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Translator: Nat

-Aegir POV-

「Peddlers are indispensable for small villages and cities without any full-fledged stores. If an environment for them to safely travel to and from is prepared, the business of the entire region would be invigorated.」

As I'm doing my rounds during the morning lessons, I also secretly check on how Polte is doing.
Everyone looks like they're enthusiastically paying attention, meaning my strategy of offering a letter of recommendation has been effective in getting them motivated.

In addition, I offered to give gold to the top ranking individuals.
n.o.body should complain since it's coming out of my own pocket.

It goes without saying that the individuals here are from poor families or a commoner's household, who won't be heirs, and neither would the children of higher cla.s.s n.o.bles like Gretel. The ones who would come here are those who got excluded from the right to inherit their family's legacy and a.s.sets - children who are looking for their own way to live because their families don't provide them with much financial support and don't have the luxury to buy the necessary clothes and accessories to match their social standing.

Yet, that doesn't mean everyone would be pa.s.sionate about the lesson.
For example, those who never had the intention to aim for the top in the first place.

「If you apply a heavy tax on the peddlers so easily, in many cases they'll move to other regions and your revenue will decrease……」

「Is that a snide remark directed at my family!?」

A female student stands up abruptly.
She is…… the second daughter of that Baron someone. She's not particularly pretty but her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are big so I'll remember her face.
If I recall, her family failed in managing their own territory and are currently strapped for money, so they plead other families for a loan everytime they attend a party, turning them into a widespread joke.

「T-that's not what I intended. I just said what was common……」

「My-! So you were implicitly ridiculing my family. How dare a mere daughter of a domestic affairs official say something like that.」

I see, so her household applied a heavy tax on merchants which led them to run away, I understand now.

「Gretel-sama, such a rude person isn't qualified to teach! Let's have Instructor Polte leave.」

The girl tries to get Gretel to share her opinion.
This doesn't look good, I'll have to step in if they make a big fuss.

「Just sit down, why don't you.」

「Eh? Gretel-sama?」

「I said please sit down. I'm not familiar with the circ.u.mstances of your family, but you're being a nuisance to the instructor and everyone else. If you want someone to leave the room, then please leave quietly by yourself.」

「No way……」

When Gretel chided her, the other students also join in.
The entire school is competing for the recommendation letter and the cash bonus, so if their team's lesson gets delayed, that would put them at a disadvantage.
The girl who spoke out gets blamed by the entire cla.s.s and starts crying.

「Good grief, if there was a fuss about something as ridiculous as this, Hardlett-sama will think poorly of me-woof.」


「Pay no attention to that.」

It doesn't look like I have anything to worry about with respect to the lesson.
However, everything isn't peaceful yet.


The girl was unable to endure any longer and runs out the cla.s.sroom crying.
At this rate, the girl will never come back to school, so I catch the girl as she rushes out into the hall and hug her.

「L-lord Hardlett! Don't tell me, did you see what happened just now!? 」

The girl's face turns white as a sheet.

「You don't have to be so frightened. What happened earlier was certainly bad, but everybody makes mistakes.」

I gently wrap my arms around the fl.u.s.tered girl and persuade her.

「But…… I…… was scolded by Gretel-sama…… and even by Hardlett-sama……」

As I thought, she doesn't have anything against Polte. Nevertheless, it's because of her education up until now that the girl isn't particularly in the wrong.

「It'll probably be hard for you to stay around today so return to your dorm. Tomorrow, just give Polte…… Instructor Polte, an apology. Miss Gretel isn't someone who would hold a grudge for every little thing. Naturally, it doesn't bother me either.」

「Hic…… hic……」

The young girl who started to cry for real in my arms should still just be 15 years old.
Mistakes come hand-in-hand with kids, but her b.r.e.a.s.t.s are nothing like a child's.

「Let's go somewhere without any people so you can calm down a little.」

With the crying girl still in my arms, I enter an empty cla.s.sroom which has been designated for a new team.

