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What should I do?

Seeing the satisfied and calm look on his mother's face, Jun Mo Xie was feeling disconcerted.

There's a "Xie" in my name! I never denied that I was wicked! I was never a good guy!

I was always self-centered; I always do what I want to without hesitation!

But then…

It's my mother before me!

Can I really be so cruel as to drag her out of her sweet dreams simply because I have the selfish desire to reunite with her?

How is she going to face the fact that she will be living without her husband and two sons? Will she be able to take it? Furthermore, if she sees how her family has fallen into such a pathetic situation, how could she live peacefully? Also, would she feel guilty and ashamed of herself when she realized that her mother suffered for ten years and aged overnight because of her?

Without the urge to live, how can she be revived?

How can I let a woman who has given up lead a painful life that is as good as dead?

Can I really be so selfish?

Jun Mo Xie silently questioned himself; the usually decisive Jun Mo Xie was now facing a dilemma!

How could he call himself a son if he did not save her while he could? His conscience did not allow that. And it was obviously not right by anyone's standard. How heartless would he be if he did it!

"What's wrong with you?" As Mei Xue Yan was also sobbing at the scene before her, her sharp senses told her that there was something wrong with Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie shook his head in great dismay. He reached out his shaking hand and held the small, withering tree on his mother. He was shocked the moment he made contact. As the fluorescent light touched his skin, he could clearly feel that he was being re-energized.

What a wonderful treasure!

With such magical object, it was not surprising that Dongfang Wen Xin could have her life extended for ten years!

As Mei Xue Yan was still puzzled, Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes and forced out the power of wood from his body with full strength! At this moment, his great sorrow mingled together with the power of the Exquisite Hongjun PaG.o.da and transformed all the spiritual aura into the power of wood!

For… my mother!

Maybe you really do not want to wake up so that you can fulfill your wish to stay together with father for life… But even if it is a dream, I hope I can enter it and make your sweet dream better…

The power of wood!

Jun Mo Xie had been practicing this skill ever since he had acquired it. It was just he had never used it yet…

But, what exactly was the power of wood?

The power of wood represented the purest essence of plants! With enough of it, one could germinate any sort of strange and magical seeds… With enough of it, one could let a tree instantly grow to the day of its demise or revive a plant that was about to wither…

It s.n.a.t.c.hed the creation of the world, gathered the quintessence of the heavens, and transformed spiritual aura of the five elements!

The power of wood!

Too amazing? Exposing his true powers? Revealing his trump card?

Right now, Jun Mo Xie did not worry about any that. He concentrated fully on creating a comfortable environment for his mother…

Mei Xue Yan's confusion became shock and finally amazement!

What sort of stupefying change did she witness to make the usually calm Mei Xue Yan so shocked!

It was all merely because everything that was happening was too unbelievable.

The small, withering magical tree was regaining robustness at an observable speed in Jun Mo Xie's palms. The fluorescence intensified and the plant glowed more green. The withering leaves and branches slowly changed to light green and then deep green which finally developed to the extent that it was almost transparent… The whole room had become lively due to the rejuvenation of the small tree and the accompanying green flashes…

That was not it. A small bud emerged on the top of the tree suddenly and developed into the small petal of emerald green leaf and this continued on and on…

Mei Xue Yan felt that her collapsing legs could not support herself anymore. She could only slowly sit down with dropping jaws, utter shock, and an inability to make anymore sound…

Even she had never heard of this sort of power. It was above being a myth…

Slowly, the small tree that was only of palm-size grew from five petals to fifteen as it regained its green hue. Its size also grew at a very fast rate to the size of one's head, widening to three times of its original… If the previous tree could support Dongfang Wen Xin for ten years, then this one could for a hundred!

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes. Tears continued to ooze from the corners of the eyes, and the body's spiritual power was also delivered unreservedly.

There was an upper limit to the power of a man as there was an upper limit to the power of plants. Even if the small tree was magical, it had its limits in loading the essence of heaven and earth. Under the constant perfusion from Jun Mo Xie, the vitality of the small tree was finally full!

