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There was an inconspicuous little town some distance from the Southern Heaven City. It was called Ivory Town. The town had only a few hundred households in it. However, there was a lot of hustle-and-bustle in the teahouse outside the town. This was because a group of white-clothed people were sitting in a circle, and were looking southwards from time to time.

They were many in number. And, all of them were wearing snow-white clothes; without exception. They were bustling-about a little, but their faces were ice-cold. In fact, their ice-cold faces and snow-white clothes were enough to freeze the people around them.

Even the Teahouse’s servers didn’t dare approach them after they greeted them the first time. They had understood that this group shouldn’t disturb them. Moreover, even the air they exhaled seemed to be very cold. So, no one wanted to provoke them.

These men were the Spirit Xuan experts from the Silver Blizzard City — The Seven Swords and the Six Elders. The Sky Xuan Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong were also there. Han Yan Meng and Xiao Feng Wu were present as well. It could be said that these people from the Silver Blizzard City were extremely gloomy from the backdrop of their journey from the Southern Heaven City. The Jun Family’s Jun Wu Yi was supposed to have died. In fact, he shouldn’t have had any chance of survival. But, his situation had unexpectedly taken a turn for the worst in their perspective. He had returned safe and sound. Moreover, his situation had improved considerably. In fact, the Silver Blizzard City couldn’t dare to regard him lightly anymore.

Their main aim had been to deal with the Solitary Falcon. However, they hadn’t gotten any chance to do it over the course of their stay there. And then, that heaven-shaking powerful and mysterious black-clothed person had also appeared. His strength was such that even the Seven Swords and Six Elders felt terrified of him. They had feared this Mysterious Man would try to look for them for the troubles they had caused the Jun Family. So, they didn’t even wait for the matter to finish, and had set out from the Southern Heaven City. They were preparing to pa.s.s through Tian Xiang on their return-journey to the Silver City.

They had already sent a report of everything that had happened in the Southern Heaven City to the Silver City via an eagle. The upper echelons of the Silver Blizzard City had sniffed a lot of danger upon hearing that extraordinary news. One could only imagine the mysterious black-clothed man’s strength when he had managed to kill someone like Li Jue Tian with such ease.

The Xiao Family’s Great Elder Xiao Xing Yun and the Lord of the Silver Blizzard City had given the command… all men who had gone to the Southern heaven City were to withdraw without any delay. The other forces of the city were also to return. Their strength would be consolidated, and preparations for any eventualities would be made.

The severity of that command was even greater than that time when the Silver Blizzard City had faced the Dongfang Family. The former had been at a disadvantage. However, the Silver Blizzard City had been confident that they could reverse the situation. So much so that they hadn’t even dispatch their high-level troops. None of them had given any importance to the Dongfang a.s.sa.s.sins even though they had wreaked havoc across the world…

However, this situation was completely different. The strength of that Mysterious Man was too high for the Dongfang Family to even compare… especially since he wasn’t confronting the whole world at once. Therefore, the other cities, families, and powerful ent.i.ties would merely watch from safety in case he decided to deal with the Silver Blizzard City. In fact, it was next-to-concluded that no one would come to the aid of the Silver Blizzard City in such an event.

Therefore, this order had been extremely urgent. And, one could see it from the Silver Blizzard City’s shock, nervousness, and even panic.

Xiao Han had nearly lost his mind over the course of this journey. His eyes had become red. His spirit had also gone insane. Moreover, the number of innocent people who had died at his hands over the course of this journey numbered no less than ten. In fact, it seemed that they wouldn’t be able to reach the Silver City before the time he would go completely insane if things continued like that.

[Such an insignificant man has robbed my fiancée! I have been superior to this insignificant creature all these past years! He may be heroic. His character may be lofty and unyielding. But, I still possess strength which far surpa.s.ses his’! Even my backing is more than eight-to-ten times stronger than his! I can even insult him as I like. I can play around with him, and I can even wreak havoc over him!]

[I Xiao Han am at Sky Xuan expert! And, what are you, Jun Wu Yi?]

Xiao Han had been taking pleasure in the mistreatments he had dealt to Jun Wu Yi for all those years. [You want to rob my wife? I will ruin your family! I’ll destroy your descendants, and I’ll make you the shame of this mortal world! But, I won’t let you die even then. I will insult you bit-by-bit till you die!]

However, the man he could’ve insulted as he wished… the man he could play-around-with in his deformity… had suddenly turned into someone whom he couldn’t even dare to provoke.

[Everything has changed because of that Mysterious Man! That Mysterious Man has changed everything!]

It was a drastic change. It was almost as if he was a creature that was high up in the heavens and was looking down on all creation. However, he had suddenly fallen from the sky, and had crossed the eighteen levels of h.e.l.l to end up in its lowest dungeon. And, such a change was something which a petty person like Xiao Han couldn’t endure.

Moreover, he had the thirteen elders with him. All of them were at Spirit Xuan. They were peak experts. Their comprehensive strength was enough to trample the entire continent. But, even such an unreasonably strong force was suddenly cowering in front of the might of that mysterious person. In fact, they weren’t even thinking of taking the initiative, and didn’t even dare to stand out.