「Hardlett-sama, it hurttss! That place is going to tear apart~」

「Endure it, this is a path all women must walk down.」

As I'm sitting on a chair, I thrust up into the girl who sits on top facing me, and also thoroughly rub the b.r.e.a.s.t.s which are disproportionate in size to her immature body.
In order to endure the pain and shock of losing her virginity, the girl wraps her limbs around me and clings to my body.


「There, there, cute little girl. Keep clinging to me.」

I stand up halfway from the chair and resolutely swing my hips.
The girl's body shakes as if it was a doll before I finish my final thrusts.


「Ah! You're c.u.mming inside……」

I don't hesitate to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e and pour my seed into the girl's womb.
She looked like she wanted to say something, but just clinged to me after looking at her inflated stomach.

After we finish, the exhausted girl starts talking about her life story.

「My family doesn't have much to spare in terms of funds and they've told me to figure something on my own when it comes to my meal costs.」

So that's why she chose the Royal Inst.i.tution. It's true that if she's in school, her food and living costs are free, plus it isn't shameful to decline invitations to b.a.l.l.s and banquets because of her life in the dormitories.
The girl's clothes look pretty neat at first glance but I can tell there are signs of it being repaired.

「That's why I can't return home if I'm chased away from this place.」

「Don't worry, if you apologize properly to Polte, I'll help you out too.」

The girl hugs me tightly.
What a cutie.

「But you can't tell anybody about what happened today, okay? If you do, the both of us will be chased out.」

It's mainly because I'll get beat down by Erich.

「It's…… a secret?」

「Yes, a secret between the two of us.」

I tilt her chin up and give her a light kiss before the girl nods with a blush.

「I understand, Lord Hardlett…… my beloved one.」

The girl pulls out my c.o.c.k and sits on the floor, flicking her tongue all over my d.i.c.k covered in s.e.m.e.n and deflowering blood.
Her tiny face coupled with my large d.i.c.k makes for quite the immoral sight.

「Haahm……Hhamo…… Hardlett-samaaa~, I adore you.」

Hmm, n.o.ble daughters are surprisingly wimpy.
If they're like that, some bad men might take advantage of them.
I'm glad I could do something before that happened.

By the way, I don't remember the girl's name.
It's kind of hard to ask with this mood so maybe I'll ask Polte later.

After sending the girl back to the dorms, I pa.s.s by a chaste-looking female in the halls.

「Lord Hardlett, how do you do?」

「If it isn't Madam Lahn, are you done with your lessons?」

「Yes, I only have lectures in the morning.」

Madam Lahn is an instructor for domestic affairs and a former secretary, and her husband is a domestic affairs official in the capital, but she took this position because of a lack of funds to take care of her six kids.

The lady of over 30 years is very picturesque, wearing an outfit which doesn't expose much of her body, so she can be said to be the prime example for how a woman should look like.
But I can tell how big her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and a.s.s are despite them remaining hidden.

「I'm also free since the commander team is doing a practical exercise this afternoon. Shall we have some tea together?」

「Ara, then should we use the prep room? I secretly carried a pot with me.」

「I'll happily go with you.」

「Ufufu, I'm looking forward to this.」

「Aaaaaah-! It's just as fiendish as the rumors described ……it's so big, but feels so goooooood—!」

「It's such an honor to be able to enjoy a treat like this. It really fires me up.」

The naked Madam Lahn is swinging her hips on top of me as I lay on the floor.
Her a.s.s was just too tempting when she was preparing tea, so when I pressed by erect c.o.c.k against her as I pretended to help, this happened.

「So you're pretty backed up?」

「I'm still only 33 …… the woman inside me is burning with pa.s.sion!」

「Your husband won't do it with you?」

「My husband likes young girls! I'm sure right now he's probably making another a.s.sistant of his into a lover.」

The s.e.xually frustrated woman rocks her hips furiously as she anguishes.

Apparently her husband is 20 years older than her.
When she was 24, she was forcefully raped and impregnated in the workplace and then made into a wife straight after.
Since then, she's had one child every year until she reached 30.

