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"What ident.i.ties she has?" Jun Mo Xie shook his head, looking puzzled. My mother had an ident.i.ty that I did not know of?

"When she came to this world, she is firstly a daughter. My daughter!"

Grandma Dongfang stared at Jun Mo Xie without blinking as more tears rolled down and her white hair danced with the wind. "Secondly, she is the younger sister of her three brothers… Then she is Jun Wu Hui's wife! Next she is your family's daughter-in-law and finally, your mother!"

"First as a daughter, then a wife and finally a mother… or a grandmother!" Grandma Dongfang looked up a the sky and sighed depressingly, "She only fulfilled her duty as a wife by sleeping here all the time… What about her mother who is in so much agony day and night? Is she not responsible as well? From a young age, her son had a mother who was as good as none, isn't this her responsibility as well? She still has so many duties in life; how can she remain asleep?"

The old lady was shouting fiercely when she reached the last sentence!

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan were really shocked. They suddenly understood! Jun Mo Xie had worried that his selfish act would hurt his mother, but did not realize that it would be more so if he did not!

So many people would be let down!

She must wake up!

"Wake her up… as she must!" the old lady said with a low voice, "She should not have slept like this ten years ago. It would even be better if she killed herself then and would not have haunted me and the whole family for so many years. Our relentless effort was all for this day, for her to wake up! If she dares to kill herself… how can she even do that in front of her son, her daughter-in-law, and her heartbroken mother? If she really does so, I… I will not stop her! Even if she was to die before me, it would be better than now!"

Till this point, two streams of tears finally gushed out uncontrollably. Grandma Dongfang continued while crying, "As a woman, I have experienced many things till now, and even situations similar. I understand her! I can empathize with her! But… she have to endure her own suffering! She cannot escape forever! Grief is an integral part of life!"

As she continued on, her body suddenly trembled vigorously. Although she sounded very cold, her great excitement and antic.i.p.ation for her daughter to wake up had become evident…

She slowly approached the bed and gently touched her daughter's exquisite face; her words were stern but her actions were gentle, lest interrupting her daughter's sweet dreams… Her gestures and gaze were both so warm and gentle! She carefully removed her daughter's hair from her face and leaned down to touch it with her cheeks. She said softly, "There isn't a single ordeal that cannot be overcome. Wen Xin, I, your mother, will accompany you no matter what… We will manage everything together… you… you won't be lonely…"

"Alright, grandma… since you insist, I will prepare to wake her up…" Jun Mo Xie now appeared determined. He was always like this; as long as he had made a decision, he would not regret it! Earlier, he had not hade up his mind yet, so he was hesitant. But now, he only needed to consider what happened next!

"After… After you wake up…" Grandma Dongfang looked at her daughter's face and could not resist covering her face to cry. "What awaits will be endless suffering… or even… more tragedy! No more husband… and two more sons… Oh my daughter! My Wen Xin! Why is your life so tragic? Every time I think of this, I just feel unbearable pain in my heart! Every time, I would rather you don't wake up…"

"I… I have a way to let mother recover as fast as possible," Mei Xue Yan said carefully.

"What is it?" Both Jun Mo Xie and Grandma Dongfang were in ecstasy and asked simultaneously.

"If… if Mo Xie used up all his strength to save mother and then lost his consciousness so that he is almost dead… if so, how will mother react?" Mei Xue Yan said slowly.

"Almost death? Loss of consciousness?" Both of them were shocked, but continued to think about it as if they got where she was coming from. Suddenly, Grandma Dongfang clapped her thighs and praised out loud, "What a nice plan! In this case, Wen Xin would devote her time in taking care of her son, and naturally she would leave everything else aside first… She will only have the mood to understand other things once her son is getting better. And by then, all the facts will seem less devastating to her. What a nice plan focused on human psychology! Mo Xie, your wife isn't bad…"

The old was after all more experienced. Grandma Dongfang figured out what Mei Xue Yan meant before Jun Mo Xie did.

With his intelligence, Jun Mo Xie immediately understood as well. He nodded profusely and agreed. "Indeed a marvelous plan! Although it is deceptive… but it is actually the best way out for now! Xue Yan… my wonderful wife! I will reward you tonight for coming up with such a nice plan…"

Mei Xue Yan immediately flushed and complained, "S… Speak properly! Don't be… anyways, I intend for you to be really hurt… if you try to pretend and mother discovers, then the situation might get worse… It will only be effective if you are really hurt!"

