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"Good! City Lord Xiao is indeed a hero of a generation! To agree so straightforwardly, your sincerity is obvious! The oath you made was heartfelt, and your grace was righteous! As expected of a truly benevolent and large-hearted man." Jia Qing Yun clapped his hands and said with a smile. "Today, this old man got to witness such a legendary occasion; it's truly a blessing…"

"Shut up!" A Han Family elder could endure no longer and finally snapped. He no longer cared about who was in front of him! The eyes of the entire Han Family had all turned red, and everyone could see that the three Holy Lands was obviously in cahoots with the Xiao Family, helping them s.n.a.t.c.h the position of the head of the Silver City!

Everyone present had lived for a long time. How could they still not understand that the people from the three Holy Lands had come simply to deal with the Jun Family and Tian Fa? But the Han Family's att.i.tude was clearly biased toward the Jun Family. Naturally, the three Holy Lands would not allow them to be in charge, even if they had to disregard their reputation! They still made such a move to directly change the Han Family's authority over to the Xiao Family!

Such a matter was truly unprecedented!

A shameless matter like this was actually described to be such a righteous affair. In that moment, the elders of the Han Family nearly died of anger on the spot!

"You told this old man to shut my mouth?" Wei Kong Qun smiled dangerously and looked at that Han Family elder. "You truly want this old man to shut my mouth? Keke, you'd better not regret it!"

"Venerable Wei, please calm your wrath! This one has some words to say." Han Zhan Meng stood up and said.

"What? You have some words to say? What words?" Wei Kong Qun narrowed his eyes and drawled slowly. "Could it be that you disagree with this old man?" A crushing pressure slowly descended onto the hall.

"The three Holy Lands are the leaders of the martial world; that has been the case since tens of thousands of years! This Han naturally has great respect for the three Holy Lands. However, although the three Holy Lands are the leaders of the martial world, they're not citizens of Blizzard Silver City! Today's matter, is an internal matter of my Blizzard Silver City! This humble City Lord is of the opinion that even if the Holy Lands are the controllers of this world, they should not be able to interfere in this matter!"

Han Zhan Meng's eyes were blazing with anger, but he forcefully controlled his emotions. His voice was heavy, but he gritted his teeth and continued. "Ever since Blizzard Silver City was built, we've established our own independence. We've never submitted to any powers, even the three Holy Lands! Although our Blizzard Silver City respects the three Holy Lands greatly, we're not subordinate to them. In addition, the position of Blizzard Silver City's City Lord is also not something that can be determined by the forceful intervention of any third parties! This matter, I hope that Senior Wei will be magnanimous to forgive and tolerate our rudeness. We also hope for your understanding!"

Han Zhan Meng was neither servile, nor overbearing. His eyes were tinged with some indignation, but he still refused to give way. He clearly knew that the opposite party was an expert who surpa.s.sed him greatly. Although his own cultivation was not low, and he could be considered as an expert of his generation as well, the other party could still squeeze him to death with a single finger! He clearly knew all this, but he still said those words without so much as blinking!

"In other words, I've said so many things and advised so painstakingly, but it's no different to you than if I'd simply farted before you? Wei Kong Qun's face darkened, and he snorted coldly. "Han Zhan Meng, is that what you're trying to say?"

"I dare not, I dare not! A fart would at least have some stench, or some noises. As the saying goes, smelly farts are silent, while noisy farts are not smelly. But Senior Wei's words are not only not smelly, there aren't even any ripples. In essence, it's not even comparable to a fart!" These words were not spoken by Han Zhan Meng, but from someone outside.

The moment these words came out, everyone was shocked to the core. Who would actually have the guts to taunt a Venerable expert of the three Holy Lands like that? That person's courage was not little ah, to think that there was a living being in this Silver City who had such a great amount of guts!

"Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is it? Roll out here for this old man!" Wei Kong Qun's eyes widened with rage as he turned around and stared at the entrance. The pretentious look of benevolence that he'd been a.s.suming disappeared completely. A peak level expert like him had actually been scolded by some ant when he entered their territory! And he'd been scolded so dreadfully! If this could be endured, what could not!

