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"Bang!" The wine pot smashed onto the table, making a crisp noise. "Now, she left me at this sort of time and went to the Jun Family! Jun Family… do you know where that is? Everyone there wants me dead! Everyone!! And she went there, on this New Year's Eve!"

The blue veins on his head bulged and bobbed. He breathed heavily, then finally let it all out. "And Ye Gu Han is waiting for her there, waiting for her painstakingly!"

Mr. Wen remained silent. He couldn't and didn't want to deal with such royal secrets. The only thing he could do was listen. His Majesty now lacked such a listener. So he played the role faithfully.

"My life is coming to an end, and it is possible to extinguish it at any moment! Jun Mo Xie, that kid will never let me go!" His Majesty breathed heavily, his eyes flashed crazily, and he walked back and forth in the room and didn't look as dignified as he had been. Now he was like a lion suddenly locked up in a cage, impatient and angry.

"Kill her!" Suddenly he stopped, stood there, and this sentence slipped out from the slits between his teeth. His eyes were blood red.

Mr. Wen was shocked. He looked up incredulously at him. He looked at the emperor of the Tian Xiang Empire. The man before him was obviously tormented and on the verge of breaking down!

"Kill her!" His Majesty said again. This time, his words were clearer and his eyes shone with a sharp, cold light, cruel and proud, with the abnormal pleasure of a crazy man destroying his favorite things with his own two hands. He fixed his eyes on Mr. Wen, and he suddenly took two steps forward. He held Mr. Wen's shoulders tightly in both hands. He pleaded, "Brother Wen, please help me kill this b.i.t.c.h!" "

Mr. Wen was shocked and speechless. Before he left, His Majesty asked him to help one last time. And this errand was unexpectedly to kill his own queen! Kill a woman he loved to death and to madness just moments ago!

How absurd!

"Why?" Mr. Wen felt his voice was dry and hollow.

"Why? Ha ha ha ha ha…" His Majesty looked up to heaven and laughed wildly. He cried out, "The winner is king while the loser is the villain! This is an unchanging truth of the world! If the Jun Family did not rise again, then, when the family perished, all the military might of the family would belong to the nation! By then, I will no longer have to worry about being usurped or the prestige of the "war G.o.ds." And I would also have the power to conquer the world! Within a few years, with my great talent and ingenious strategies, it will be just around the corner to destroy the Yu Tang Kingdom and the Shen Ci Empire. But fate is fooling me around! Jun Mo Xie uplifted the Jun Family and all my efforts are now to no avail!"

"Everything has happened; it is meaningless to say anything else. I was involved in the murder of Jun Wu Hui. So there's nothing wrong for Jun Mo Xie to take revenge. I don't blame him! Hmm? I don't blame him? No! I hate him. Who the f*ck does he think he is? Jun Wu Hui is dead and that's it! I'm the Emperor of Tian Xiang. How dare he seek revenge?"

Yang Huai Yu was speaking more incoherently as the effects of the alcohol kicked in. He said ruthlessly, "I am the monarch, he is a minister! The monarch and his ministers are like father and sons. If the monarch wants his ministers dead, then he must die! This is called ethics! How dare the Jun Family seek revenge? Even if I asked him to kill himself, that is also the family's honor! Revenge? b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How is it justified to seek revenge from your own monarch? The Juns are all b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!"

He gasped for a few moments. "Rebellious and not loyal! b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! But the Jun Family has grown too strong. I believe you can't handle them as well, so I don't expect anything with the Jun Family…

"But, Murong Xiu Xiu must die! She's my woman! My Empress! How dare she meet her lover on New Year's Eve? And… she might even leak my secrets to Jun Mo Xie and betray me! She must die!" He raised his arms fanatically and hollered at the sky.

"But that's just your guess. It may not be the truth! If it's only your suspicion, won't it be like a joke… to kill you own empress?" Mr. Wen frowned.

"It's not just suspicion! I am certain! Very certain!" The emperor's face was red and his eyes were full of menace. He gasped and said, "Even if it's just suspicion, she must die as well!"

He paused and suddenly yelled after a while. "She's the love of my life! That's why she has to die!"

He grinned hideously. "My woman! I will die any moment, so why should I leave her behind? Leave her behind so she can enjoy her days with her lover? Hahahaha… One day my woman, whole life my woman! I will bring her with me even if I die! No! I will let her wait for me in the underworld! I won't feel secure if she dies after me! Even if I can't receive her true love, I will forever occupy her body!"

"I am the monarch! The Emperor of Tian Xiang! How can I be insulted like this!" Suddenly he sent out a kick and the carved table in front of him flew up, hitting the ceiling of the palace, and cracked into pieces with a loud bang! "That's why she must die! Before me!"

