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These two were going to fight sooner or later. If they did not fight today, they would do so tomorrow! But if he could settle the issue right now, wouldn't that be even better? He could even avoid unnecessary losses!

After his break through, Jun Mo Xie had not had a proper fight yet; if he could use the blood of a fourth level Venerable to wash his blade, that wouldn't be bad either! Just thinking of it gave him an excited rush!

The Evil Monarch's heart was furthermore already unbearably itchy from not having a.s.sa.s.sinated anyone for such a long time! With an opponent like that, with such a despicable a.s.sa.s.sination target in front of him, it would be going against the laws of heaven if he did not strike out with his sword! He would be letting down the people and the entire continent ah!

Thus, Jun Mo Xie simply thought of himself as the enforcement of justice on behalf of the Heavens, benefiting the world and purifying the human mind. He was acting for the welfare of the people and country and the joy of all beings on this world! Carrying the sagely heart of one who was delivering peace onto all mankind and saving the universe and all civilization, he struck out determinedly!

Swearing to slay beasts under his sword, he would deliver peace and tranquility to the chaotic rumblings of the mortal dust!

Today, this elder brother would begrudgingly become the savior of the world with this strike!

This sword swept through the sky, causing the Venerable of Life and Death, Wei Kong Qun, to become so frightened that even his soul wanted to flee from his body!

Venerable realm experts were people too. As long as one was alive, they would fear death. This was especially the case for those people who'd lived and enjoyed lofty positions for a long time. These were the people who often feared death the most!

Everything one possessed would become like smoke the moment one lost their life. The dynasties that one had built, all the past glory, the honours and riches, would all turn to dust in an instant!

Against this sudden and heaven-dazzling sword, even an existence like Wei Kong Qun with his fourth level Venerable strength was completely left with no ability to dodge or block! This sword's attack range was actually not wide. In fact, it was extremely narrow. There was only one target and that was his heart!

But regardless of the timing or the positioning of the attack, they had all been placed at the most perfect level! Furthermore, it was swift and fierce to a never before seen level!

And because its target point was small, the concentration of power in that point was extremely high. As long as the sword hit its target, there would be no possibility of survival!

The attack had simply been to sudden. Wei Kong Qun was completely left with no place to dodge! From the looks of it, there was only the option of closing his eyes and waiting for death!

But! Wei Kong Qun truly deserved to be called one of the peak experts of this world. In such a terrible scenario, he actually managed to come with an immensely strange countermeasure. In a split second, a m.u.f.fled roar rang out from his throat and he took a deep breath. During that moment, his body actually shifted in a grotesque manner and with a pa sound, a hole actually appeared on his body!

More appropriately, a hole had appeared on his chest, where his heart was supposed to be!

This technique, was truly weird to an extreme level!

That scene was as if Wei Kong Qun's body had suddenly shifted and split on its own. The area on his chest had mysteriously disappeared, and everyone could even see through the hole to the scenery behind him clearly!

In the instant that the hole appeared, Mo Xiao Yao's face turned as pale as a piece of paper!

This move was undoubtedly a ultimate life-saving technique, but it was definitely a move that would greatly hurt one's essence Qi! It forcibly moved one's heart and all the connecting flesh, muscles, and bones, squeezing them to a side to create an empty s.p.a.ce! For such a method, how could it be easy?

Although Wei Kong Qun had managed to comprehend this technique after he reached the fourth level Venerable realm, he'd never actually tried it before. In fact, he'd never planned on using it ever. Because he completely did not believe that there would be anyone who would ever be able to force him into a situation where he would need to use it!

But today, even if he didn't want to believe it, he still had no options but to execute this technique! If he still stubbornly refused to use the technique now, he would definitely die!

Greatly injuring his essence Qi or dying on the spot; what was the better choice? There was not even a need to think about any of it!

Although Wei Kong Qun was boiling with hatred, he still had to make that choice!

In fact, he had already made his preparations for the next step. As long as he managed to dodge this strike, he would retaliate with all his strength; even if he had to bear the repercussion of serious injuries, he would make a full-force retaliation and force this despicable a.s.sa.s.sin out and kill him!

This a.s.sa.s.sin was simply too hateful… and too scary! With such an enemy lurking around, it would be hard to obtain peace even when sleeping and eating!

Mo Xiao Yao finally let loose a sigh of relief as he recovered from his shock. He stood up and readied himself behind Wei Kong Qun. His hands were filled with profound Xuan Qi as he prepared to s.n.a.t.c.h over the treasured sword at any time!

That treasured sword had clearly been thrown out by the opponent!

Because firstly, if it were being wielded by someone, even if it was a technique like man and sword as one, there was no way it could achieve such speeds. Secondly, this sword was travelling in a straight line and completely did not show any signs of slowing down. Its target was resolute, only stabbing toward Wei Kong Qun's heart!

Although the technique that Wei Kong Qun used injured himself heavily, he would still manage to dodge this sure-kill strike!

As for this sword, although one could only catch a glimpse of it, it was obviously a peerless, divine weapon!

What kind of a waste would it be for such a G.o.dly weapon like this to be in the hands of a weakling?

In this kind of situation, whoever s.n.a.t.c.hed it would gain ownership over it!

Thus, Mo Xiao Yao decided to accept this gift without any courtesy!

In just an instant!

The dragon-like sword had already stabbed into the hollow area on Wei Kong Qun's chest! From the looks of it, it was about to stab right through. The edge of the precious sword had already poked out of his back, revealing its cold gleam!

