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For ordinary people, 10 million was a big value, but this was 110 million belly, this was a very tempting value.

This huge amount of money was enough to make people who aren’t rich be too greedy, they had a good reason.

“In the name of justice, help the marine, arrest the world’s biggest criminal, the brother of Roger!”

Everyone’s eyes sparkled and looked at each other. They had the same opinion.

Then, Hant went to the bas.e.m.e.nt of the boat, where Rovi was busy.

“Huh, I think there is one thing that you must be interested in?”

Rovi was a middle-aged man, he was not tall and he had a blond hair. When he saw Hant, He raised his head and frowned “what are you doing here?”

On weekdays, he was a quiet person and the most respectable person in Hina’s boat. But Hant’s character was arrogant and very sneaky.

“Rogen, do you know about him!?”

“If you have something, say it directly? I don’t have time to waste it with you” Rovi was impatient, he still had more work to do.

“That guy is a criminal with a reward of 110 million belly!” Hant said that and threw the wanted poster to Rovi.

“Oh? And then what? What do you want to do?” Rovi stopped the work, there was a hint of interest in his eyes.

“Go arrest him? Be a bounty hunter?”

“That’s not true, although the boy looks pure and straight, and he doesn’t have the slightest strength. He can be rewarded with a lot of money by the marine, it’s not something that we have to deal with it!”

Hant shrugged his shoulders and had a sense of self-knowledge.

Rovi frowned and asked, “Does Hina know this!”

Hant smiled and said, “Huh, of course she knew, I talked to her before she sent me to tell you”

Rovi glanced at Hant with a grin on his face, and he said disdainfully “stop with your stupid ways!”

“If Hina wants something she will come directly to me”

“And you want to find me, what’s the matter? don’t be fooled”

There was a glimmer of anger on his face and Rovi forced him down, then he said, “I consulted with the others and we will report Rogen to the marine to let them came and catch him”

“Even though we can’t get all the money of the reward, we will get a part of it for the report”


Rovi smiled after listening quietly.

“Very good plan, but Rogen is a good boy”

“But the money is more attractive.”

With a flicker, Rovi threw the den den mushi into the arms of Hant, then he cut the reward paper, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Be sure, we will not be less than you”

Hant took the den den mushi, he didn’t hesitate, he directly dialed the nearest marine base.

“The marine division 73102, please answer”

A clear male voice came across.

He coughed twice, Hant was stern “h.e.l.lo marine, I’m Hant from the east blue chamber of commerce, I have clues about Rogen, who recently had become wanted.”

“Rogen? What Rogen!?” There was a hint of doubt in the Navy’s voice.

“Yes, the brother of the pirate king, rewarded with 110 million belly”

“Gol D Ro…”

The marine didn’t complete his sentence and the voice cut, Then another person’s voice came out from the den den mushi.

“Hey, I’m the chief executive of the department, Osaki, please give us a quick report of your location, quickly”

“And don’t disturb him, always pay attention to his action.”

In the voice, there was a strong majesty. Across the phone, Hant was stunned by Osaki vigor and he promised him to calm down.

“We will arrive after half an hour, keep in touch”

Osaki quickly said and then he hangs up.

Hant could clearly hear the other side’s dense footsteps on the den den mushi. obviously, the marine has already moved fast.

When the marine arrives, the big reward will come, it was a reward of 110 million belly, maybe it was not a huge amount but it was enough for him to had a good life for a long time. In addition, wherever he needs money, all day long, in the wind and rain, he could drift again to the sea.

In this world, there are three kinds of people in the sea.

The first, the sailors who had to work hard to survive. The second, the ferocious pirates who were relying on stealing people treasures. And the last was the marines.

Of the three, the weakest and the least risky was them, they lived the most bitter days and they enjoyed the bottom of life.

It has to be said, the world is really unfair.

When Hant Hangs up, Rogen stands next to him.

“Rogen, I have something to tell you, you must be prepared!”

The ship’s doctor was talking, Fred, the old man, who had a hard time at the moment. His face was so serious.

“Fred, what’s wrong with you old guy? your face is very ugly! “Rogen smiled and his eyes flashed strangely

“Your ident.i.ty has been leaked for everyone and you must leave this place quickly.”

“all the crew has already discussing to tell the marine about you, as soon as the marine comes you will be finished,”

“My ident.i.ty?” Rogen swiftly rose and said, “You all know?”

“Your reward order has spread, everyone knows about you” the old man nodded.

“What about Hina?” Rogen bit his mouth and asked in a loud voice.

At this moment, his heart suddenly had a strange feeling.

On weekdays, when everyone gets along with each other. It was enjoyable and very intimate relationships, however, when someone’s ident.i.ty exposed, everything will change.

He couldn’t understand what these people feel at this moment, greed, hesitation or fear.

“Hina asked you to come.” Fred the doctor took a deep look at Rogen, “She told me to tell you, take care of yourself!”

Rogen had a heavyweight on his chest, and he immediately breathed a sigh of relief, as if he felt that his whole body was relaxed.

Some people will harm him, they will not believe him, but others will choose to believe and help him.

“She says she’ll always believe you!”

Fred sighed and patted Rogen’s shoulder.

Rogen shook his shoulders, but he felt like his heart became heavier.

It was difficult to endure leaving the beauty Hina, Rogen has complex eyes, and he didn’t know if he should talk or not.

“Just go! If you delay, they will catch you”

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