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This is a dream! It must be! I must have started dreaming from when they said Wen Xin can be saved… If it's not a dream, how is it even possible?

Someone who has been unconscious for ten years can be awakened… Two young adults still in their teen years reaching the fourth level of Supreme and Superior Supreme respectively… Ninth level of Spirit Xuan; clearly it is already Superior Supreme!

That kind of person doesn't even exist in myths… The old madam was happy beyond words…

She broke down, but was yet so happy. With such sweet dreams, nothing else really mattered!


The remote courtyard fell into an unprecedented silence. Outside the courtyard, men of the Dongfang family closely monitored any movement. The three brothers of the Dongfang family patrolled back and forth with their sword hilt, as if facing a great enemy. The old lady sat in the middle of the bedroom without blinking…

Mei Xue Yan, clad in white robe, stood on the top of the small building, looking around with her sword ready!

It was an absolutely foolproof precaution! Even if the three Holy Lands were to send all their men, Mei Xue Yan could single-handedly hold them off for a while… What's more, they were situated in a such secluded location in the first place…

In the bedroom, Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes and grabbed his mother's hand, sending a vast amount of pure spiritual aura into her, driving away the haze in her heart.

Jun Mo Xie did not dare to be too hasty. Not a single bit. He dissolved the haze bit by bit. After all, his mother had not moved for ten years. Even though her body had been conditioned by herself, she was still weak to a large extent. If he used to much power… He might cause incalculable harm…

They had to be exceptionally careful!

Jun Mo Xie was a hundred percent vigilant!

No mistakes could be made…

The haze at the heart of Dongfang Wen Xin slowly disappeared. Under the pressure of the infinitely powerful spiritual aura of Jun Mo Xie, it disappeared directly, leaving no trace. Slowly, only the last small bit was left…

If it was originally the size of an apple, then now it was only that of a strawberry…

The calm expression on Dongfang Wen Xin disappeared, replaced with a deep frown. She seemed to be aware that… she was about to be pulled out from her sweet dreams. So she was very unwilling. She still wanted to stay. But the pulling force was immense… So strong that she could not resist.

She struggled as hard as she could. The expression on her face became more and more painful, and her head was swaying violently… Grandma Dongfang gently held her daughter's hand. Her face was full of pity, surprise, and… concern…

At this moment, it was too late to stop. But the old lady was suddenly worried. She sort of regretted… If Wen Xin wakes up… and discovers that her husband and two sons are dead… How will she react?

What is the most important thing in a woman's life? Her family, her husband, and her kids!

Ten years of sweet dreams! All the happiness would disappear instantly. When she woke up, she not only had to face the tragedy of her husband pa.s.sing away, but also the fact that two of her three sons had died. How cruel it would be! How miserable!

The old lady could hardly imagine what her daughter would look like and how she would react when she woke up. She simply held her daughter's hand tightly and looked at her daughter with pain, struggle, and anxiety. She seemed to have to pa.s.s all her strength on to her daughter to help her withstand the endless pain…

It was almost done!

Even Mei Xue Yan who was on the rooftop could clearly detect the pain, the contradiction, and the excitement of Jun Mo Xie…

This was the critical moment!


Dongfang Wen Xin had a big frown. Painfully shaking her head with a facial expression that was full of the great dismay concerning life and death, sweat beads as big as soybeans covered her forehead. They slowly rolled down, and suddenly… Her eyes blinked… and then she cried out sadly, "Wu Hui!" Then she suddenly sat up!

At the same time, the huge spiritual energy in the meridians of Jun Mo Xie immediately reversed, bombing his Dan Tian. A mouthful of scarlet blood sprayed out continuously from his mouth. Nevertheless, he continued delivering his spiritual energy…

This injury was nothing like the fake they had planned. It was the real deal!

And it was a particularly big deal!

To make everything as authentic as possible, Jun Mo Xie decided to really use up all his power. With the explosion within him, his inner organs were badly damaged. He was very close to death…

From a secular point of view, as Dongfang Wen Xin woke up, it would be over for Jun Mo Xie. It would be likely that he would not be getting off a bed for life. This was no exaggeration!

But he had to give his all because he cared for his mother so much, and it would be worse if something bad happened to his mother!

For my mother, I will do anything! For her, the injury… is worth it! No matter how severe!

Dongfang Wen Xin only felt that she woke up from a distant dream. She opened her eyes blankly with a still painful expression… She felt that there was still a warm current in her hands. Upon opening her eyes, she saw an old face full of wrinkles, looking at herself with tears. It was a familiar voice, trembling with a cry. "Wen Xin, my daughter… My dear daughter, you finally woke up…"

With her eyes wide open, the Dongfang Wen Xin looked at the face unbelievably. Being the daughter, she recognized that the old lady in front of her was her mother, who had been such a splendid woman. She immediately panicked and cried out, "Mother?! How did you become like this?"