「And when I pa.s.sed 30, he suddenly…… after making someone's body so naughty and then just leaving them, what a horrible person.」

「Truly a shame, even though women in their thirties are this tasty. 」

We change positions to missionary and I swing my hips intensely.
My thrusts are hard enough that even my own women feel pain, but Madam Lahn replies with a sweet coquettish voice.
Her v.a.g.i.n.a gently wraps my c.o.c.k and its darkened flesh and lewdly engorged lower lips contrasts with her chaste outer appearance.

「Your body's gone through a fair share of men, you've fooled around, haven't you?」

「So you can tell ……yes, I lure young men in busy areas. After being pulled into the back alleys, I couldn't undo what was done to me even if I said I didn't like it, and now I can't get enough of being g.a.n.g.b.a.n.ged!」

So there's actually an unbelievably lewd wife underneath that virtuous appearance.

「But…… aahn, I've never seen a d.i.c.k as big as this one! Your body is incredibly muscular too…… oh, f.u.c.k me and break this body of mine.」

I don't need to hold back anymore.
I violently steal the madam's lips, pinch her nipples and raise my voice.

「Prepare yourself, you s.l.u.tty woman! 」
「Nooo~~ This huge d.i.c.k is rampaging inside me and tearing apart my lewd hole~~」

I press down against her in the missionary position, then slam my hips into her in the doggy-style position again, until eventually the sensation of climax runs from my d.i.c.k to my brain.

「How do you want to do it at the end!?」

「Let me get on top! I want you to screw me in the deepest parts!」

She gets herself in the cowgirl position, puts her hands on the table beside her and then raises her hips.

「Lower me when I o.r.g.a.s.m. Slam it in all the way to the root……」

「You'll break, you know?」

If she drops her hips like that, her womb might get destroyed.

「I'm prepared for that. Please grant this lewd wife's wish.」

If she's that prepared, then I can't refuse her.
I move my hips while my tip is connected to her entrance to build up our pleasure.
Then finally, that moment came.

「I'm gonna c.u.m.」

「Me too…… drop me!」

The woman releases the hand supporting her body and her weight carries her down onto my d.i.c.k.



With a thump, my d.i.c.k slides all the way into her hole.
I can feel the tip hitting the back of her womb.
She should be feeling an abnormal amount of pain but she looks happy as she's foaming at the mouth.

I feel sorry for the married woman but I absolutely won't pull out now.
If she resists, I'll hold her down by force and plant my seed in her.

「I'm c.u.mming inside, get ready.」

「Aaye…… s'okay…… dangerous today, but s'okay ……」

「You're going to bear my child.」

The two of us tremble from the pulsing of my d.i.c.k and a fountain of c.u.m jets out of my d.i.c.k and into her womb.
e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. so deep in her womb means there is nowhere for her eggs to escape.

「Aaaaaaah…… so much…… how many people's worth did you pour in……」

「What a lewd lady, it felt great.」

Her stomach gradually expands, and since a stopper was put on the opening of her womb, none of the seed can flow out.

「Aaaaah…… a seventh one…… a seventh child ~」

「Work hard to raise this one.」

My e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n ended when her stomach bulged out enough that she couldn't be distinguished from a woman in the last month of her pregnancy.
The pressure that the amount of seed put in her insides pushed my softened d.i.c.k out.


A nasty squirting sound follows as the s.e.m.e.n gushes back out of her v.a.g.i.n.a in an arc.

I was really enthusiastic this time, I didn't think a lewd wife would get me going to this extent.
I'll keep that in mind when looking around next time.

Thinking it's about time, I was about to exit the room, but the madam clings to my leg.

「What's wrong?」

「I-I'll always be waiting for you! Please use me whenever Lord Hardlett has spare time or feels backed up. I don't mind if you call on your friends to gangrape me, and you're free to use my a.s.s too!」

When I stroke the underside of the chin of the woman as she pleas desperately, she responds by rubbing her cheek against me.