"I'll roll out here this instance! You think I'm scared of you?! I've never done anything against my conscience, so there's nothing to fear!" The huge doors of the hall slammed open, and two white haired old men were revealed, their faces filled with righteous indignation. They appeared learned and calm, but their words were vulgar and jarring to the ears. They each sat in a wheelchair, pushed by two servants.

"Eighth, Ninth…?" Xiao Xing Yun's bent back straightened in an instant as he looked at the two old men in shock. After shouting out their names, he completely forgot what he should say. This old fox had actually been shocked speechless…

Hadn't these two fellows been hidden away by them? How did they appear here now?! What kind of timing is this? What're the two of you coming out here for ah!

"Eldest brother, we two brothers have come." The Eighth Elder smiled cooly and said. From the look on his face, there didn't seem to be anything strange about him. Beside him, the Ninth Elder also looked amicable as of old. These two's minds had completely been controlled by Jun Mo Xie. But on the surface, it was impossible to tell that something was wrong with these two Elders. At this time, they finally stepped onto the stage…

"Eighth Elder, Ninth Elder? You've returned? Then, what about Meng' er and the rest?" Xue Shuang Qing stood up anxiously and asked. She hadn't' seen her daughter for so long, so her insides had already turned green with worry.

"The two of us came back first, but the little princess and the rest aren't back yet!" The Ninth Elder answered curtly. They even seemed somewhat refined and courteous.

"Eighth Elder, Ninth Elder, your legs?" Han Zhan Meng looked at them with shock. "What happened? How did this happen!"

"This matter has become serious now!" The Eighth Elder sighed heavily. Then, he turned his eyes and looked straight at Xiao Xing Yun, hollering, "Eldest brother, why are you behaving like this to these outsiders? Our Xiao Family has vowed to never lower our heads, and never bend our backs! This is the same regardless of who it is! But why are you bowing so lowly today? d.a.m.n it! Are you still not getting up?!

These words were actually spoken with great rage! The Eighth Elder, who had always been extremely obsequious to Xiao Xing Yun, had suddenly changed into a completely different person. Not only had he rebuked a Venerable expert from the three Holy Lands, he was even shouting at Xiao Xing Yun! This shout had caused all who knew him in the Silver City to open their mouths wide with shock!

Had this fellow gone crazy?

"Eighth brother, what nonsense are you speaking? These are the seniors of the three Holy Lands. Toward these seniors, how could we not treat them with respect!" Xiao Xing Yun's face turned pale as he berated anxiously. Although he was scolding, his words were filled with warning. Those were not people we can afford to offend; hurry up and ask for forgiveness!

Wei Kong Qun's eyes were already blazing with killing intent. He looked at the Eighth Elder and asked with gritted teeth, one word at a time: "Just now, were you the one scolding this old man?"

"Senior Wei, please appease your anger." Xiao Xing Yun hurriedly apologized with a smiling face. Then, he turned around and scolded, "What's wrong with you two? I haven't seen you for a few days, and you've already become so bold? Hurry up and seek Senior Wei's forgiveness!"

"Eldest brother, for this matter, this little brother cannot agree with you!" The Ninth Elder said huffily. "Eldest brother, our Xiao Family had always done things in an above board manner; we never needed to hide or shirk from anything! Why do we need to go to such extent?"

"What do you mean with those words?" Han Zhan Meng and Xiao Xing Yun both asked at the same time. In that moment, these two old enemies had the same expressions on their faces: doubt and disbelief.

"Eldest brother, since we have the heart to rebel, we should do it forthrightly! Indeed! We couldn't bear the sight of the Han Family since a long time ago! So what!"

The Ninth Elder stuck out his neck and declared in a heroic voice, "Our Xiao Family simply wants the seat of City Lord; what the f*ck can anyone do about it? We've been planning for this in secret for more than 40 years, but what of it? You think that we're afraid of saying it out? With the current strength of our Xiao Family, do we need to be afraid that the heirless Han Family can change the situation? This old man is truly baffled… are we afraid that they can flip over the skies and change the situation?!"

This Ninth Elder's words were like a crazed person. His words were more coa.r.s.e than the uncouth men in the streets, and expletives flew out of his mouth continuously!