"There's nothing wrong with me. Leave me alone. Look after your son first. Alas, poor boy…" The old lady burst into tears, and her tears continued to fall.

"Son…?" Dongfang Wen Xin looked up, only to see a young, handsome, and familiar face reflected, lying on the quilt covered with her own body. His eyes were closed, and he was pale, like the dead, with blood constantly gushing out from his mouth. He had obviously dropped unconscious… But his smile still suggested a trace of joy…

It was "his" face! This person in front of me is indeed my son!

One of his hands is clutching mine. This stream of warmth… it is flowing form this hand…

My son woke me up?

But, what has happened to him? Why is he like this?

Suddenly, Dongfang Wen Xin felt great grief and sorrow. She felt as if her heart and lungs were tearing apart from all her sadness as she eyed her son's pale face and the bloodstain by his mouth…

"This is… Mo You?" She looked at her son in front of her in bewilderment. Before she fell unconscious, Mo You, her eldest son, had been about this age, but… perhaps still a bit older than this person before her. "Or is it Mo Chou?"

She reached out her trembling hand and rolled up Jun Mo Xie's right sleeve. After looking at it, she shook her head, and said, "Not Mo Chou, nor Mo You…" Suddenly, she cried out with great sadness, "Is it Mo Xie?"

She stretched out her hand hurriedly and pushed aside the hair of her son. There were three red nevi above his ear. The red nevi in this position was not even known to Jun Mo Xie himself!

It was very small, like three sesames aligned in a line… This was also a sign that only a mother could find…

"It's Mo Xie… My Mo Xie…" Dongfang Wen Xin began to panic, instantly she felt a twitching heartache. "Mother… What happened to Mo Xie? Why is he vomiting so much blood? You are skilled… Save him…"

"What's wrong? Aren't you to blame for that?" The old lady wiped her tears, "You have been sleeping for ten years. The Dongfang and Jun families have exhausted countless efforts and human resources, and was still unable to wake you up… Mo Xie, in order to wake you up, has practiced a magical technique since childhood. Now, as he has finally made breakthroughs, he can't wait to save you. But in order to save you… this silly child has exhausted all his strength, triggering the power to recoil back on him. So he is vomiting blood… and life is at stake… You… Wen Xin… Look at your son, you… How can you bear to do this? You… Alas…"

With a long sigh, the old lady lifted Jun Mo Xie and let him lean in in her arms. She wiped blood stains from his mouth with a soft silk scarf. But in this way, the pale face with great mental distress was completely revealed to Dongfang Wen Xin.

"I've been sleeping for ten years?" Dongfang Wen Xin questioned, confused herself, but immediately left the matter behind. She was concerned as she even forgot her own pain, and hastily urged, "Mother… Is Mo Xie going to be okay? Do something about it. This silly boy, he… Why is he so desperate?"

"Why so desperate? You still dare to ask! It was all for you, his mother! Is it not because he wanted to have a mother to love him? Poor child, he has nothing left except for you. But you are still lying there ignoring him… How painful and concerned would the child be? Have you ever thought about it?"

The old lady continued to lament. "You only cared about your tragedy, and refused to wake up from your dreams… But what about this kid? Mo Xie, he is still lucky… He has grown to this age without any illness or disaster, but he must be… missing you…"

Dongfang Wen Xin was really distressed. She threw the quilt aside to get out of bed. "Let me look… look at Mo Xie, my poor child…" She held Jun Mo Xie tightly in her arms, and suddenly burst into tears…

I've been sleeping for ten years… Wu Hui has already pa.s.sed away for ten years… Ten years! What a long time! I don't know how my three children grew up without their mother's care. How are they doing?

The loving nature of a mother filled her heart for a moment, and even the indispensable image of her husband was thrown aside for a while…

Dongfang Wenxin did not feel anything strange, but the old lady opened her eyes in disbelief. She could immediately come down and walk normally? Exactly how powerful was Mo Xie's technique? How badly is he really hurt? By now, the old lady was really becoming worried…"Originally I thought it was just a minor injury, but now it looks… quite serious…"

Dongfang Wen Qing quietly came in, and deeply sighed. "For these years, younger sister, you…" He could not finish his sentence and began sobbing uncontrollably again…

"All you know is to care for your son… But you know what? Your own mother, I, aged overnight for your sake…" the old lady sighed sadly…

"Mother… It's all my fault. I was not filial. I'm sorry… Mo Xie, my Mo Xie… I am a bigger disappointment to you…" Dongfang Wen Xin tightly embraced Jun Mo Xie, bursting into loud a cry…

"Don't cry anymore! Save the child first! " the old lady breathed a sigh of relief and warned loudly. This stage had finally pa.s.sed. As for the future, that would be a future matter…

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