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One Piece Invincible ch 27 Chapter 27 Avishek Vs Abbner

Gordon Abbner, regardless of the blockage of anyone, thrown the guard in front of him and walked directly to the top.

Red Brothel building, have a group of escorts, so they can only look what is happening.

Gordon Abbner is a cadre of the Buin family. He is powerful and how can they be his opponents?

And now Gordon Abbner is angry, if someone is tempted to provoke him, maybe he will be dead on the spot!

“Master Abbner! You go on like this, I can only inform the Buin family’s ‘Fitzgerald’ sama, let him presided over for justice!”

the old man shouted.

As soon as this was said, Gordon Abbner immediately cools down.

But he quickly turned his head and stared at the old man with a gloomy look: “Fitzgeneral? That guy still owes me a favour! Even though you inform him, Rashmi… must be mine!”

“I Warn you, all give me a stop, who dares to come over and stop me, I will not be merciful again!”

“In addition, no matter what happens in the room, you are not allowed to come, otherwise I want you to to be dead!”

The warning is over. After that, Gordon Abbner continued to move forward.

The old man and the guards face each other and face helplessly.

Gordon Abbner eyes have madness… This only happens when he meets with a girl he likes!! He doesn’t care even if they inform Fitzgerald now, I am afraid it is too late.

A good deal, just throw it away, but unfortunately!


“Come on.”

Raj, who is enjoying the dancing of Rashmi, has a slanted eye and knows that Gordon Abbner is coming.

It wasn’t that his senses were sensitive, but Gordon Abbner’s huge body stepped on the wooden stairs, making a squeaky sound, and it was not hard to know.

In this regard, Raj did not panic, continue to appreciate the graceful dance.

until the “boom” –

the door of the room on the top floor room was blown open, and Rashmi shocked with a scream, and quickly hid behind Raj.

“Kid, dare to rob me Gordon Abbner’s woman, today is your death!”

Gordon Abbner stepped on the broken door, approaching, and swearing.

“My death? Are you sure?”

Raj calmly picked up the teacup and took a sip, even without looking at Gordon Abbenne.

“Kid, die!” Gordon Abbner two fist joint, suddenly stretched out a few long bones claws.


Ye Jia glanced at him and almost sprayed the tea.

The bone claws appear on the knuckles of his fists, which looks exactly the same as the specific function of Wolverine!

It's just that Wolverine is Adamantium claws, and Gordon Abbenne has bone claws before it has evolved.

But soon, there was a difference… Gordon Abbner's head turned into the head of a wolf, and the grey wolf hair grew out of his face, extending and eventually turning him into a wolf. The appearance of it, turned into a huge form of werewolf!

A pair of scarlet-stricken eyes is full of violent animal nature, fierce and fierce.

Rashmi only glanced at it. If Raj did not reach out and hold her in time, she almost sat down on the ground with fear.

“Don’t be afraid, the ability of a Zoan type devil fruit.”

Raj whispered to comfort Rashmi.

“Avishek, this guy will be handed over to you, can you solve it right?”

Raj looked up and said.

Suddenly, as soon as he said, a figure jumped from the other side… The room was open-air, without cover, and fell directly in front of Gordon Abner.

“Give it to me, the cadre of the Buin family… fighting against him will help my swordsmanship grow.”

Avishek holding the sword from the left, holding the knife in the right hand, sharp eyes staring at Gordon Abner.

“Is it you? You want to deal with me? Funny!”

Gordon Abbner said nothing, the scarlet radiance in the eyes full of killing intentions did not flash, the whole person suddenly turned into a shadow, opened the b.l.o.o.d.y mouth to Bite up.

Avishek has never been confused.

Before joining the Death Pirates Group, the strength of Avishek was at most equal to that of the blood knife Pahis. If he was not attacked from behind, the Avishek could not be defeated so badly.

However, after half a month of hard training on the ship, there is an infinite physical strength blessing of physical strength, so now the strength of Avishek is not the same as before!

“Let you… test my practice results!”

“Sword! Cross Romance!”

Avishek Instantly waved out his swords!

Like lightning, the sword is horizontally and vertically at the same time in the Avishek control, forming a “ten” sword light.

Avishek attack, and the cross sword light disappeared into place.

Next second.


A loud bang, Gordon Abbner figure fell on the floor.

He looked down and saw a cross-shaped wound on his body, bursting open, and the blood was splashing!

Surprisingly, after Gordon Abbner’s wounds opened and flowed out of blood, he quickly healed. In just a few seconds, the body recovered as it was before, and there was no trace of injury at all!

Avishek and Raj saw this scene and their eyes changed.

It is no wonder that it can become a cadre of the Buin family. Such a large wound can heal in such a short period of time… The ability of the Zoan type cannot be underestimated.

“Kid, you dare to hurt me… I killed you first!”

Gordon Abbner was injured by a nameless swordsman. If this thing is pa.s.sed out, Gordon Abner's reputation will definitely dramatically drop.

The only way to save your reputation is to kill this swordsman, to prove his ability with his head!

Immediately, Gordon abbner starts the fierce offensive.

Avishek has also not to be outdone, waving the sword in his hand, and Gordon Abbner began to kill in front!

The room was not a battlefield, it was fragile, and where did it hold the strength of both of them?

In less than a minute, the whole house was already smashed. Raj quickly picked up the Rashmi, and like a lightning moved to a safe place. By the way, he also took a table and a teapot while drinking tea and licking the beauty. Enjoy the fight while drinking tea.

“What happened! Master Abbner is fighting someone!”

The guards who heard the movement outside were downcast.

After the auction of the Rashmi, the guests who bought Rashmi were killed by the Buin family cadres. If this matter is pa.s.sed, the credibility of their red Brothel building will drop to freezing point instantly!

Not only that, Gordon Abbner is a violent guy, fighting is a madman, maybe you have to give up the red Brothel building.

“This is a big trouble!” The old man’s face was ugly.


“Wolf Cannon!”

Gordon Abbenne took a deep breath, then opened his mouth and slamming an air cannon.


Avishek quickly flashed away, but his original position was blasted out of a big hole!

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