"What nonsense are you spouting! Shut your mouth this instant!" Xiao Xing Yun roared. At this point, he was already somewhat at a loss of what to do.

He'd obtained the support of the three Holy Lands with great difficulty, and taking advantage of the fact that the Jun Family was at their gates, he would finally seize the position of City Lord. He was on the very verge of success! The moment this matter was over, he would be the new City Lord of Blizzard Silver City. But who would have imagined that these two idiots would suddenly appear at the most critical moment, and directly start spouting a bunch of nonsense. All his plans had been completely exposed…

More importantly, these two happened to be the two most trusted aides of his. There was truly not much that they didn't know…

"Eldest brother, how am I spouting nonsense? Could it be that you don't remember the grand matter that we discussed together at the beginning? That was a matter that concerned our Xiao Family for generations and ages to come! I would never forget it!"

The Ninth Elder widened his eyes and continued loudly. "Over 40 years ago, you called all of us brothers together, and said that while our Xiao Family has been in the Silver City for so many years, even if we didn't have any meritorious contributions, we've all given our share of hard work. Why should the Han Family be the masters, while we take on the role of stewards? Even if our authority and benefits were larger, what meaning was there in that? It was our ancestor who established the Silver City back then. Why should the Han Family be in charge? We must take back the Silver City! Let the Han Family and those other people go to h.e.l.l! Eldest brother, those were your exact words!"

Xiao Xing Yun nearly fainted from anger, and his lips and eyes twitches uncontrollably. Anger and anxiousness intermixed, he hurriedly shouted, "Nonsense! When have I ever said those kind of words?"

Everyone in the hall turned their gazes and looked questioningly at him together.

"Eldest brother, what's the matter with you? A true man has the courage to take responsibility for his actions! So what if it's the Silver City? What's the Han Family worth? A bunch of soft eggs, what are we afraid of them for! We'll just f*ck them all!"

The Ninth Elder leaned forward in his wheelchair, and his expression turning more unbearably uncouth. "That year, the reason the two elders Xiao Yu and Chun Feng died on the west frontier; wasn't it done by this little brother and you personally? They were the biggest tumors in our hearts back then, weren't they? Since we've already done the deed, is there still any reasons to be afraid? The reason the Han Family's numbers are dwindling the past few years; wasn't that the result of our handiwork as well? Just thinking back to the disbelieving expressions of those two undying old fools back then still makes this little brother laugh! How delightful! HAHA!"

Xiao Xing Yun stared at him dumbly, his mouth gaping widely and his eyes unblinking. Looking at these two brothers of his that seemed quite sober, he suddenly felt his head swoon. He stumbled slightly and brought a shaky hand to his forehead. In that moment, he felt as if he were in a dream…

"Exactly ah! Eldest brother, this is the same as that time in the Gra.s.slands. We used poison to harm the two Han Family elders, Ning Shi and Qing Chen. Back then, you were the one who laid down the plans and you also executed it personally! Peng, peng! two swift blades onto the two's heads. How enjoyable ah ah ah… We've indeed done all that, but so what? Could it be that the Han Family is still capable of eating us? Aren't they still kept in the dark? They've been deceived completely!"

The Eighth Elder reminisced with relish as he smacked his lips and slapped his leg-less stumps. His roars were so loud that the entire hall buzzed and trembled…

Xiao Xing Yun only felt the world spin, and his body tottered unsteadily. Raising his head he roared, "You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Just what nonsense are you spouting? Have you been possessed by a devil in your sleep? Ah? You two wretched scoundrels! Have your brains turned to mush?! You son of a b*tch!"

"Eldest brother, how could you say such things? How are we scoundrels? Eldest brother, we're your left and right hand ah! Besides, our parents aren't called w.a.n.g Ba, so how could we be b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.?"

Eighth Elder continued in a wronged manner. "Eldest brother, we're really not b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Our father is surnamed Xiao! Not w.a.n.g! Have you forgotten?"The Chinese words for b.a.s.t.a.r.d is w.a.n.g Ba Dan or w.a.n.g Ba's egg

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