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In everything, one does not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution.

The relationship between w.a.n.g Lu and Mysterious Sky Mansion had always been very good. Not only was he an individual with a VIP account, there were also more and more cooperation projects between Wisdom Sect and Mysterious Sky Mansion. Therefore, Mysterious Sky Mansion usually would send gifts to people every year. Whether it was local specialty food or elaborate crafts, which although were things not particularly powerful, they were still undeniably interesting magical tools.

w.a.n.g Lu had always commended this service orientation of Mysterious Sky Mansion. For the lead disciple of the Five Uniques, wealth in the usual sense had no meaning. It was not even surprising for the sect to allocate them a spiritual treasure or even an immortal treasure. Compared with the Five Uniques, the advantage of Mysterious Sky Mansion was nothing more than the number of people. Throughout Nine Regions, they could collect local product even in some remote areas. By precisely exerting this advantage that Mysterious Sky Mansion was able to deliver a gift that suited w.a.n.g Lu.

w.a.n.g Lu had always been very satisfied with this, especially in comparison with the treatment that his Master got from Mysterious Sky Mansion, which was like the heaven and earth—w.a.n.g Wu had long since been blacklisted by Mysterious Sky Mansion because of excessive loans and failure to pay the debt. Now, considering that she was an Elder from the Five Uniques, Mysterious Sky Mansion didn't dwell on it too much. Instead, they would just send her the bill every year to remind her that she still owed a lot of spirit stones, which made w.a.n.g Wu really uncomfortable.

w.a.n.g Lu had always been very proud of his VIP treatment, until now, when the woman named Qiong Hua from Shengjing Sect showed off how much she was worth in the eyes of Mysterious Sky Mansion, which was truly difficult for w.a.n.g Lu to accept.

Mysterious Sky Mansion actually presented a private realm for Qiong Hua to congratulate her when she reached Jindan Stage?

A mere Qiong Hua! Is that?

Compared to Liu Li, in terms of age, Qiong Hua was a few years older, meaning that she was obviously already an old woman. In terms of appearance, the two although equal, but since Qiong Hua was more scary-looking than Liu Li, her points in the look department must be cut by half. In terms of figure, Qiong Hua could be considered as having a slim waist, but her chest could not be compared to Liu Li. On IQ, Qiong Hua, of course, was more intelligent than Liu Li—but would intelligence be of any use for this basis? On cultivation base, Qiong Hua was half a level ahead, but Liu Li was also about to have a breakthrough. With her powerful swordsmanship, once she reached Jindan Stage, she basically locked the t.i.tle of the person with the strongest attack capability on the same level. On this point, even w.a.n.g Lu with his proud Primal Chaos Heaven Splitting Sword Qi had to concede to her. Thus, in general, Qiong Hua, this woman, was nothing beside her Kill Immortal Sword!

Why should a good for nothing person enjoy the private realm in the Southern Heaven Region? Mysterious Sky Mansion, that bunch of grandsons, only sent him some amusing little things, yet they were willing to give Qiong Hua a private realm which was basically a private villa? Was Qiong Hua the mistress of the leader of Mysterious Sky Mansion?

Unfortunately, going to the demon world was an important major event, so w.a.n.g Lu didn't have the time to dwell on how to protest the difference in the treatment by Mysterious Sky Mansion. Since Qiong Hua had already put forward a suitable place, the five of them each used their magical treasure to fly to the destination—in order to avoid attracting people's attention, Shengjing Sect's transportation network, which was more convenient, was unuseful.

Along the way, the five of them deliberately tried to spend their time to maintain the team harmony. Because w.a.n.g Lu and Qiong Hua were hostile to each other, they naturally could not stick together. Zhou Mumu and Zhan Ziye were also as incompatible as fire and water, so they also flew far from each other. As for Xiang Liang, he was indifferent to all of this. In fact, his relationship with any of the four was relatively cold. His solemn expression seemed like a wall to keep off people as far away as possible.

Therefore, this was really a rather awkward journey. Initially, w.a.n.g Lu and Zhou Mumu flew quite close, talking and laughing merrily. However, the other three could not join them. Zhan Ziye looked down on the barbarian of Royal Soldier Sect, but the relationship between him and Qiong Hua after the compet.i.tion for the five blood spirit crown was also quite tense. Qiong Hua was someone with talent for leadership, so as long as she came forward, it would not be difficult to coordinate their five-person team. However, with w.a.n.g Lu present, she didn't want to be seen as too pushy to avoid troubles. Thus, in addition to w.a.n.g Lu and Zhou Mumu, the other three people actually chose to remain silent! With this kind of situation, let alone a sincere cooperation, this team seemed like it was about to disband at any moment!