Jun Mo Xie did not dare continue anymore. He was worried that it would be too much for the magical tree to take.

He finally stopped, but his eyes remained closed and his expression was one full of devotion. Holding mother's slender hands and gently rubbing them against his face, he felt a tender and delicate touch. His tear continued to roll down, wetting his mother's palm.

This is what I want and dream…

He did not hesitate to start the work of heaven-making again. He slowly instilled his mother's meridians with the most pure spiritual power in his body, carefully combing any impurities in each meridian of his mother.

I'm sorry…

Although you wish to sleep, or would rather die to meet my father, but… as a son, I can't let you go, even if you sleep all your life ignoring me and refuse to say a word … I am your child after all…

There was a great haziness surrounding the heart of Dongfang Wen Xin, which was as dense as fog and almost solid. Jun Mo Xie knew very well that as long as he could clear this fog, his mother would wake up immediately, but…

Jun Mo Xie set this matter aside for a while before he making his final decision. If… she really woke up, and immediately decided to commit suicide… then all his efforts would be in vain!

So, Jun Mo Xie could only for now adjust his mother's meridians and everything else to the best possible state. As for the heart, he did not dare to touch it.

After quite a while, Jun Mo Xie opened his eyes and looked ahead in perplexity. In that position, a portrait of his father was smiling comfortingly at him.

Jun Mo Xie took a long breath and said to himself in a low voice, "What am I supposed to do? Am I sure? Xue Yan, I can wake my mother up… and restore her body to its best state… But, her heart, I can't do it… Xue Yan, you tell me, what am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do?"

As he talked, Jun Mo Xie was still staring blankly at the warm gaze of his father in the drawing in front of him, as if….. asking his elusive father for advice…

Mei Xue Yan was momentarily speechless. After a long pause, she finally shook her head slowly and said, "I don't know… to be fair, it's a dead knot… standing in the position of a woman… if it's you in the drawing and I'm lying on that bed… I don't want to wake up… I'd rather sleep forever… I would simply want to be accompanied by you in my dreams… Although the world outside is reality… but you would not be present…"

She smiled sadly and said, "Mother had drawn so many portraits of father before she fell asleep to accompany her. This showed that she was obviously determined to sleep forever… She had made up such a perfect world for only father and herself.. It would be cruel to force her out… So, she had absolutely sufficient reasons to continue sleeping… After all, that's what she sought for. Maybe we really shouldn't disturb her. If our mother can get what she wants and be happy, isn't it better than anything?"

Jun Mo Xie sighed in dismay and said, "I also think so but…"

"But if you have the ability to wake her up… but didn't… I'm afraid that's not very right either…" Mei Xue Yan said soberly, "Firstly, with her lying down here like this, two big families will continue to suffer… The Dongfang family had already sacrificed so much for mother, and the grandma is suffering day and night, and feeling better dead than alive… There is also the Jun Family, trying to avenge father and their sons… On the other hand, it's you… Can you really leave everything as it is? It is also problematic ethically…"

"If you can, wake her up!" Suddenly, a depressing voice sounded outside the door. They looked up in surprise and saw Grandma Dongfang standing at the door with tears on her face and trembling.

This pathetic mother followed them here after all…

The old lady trembled, poked the floor with her crutches heavily. With a loud bang, she repeated, "Wake her up!" The remark showed extreme urgency and certainty.

Then she came in, tears in her eyes, but also full of great surprise, and fixed her gaze on Jun Mo Xie. She said word by word, "Mo Xie, if you have the ability to wake her up, why are you still hesitating? Let her wake up immediately! Immediately! Immediately!"

Jun Mo Xie said, still upset, "I also do, Grandma… but what will happen when she wakes up? How is she going to face the brutal world?"

"Even if she can't face it, she still has to! There are always many things in life that you do not want to face, but have to!" Although the old lady's eyes were glittering with tears, but she was fierce. Her fervent gaze appeared to be able to melt one's soul. She said heavily, "Mo Xie… your mother… Have you wondered what kind of ident.i.ty she has?"The "Xie" in Jun Mo Xie's name means "evil."

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