Mr. Wen sighed sadly. His Majesty clearly lost his mind due to jealousy and hatred.

"You had countless chances to kill her. Why do you want me to do it?" Mr. Wen frowned helplessly.

"I am not willing to lose her! How can I be willing?" The emperor roared furiously, seemingly dissatisfied with his own weakness. "She has never loved me, but she is the only woman I ever truly loved in my entire life! If she didn't go to the Jun Family today, I wouldn't want to kill her… because if I did, no one will cold war with me, no one can torment me like that anymore! I will be lonely! I will be sad!"

Suddenly he rushed over and grabbed Mr. Wen's hand. "Brother Wen, help me! Help me this time… Kill her for me!" He eagerly looked into Mr. Wen's eyes. "Anyway, you're going back to the Supreme City tomorrow and killing such a woman is easy for you. After killing her, you can leave immediately! Even if the Jun Family intends to pursue, I am sure they can't shake the Supreme Golden City, right?"

Mr. Wen looked up to the heavens and sighed, his facial expression changing: it was full of contradiction and indecision.

"Brother… Please help me this time!" His Majesty's eyes burst into tears, but they shone with a flash of madness. "I can't allow my woman to be held in the arms of other men, let alone have such a scrub like Ye Gu Han sitting on top of her! Please accept the request… and fulfill our wishes to be husband and wife! This is my last wish, and the only request I make to you for a lifetime friendship!"

"… Fine! " Mr. Wen thought for a long time before he finally made his difficult decision. Obviously, this decision was also a painful one for him. "I'll go! But after I kill her, I'll leave and never come back! "

"Thank you, brother Wen!" His Majesty bent down and bowed deeply, as he said, "She has just left the palace. She should not have gone far, and hasn't reached the Jun Family yet. With your speed, I am sure you can catch up with her…!"

"Now?" Mr. Wen frowned.

"Yes, now!" The emperor nodded.

"Ok!" Mr. Wen's placid face was a little depressed and and his muscles twitched. He said slowly, "I've always kept a low profile and have never done anything wrong in my life. The last thing I will be doing before I leave the secular world is to kill a woman that isn't related to me at all!"

Somewhere outside the palace in the shadows, a delicate and graceful figure was shivering all over. Her eyes were full of tears, and she quietly stepped backwards. She suppressed herself from crying and dashed out fanatically.

It was Princess Ling Meng!

As she left her mother's place, she realized that she had not yet greeted her father tonight. Although she didn't want to come, she still made her way here, because she wanted to ask her father something.

She wanted to ask… whether he was willing to concede on Jun Family's matter and repent his wrongdoings? In her dreams, if her proud father was willing to step back, would all the hatred alleviate? Then she would…

When she reached here and heard his father roaring, her curiosity drove her to eavesdrop by switching place with a guard at the door. But she never could imagined what she would hear.

It was like a flash of lighting to her!

Her father who she had respected from a young age wanted to kill her beloved mother!

This cruel fact almost made Princess Ling Meng faint on the spot, but she did not dare to faint, and even feared that she would, because… mother is in danger!.

For a long time, she always thought that her father was a good emperor as well as a good father. It was not until that time when she saw her three brothers fighting for the emperor's place, and realized that all these were planned by her father that she started to doubt her judgment. Later, when she happened to know that her father also played a role in the evil plot against the "General in White" Jun Wu Hui, she already felt something was wrong.

But today, she was completely disillusioned!

All hopes and fantasies were gone! My father is such a selfish, cruel, ruthless, and paranoid person!

He wants to kill mother!

And he ordered others to kill her! How unbelievable!

A husband wanted to kill his most beloved wife due to paranoia and jealousy!

An emperor who wanted to kill his empress because he suspected that she would have an affair with someone else after his death…

How ridiculous!

Princess Ling Meng ran a long way before she reached the Royal stables crying. She tore off the reins of the horse, mounted, and whipped her horse on its b.u.t.tocks. She roared with all her might. "Go!"

The fast horse neighed and its front hoofs left the ground as it pushed back with its hind limbs. It shot out like an arrow, cutting through the night!

"Who is it?" The guards at the palace gates asked loudly.

"It's me! Open the gate!" Princess Ling Meng screamed as she cried!

"Yes! It's the Princess…" The guard hurried greeted and opened the gate. Princess Ling Meng used more strength in the legs and the horse leaped out like it was riding clouds with another neigh. It galloped past numerous gates and the thuds were loud like thunder. Snow was flung up into the air behind its path…

At the same time, a slender figure in the palace rose silently, drifted for eight meters in air before suddenly spreading his body like flag swirling in a storm. With a zap, he was gone.

The emperor stood by the window with a pleased and brutal smile!

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