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Suddenly, a loud and clear voice was heard, "Sikong Family bids five-hundred-thousand!" Jun Mo Xie found this voice to be familiar. It turned out that the bidder was an old acquaintance of his'— Sikong An Ye; he was Head of the Sikong family. Sikong An Ye flashed a faint smile when he saw that Jun Mo Xie looking over.

This man had been arranged by Jun Mo Xie before the start of the event to act a phony customer… He was supposed to lure the real customers into spending more money. It was obvious that these phony customers weren't of much use in the present situation. However, Sikong An Ye still hadn't held back. Moreover, he had suddenly shot up the bid's price to five-hundred-thousand in gold from three-hundred-and-fifty-thousand.

That guy named Wei irritably looked over, "Hey, Little Man Sikong! Do you even have so much gold with you? Don't raise the price on purpose!"

Sikong An Ye snorted, and replied, "Mr. Jiang Dong's Wei, shut your mouth if you don't have the money!"

Jun Mo Xie realized that these two families also harbored hatred against each other as soon as he heard this…

Upstairs, Mei Xue Yan had already told Gian Qing Han to record this; she had also asked for the Sikong Family to be marked separately. After all, the Sikong Family was considered as a faithful ally to the Jun family. So, how can they not pay more attention to them?

Downstairs, a lot of people had begun to bid. Therefore, the compet.i.tion had leveled-up, "The Eagle City's Guan Family bids at five-hundred-and-twenty-thousand in gold!"

"Southwestern Liu Family bids at five-hundred-and-thirty-thousand in gold... "

"Northeastern Xianyu Family bids at six-hundred-thousand in gold..."

The people from the Sikong and Wei families sat down as the other families started to fall over each other in excitement in order to make their bids. However, the majority of the influential families were sitting contented. After all, this was only the fourth of the fifty batches. So, there was no need to hurry. But, it must be said that the faster one would get their hands on these pills — the more relieved they'd feel…

Jun Mo Xie was continuously hopping-about the stage while splattering his saliva in excitement. He was cunningly adding oil and vinegar to the fire from the stage; he obviously wanted to transform this spectacle into a ma.s.sive and unstoppable wildfire.

"Is there any further increase in the price? Is there any? The price is at six-hundred-thousand in gold now! Six-hundred-thousand in gold… goes once... Oh! There are friends who are holding up the bidder's sign... They appear financially stronger! Good! He bids at six-hundred-and-fifty-thousand in gold as expected! Six-hundred-and-fifty-thousand goes once... Right over there… That brother bids at six-hundred-and-eighty-thousand! Six-hundred-and-eighty-thousand! These Bone Tempering Pills are in a refined form… The herbs which were used to refine these pills are rarely ever found in this world… You might never be able to find these pills if you miss this chance right now! Over there… The friend bids at seven-hundred-thousand! Everyone should understand that gold is a trivial thing... What importance does it hold in comparison to the future of our families? It may be hard to pay such amounts of money today, but this hardship will ensure the fall of your enemy in future. And, that will ensure the success of your family… Over there… a friend… what? Wow! Eight-hundred-thousand…! Eight-hundred-thousand goes once… Eight-hundred-thousand… This amount is quite surprising… But, it's worth it when one wants the family to prosper for a thousand years… What is Eight-hundred-thousand for something like that?"

Jun Mo Xie had splattered all of it out in one go. But, the price didn't rise any further once it had climbed up to eight-hundred-thousand. After all, it was about eight-hundred-thousand in gold… Not just any eight-hundred-thousand clods of land! It was an extremely terrifying figure!

Jun Mo Xie called out the digits five or six times. Eventually, he was forced to drop the gavel with slight despair in his heart, "Eight-hundred-thousand goes twice... Eight-hundred-thousand goes thrice! It is a deal!"

"Only for eight-hundred-thousand…? These rare divine pills can entirely transform a Xuan pract.i.tioner's body! But, these pills are being sold at such a small price? Bah! There's no justice in this world! Such an amount is given out to old men so that they can buy walking sticks! I would've set these pills at a much higher price if I had known this earlier!"

Great Young Master Jun Mo Xie was feeling very apprehensive. And, he kept muttering these words endlessly. He had reached a deal a moment ago, but it was evident that he wasn't satisfied with it. However, every other family had been rendered speechless.

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