And, Xiao Han had gone crazy as a result. Perhaps it could be said that he had no other thoughts except for the ones that were crumbling his mind down to insanity.

The Leader of the contingent from the Silver Blizzard City — Xiao Bu Yu — was helpless at Xiao Han’s descent into insanity. He had to postpone the journey further at the lack of any better option. This matter had stirred up a lot for trouble for the Second Xiao Elder. In fact, he had lost his honor. He hadn’t been so disgraced even when he had to face the might of the Old Lady of the Dongfang Family.

Moreover, he knew what Xio Han was thinking about… what he hoped for. However, he couldn’t dare to act on his grandson’s desires. He felt somewhat guilty for Xiao Han. However, Xiao Bu Yu would become very ashamed if his grandson were to become a living mad-man.

Therefore, he put a stop to their travels so that they could rest.

"What is Jun Wu Yi? He is a trash who takes help from others and their talents. How can he ever compare and compete with me? I am n.o.bler than he is! I’m more outstanding than he is! I ought to be trampling over him my entire life! Also, I ought to be ruining him, and playing-around with him all I wish! He’ll be an insignificant cripple forever!" Xiao Han continued to chatter and shout those words as he went mad.

n.o.body responded to him. That was because everyone knew that he was fundamentally speaking nonsense. [Who is Jun Wu Yi? He is the great Blood General! He rules freely over the battleground, and has never been defeated! The man has already achieved so much at such a young age. No one knows how brilliant he would’ve become if it weren’t for the unreasonable intervention of the Xiao Family’s elders. However, he didn’t give up growing even after ten years of being a cripple. Jun Wu Yi is at the Sky Xuan’s middle rank now. What kind of unwavering determination does he have? What kind of willpower does he possess?]

[But, what are you, Xiao Han?! You were offered the best services and training at the Xiao Family. You had the best training environment and innumerable rare medicines! But, you’re still at the first level of the Sky Xuan realm. And yet, you think about questioning someone else’s worth?]

"I’ve decided… Jun Wu Yi and I will have a decisive battle! To… decide who gets the bride!" Xiao Han didn’t seem to have realized the senselessness of his words. Moreover, his eyes became red, and his body shuddered as he looked directly at Xiao Bu Yu. These words seemed to have come from the bottom of his heart. His coa.r.s.e and gloomy voice resembled a smashed gong.

Perhaps this was something only Xiao Han could’ve come up with.

"It doesn’t matter if I live or die! I must go and fight with him! I can’t live in the same world as Jun Wu Yi!" Xiao Han forefinger trembled as he pointed with it. His hair was disheveled, his complexion was pale, and his eyes were full of madness. "I will go alone if you don’t agree! I will die here if I don’t go! I’ve decided that I won’t return to the Silver City like this! I’m too ashamed to return like this!"

Xiao Han looked extremely sad and regretful at that moment. Han Yan Meng didn’t harbor a good impression of him. However, even she felt pity for the man.

The man had been robbed of his fiancée. Even if his fiancée didn’t feel a thing for him! It would’ve been one matter if they had voluntarily renounced their engagement. However, someone stealing his cherished fiancée was another matter altogether.

Xiao Bu Yu looked-on profoundly. Then, he looked at the other elders. And, all of them nodded slowly.

Xiao Han’s decision was difficult to walk away from.

All of them were part of society. And, all of them had the blood of men flowing within them. How could they not understand? They couldn’t dare to destroy the Jun Family. But, Xiao Han was still a victim in their eyes. So, his desire to fight the man who had stolen his spouse was quite understandable.

"He robbed my wife!" these words were always a taboo around Xiao Han. No one in the Silver City dared to mention these words around him… including the Xiao Family’s elders. However, Xiao Han had spoken these words himself at this time. So, it was clear what situation he was in! Xiao Han would probably suffer from extreme grief, and would lose his mind forever if his request wasn’t fulfilled…

Therefore, these men from the Silver Blizzard City had decided to wait at that place for the arrival of Jun Wu Yi’s army. They would challenge him once he had arrived. And, they knew that the proud Jun Wu Yi would never refuse such a challenge even if he had some disadvantage…

Xiao Han would put an end to his disgrace, and insult his opponent to give full vent to his feelings. However, everything would be fine as long as he didn’t take Jun Wu Yi’s life.

Their speed was quite fast. So, the men from the Silver City had arrived much earlier. And, they had been waiting for four days since Jun Wu Yi’s army hadn’t arrived yet.

However, it was their misfortune that their wait wouldn’t only see the arrival of Jun Wu Yi and his army. There were others as well who were travelling on this road!

The sun set as another day pa.s.sed.

Everyone from the Silver City prepared to eat dinner. They had already converted that teahouse into a restaurant. The Elders of the Silver City looked like cold and bad people. But, they were extremely wealthy, and paid the patron of the teahouse very handsomely. In fact, the money was equivalent to the amount the-said patron would take home after a full year’s harvest. Therefore, the man wasn’t disgusted. In fact, he was thankful to the G.o.d of Wealth. He also ensured that no one would disturb the men from the Silver City. He was very happy, and had grown very fond of them.

Then, they suddenly heard a great clatter of hooves arise. It wasn’t too fast, nor was it too slow. It was coming from the direction of the Southern Heaven City.

It was two women!

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