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"Mother… Mum… Ah!" Princess Ling Meng screamed fanatically at the skies.

That man! He's not worthy to be my mother's man! I don't want all the status he gave me! I don't want!!

The freezing night was like ice, and her heart was like the night.

As soon as the lively family feast was over, Jun Mo Xie returned to his own courtyard. Although it was an exceptionally peaceful period of time, the Young Master Jun still had to find time to produce pills and train. There couldn't be any breaks in this work!

It was undeniable that the Young Master Jun was very popular recently. Just before he left, Dongfang Wen Xin looked at him with a gaze full of love and reluctance. Dugu Xiao Yi pouted at him and did not want to let him go. She almost followed him to the courtyard. Guan Qing Han also glanced at him, but did not say anything because of the presence of the elders. Although it was only a quick glance, Jun Mo Xie could not help overreading it. 'Why are you looking at me? Are you… very eager to…?'

And there was the little princess Han Yan Meng, who had finished her meal with embarra.s.sment but refused to leave until the end of the meal. She gave Jun Mo Xie a stare and made a scary face as if threatening him. But with only a few words, Jun Mo Xie made her run away in fright. "Am I too handsome? Are you obsessed with my looks? If so, I welcome you to warm my bed tonight. It will eventually happen, won't it?"

The little girl was completely beaten, and she immediately disappeared..

As he made to the doors, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt something was wrong.

Why didn't I hear Ye Gu Han's furious growls today?

Ever since Leng Ao brought Tian Can, Di Que, and Baili Luo Yun back, they had always been training their sword techniques with Ye Gu Han.

It was not exactly accurate to say that they were learning sword techniques. The sword techniques Young Master Jun could teach them had more variety and were better than what Ye Gu Han could offer. What they were learning from Ye Gu Han was experience from an actual battle.

The most important was that although Jun Mo Xie was very talented, he was not a disabled person. The details had to be taught by Ye Gu Han, who lost an arm but was still strong.

Whenever they trained, Ye Gu Han would appear to teach them. Their sword techniques were inherited from Jun Mo Xie and were beyond Ye Gu Han's comprehension, but with his experiences wandering the continent, he was exceptionally experienced in battling! He could always spot the kids' mistakes at a glance. Then he would scold fiercely. The kids were resilient. They never tried to deny their mistakes and practiced repeatedly until their techniques were correct, smooth, and perfect!

In order to further beef up the kids' cultivation, Jun Mo Xie flushed the kids' meridians with his pure Spirit Energy. Therefore, the kids improved tremendously with aids from all aspects these few days.

Moreover, they were very delighted when they learned ventriloquism because they had not spoken for many years. They were not born mute and lost their speaking abilities because their tongues were cut. Therefore, they could not quit talking now that they could converse again. It was just that the scene of them talking was rather spooky even to Jun Mo Xie. He would see kids facing each other, and then hear voices suddenly pop up from nowhere while their mouths was never moved. It was ghost-like!

Lately, the one-armed sword technique Ye Gu Han had newly developed was roughly complete. Although Ye Gu Han could not smoothly perform the technique to reach its full power due to his lackl.u.s.ter Xuan Qi, he clearly knew that the new sword technique he developed on the basis of Jun Mo Xie's one-armed saber technique was much more powerful than the latter.

It was because this technique contained too much of his tragedy and lifelessness!

The main feature of the technique was its extreme sharpness. Furthermore, it was a one-armed technique, so the angles at which the sword was brandished was unpredictable and almost impossible to an ordinary eye. Therefore, he would be greatly advantaged if he faced equally matched opponents, especially if it was their first encounter. It could even disrupt an expert of higher levels significantly.

He was very proud of himself to have produced such sword technique!

But tonight, he did not observe the kids' training. His desolate figure stood beneath the tree and he frowned occasionally. He was agitated and in a bad mood. This sort of negativity had not visited him for long, so it was extraordinary to feel it tonight.

During Ye Gu Han's stay at the Jun Family, he had been demoralized when he lost his Xuan cultivation but regained the will to live when he encountered the one-armed saber technique. As he recovered, he was always reticent. He always made a indifferent face and he rarely interacted with other people beside the kids. Even when Jun Wu Yi talked to him, the conversation could not last. But luckily, he didn't sound as hopeless as he did when he was just injured.

But today, the lifelessness returned.