Mo Xiao Yao reached out his hand urgently to grab it!

He was 90 percent confident that the sword was surely his!

But just at this time, the unstoppable momentum of the divine sword actually stopped abruptly! The edge of the blade already showed from behind Wei Kong Qun's back, but the entire body of the blade had stopped inside the hollow of Wei Kong Qun's chest!

In the instant the sword came to a stop, a loud bang rang out, and before Wei Kong Qun's disbelieving eyes, a purple black Qi flow burst out! It was like a bomb had been stuffed into Wei Kong Qun's chest and then exploded!

The exceedingly baffling series of events earlier had left everyone shocked beyond belief. However, this last anomaly had completely surpa.s.sed all expectations! A moment ago, they were still gasping in shock at how Wei Kong Qun had avoided the sure-kill strike. As expected of a Venerable level expert; if it were anyone else, they would surely be dead without a doubt. But in the next moment… this Wei Kong Qun had doomed himself…

The purplish black Qi flow abruptly burst out, violent and powerful to the extreme, savagely surging into Wei Kong Qun's body! Wei Kong Qun shook intensely as if he'd been struck by lightning. His face were twisted in pain, and he looked of desperation!

The lifesaving technique he had used was originally only used when he was left with no choice. He had exhausted an ocean of Xuan Qi in doing so, and the strength in his body had dropped to its weakest point!

But in such a crucial moment, such an odd and unexpected change happened!

This was really demanding for this old man's life!

The long sword shot backward with a sou sound, and floated about three zhang away before Wei Kong Qun. A white-robed masked man also began to materialize behind the sword. The masked man's feet did not touch the ground, and he hovered three chi in the air!

A pair of cold eyes gleamed from behind the mask, as if looking at a dead corpse. "Wei Kong Qun! You're finished!"

Wei Kong Qun roared lowly, and the noise sounded like a wild beast's howl on the verge of its death. In the instant the sword was drawn back, the hole in his chest closed up seamlessly and his body resumed its original state. It was as if he had never received any injuries at all. But just as everyone was beginning to doubt whether he'd been injured, a series of loud bangs rang out from Wei Kong Qun's body, like the violent explosions of firecrackers. Pa pa pa…

Countless fine trails of blood suddenly poured out of his body, shooting through his white robes. It was like the fine rain of summer's day, covering the entire sky. The area half a zhang away from his body was drenched in fresh blood, dyed completely red!

Wei Kong Qun's body was still upright, and a fierce glint akin to an eagle's shone in his eyes. He looked at the white-robed masked man in front of him and scoffed, "Supreme a.s.sa.s.sin? Chu Qi Hun?" His voice was filled with a calm coldness. There were no fluctuations in his face; no anger, no sorrow, no despair… it was completely serene!

In fact, he appeared much calmer now than before!

The calm he was displaying now was like one who'd seen through life and death and transcended beyond the red dust! [1. Red dust refers to the "mortal world" where temptations and/or sufferings are all around. It is a metaphor for the earthly/worldly pursuit of fame and fortune. Some people see the pointlessness of it all, see through the dust, and opt for a simpler life in a more natural environment, away from the dust and hustle and bustle of pursuit of fame and fortune.]

As he walked along the borders of life and death for the final time, this Venerable of Life and Death finally revealed the demeanor of a peak level expert!

The white-robed masked man was naturally not the Supreme a.s.sa.s.sin Chu Qi Hun, but Young Master Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Wei Kong Qun, who appeared frighteningly calm and unperturbed. A hint of respect shone in his eyes. Although this person was an enemy and an extremely vile person whom he hated to the extreme, this kind of calm att.i.tude toward death was still something worth his respect!

An opponent one respected and a person one hated! These were actually not contradictory, and never contradictory!

Jun Mo Xie was similarly calm as he replied. "Supreme a.s.sa.s.sin? No! I'm the King among the a.s.sa.s.sins of this world! The one and only King!"

He paused a bit and actually paced two steps in the void, saying in a bland tone. "Since I'm here today, I wanted to open everyone's eyes and let you all see what a true King of a.s.sa.s.sins is. How is it? How does everyone like the taste of this King's methods?!"

Although his voice contained a lot of calmness and wisdom, it was full of a kind of sorrow and arrogance that permeated from the bones and overflowed from the soul! His voice was dull, but all the people who heard him felt one thing clearly: this person was standing far above them, overlooking everyone with a condescending att.i.tude like a lofty king speaking to his subjects!

Unprecedented and unsurpa.s.sable throughout all ages!

Supreme over all!

Only the heavens are above me! Who is worthy of standing alongside me?!

"Well said! I have no choice but to admit! You are indeed the King of a.s.sa.s.sins in the current world!" Wei Kong Qun's calm face finally revealed a sliver of smile. That smile contained a warmth like the winter pa.s.sing away into spring. That gracefulness and calmness did not seem like one from a person who was mortally injured.

Wei Kong Qun continued slowly. "To be able to kill me, Wei Kong Qun, is not something a mere Supreme level expert is capable of. That is the same for the Supreme a.s.sa.s.sin. Chu Qi Hun, looks like your speed of breaking through is very fast! You have also improved greatly! The t.i.tle Supreme a.s.sa.s.sin truly does not suit you anymore. Perhaps, only the name a.s.sa.s.sin Supremacy is capable of matching your achievement today!"

This fellow actually completely ignored Jun Mo Xie's denial and insisted that he was Chu Qi Hun!

Jun Mo Xie was practically left with speechless. F*ck, so domineering…

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