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Rogen didn’t know what he felt at the moment, Hina believed him, however, she followed him, he was very confused, when must he leave the ship? Where must he go?

The sea is very big and it seems like he could go anywhere, but he couldn’t be anywhere.

Fred pushed him and said ” Come on, there is a spare escape boat on board, you can take it and leave”

Sipping his lips, Rogen had to leave the boat by Fred.

At this moment, Rogen suddenly felt that life was sometimes helpless, Hina didn’t choose to tell him personally what this meant, he naturally understood.

Once again, a great relationship and very intimate, this two already had a diaphragm at this moment.

This diaphragm may seem thin, but it means that they may separate from each other.

She didn’t choose to meet up with Rogen, it was destiny, she asked herself and didn’t let Rogen explain, that’s because that girl was very clever, she knew clearly that she and Rogen were unlikely to be together.

Therefore, Fred’s arrival means that the relationship between the two had come to an end.

A criminal with a reward of 110 million belly must not discuss with him when he had the strength to destroy everything

They knew also that such a person couldn’t live with ordinary people at all.

While Hina was doing business, perhaps she really could give something for love, but before this step, she was hesitant. She couldn’t tell her feeling for Rogen at the moment, she just sighed then followed Dr. Fred.

As they walked quietly, they came to the deck, also they walked around the road, and there was a terrified scream.

At the same time, several sharp whistling voices also came.

“Fiyu fiyu fiyu”

Fred and Rogen quickly looked up and immediately saw three black cannonb.a.l.l.s pa.s.sing overhead, and then slammed into the other side of the boat.


A large expanse of seawater exploded and the ship creaked and began to shake violently.


“Pirates! My G.o.d, its pirates!”

“How can there be pirates here!! What should I do? What do we do? ”

At that moment, people on the boat were panicking, it was impossible to imagine that there was a pirate regiment in this area.

Fred heard the creak of the boat, his white hair was splashed with water and it looked very embarra.s.sing, but at this moment, he was completely uninterested about it, he strode forward and then he looked to the sea. And Rogen quickly followed him.

In all of this, there was a very fast ship coming toward them, and it made a loud sound.

The canvas swelled high with a hideous skeleton on it.

In the office, Hina was alarmed and she quickly ran out, when she saw the pirate ship on the sea, her face changed.

“Captain, this is the Sauders pirates, their reward is fifteen million and they are the most dangerous group in the sea”

“There are rumors that they had gone to the grand line a year ago, how could they appeared here?”

Behind Hina, there was a middle-aged man with a sickle on his waist.

“No matter what is going on, we can't go without a fight, summon the combatants on board and prepare for the battle.”

She stared at the distance in a dignified way and quickly said.

The middle-aged man nodded, turned quickly, and began to call on the ship’s fighters. As a merchant shipping fleet, it was normal for them to hire some fighters to protect them.

“Rogen, it seems that you can't leave for the time being!” Fred looked at the sea, shook his head, and said.

“Yeah!” Rogen nodded.

The pirates come.

Well, he couldn’t leave them.

Three minutes later another round of bombardment descended from the sky and fell heavily on the sides of the ship, splashing a huge wave of water.

This was an alert and they didn’t want to attack the boat, it was just to force them to stop, However, the people on the merchant ship were scared to death, they hold their heads and didn’t dare to move.

Soon the pirates hopped onto the board.

Wearing a captain’s cap, the middle-aged man with a long scar, and his eyes were full of viciousness.

“Give me another wave of bombardment, and this time hit their tail!"

When he said that, a man was beside him immediately had a little doubt on his face.

“Captain, if you hit their tail, the ship will drown.”

“Before it sinks, take away all their money and food and kill them all, understood!?”

Sauder said coldly, he is not turning back.

The person who spoke stunned and then hesitated again. He waved and shouted “Fire!”


The harsh sound of artillery came out, and in a moment, the tail of the merchant ship was. .h.i.t hard.

The ship began to shake violently. Many people fell to the ground and more than a dozen of them who was in the tail were bombarded.

The b.l.o.o.d.y atmosphere covered the ship in an instant, everyone who saw this scene got panicked.

At this moment, they finally remembered the horrors of the pirates.

“The tail is on fire, and the keel has broken down, the ship is going to sink!”

In the crowd, the old man looked pale and cried out in horror.

This sound made all the people on board more afraid.

“Fred, did you know this group of pirates?” Rogen suddenly asked

“I know that they are the Sauders Pirates Corps. Captain Sauder has a reward of fifteen million belly, it seemed that he had entered the grand line last year, how could he come here?”

“Fifteen million that’s it!?”

If Rogen will face him and that opponent has just this value, he will win only if he possesses the ghost.

He just remembered the att.i.tude of all people on board with him, he had a desire to help them and resolve this problem.

He wasn’t a bad guy, but in case of danger, he will become ruthless.

“I can't leave them in this situation, I must help my friends!”

As they walked along the boat path, they saw more than a dozen pirates with rifles on their waists. They were arranging the crowd together to stabilize the public mood.

Hina was very nervous about what will those pirates do.

After a while, the frightened feelings of the people finally settled down, a dozen of armed men with big weapons stood in the front of the crowd. They took out their weapons and they waited for the coming pirates.

At this time, the distance between them and the pirates was only two or three hundred meter.

“Put down the sword, open the bolt and don’t do anything just breath, I had experienced all the dissatisfaction in the grand line!”

“there is no need for this battle.”

“I won’t hurt anyone, I promise.”

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