Even Ye Gu Han himself felt abnormal and uncomfortable. He wondered what was happening. It's New Year's Eve and supposedly a time to relax, but why am I so agitated? I can't concentrate no matter what I do. I can't even talk coherently and keep forgetting what I want to say many times after pausing…

But one thing was certain. He felt that he could picture Murong Xiu Xiu more clearly. Usually, he could suppress his feelings, but tonight, it was struggling within, trying to break free!

In the misty night, it seemed as if Murong Xiu Xiu was walking toward him with a faint smile. Her face was as delicate as a painting and her smile was so sweet. She appeared as lively and pure as eighteen years ago. But when Ye Gu Han wanted to hug her with his single arm, she would immediately drift away, leaving him behind in desolation and helplessness. It was as if she were pleading for something…

"Xiu Xiu… What's happening to you? Is it you? What… what are you trying to say?" Ye Gu Han held his head in pain and shook his body around, extraordinarily agitated. It was as if a fire was burning within and a knife was digging his flesh. He seemed to feel something, but it soon disappeared. There seemed to be a premonition, but Ye Gu Han simply could not break through the layer of fog before him…

Jun Mo Xie strolled to the courtyard and saw Ye Gu Han in this state. He was puzzled and wondered, what's wrong with his affectionate dude?

At this very moment, Ye Gu Han couldn't resist anymore and walked over. There was a glimpse of madness in his eyes. "Jun Mo Xie, can you take me to the Palace?"

It was a request, but there was also an indescribable temper within!

He felt like killing someone and he was so annoyed. If there was an enemy before him, he might even eat the enemy alive!

"Palace? What are you doing? Today's New Year's Eve; isn't it inconvenient?" Jun Mo Xie frowned. He looked at Ye Gu Han strangely. Is this guy going crazy from his one-sided love? Going to the Palace now? Is he trying to shame himself?

And it was this very moment that Jun Mo Xie's expression became serious. He looked particularly heavy!

He clearly felt that a strong but obscure atmosphere was sweeping rapidly from the direction of the palace right toward the Jun Family! There was also a rapid sound of hooves coming in the distance…

Is there really something wrong? Jun Mo Xie left Ye Gu Han behind and zapped up to the top of the tower and gazed into the distance. As he reached the top of the tower, a sharp screeching sounded resonated in the night sky!

It was near the doors of the Jun Family!

Jun Mo Xie was startled. He used his Yin Yang Escape and at the next moment, he was at the site of incident. He saw a hurricane-like figure attacking a procession.

Jun Mo Xie immediately recognized that the carriage belonged to the Empress. The empress had been a frequent visitor to the Jun Family. Although she stopped coming, the procession was unique and easily identifiable. As for the the fuzzy figure, Jun Mo Xie knew him as well. It was Mr. Wen!

The carriage appeared to be heading for the Jun Family! And the Emperor's best friend was using all his might to a.s.sa.s.sinate the Empress! What did this mean?

It was obvious! This time, the Empress brought with her something that would disadvantage the Emperor, or he would not have resulted to such extreme action!

If it was disadvantageous to the Emperor, and the Empress was heading toward the Jun Family, then…

It must be advantageous to them! Or why would the Emperor arrange the a.s.sa.s.sination?

It was just a glance, Jun Mo Xie had understood what was happening…

He immediately sprang into action. But before he approached, Mr. Wen pushed out his palm!

Although Jun Mo Xie tried hard to block, it was too far and too late. He could only intercept most of the force. The remaining thirty percent of the pure Xuan Qi inevitably bombarded the Empress' back! Although it was only thirty percent, Mr. Wen was a Supreme. Even an Sky Xuan expert could not withstand it.

Jun Mo Xie was furious!

He hollered, "Wen Cang Yu! Are you trying to seek death?"

His body zapped out together with the sound!

Mr. Wen was retreating as he completed his task!

There was nothing else he could do as Jun Mo Xie had arrived, and the thirty percent had done its work! From now on, he would be roaming freely and nothing mattered to him anymore.

But right now, he could no longer escape!

Jun Mo Xie rushed over like an eagle. Before Jun Mo Xie arrived, a pressing atmosphere had been suffocating him!

Mr. Wen was shocked. He brandished his sword and the cold sword flash swiped at Jun Mo Xie. Simultaneous, Mr. Wen's body quickly pulled back. He then wielded his sword fanatically, chopping off two gigantic trees at the side of the street and sent them flying. The canopy covered in heavy snow dragged the ma.s.sive trunk and flew straight at Jun Mo Xie! The snow was like a natural barrier that blocked everyone's view!