「After experiencing such a c.o.c.k, I won't be satisfied with ordinary guys anymore. Please continue to play with me from now on.」

「You're such a bad person, even though you've got a husband.」

「On the days you play with me, I'll make up an excuse to get my husband to spit out his seed, even if I have to use force. Even getting pregnant won't inconvenience me.」

I thought the woman's body was delicious as well, so I gladly welcome her advances.

「It will be an immoral love between two married people. Aah, how steamy.」

「What a lewd woman.」

「Ufufu, thank you very much.」

If I leave this s.l.u.tty wife alone, I'm sure she'll destroy her household as a result of cheating.
I'm glad I could prevent that for her six children's sake too.

It still pains my heart so I'll ask Mel to take care of me tonight.

I leave the cleaning of the room to Madam Lahn and then I realize something when I fix the appearance of my clothes.
I didn't do anything today since coming to the school besides eating women.
I feel a bit bad for Myla, so I'll check on how she's doing.

「Too slow! There's a proper sequence to follow to a.s.semble the formation, and you'll repeat this until your body remembers how to do so!」

I check on the designated parade grounds for the school and I see the students lined up while Myla shouts angrily at them.
Fumu, looks like several teams are working together to do drills that have them switching from a regular march to an anti-cavalry formation. Cavalry don't give you much time to respond to them, so it's better if they can be quicker.

「Instructor, I have something to say……」

One student spoke up to show their objection.

「What is it? Tell me.」

「We can deal with the enemy even at the current speed if we just do our usual search for them. Shortening the time any more than this would be difficult, so wouldn't it be better if we practice other formations?」

「That only applies to practice, it'll take double the time in actual combat.」

A few people grumble at Myla's comment.

「That might be the case for cowards……」
「We are descendents of a knight family, we won't display such shameful behavior.」

「……anybody here who actually partic.i.p.ated in battle?」

A tiny portion of the crowd raised their hands.

「I have yet to partic.i.p.ate in my first campaign but I've heard plenty about the battlefield from my father who is a soldier.」

「I've seen the battlefield from my father's carriage.」

Fumu, I may have a chance to teach for once.

「Myla, may I?」

「Lord Hardlett? Where have you been? Uu, you stink of perfume.」

「Who cares about that, more importantly……」

I whisper in Myla's ear and also lick her ear while I'm at it.

「I believe that is certainly the most optimal. But I'll let Lord Hardlett demonstrate if he so pleases.」

I've decided what I want to do, and that is to test the students' courage.

「Begin marching.」

On my instructions, the students start marching in a two-column formation.
It looks neat and tidy, but that doesn't mean anything, this training requires them to swiftly get into anti-cavalry formation on cue.

「No matter how many times we do it, it's perfect. We've practiced it a lot after all.」

「We'll see about that.」

I glance over at the side of the parade grounds where Myla raises her hand on her horse.
It looks like her preparations are done.

「All units, anti-cavalry formation-!」

The students stopped, as if they couldn't wait for this moment.
Then they look towards the edge of the parade grounds with a doubtful expression.

「What is that? A bunch of dust is being kicked up.」

「H-hey. Is that……heavy cavalry!?」

It was a team of 40 heavy cavalry chosen from my escort squad who were charging into the parade grounds from the edge.
There are three teams for a total of 60 people here - a reasonable amount


The group collectively draw their swords and gallop forward in a single horizontal line.

「What are you doing? Get into anti-cavalry formation.」

The students hurry to make preparations, but are distracted by the approaching sound of hooves and couldn't cooperate well with each other.

「Move it!」「Uwah, don't trip me!!」

「They're more than half way here already!」

It should have been enough time for the students to complete their formation according to the training a little earlier, but they're still panicking in a clumped up mess.
A few scattered individuals gave up trying to group up and point their spears at the charging horses.

I raise my right hand.


The heavy cavalry shout in a resounding chorus and shift into high gear.
This is what a real charge looks like.

