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one piece invincible ch 17 Chapter 17 New Partner

“Oh, sorry, just a little bit more power, and I accidentally kicked his cervical spine off.”

Raj retracted his foot and said carelessly. “It is estimated that it should already be “Isn’t you mad?”

“You…who are you?!” The

unexpected uninvited guest surprised Dreiser and quickly stepped back and asked Raj to distance him.

“I? You call me a G.o.d of death.”

Raj smiled

“this Swordsman Avishek, goes back with me. ”

Avishek eyes have lots of unexpected color.

He have curiosity to this uninvited guest.

How can a person who will openly say “Pig Dresser”?

I was just trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate Dresser in dark so n.o.body will know about it, and I was tied to it, and my life was almost gone.

And he said G.o.d of Death?

I have never heard of this name in this sea area.

“Where are the guys, soldiers! Shoot me and kill this guy of unknown origin!”

Dresser screamed.

Soldiers who have already targeted, received orders, just ready to shoot –


Hundreds of lightnings suddenly fell from the sky and roared on these soldiers!

The soldiers were turned into c.o.ke on the spot, and even the trigger did not have time to buckle, they were absolutely breathless and fell to the ground.

“How… what’s going on! Soldiers! Soldiers! Where is the lightning!”

Dresser was so shocked that he couldn’t even say anything, his ugly head looked around and wanted to find the murderer who released the thunder.

He looked for it, and finally his eyes fixed on the hand of this uninvited guest who has a electric snake on it.

“It’s you! You killed my soldiers!”

Dresser screamed.

“Yes, that’s right, it’s me~ doing it, what’s wrong? Isn’t it just killing a bunch of running dogs? Do you have to be so scared?”

Raj shrugged and shrugged. “Yes, you know the blood knife Pirate.”? Call him out, I am bit bored right now or i will kill you!”

What blood knife Pirate, in the eyes of Raj, is a “growth boy.”

I am not convinced that there is no new strongman to provide me with the devil’s fruit. It is just that the blood knife Pirate 33 million Bailey’s bounty, how can I not let myself down?

“Nonsense! How can I know the sea pirate of the blood knife Pirate!”

Dresser heard the name of the blood knife Pirate raised by Raj, but there was no fear on his face, knowing that the other party must be prepared. It is inevitable that there is some trepidation.

“Don’t know? If you don’t know, then I am very curious. How did you catch the this Swordsman?… He killed more than 28 million heroes who offered a reward for the sea pirate. If there is no blood knife, Pirate’s help, You want to catch him with this bunch of waste??

Raj stunned and took a look at Dresser.

“I…I…” Dresser said, he couldn’t speak for a long time.

“How? Have the courage to collude with the pirates, bullies the civilians of Mosca Island, do not dare to call him out, do you want me to clean up this mess for you?”

Raj smiled and said, “If he does not come out, your life But you can’t keep it… Think about the thunder and lightning that you just fall on the soldiers. Do you think you can bear it a few times?”

Speaking, Raj also deliberately stepped forward and his eyes were cold.

Frightened Dresser back and forth again and again, fell from the execution platform and fell a dog!

“Pahsis! Come out! Come out of Pahis! If you don’t come out, I will have to be killed by him!”

Dresser finally did have the fear of the enemy, shouting the name of Pahis.

Many Mosca civilians present at the scene heard the words of Dresser and began to sing.

“Dreiser is an idiot!”

Among the crowds, there is a group of people hiding. These gangs have a blood knife mark.

Among them was a guy with a “pineapple head”, who looked like a gangster, with his hands in his pockets, and heard that Dresser was shouting his name and biting his teeth.

This person is the blood knife Pahis.

The well-known sea pirate in the nearby waters, bounty 33 million Bailey, killed a lot of navy, did a lot of activities to burn and rob, it can be described as he has done the crime which are possible against common man.

If it wasn't until the recent winds, the blood knife Paxis didn't want to go all out to s.n.a.t.c.h the adventure, how could he cooperate with the idiots of Dresser?

As it turns out, he did choose the wrong partner.

“The other side is stimulating him. He didn’t expect him to be so unsettled, and I was exposed directly!” The

blood knife Pahis could not wait to slash this Dresser.

the obvious trap he can’t be see?

The ugly head that is holding it is used to hold water?

“Captain, that guy has eaten a devil fruit!” said one of the crew members of the Blood Knife Pirates group. “And it is possible to attract lightning from the air. It is very likely that it is the ability of the natural system… This kind of character, we better not to provoke. “The

pirate of the blood knife pirate group is still somewhat self-aware.

Compet.i.tors (those who have eaten devil fruits) are all tough guys in their opinion, especially those who are rumored to be natural, and they are extremely powerful. If you run into one, you will have a big deal.

It is unwise for them to want to provoke the demonic fruit.

“Of course I understand!”

said the blood knife Paxis. “This guy can unwittingly appear on the execution platform and kick the executioner out on one foot… Judging from strength, it is the same level as me, plus On his strange and unpredictable demon fruit ability, hey! Dresser this time has provoked an guy which should not be provoked!” After that, the blood knife Paxis turned and waved.

“Let’s go, let the idiot of Dresser leave his life here, and then go to other partners.”

He won’t take risks for a Dresser.

What does Dresser count?

Even if someone is covered, but there is no strength in the body, the only power is to be able to drive the soldiers he called.

Those soldiers… not even enough for him to sew.

This weak person loses his life!

Several people just turned and prepared to leave, and suddenly their body shape stopped.

“It seems that I guessed it right. You guys are hiding on Mosca Island, and it's so loud and loud. If you don't come together for fun, how can I spend my boring time?"

Raj moved now. The tiger skin stool sits in front of the blood knife Paxis, tilting the legs of the Erlang, and the corner of the mouth evokes a slight arc, and laughs and says.

In fact, after Raj used the speed to wander around the square for a full circle, he finally found the blood knife Pahis.

No way, who makes the blood knife Paxis so high-profile, the blood knife imprint on their own body, it is not difficult to recognize it.

So Raj immediately returned to the boat and moved his own tiger skin stool, making a great show.

“Kid, don’t be too crazy!”

The blood knife pirates group saw the suddenly appearing Raj, the alarm in his heart rang loudly, and quickly smashed out the weapons, posing the posture that wanted to kill the battle, and his eyes became sharp.


Raj did not care. He said, “If you are in front of the strong, I am called a mania, but in front of the weak, I am not crazy. It is called ridicule!”

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