With blocking him slightly, Mr. Wen had the confidence to break free!

Jun Mo Xie snorted coldly and kickstarted the power of wood. His body pa.s.sed through the canopy of the first tree without any resistance and his trajectory did not alter slightly. He went through the entire tree, leaving behind a huge hole in it. Jun Mo Xie was already facing the next tree!

And the trunk of the tree behind cracked open with a loud bang!

The tree before him also split into pieces like dry bamboo being hit by a hammer. Jun Mo Xie's body had pa.s.sed the second tree and was right in front of Mr. Wen.

Mr. Wen was astounded. He could not have imagined that Jun Mo Xie was not slightly slowed. But he was a Supreme expert, so his movements were not disrupted. He bellowed and poked with his sword. But just as the sword flash appeared, Jun Mo Xie had already arrived at him like wind!

With a poof, Mr. Wen received two blows on his chest. Immediately after, he experienced an excruciating pain on his arm. With a clang, the long sword slipped out of his hand. It was flung away like a shooting star and dropped to somewhere unknown. His shoulders were then hit by a palm chop and his abdomen and dantian received two blows from Jun Mo Xie's knees!

Mr. Wen felt the sky was spinning. He coughed out a mouthful of blood. His internal organs were on fire and his Xuan Qi was wreaking havoc in his body! He could not utilize his extremely pure Xuan Qi anymore!

In less than one-tenth of the time needed to blink an eye, Mr. Wen had fallen from a complete advantage against the Empress' procession into an endless h.e.l.l!

And Jun Mo Xie, who was in front of him, disappeared suddenly. He suddenly felt strangled. He was being lifted. The wind whistled in his ear. Then with a bang, and Mr. Wen's body was smashed onto the ground!

Jun Mo Xie had appeared before Princess Ling Meng. He had heard her desperate cry!

Immediately, Jun Mo Xie's finger pressed against the Empress' vein. A stream of pure Spirit Energy flowed in.

Both of her smashed knees and the wound on the back of her head were severe. Although there was blood all over her, she seemed not to feel any pain. She still knelt there on the freezing ground and tightly hugged her mother. She looked pleadingly at Jun Mo Xie and asked for help softly. "Jun… save my mother…" She had very little strength left and was in so much despair.

As Jun Mo Xie's hand touched the Empress' veins, his heart sank!

His face darkened!

He didn't expect it too be so serious!

All her internal organs were shattered!

No cure!

Jun Mo Xie could do nothing with this sort of wound with his limited mastery over the Hongjun PaG.o.da right now! Although The Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune had the potential to defy nature, Jun Mo Xie's cultivation was limited. If it weren't for Jun Mo Xie's Spirit Qi that extended the Empress' life energy, she would have already been dead!

Although Supremes appear so weak to Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan, it was only because the two of them were too strong!

In fact, the Supremes were the ones standing at the top of the Xuan Xuan Continent. Although there still existed beings stronger than them, by normal definition, they were already extremely strong!

A blow from a Supreme, even if only partially connected, was fatally to a weak lady like the Empress who didn't even reach Silver Xuan!

Jun Mo Xie sighed. The pure Spirit Energy flowed furiously into the Empress' body. It enclosed her shattered internal organs and severed their connection from the rest of the body so as to sustain her final bit of life energy.

This couldn't save her, but could sustain her life for a while. A short while… as long as it takes for water to boil…

Jun Mo Xie did this without considering anything. At this moment, the Jun Family and the reason for the Empress' journey here did not matter to him. He was only thinking of Ye Gu Han, that guy who was still crazily in love… Jun Mo Xie felt that he had the duty to ensure that they could meet each other one last time!

No wonder Ye Gu Han was acting abnormally!

Is this really telepathy unique to couples?

How much did they have to love each other to acquire such sensory?

Eighteen years, and they were still thinking about each other without regret! Eighteen years of separation and their hearts never budged!

Jun Mo Xie felt he could not be indifferent to this love story!

At this moment, his abnormal stubbornness took over. He didn't care who this woman before him was. He only knew that Murong Xiu Xiu and Ye Gu Han were a couple and he had to do what he must! Ident.i.ty, etiquette, and morals did not matter to him! And he didn't think about it at all!

After his temporary treatment, he yelled into the sky, "YE GU HAN!" He controlled his voice as much as he could so that its volume exploded only after the sound waves had pa.s.sed Murong Xiu Xiu, lest the shock wave hurt Murong Xiu Xiu again.

