodding my weakest place, but in the current state of increased sensitivity, it's too tough.
Every time he thrusts, a pleasant feeling like I'm about to come wells up.

“No… please… it's too strong… ah. Any more, and I'll turn out weird…”

As I fell on the sheets with only my hips raised, Freed further a.s.sailed me.

“Fine, turn out weird? I'm overjoyed you're saying you want more of me. Look, I'll be poking you lots. Feels good, right? Lidi”
“Hyaah, aaaaaah!”

Mercilessly prodded, I sobbed. It feels so good it's difficult.
With slapping sounds, Freed a.s.sailed me from behind. His c.o.c.k went in and out over and over, stimulating me. My inside reacted obediently, and tightened around Freed to squeeze out his sperm.

“Noo… no… No, more…”
“Aah, Lidi, Lidi, you're cute… You're mine. Lidi's all mine. I love you… So, get disheveled more? Say that you want me?”

Having him push inside me, I screamed flirtatiously.
The scorching heat is driving me up the wall. While he was strongly pinching the tip of my breast, his other hand fondled my flower bud.
Even under normal circ.u.mstances the stimulus would be strong, and yet he's touching me like this without reservation.

“Don't… Doooon't. Comin… g”

As he suddenly pushed his hips with remarkable strength, with my flower bud and breast pinched, I came all too soon.
As I lost strength, before I could sink into the bed sheet Freed supported me from behind.

“You can't. I haven't come yet”

The in and out movement resumed.
It's tough right after I came.
But still, feeling my beloved person inside my womb, my body shivered with joy.
I reacted immediately and again strongly tightened around Freed.

“Aah… Aah… Please… Wait a moment”
“No-pe. I want to quickly come inside Lidi”
“Nh… you've come a lot just before…”
“After all, it's not enough? I feel like I want to embrace Lidi all night, and all day long. Because, Lidi today is very honest and cute”
“Lidi's inside is full of my sperm. I'll come more… Really, I want to come soon”
“Nh… Nnnh”

While making obscene sounds, Freed again bore into my hips.
Increasing the speed of his in and out movement, he thrust deep inside me.

“Aah… Noo… Feels… Feels good…”
“Yup… Lidi's inside feels extremely good… It's rough, hot, and is tightly wrapping around me. It already completely memorized my shape”
“Aanhh. Freed…”

The hastened speed again drove me up the wall.
As I pleadingly called out his name, the speed of in and out and movements further increased.
In the twinkling of an eye, a feeling of coming gradually arose.

“Lidi… I'll be coming soon”
“Nnh… Nh”

I just nodded yes.
In that moment, his c.o.c.k pushed into the depths of my body again. Vigorously, s.e.m.e.n poured into my innermost place.
The poured thing gradually spread inside me.

“Aaah… Hot… It's filling me”

My body trembled from the usual volume of e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. My inside was steadily filled with his s.e.m.e.n.

“Haah… Because, I love Lidi. Can I do it as much as I want? Can I”

Freed who should've spat out his desire, said so with a smile.
Without losing its firmness, his c.o.c.k inside me strongly a.s.serted itself.
Or rather, I feel it's firmer than usual.

“… No way…”
“I just said it. I wasn't kidding. I want to embrace Lidi all day long”

As Freed said that with a serious face, as one would expect I came to my senses. No matter how I look at it, he's too tenacious.
It's mostly me who decided to get swept away by Freed like this, but still, when will it end. At least, I can't see any signs of that.

“Um… mm… Freed… Any more…. Hyaaanh”

I called out to him to excuse me soon, but Freed again began moving his hips. I was about to cry from the suffocating smell of s.e.m.e.n filling the room.

“Nn, Lidi. Cute. Let's make love one more time? We're lovers with feelings for each other. It's okay to do it until we're satisfied, isn't it?”

I got a little shock at the word lovers.
I see. I and Freed are betrothed, but… we can now use the word lovers.
Noticing that, I felt ticklish.
However, this and that are different things.
Just because we're lovers, doesn't mean it's okay from him to crush me in his embrace.
I know he's putting his whole heart into it now, but at least give me a break so it doesn't turn into a punishment. That's why, I appealed with all my effort.

“No… Umm, a little break… okay?”
“Yup, that's fine, but let's do it a little more…”
“Eh… Yaaaah”

Ignoring my words, he returned to the missionary position and resumed the act again.
With my legs spread wide, he strongly knocked my inner part.
Fingering my flower bud, he stirred my inside.

“Hyaaaah… Ya… Aaah”
“See, Lidi feels good too”
“Aanh… Aaaanh…”
“What a sweet voice. Just hearing Lidi's voice, I feel like I can do it any number of times…”

Bad. He's completely entered the unequalled mode.
With his ecstatic expression, Freed looks completely immersed in the act.
Attacking my weak spot, he tried indulging me with his words.

“I love you, Lidi. Very much. I want Lidi more and more. Can I see Lidi's cute face as you come again? Look, if I prod here you feel good, right?”

His movements turned relaxed. I sweetly gasped from too much pleasure.

“Yaa… Feels good… It feels good”
“Yup, what a cute face… Lidi, do you love me?”
“I love… I love you so… Any more…”
“Yup, I also love you. That's why let's do it a little more”

… Why has it turned out like this.

Wanting to somehow finish I tried my best, but it was useless.
Because, Freed is sweet. He's incredibly sweet.
Freed's voice makes me melt. Besides, unlike before this time he's rocking gently.
Somehow, it already feels irresistibly good.
It feels like I'll melt to a pulp.
And what's troubling is that since I don't actually hate it, I can't refuse in the first place. And since it's like that, I can't escape.


Banging his hips, he once again shot s.e.m.e.n.

“Fufu. There's so much, Lidi's inside is overflowing. I came plenty again, huh”
“Please… let me rest… now…”
“Yup… Just a little more. I'll be gentle to not make it tough for you, okay?”
“Aanh… Again…”
“It's okay if I take it slow, right? Look, it feels good?”
“HiIiIn… Feels good… It feels good…”
“Nn… I'm glad. Then, a little more”

… That is to say, in the end since I recognized I love him, my chance of success fell to zero.
What should have been two, three times grandly increased, and when it was finally time for meal, I was completely exhausted.


As I groaned, Freed stroked my hair.
While at it, he dropped a light kiss on my lips.

“Did I overdo it a little? Sorry, Lidi was so cute I just”
“Jeez, idiot… I told you I wanted a break”
“Thank you. I love you very much, Lidi”
“… Nn. I love you too”

… Even so, I was plenty aware of the foolishly grinning happy face I was making.

Author's note

※ Err, there's a proper reason for why Lidi wasn't in pain despite doing it so many times. I plan to make it clear it later, so please ignore it for now.

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