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One Piece Invincible ch 26 Chapter 26 Dance

“20 million Baileys!”

“20 million Baileys twice!”

“20 million Bailey three times, the deal!”

Just like the auction goods, in the final shouts of the old man, Rashmi at the price of 20 million Bailey was sold to Raj.

The 30 million bounty that Raj received before was completely squandered at this moment.

“This gentleman, Rashmi is yours tonight!”

After Raj delivered 20 million Bailey on the spot, the old man came over and smiled.

Raj smiled a little and did not respond to the old man, but went straight to the stage.

In the eyes of the public, Raj took a Rashmi in his arms. (princess hug)

Rashmi stuck on the chest of Raj, the flawless face, showing a trace of panic, but soon the ocean overflowed with a bright smile.

Instead of being the first person to give Gordon Abbner, Raj is undoubtedly the best and perfect choice.

“d.a.m.n… d.a.m.n it!”

Gordon Abbner saw a smug look of Raj.

Especially the following guests applauded Raj, the envious eyes of the audience fell on Raj, Gordon Abner was even more uncomfortable in the heart.

“I want to kill him, sure!”

Gordon Abbner gnashed his teeth and slammed his eyes.

holding a beautiful woman in his arms, sniffing a faint female ~ incense, Raj heartbeat started increasing, he step by step gone to the top floor of the pavilion.

Here was the room that was specially prepared for the VIPs who took the Rashmi tonight.

Those who get Rashmi will be able to spend a good time with her here.

“Sir, people are your people tonight, don’t you tell me your name Mr.?”

Rashmi looked at Raj, and her slim fingers slid gently over Raj’s chest, she said in soft voice. It’s like she can’t wait to make people’s bones crisp.


Raj smiled slightly.

“This name is so unique, Mr. Raj… is it a person from the East Blue?”

Rashmi began to chat with Raj.

“No, I am from a distant place…the East! It is more beautiful than here, and there you will have freedom!”

Raj has a colour of remembrance in his eyes.


Rashmi heard the words, and her heart was touched, as if he had touched the softest and softest part of her heart, and the eyes could not help but red.

As a Brothel house girl, she lived here and lost her freedom.

Everything is arranged, forcing herself to learn how to lure, confuse, how to charm, how to show their charm, even “that aspect” have to be all proficient, everything for tonight, So that they can sell herself for that big price.

It can be said that Rashmi has lost its freedom from the beginning.

Therefore, she has an infinite desire for freedom.

During the talk, Raj had already walked to the top the Building where a room has been arranged.

There is lots of fragrant, extravagant and gorgeous room, which is a precious decoration.

But the most conspicuous one is the big bed with flowers and petals.

Raj threw Rashmi on the bed, and then his body pressed her.

“Mr. Raj…”

Rashmi screamed, and then the two looked at each other, looking at each other, there was electro-optic flow in the eyes, the distance of the tip of the nose was less than two centimetres, and even the breath of the other party could easily feel.

The atmosphere suddenly became very beautiful.

Don’t look at Rashmi’s education from the younger age, proficient in Kamasutra’s position, and have a variety of skills… But so far, she has not even touched the hands of strange men, let alone the first kiss, the first Once.

The two are so close, looking at the face of Raj's perseverance, and a pair of bright eyes like a moon. Her heart is like a deer, and Her her beating like running deer. Her little ~ face has a blush.

“Mr. Raj… Come on!”

Rashmi has closed her eyes and raised her head to make a position which is comfortable for both.

Raj looks towards the lips of Rashmi, and then stood up from the bed.

“Your kiss is worth more than 20 million bailey, so tonight will not so peaceful, so for the time being let’s keep it!” Raj sat on nearby table, reached for a cup of tea, and sipped it, reluctantly suppressed his body’s need and desire for s.e.x.

He knew very well that he had dismissed Gordon Abbner's face in public, how could the other party easily let him go?

What’s more, Raj knows from the information in the pub that Gordon Abbner is a very perverted person for women. As long as he looks at the woman, he must get it by any means.

Gordon Abbner just saw Rashmi in the hands of Raj, in order to get this girl and teach himself a lesson, Gordon Abbner will never give up.


Rashmi did not listen to Raj, she touched her lips, her heart is still pounding, her cheeks hot.

Just now, Raj took the first kiss in her life.

That kiss, only a moment in a short time, but left Rashmi with eternal memory… She was a little intoxicated in that kiss.

Her eyes looked at the wide back of Raj, and there was a kind of glow in the eyelids that bloomed.

“Yep, I’ll start a dance for you”

Rashmi said softly.

“Dancing? This is good!”

Raj turned and looked at the Rashmi and started enjoying the dance.

I saw her smile at Raj, and there were thousands of winds and emotions in her smile, which made the world lose its light instantly.

Slowly faded ~ go to the tulle’s red coat, revealing the white smooth skin, only a red cloth that can not be covered her belly, and trying to cover her perfect devil body.

When Raj saw it, his eyes were already somewhat unnatural.

The fire that was finally pressed down, this moment of smashing directly came up.

He quickly poured a cup of tea and drank it, which made him feel better.

Rashmi also saw the awkwardness of Raj, she tries to cover her mouth and laugh, she is like a blooming star, which can destroy a country because of her beauty.

The figure is swaying, the dance is soft, and Rashmi dances had added even more style.

Raj has to admit that he is out of order, and really shouldn’t have to look at the Rashmi’s dance… It’s too tempting to confuse, even people with such strong willpower, he can’t hold on much longer!

How to say that Rashmi is also born in the red Brothel building, every move every smile has a different kind of charm.

There are not many women who have come to contact with Raj in this world, and he has been practising all the time. It is inevitable that his resistance will be low.

At the same time, in the red Brothel building.

“Master Abbner, you can’t go in! De Lalong has been accounted for, even if it is a family cadre, it can’t easily hinder normal trading!”

In the face of Gordon Abbner’s toughness, the old man quickly said.

“Go to h.e.l.l, you f.u.c.king a.s.sholes. Today, Rashmi is mine. No one can take it!" Gordon Abbner roared.

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