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Chapter 901: Five Elements Array Displaying Its Might!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Earthworms? What is the use in that? Even if you have some weird fetish for earthworms, I don't want them at all.” Qu Wu Hui said warily. What is this fellow trying to do now? What is the purpose of such a strange bet?!

“I have no uses for earthworms as well! It's just a little bet for fun… I simply want to look at you digging for earthworms, that's all.” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master shrugged his shoulders with disinterest. “Don't you want to see how I look like while digging for earthworms?”

“Fine! This daddy will accept your bet!” Qu Wu Hui gritted his teeth and said. “I don't believe that this bunch's luck will continue to be so good as to win two in a row! I'll say it first, Brother Fourteenth, if you win, you can't go back on your words!”

“Whoever goes back on their words will be a son of a b*tch!” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said with a light smile.

“Deal! Whoever goes back on their words will be a son of a b*tch!” Qu Wu Hui nodded. “This old man may not be a match for you in a fight, but do you think that you're invincible in gambling too? Fourteenth Young Master, just wait to start digging!”

“I'm also eagerly awaiting to see who will be the one digging for earthworms later!” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master said confidently.

On the other side, Qu Wu Hui and Cheng Yin Xiao were speechless, not knowing if they should be laughing or crying. Was this still the same number one expert under the heavens? Was that still the same Heaven Saint Palace Guardian Qu Wu Hui? Why were those two behaving like kids now?

As they talked, the two groups on the battlefield had already clashed together. In almost the same instant the fight began, everyone had already drawn their weapons. Blade lights flashed everywhere, illuminating the sky!

On the side of the five black robed men, the moment they stepped out, it was done in the exact same instant, in unison. The distance between each of them was the same, and if one observed carefully, they would see that there was a strange rhythmic feel to their movements. East, South, West, North, Center; each position was occupied by one person. The distance between each person was exactly the same, without the slight deviation!

The formation was completed in an instant. Following that, the five shouted and began to run madly. Apart from the person in the center who remained motionless, the four people on the outside ring all took a large step! This step of theirs was not forward, but in circles instead. All of them were running around the person in the center!

Just as everyone was feeling bewildered by this strange formation, the five white robed Saints had merged their swordlights into one ray, piercing forward!

On the other side, Qu Wu Hui's mouth was slightly ajar as he watched the battle. “This is another strange formation! Could it be…” The absolute confidence in his heart dipped slightly in that moment!

As for the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, a faint smile that was undetectable by others appeared on his face, as if he were saying “as I expected.”

The sounds of metal clanging rose into the air. As the four black robed men on the outer ring met the attacks to the best of their ability, they still maintained the continuous movement of the formation. The attack from the Holy Land's side was clearly directed at the person on the East position. However, before the sword ray even came into contact with him, the opponent in the South position had already appeared before them. The fierce saber in that person's hand turned into a streak of lightning as it struck downwards at them. When they'd just managed to deal with the attack, another saber was swinging straight for their faces!

At that moment, all five of them felt as if they were each being encircled by the crazed attacks of four enemies! The situation was clearly five against four, but it somehow felt as if they were all fighting alone, one against four! Where were their allies?

The opponent's battle formation was like a giant arc, with no weaknesses to exploit. Their opponents were like slippery eels, impossible to grab a hold of. But when they attacked, it was like a pack of ferocious leopards!

The more he looked, the uglier Qu Wu Hui's face became. Because he realized that the five Saints from the three Holy Lands were steadily slipping in a disadvantageous position! As for the hulking fellow in the middle of the four rotating soldiers, the person who was likely the core of the formation, he hadn't even moved from the start!

Too shocking! This was clearly a five against four scenario; how did they end up being in the disadvantage?!

Jun Mo Xie was smiling lightly, and Mei Xue Yan had a relaxed look on her face. The two of them did not seem to be worried in the slightest.

Formations were truly mysterious and amazing things! It could let the weak defeat the strong, and even if the object of the formation was changed to the human body, though the effect would be somewhat weakened, it would still display shocking power!

Five Elements Array!

That was the name of this five man rotating formation! Each of the five person's position represented the five directions, East, South, West, North, Center, as well as the five elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. At this moment, the array had only just been started, and it hadn't reached the point of truly drawing in and utilizing the Power of Heaven and Earth. Once a period of time pa.s.sed and the amount of energy acc.u.mulated to a certain level, it would generate the Power of the Five Elements, complementing, countering each other, in a perfect manner…

The five black shadows gradually formed into a circle of black light. Although the five Saints from the Holy Lands had powerful battle strength, they were simply like a tiger trying to eat the sky, not knowing which way to start biting from! They were completely suppressed and could only defend pa.s.sively!