Upon hearing the name, Murong Xiu Xiu was suddenly hopeful. There was antic.i.p.ation and yearning in her eyes…

At this moment, with two whistling sounds, Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun flew over like they were riding clouds and landed beside Jun Mo Xie. Now the strength of these men were truly of Superior Supreme. They were both shocked seeing what was before them.

Ye Gu Han felt an ominously growing when he heard Jun Mo Xie's call!

Without hesitation, he dashed out. His long hair danced in the wind. He was full of solitude.

From afar, he saw Jun Mo Xie squatting there, seemingly holding something in his hands. Ye Gu Han's rapid breath from running suddenly stopped. His lungs felt blocked and his heart blank. He finally realized something and he began running over, unaware of anything else.

As he reached there, the whole world before him seemed to lose color!

All he could see was a face and a pair of eyes!

The face that was jotting up with difficulty and a pair of gentle eyes. Seeing Ye Gu Han, the pair of eyes could no longer veil the true feelings. It became deeply affectionate and filled with attachment, reluctance, and endless guilt…

"Han…" Murong Xiu Xiu tried to keep her voice from trembling. She didn't dare to blink her eyes, as if she would forever lose the sight of this intimate and yet unfamiliar face if she did.

"Xiu Xiu…" Ye Gu Han's body shook as he paled and collapsed down with only half a step forward. Kneeling on the ground, he leaned toward Murong Xiu Xiu's face as looked at the face he had missed for eighteen years in pain. "Xiu Xiu… who is it? Who hurt you? You… You…"

He felt sweetness at this throat before he could finish. Blood was rushing out, but he swallowed it back.

He had witnessed so many deaths. How could he not tell?

"Han… It's so good… to see you again." Murong Xiu Xiu lovingly looked at his face and said gently. "Han… do you know… for all these years, I have been thinking about you everyday and every moment…"

Tears were formulating in her eyes. But she used all her strength to force it back. She was afraid that she could no longer see his face clearly if she cried…

Ye Gu Han knelt there blankly. His eyes were blazing but gentle. He felt as if his heart was gone and could only say senselessly, "Xiu Xiu… it's fine… I'm with you…"

Murong Xiu Xiu smiled in satisfaction. Her expression looked like that little girl once again as she said adamantly, "Ya… with you here, I'll be fine… and I'm not scared…"

Twenty years ago, Murong Xiu Xiu was hurt during one of their adventures. These were the exact words they said then. Exact!

Even if twenty years had pa.s.sed, their feelings for each other never changed, it was as if it were still that very day…

"Han…" Murong Xiu Xiu wanted to touch his face with her hands, but she had no more strength. Ye Gu Han carefully held her hand and pressed it against his face. Feeling her warmth, his tears rolled out uncontrollably and dampened the delicate hand…

"Han… don't cry…" Murong Xiu Xiu moved her finger with difficulty. She wanted to wipe his tears, but more rolled down.

"Jun Mo Xie, I know I'm about to die. Before that I have to tell you…" Murong Xiu Xiu said, as she continued staring at Ye Gu Han's face. "The Blood Sword Hall is at the three camps of the Royal Guards…"

Jun Mo Xie was in shock. He whispered, "Thank you!" His hand was still holding her right hand, delivering the Spirit Energy to sustain her for her last words with Ye Gu Han. If he let go, she would die immediately.

"Han… it's about time for me to go… help me… help me take care of Ling Meng." Murong Xiu Xiu smiled sadly and reluctantly. "She's a good girl, but a poor girl…" Ye Gu Han's eyes were blurred by tears. He didn't make any sound. He bit his lips so hard that blood was oozing out, but he was not aware…

Murong Xiu Xiu suddenly seemed to understand. She sighed and shifted her gaze. "Jun Mo Xie, please help take care of Ling Meng for me…" She begged softly, despite seeing the difficulty in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. "… Even if you are not marrying her… please take care of her… please…"

She looked at Jun Mo Xie's face hopefully. Her eyes carried beseechment and eagerness without blinking. It was a mother's final efforts for her daughter before her death. It was also her only hope…

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath and again increased the inflow of Spirit Energy. He nodded silently. He could tell that Murong Xiu Xiu's life energy was leaking away. Her meridians were shutting down and even the nature-defying Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune was having difficulty driving the Energy through…

With a grateful and rea.s.sured smile, Murong Xiu Xiu said sincerely, "Th… thank you…"

She turned her eyes back and looked at Ye Gu Han gently with endless love. She said nothing. She still had strength, but she said nothing. She knew she needn't say more. She only wanted to look at his face, remember it, and engrave it in her soul so that she would remember forever…

Ye Gu Han was also silent. He allowed tears to smudge his face. He only wanted to stare at the beautiful woman before him firmly. They looked at each other and the air was filled with romance…

They stared into each other's eyes, as if their souls were entangled forever and would not break apart again!