「Save us!」

Two teams are completely out of sorts while the other team is in an uneven distorted formation.
Thinking this is about as much they can take, I raise my left hand and wave it.

At the last moment, the escort unit splits to the left and right to pa.s.s by the students.
After the footsteps of the cavalry have gone by, the students raise their heads up timidly.

「If this were a real battle, you guys would be routed and torn to shreds.」

I speak to the astounded students with a grin.

「You had time from the time they started charging to when they reached you. If you got into formation just like in training, you should have been able to handle them.」

There are still some students who remain flat on their a.s.s.

「The power of cavalry isn't just their speed. Many soldiers often lose to the pressure emitted by the rushing of the horses and flee or get too frightened to move. I think you learned this the hard way.」

I help up one of the students who sunk to the ground before giving him a slap on the b.u.t.t.

「If you don't repeat the training and let your body remember the movements, you can't move, right? The soldiers you guys will be training in the future will be the same way.」

Myla smiles bitterly when she came back just in time on her horse.

「As you can see, it was a tragic result. But it's much better for it to happen here in training than in actual battle.」

The students are terribly rattled, and probably can't continue with the drills or the lessons today.

「But I think they gained way more from this.」

「You're right. Everyone, we'll end lessons here today. You may be dismissed!」

Among the many students who stand up unsteadily and take their leave, one of them has their head down, and just stares at the ground.

「What's wrong, you can't move?」

The student is a pretty well-built male with short blonde hair.

「No, I'm frustrated, at the fact I couldn't control the team.」

Oh yeah, this guy was shouting and trying to get the team together until the very end.
It might have been crooked but it's impressive that he could manage that.

「Well, that dumpling is as good as having no formation on a real battlefield.」


I smile and put my hand on the shoulder of the student who is hanging his head.

「You'll do a little better next time, you'll do a bit better the time after that. The wonderful thing is that this isn't the battlefield. You're allowed to make mistakes here.」

The male student nods greatly and runs off.

「What was that guy's name?」

「……As usual, you can't remember any of the boys' names. His name is Conrad Baltak, who is apparently the second son of a knight family.」

「Conrad, I see.」

I'll remember only this guy's name.


After everyone left, a single female student remains crouching.

「What's wrong…… aah, I see.」

The bottom of her a.s.s is wet, so she must have wet herself.

「Margrave…… please don't look!」

「Don't worry, there are even some guys who did that. Come with me.」

Since the student is a girl, Myla was about to switch places with me, but I shake my head.

「I also have a change of uniform. Come here.」

「Uuu, even though I decided to abandon being a woman and become a warrior.」

Don't say something so wasteful, you've got some pretty nice legs.

「Aaaaah! It went insideee!」

「How is it, wetting yourself is a thing of the past now.」

Only the girl's wet pants and underwear were removed while I thrust into her half-naked body from behind.
The girl was a virgin too so blood and love juices are leaking from her hole.

「It's a waste to abandon your womanhood since you've got such a tight clenching hole. I'll teach your body so you won't say something like that again.」

「I'm a woman! I'm the Margrave's woman!」

「Well said, good girl!」

This is the third girl I've embraced today.
I'll have to make sure Erich doesn't find out about this.

Unfortunately, Myla will probably sense something.
I'll buy some delicious food for tonight and throw a party, which I hope will somehow mislead her.

I think about such things as I rock my hips against the squealing girl.

「Kyaaaaah! It's swelling up inside meee.」

This school thing is actually pretty fun.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Winter.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Special Consultant for the Royal Inst.i.tution
Citizens: 155,000. Major Cities - Rafen: 22,000. Lintbloom: 3500.

a.s.sets: 62,950 gold (Banquet -20)

Accompanying: Mel (angry concubine), Celia (angry adjutant), Myla (angry commander), Leah (lover), Irijina (escort), Pipi (escort?), Dorothea (angry lover), Alice (lover), Kroll (running out of money), Gido (escort squad)
Polte (mistress), Gretel (b.i.t.c.h)

s.e.xual Partners: 158, children who have been born: 37

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