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When Fire Heaven General Director entered Chen Xiang's shop, he thought that Chen Xiang would leave, but Hua Liqing did not have any intentions of letting him leave, it showed that Hua Liqing wanted to keep Chen Xiang here, to discuss this matter together. Previous Chapter

Fire Heaven General Director was a little unhappy. Maybe it was because Hua Liqing had just gotten to know him and became familiar with him, but they had known each other for so long, and they were not cold or indifferent to him.

"Separating Fire Pavilion Lord, your Separating Fire Dan Pavilion and your Wood Mountain Sect are quite troubled with regards to the theft of the Mysterious Li Yuan Spirit Pill formula. Wood Mountain Sect requests your Separating Fire Dan Pavilion to hand over the improved pill formula to them, and they will write off this matter. In the future, your Separating Fire Dan Pavilion can also continue to sell the Mysterious Li Spirit Pill." The Fire Heaven General Director said.

Hua Liqing frowned slightly, but it was clear that she was not satisfied at all with the result. "The Mysterious Yuan Spirit Pellet was originally something we bought from the elders of the Wood Mountain Sect, and after many years of improvement, we had consumed a large amount of medicinal ingredients, so it no longer had anything to do with the Wood Mountain Sect! "However, the thing that we are at fault for is that after purchasing the pill formulas, we did not make any changes to their pill formulas, and that's the reason why they are so adamant about biting off more than they can chew."

Fire Heaven General Director nodded his head: "Even though the contract does not specify the matters that need to be noted for in order to improve the pill formula … However, some of the elders of our Fire Mountain School also think that since your Separating Fire Dan Pavilion has improved on the basics, then it must be because the basics are extremely useful, so your Wood Mountain Sect has the right to request an improved version. "

Chen Xiang felt that it was unreasonable and said: "That pill formula was bought by Separating Fire Dan Pavilion anyway. As long as the contract was not broken, no matter what Separating Fire Dan Pavilion does to the pill formulas, Wood Mountain Sect would not have the right to interfere, much less ask for the improved pill formulas. For the elders of the Fire Mountain School to actually agree with what the Wood Mountain Sect has done is truly disappointing. "

"I am only conveying the results of the negotiations between our Fire Mountain School and Wood Mountain Sect. If Separating Fire Dan Pavilion is willing to share the medicinal formula for the Mysterious Li Heart Pill, we, Fire Mountain School, will definitely give our all to help Separating Fire Dan Pavilion. " Fire Heaven General Director had finally stated their Fire Mountain School's conditions and they wanted to leave the Profound Spirit Core.

Fire Mountain School's att.i.tude was very clear, if annihilation had enough benefits, they would not go to war with Wood Mountain Sect, as Wood Mountain Sect was a powerful sect.

"This is my decision!" Hua Liqing sighed softly, "Fire Heaven General Director, give me a few days more to think about it."

After Fire Heaven General Director left, Chen Xiang said in an extremely displeased tone: "This Fire Mountain School also wants to loot while the flames are still burning! Big Sister Li Qing, what is the use of the Mysterious Mysterious Li Mind Pill? Both the Wood Mountain Sect and the Flame Mountain Sect want it! "

"The recipe for the Mysterious Yuan mind pellet is a middle stage Tao-creation divine pellet that makes our Separating Fire Dan Pavilion famous. Its main purpose is to allow people to progress from the Late period of World Defying magic realm to the peak, and it is a divine pellet that can allow people to quickly break through. So it's very easy to sell and its price is also high. Hua Liqing said.

"Eating just one pill can break the code?" After Chen Xiang heard about the effects of the pill, he also felt that this pill was pretty good.

"I need a hundred pills …" And some people can break through with 80 or 90 pills. " Hua Liqing said.

"Back then, our Separating Fire Dan Pavilion had rented the Time Formation for many years, allowing many Alchemist s to research and improve it day and night, investing a lot of resources in order to obtain such a pill formula. No matter what, I cannot let them take it away." Hua Liqing said: "Back then, many of the Alchemist s had also sworn a blood oath, that they would not spread this kind of medicinal formula."

"Sister Li Qing, then what do you plan to do now?" Chen Xiang was extremely interested in the Mysterious Mysterious Deity Pellet.

Hua Liqing shook his head: "I don't know, I'll go look for the Separating Fire Dan Pavilion first and ask for their opinion. I'll come look for you again, I'll leave the ingredients here for you to choose from."

After Hua Liqing left, He Fengyuan was still searching for the best fire attribute medicinal ingredients. She was in the room inside, so she was clear about what happened outside.

"Feng Yuan, have you chosen?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's about time. The medicinal ingredients are indeed under the control of these pill forces." He Fengyuan said: "If Separating Fire Dan Pavilion were to collapse, I really don't know how I would be able to find medicinal ingredients quickly in the future."

As long as you do not sell that pill, Wood Mountain Sect will not hold you accountable, "Chen Xiang laughed," If Hua Liqing can make such a big Separating Fire Dan Pavilion, then she must be very smart, thinking better of me.

"Just these two!" He Fengyuan said.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" There are only two! " Chen Xiang looked at the small stone and leaf that He Fengyuan had picked up; they were both very small.

The greyish black color on the outside of the rock did not show any signs of being medicinal herbs. The leaf itself was quite special, only the size of a palm, but it was relatively thick.

"This fruit is called the Flaming Heart Fruit. It looks like a rock from the outside, but there is a very hot core inside!" The stone-like layer on the outside can protect the inner core from the energy emitted by the fruit. "

"The leaf is called the crystal fire leaf. There are many leaves on the crystal fire tree, but every once in a while, only one crystal fire leaf can grow!" The internal fire threads that you see, are the fire Medicine soul, and are extremely active! "Although the fire energy contained in the crystal leaf is not very strong, after it is merged with the Flame Heart Fruit, it will produce a huge reaction."

He Fengyuan explained the characteristics of the two medicinal herbs to Chen Xiang.

"Where are the other ingredients?" When Chen Xiang saw that there were still several fire attribute Tao-creation s' divine medicines that looked pretty good, the aura that he had released was extremely scorching.

"Those medicinal ingredients are powerful, but it's very difficult to fuse them together. After fusing them together, the reaction they give is very small, and can even cancel out a portion of the energy. They won't have any good effects." He Fengyuan said: "The two types of medicinal herbs that I have selected are all carefully chosen by me. You will understand once you try it out."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang received the two types of medicinal ingredients: "I don't know how many are there with Big Sis Li Qing, if I fail, it would be good to replenish it from her."

"How about this, let Mei Jing Sisters and I grow inside the Time array and we can finish it very quickly. They can make these two herbs fuse together into a new type of herb, and at that time, it'll be even easier for you to refine." He Fengyuan said.

"That's fine, then I'll be troubling you." Chen Xiang nodded. If this matter was successful, they would be able to obtain a Tao-creation Holy Crystal, and at the same time, be able to grasp a new pill formula.

After He Fengyuan and Mei Jing Sisters entered the Time array, it only took them two to three hours to successfully combine the two types of medicinal herbs.

The transparent crystal fire leaf had already turned into a crystal flower. Several petals had a sun-like fire bead wrapped in them, and the crystal petal would give off a glow from time to time. The combination of these two herbs would make it even more peculiar.

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