Suddenly, Murong Xiu Xiu's face reddened. She felt a sudden strength and she used it all to murmur, "I antic.i.p.ate that… If we are still destined in our next life…" Suddenly her body trembled and stopped.

Her face was really full of antic.i.p.ation, gentleness, and deep affection. Her eyes showed endless love. But her life was long gone…

The hand on Ye Gu Han's face finally dropped down lifelessly…

Tears were still flowing on Ye Gu Han's face. But his expression suddenly became frighteningly calm. His eyes still fixed on the gentle and beautiful face in front of him. He slowly finished the poem. "… I would rather betray the heavens and not you! Xiu Xiu…"

He still knelt there, eyes fixed on Murong Xiu Xiu who looked like she was in a deep sleep. He said calmly, "Jun Mo Xie, there's a booklet containing the sword technique on the table beside my bed. It's for you. And Ling Meng… please take care of her, please…"

Jun Mo Xie wanted to say something, but it was stuck in his throat and could not come out.

Ye Gu Han smiled calmly and said, "Lastly. Please bury us together! Write on the tombstone 'The tomb of Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu, husband and wife.' She isn't the Empress. She never was! Please help me!"

Jun Mo Xie sighed deeply and said, "Definitely! But, don't you want to seek revenge? The a.s.sa.s.sin and the person behind it, the one sitting in the palace. And Ling Meng… are you not taking care of her? Aren't you concerned?"

"I believe in you! I am not concerned to hand Ling Meng over to you." Ye Gu Han smiled with antic.i.p.ation and eagerness. He stared at the dark sky as the freezing breeze blew up his hair. He said slowly, "I will leave the a.s.sa.s.sin to you. The paths to the underworld would be lonely. If he is now killed and Xiu Xiu meets him on the way, she would still be scared. So I will leave first to accompany her. As for Yang Huai Yu… he is not worthy for me to kill!

"Xiu Xiu is waiting for me. Is there anything more important than our reunion? Hatred; it's fine to not vent it… If I missed my encounter with her in the next life, she would be disappointed and more sad… We have been separated for an entire life…"

He then leaned down and pressed his face against Murong Xiu Xiu's, which was still slightly warm. He whispered affectionately, "Xiu Xiu… it'll be fine. With me, you won't feel lonely…"

His body suddenly trembled furiously. He then collapsed forward. His lone arm tightly embraced Murong Xiu Xiu's body. There face were still next to each other, but there was no more breath…

Ye Gu Han used his remaining Xuan Qi to break his own heart veins and he stopped breathing immediately…

They hugged together, and they had the same expression…

As if they were already reunited!

As if they had agreed to meet in their next lives…

"Mother… Uncle Ye… AH…" Princess Ling Meng cried desperately. Blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth. Her eyes shut and she lost consciousness…

The pain in her body peaked. Her beloved mother and Uncle Ye who she always relied on were both gone…

How could she withstand all this? She had finally fainted…

Two hours ago, they were still talking below the same lamp… but now, they were separated forever…

How could she withstand this cruel reality?

Jun Mo Xie silently bowed his head. Ever since Ye Gu Han was saved, he was never happy. Tonight was the only time Jun Mo Xie ever saw his smile…

And it was for the illusory next life!

Seeing their bodies, Jun Mo Xie was deeply touched. From the love story between his parents to the everlasting love between Ye Gu Han and Murong Xiu Xiu, he finally felt something…

What exactly is affection?

A song suddenly sounded in his head from nowhere.

… perhaps it's marriage in the past life;

perhaps it's fate in the next life;

The only mistake was meeting in this life,

adding a piece of fruitless affection…

Wait till everything becomes history,

when the ocean becomes a berry field;

We will then repay this love

Repay this love…

… perhaps it's marriage in the past life;

perhaps it's fate in the next life;

The only mistake was to be entangled in this life,

adding an endless suffering

Wait till everything will be history,

when the ocean becomes a berry field;

We will then repay this love

Repay this love…

Sad songs. Helpless love stories. They quietly flowed between the heaven and the earth…

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