Who would have thought that this battle would have ended up in such a state. The battle scene was completely the same as the last battle!

Qu Wu Hui had a bitter look on his face. From the looks of it, he was about to go digging for earthworms in a short moment. Utterly depressed, he snorted. “Are they stupid? If they can't win on the ground, can't they just jump into the air? Are their movement techniques only for show? How infuriatingly stupid…”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master looked at him with a sideway glance, while his spiritual sense remained locked onto the battle below. A strange look appeared on his face, and he did not say anything.

Qiao Ying's sharp senses instantly discovered the change in the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master's expression as she asked, “Brother Fourteenth, have you discovered something else?”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master shook his head slowly, as if in deep thought. “I've indeed found something; however… I can't understand it…”

Qiao Ying was about to continue asking when the crowd suddenly gasped. Looking over, she instantly understood what the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master meant by not being able to understand. Because she herself also couldn't think through the problem.

Because in that moment, the five first level Saints from the Holy Lands suddenly jumped into air as what Qu Wu Hui had said. The five of them all had the same thought. We'll unleash the sword and man as one after we jump into the air. Even if we have to suffer heavy injuries, we'll slice those detestable b.a.s.t.a.r.ds apart!

Only, the most unexpected thing happened…

As they leapt into the sky, the five black robed men also followed them up. Although they were floating in the sky, their formation had not changed at all; it was as if they had flown up effortlessly…

Seeing the looks of surprise on the five white robed Saints' faces, Jun Mo Xie laughed smugly to himself. Idiots. At this point in the battle, the momentum of your Qi is already leading them now. No matter how you move, they can still follow after you with ease, using your strength to defeat you!

No matter if it's on the ground or in the sky, the results are the same! On the ground, you all would at least still have the chance to catch a breath. But with your body suspend in midair… You guys do not have any chance at all. The five black robed soldiers can completely rely on the pull of your strength, completely not even needing to exert any strength! The more you fly into the air, the faster this fight will end!

Sure enough, the higher they went, the stronger the power of the Five Elements Array became. It was so overbearing that the five Saints were unable to catch a single breath, not to mention muster the strength to unleash their powerful skills!

Amazingly, the formation in the sky changed yet again. The four people who'd merged into a black torrent suddenly stopped as a person broke away from the formation, gradually revealing a golden brilliance. Then, another person got out of the battle formation while emitting a faint green ray of light. The third person was covered in blue, like the emptiness of the sky while the fourth person is completely red, like a burning flame in the air!

The person in the middle had a yellow l.u.s.ter around his body, shining dazzlingly!

The brilliant radiance around them expanded, and the next movement finally appeared!

Five elements together, Heavens and Earth shake; array heart appear, G.o.ds and ghosts weep!

A flash appeared, and the sheen of a saber suddenly appeared from the yellow light in the middle. The white robed Saint in the lead was currently using all his strength to fend off the encirclement attack of the other four when a saber suddenly stabbed toward him. Greatly startled, he retreated madly; however, his Qi and momentum were already tightly linked to his opponents; how would it be easy for him to escape?

This retreat instead caused the full force attacks of all five of his opponents to be concentrated on him. In that instant, five sabers chopped down from all directions! Five sabers as heavy as mountains smashed down towards him!

He only had time to let out a wretched cry as the five sharp sabers chopped down onto his body!

The white robed body was instantly torn into over a dozen incomplete pieces. With blood spraying wildly in all directions, the mangled body fell down from the sky!

In the instant that the body was cut apart, the five different colored lights did not stop. Like a dazzling rainbow, it rushed towards the other four remaining Saints! The sabers were like numerous heavy mountains, like the waves of a mighty river, or a vast ocean!

“KILL!” The five black robed men roared at the same time. Fresh blood bloomed in the sky constantly, just like the bright fireworks on New Year's Day. Only, these ‘fireworks' were ignited with the lives of Saints!”

At this point, the victor was clear!

The three Holy Lands no longer had the ability to reverse the results!

Qu Wu Hui's face had turned as dull as the color of mud!

This is bad…

As popping sounds rang out continuously in the air, Hai Wu Ya and He Zhi Qiu both closed their eyes tightly at the same time. The muscles on their faces spasmed uncontrollably… The minced meat falling from the sky were Saint level experts of the Holy Lands!

The entire area was completely speechless. In the first match, the opponent had won without a single casualty. That could be said to be the result of a sinister method, a win by fluke through surprising their enemies with divine weapons. That was still a reasonable explanation. But the second battle… were they still going to continue looking for excuses?

These were Saints of the three Holy Lands! A single first level Saint represented 500 years of bitter cultivation ah…

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