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One Piece Invincible ch 31 Chapter 31 New Partner

“It's really fun! The harvest is not small, Avishek let’s go!! it's time to go!"

The purpose of Raj has already been finished.

The reason why Raj choose the red Brothel building was that he wanted to make a big noise, destroying an important economic source industry of the Buin family, and adding a block to Delalon.

Anyway, I am not in a hurry to leave for a while, and slowly play with Delalon.

When he totally destroys the Buin family business, he will kill Delalon and completely removed the cancer.

In one night he killed two cadres of the Buin family, and Raj was particularly pleased with the results tonight.

“Mr. Raj!”

Seeing Raj and Avishek are leaving, Rashmi has quickly spoken.

“Rashmi? Don’t worry, you are free now. After this, you can go anywhere you want, no one will hara.s.s you!”

Raj smiled. “Slightly wait for me.”

His figure flashed. And in about a minute or so, Raj reappeared, and he had several large bags of gold coins in his hand.

“20 million bailey, there are red Brothel buildings, has at least 50 million baileys, these are all for you!”

20 Millions of Bailey, in Raj eyes, are nothing.

Rashmi is a poor person, plus she is beautiful… Of course, the key point is that she is beautiful, and Raj does not want to see her wandering around, and simply give this gold to her.

Raj is not worried that he will have no money to use. Such a big Buin family is here, will he still lack money?

“…… I do not want money.”

Rashmi shook her head and looked at him, “Yep, I ask you …… Can you take me with you? I want to be in your pirate team!”

Rashmi said this with lots of great courage.

An unarmed and weak woman, who looks so beautiful, will ask for the initiative to join the pirates group. The dangers in all aspects can be imagined!

However, Rashmi chooses to believe that Raj is a good guy, especially from the fact that Raj still cares for her, giving her such a large amount of money. Rashmi is full of grat.i.tude and trust to Raj.

So she made this decision and wants to join the pirate group of Raj.

And her purpose is only one… follow Raj, no matter where the end of the world!

“Join my pirate group?”

Raj did not expect that the request of Rashmi will be this, and could not help but swear.

In this era, which civilians hear the word “pirate” is not afraid of extremes, scared to shake?

It's too late to avoid it, and Rashmi actually took the initiative to ask to join.

“Rashmi, we are dead pirates, never take useless members…”

Raj did not speak, but Avishek has said without thinking.

Death is not a large-scale pirate, only the take strong members!

This point, Raj already told him on the day he got on the boat.

Avishek has always been looking forward to it. One day, he can stand side by side with a group of strong people, galloping the sea and making a name for the world!

Rashmi… She doesn’t have the strength to kill a normal chicken, this woman looks good, but the strength is too weak, there is no fighting power at all, once the enemy fights, it will only drag them, So he immediately open to prepare to refuse her.


Avishek has not finished, Raj quickly raised his hand and interrupted, “Rashmi, I asked, how is your cooking?”

Avishek didn’t say a word, waiting for the answer of Rashmi.


Rashmi had nodded. “My mother didn’t deliberately let me learn… but my fried food, the sisters said it was delicious!”

“That’s fine !”

Raj smiled and immediately ~ shot, ” Ms Rashmi, welcome you to join my death pirate group! After that you are a member of my death pirate group!”

Rashmi was surprised.

Now when did the pirates have their first test as cooking?

This dead pirate group… so unique!

Although Raj's decision was a bit sloppy, there was no dissatisfaction with Avishek.

He does not want to eat Dark dishes of Gayatri every day!

“That’s it!”

“This place should not stay for a long time, we should leave! Go! Go back to the hotel!”

Raj said, holding Rashmi, yellow ~ colour light, quickly left the scene.

Avishek followed them from behind, heading for the hotel.

That night, the red brothel building was smashed and sensationalized the whole of Babastan!

The Red Brothel House has several branches in Babastan, but it is the one that produces the most economic benefits!

Not only that, the old man in charge of management, as well as the guards and others, all died on the spot.

The Red Brothel Building was destroyed!

What is even more shocking is that… the two Buin family cadres, Gordon Abbner, Fitzgerald were killed on the spot!

There are only five cadres in the Buin family. Each one is very talented and highly capable. However, one night, two people died!

Tonight, it is destined to be a sleepless night.


Babastan, within the Buin family.

“What do you say?!”

Delalon was woken up overnight, and after hearing the news, his eyes were rounded and he went up to the collar of the intelligence officer. “You are joking with me! Gordon Abbner, Fitzgerald, the two of them are not small children, how can they all die at once!”

“Boss, please control anger, according to witnesses of the night, killing two cadres, and red Brothel house guards of the building and others, as well as the smashing of the Red Brothel Building, is an outside guest."

The intelligence personnel calmly said.

“External guests?”

Delalon’s eyes trembled and shook.

His face sank at once and loosened the hand of the intelligence officer. Delalon was on the verge of rage.

He has already guessed who did this incident – the Death Pirates!

Kill his own brother, and now killed his cadre!

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d! you dare to go to my site to run wild!” Delalon was angry.

The guys of the Death Pirates group killed his younger brother, and now they ran to Babastan to ruin his Red Brothel House and killed his family elite cadres…

“Come on!”

“Go and call Burris, Oswego, Barrett! In addition, I ordered that you immediately block the city entrance of Babastan and send soldiers to carry out a carpet search!”

“Even if you dig three feet, you have to dig up these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds for me!”

Delalon said.

“Yes!” The soldier took the lead.

“I have to pick up the heads of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds and hang them in front of the Buin family! They dare to provoke me, then I will let them die without a place of burial!” Delalon swear.

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