"A real injury? This is…" the old lady was hesitant.

"Being able to deceive someone who takes care of him everyday for a long time is very difficult. Furthermore, even if mother is not an expert, she is still a Xuan Qi pract.i.tioner. So, if you try to pretend to be hurt, it might not work…"

Mei Xue Yan smiled confidently, "But being the almighty Mo Xie, I am sure he will be fine with strange injuries such as impacted inner organs or power failure… as long as he controls himself daily…"

Grandma Dongfang could not understand what Mei Xue Yan had said, partly because of her unexceptional cultivation and partly due to a lack of understanding of what her grandson was capable of. But Jun Mo Xie beside her clearly understood. Getting himself injured? That was too easy for him! As long as his soul was not shredded into pieces, what kind of injury could bother him with all the spiritual aura gathered from the heavens and the earth? The control she was referring to was actually for him to hold onto his recovery powers from healing him too quickly…

"T..That's a bit too risky, isn't it? Impacted internal organs and power failure? This is…" the old lady sucked in some cold air. "This is not child's play… if something went wrong, then… I would have lost both my daughter and grandson? No, no! This is too risky, let's try something else!"

"Don't worry, grandma. Mo Xie will be fine. Your grandson is really capable!" Mei Xue Yan put on a lovely smile.

"Really?" Upon seeing Mei Xue Yan's confidence, Grandma Dongfang looked at Jun Mo Xie with much less doubt. She put on a more serious face and scrutinized his grandson, but completely failed to notice what level he was on. "Mo Xie, tell me honestly, what's the level of your Xuan cultivation? If you are above the Sky Xuan cultivation, it is still possible… but aren't you too young to be?" asked Grandma Dongfang.

Jun Mo Xie exchanged a smile with Mei Xue Yan and replied, "Grandma, you are in the Supreme realm now, I suppose? The seventh level of the Spirit Xuan? The third tier of Supreme?" Jun Mo Xie's question contained much confidence.

"You can tell my cultivation?" the old lady was really surprised. She could not tell his cultivation, but he could hers… does this mean that Jun Mo Xie had a higher cultivation than her?

"Yes, my Xuan cultivation would be at the eighth level of the Spirit Xuan and the fourth tier of Supreme!" Jun Mo Xie thought for a short while and decided to tell her the truth, "If I could improve a bit more, it would be the Superior Supreme level…"

"Tsk…" Grandma Dongfang sucked in more cold air. She stared at her wonderful grandson, and then shook twice before crashing down on the chair. Mei Xue Yan was fast to react. She quickly supported the old lady.

The eighth level of Spirit Xuan!

The fourth tier of Supreme!

The old lady felt that she was either dreaming or that her grandson was exaggerating. She shook her head profusely in great disbelief, "H..How is this possible?"

"Nothing is impossible, Grandma. Don't worry. Mo Xie indeed has this cultivation… If he were really to fight, ordinary Superior Supremes would not be able to keep him company!" Mei Xue Yan was extremely confident.

What Mei Xue Yan had said now was clearly quite untrue. With the skills Jun Mo Xie had now, it would not be "unable to keep him company" but "would be killed immediately"… Those fifteen experts from the Supreme Golden City getting a.s.sa.s.sinated in the snowy meadow, with five solid Superior Supremes, was a good ill.u.s.tration.

Even the supreme a.s.sa.s.sin Chu Qi Hun could not achieve this, even though everyone else thought he had…

After all, the top a.s.sa.s.sin, the venerable a.s.sa.s.sin of this world was undoubtably Jun Mo Xie!

"Oh…" Grandma Dongfang stood up trembling, with the support of the bed. She looked at Mei Xue Yan and said, "Young lady, I am very confident in my discerning skills, but I really could not tell the true power of you and Mo Xie. If Mo Xie is already a Supreme, then what about… you?"

With her many years of experience, the old lady had already noticed that her granddaughter-in-law was also exceptional. Since she had already started to question, she decided to go all the way…

"I… I am actually… slightly stronger than him…" Mei Xue Yan took a long while to choose the suitable words and said with a humble mumble.

"Oh my goodness!" The old lady's eyes rolled back and fainted. Her body weakened and collapsed…

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