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One Piece Bounty System Ch 9

Chapter 9 Naval Headquarters

Tianlei: "Fujiwara, I have some swords skills, there are three strokes, although it is not that much good but they are still stronger than yours, do you want to learn!"

Sure enough, for a swordsman, the swordsmanship is a temptation of Swordsman: "Swords attacks, take it out!"

Tianlei laughed: "I will show you But I am not a swordsman, if it looks ugly, don't laugh!" After that Tianlei used the three strokes of his sword skill he got.

Although Tianlei used the sword for the first time, it was not that strange. Fujiwara swallowed it and remembered it all. Moreover, the skill is so good that it has already had an attacking power, instead of a product like Tianlei, he can only look at it.

Next, Tian Lei's heart was unbalanced, so after he showed it, he said: "Face, I taught you a set of swords, should you not say something?"

Fujiwara: "What do you mean? What?"

Thunder: "You have always been expressionless, so I will call you face. Anyway, I will call you this way. As I taught you a set of swords then from now on I am your Sensei."

Thunder: "Sensei?"

Fujiwara swallowed his saliva.

Shave: One of the six styles. One moment (0.36 seconds) stepped on the ground more than ten times, using the explosive speed generated by the reaction force to move. It is invisible to the naked eye.

Iron block: The defense skill of "six styles". It is the body refined exercise, the force is applied to make it have the hardness of iron. Even the bullets and swords could not broke. The principle is to accelerate blood flow and speed up muscle movement.

Paper painting: The evasion technique of "six styles". Unloading the whole body's power, through the changes in the airflow generated by the opponent's movements, the attack on itself can be avoided.

Moon Step: One of the "six styles". "Shave" application skills. Kick in the air while jumping, change the movement track before falling. With this kind of aerial movement, you can launch an attack from the air without leaving a dead end.

Lame: "Six styles" one of the foot skills. Instead of kicking the enemy to give damage, it is slamming with the vacuum created by the ultrhigh speed kick.

Finger pistol: Gather the power of the whole body on the index finger and attack. The fingertips have the attack power of bullets and can easily penetrate the human body.

In the next three months, Thunder began to practice, the Navy's six-style. Tianlei has to master the six-style shave, iron block, paper painting, moon step, lame, and finger gun. Shave can be regarded as the simplest. This move was quickly refining, but unfortunately it could not be used freely. After a few times, he could not stand up.

Because he learned 'shave', he also have a little bit breakthrough in moon step. As long as he use the skill of shave, I don't want to master it. It is also the iron block trick, Tian Lei can be said to be the most talented in this move, not only can be used. Although it is still not the same as the Gabra in CP9, the whole body iron state and is free to move, but it can be used in various parts of the body. For example, punch and legs can be attacked after using the iron block. The attacking power is greatly increased, but it is still not used perfectly. It has to be well practiced. Maybe I will become the next Navy hero Garp.

You must know that this guy is the strongest in the navy, the navy hero Garp, it can be said that his bones are like iron, every attack has the shadow of this trick, and Garp also fully reflects a strong move.

He also know why Garp's fists are so strong, and the iron block and the Armament Haki and then add huge force. Can it be not strong? Unfortunately, he still don't know how to use Haki!

But no one is perfect! Tian Lei's paper painting, lame, and Finger pistol in the six styles are simply not practiced! It seems that it is missed. However, fortunately, Tianlei's talent for swordsmanship is not bad. Now it is possible to master the three strokes of sword, and Fisherman Karate power is not bad.

Three months later, Sakazuki came with Thunder and Face to Sengoku in Navy headquarters. As soon as he entered the door, Tian Lei saw Kizaru and Kuzan were drinking tea. Garp is eating doughnuts. In addition to the three of them, there are Tsuru, Onigumo, Momonga, Chaton, and Momousagi.

However, Tian Lei has a little bit of confusion, how can there are so many people here! To know these people, the probability of being able to gather here in Sengoku office is too low. Is it a big event happen?

When Tian Lei looked at them, they were looking at the Thunder, and of course to the Face behind the Thunder.

Garp: "The two behind you, Sakazuky, are those whose talent are not weaker than you and Kuzan and Kizaru, and who have the qualification to become the sword master?"

Listening to Garp's word, Tian Lei and Fang Li immediately salute: "The Navy soldiers Tianlei and Fujiwara greet the Marshal!"

Sengoku first swallowed the Fujiwara: "The thing that Fujiwara said has already been checked! From now on, you can resume your Captain's rank!"

Face said: "Thank you Marshal!"

Thunder: "Congratulation! Face!"

Garp: "Face!! This is the name? The nickname? I like it! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Then he ate the doughnut again.

Tsuru: "Tianlei! I heard that you have a good talent in the six styles, body skills and swordsmanship, but your uncle, Admiral Sakazuki said a bit Exaggeration! Let us be a little unbelievable! After all, this level of talent is rare in the whole sea. This is one big event in the whole navy. After all, it is about the future of the Navy."

Tian Lei also understood that for a brilliant genius, no matter which force, everyone valued it, there is no room for error. So Tianlei immediately extended a fist and sighed low: "Iron!"

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