However, before long, Zhan Ziye could not bear the loneliness anymore. Especially after seeing w.a.n.g Lu and Zhou Mumu merrily talking and laughing, which made him secretly frown.

Among these five people, the one that could make him feel more confident was only w.a.n.g Lu. Although their relationship was not that good, Zhan Ziye was actually quite afraid to offend w.a.n.g Lu, lest he lost someone that could make him feel good about himself.

Zhan Ziye looked down upon Zhou Mumu, but very much agreed with w.a.n.g Lu. Thus, seeing the two of them chatting like that, he inwardly thought: This Zhou Mumu is a social climber, knowing that her own intelligence is low, she tries to cling on a powerful branch like w.a.n.g Lu… she actually knows how to use the weapon of a woman.

But I'm not going to let her get away with it! w.a.n.g Lu's precious time should not be squandered on a woman with an empty brain! The one that truly deserves to have a conversation with him is only me, Zhan Ziye!

Thinking of this, Zhan Ziye made his decision. He directly flew to w.a.n.g Lu's side and bluntly interrupted the conversation between w.a.n.g Lu and Zhou Mumu, "w.a.n.g Lu, I have something that I want to discuss with you."

Upon hearing this, w.a.n.g Lu was stunned, but he quickly guessed Zhan Ziye's psychological impulse and thus almost laughed on the spot.

However, Zhou Mumu didn't have such restraint. She stared at him and blurted, "Who the f*ck are you?"

Zhan Ziye completely ignored her and just looked at w.a.n.g Lu seriously. He then put on a formulaic smile. "This is the problem, it's about my Ten Thousand Arts Sect's four elements pill condensing technique—When you came to see me, you ought to see how my Junior Brothers and Sisters use it. Currently, the outcome of the spell is highly random. Even though you use the same magical power input, but no matter what, the outcome could not be certain at all. On this …"

Before he could finish elaborating his question, he was interrupted angrily by Zhou Mumu, and the manner in which the girl interrupted him was particularly direct.

The blood mark divine spear was pointed straight in front of Zhan Ziye, and the girl coldly said, "Get lost."

Zhan Ziye was also furious: Does this woman have no shame? As a result, he also activated his thunder body, ready to square with her.

Seeing that the fight would soon break, w.a.n.g Lu sighed. "You two should really be together. Everytime you two meet, there would be lightning and fire… How about this, if you two really want to fight, then go ahead. As long as you don't try to kill each other, and don't cause any irreparable harm, then go at it. But after one of you win, the loser would have to admit the victor."

"I agree!" the two said in unison, and the fight officially began. Blood mark divine spear and thunder body immediately battled each other, stirring up the winds and scudding the clouds.

The funny thing was that, the two of them were also flying towards the destination as they fought because w.a.n.g Lu and the others did not want to wait for them. After noticing this, Zhou Mumu changed her tactic. She no longer sought to hurt her opponent but sought to trap her opponent so that he would fall behind.

Of course, she didn't really want to exclude him from the team, after all, they were counting on his eternal tree seed to go to the demon world. As long as she could stall him when he hastily tried to catch up with them, would he have the nerve to say that he didn't lose? And as long as he admitted his defeat, then...

Since Zhou Mumu could think of this, Zhan Ziye's plan was certainly similar. Thus, the spells of the two were mainly used to delay their opponent.

Taking this opportunity, w.a.n.g Lu, who was completely bored, looked for Xiang Liang and began to discuss military matters with the latter. When w.a.n.g Lu brought out this topic, Xiang Liang's eyes immediately shone—this was the field that he was most interested in!

In addition, w.a.n.g Lu's accomplishment in the military field also made Xiang Liang particularly satisfied—it was very good, but there was still a gap compared to the real expert like himself.

This gave Xiang Liang an ample room to play. The two of them could discuss any issue, and in each discussion, Xiang Liang could show his strength. And from time to time, a gem would come out of w.a.n.g Lu's mouth, which made Xiang Liang suddenly see the light.

This exchange simply made Xiang Liang very comfortable. He even remembered the fabled story that he previously heard in Royal Soldier Sect.

It was something that Xiang Liang accidentally heard when several of his sect's disciples were secretly talking to each other. They were talking about a strange creature called a woman. They said that men and women could get a lot of pleasure by performing something called intercourse… The pleasant sensation from the advancement of stage and even winning a war was not as good as men and women having intercourse.

At that time, Xiang Liang merely snorted, thinking: Are you kidding me? How could there be something that is more pleasurable than winning a war and advancement in cultivation base? That's because you haven't experienced winning a war and advancing through stages! What a bunch of unbeliever outer court disciples!

Now, Xiang Liang suddenly remembered that story.

Of course, it was certainly not because he had some bad intention towards w.a.n.g Lu—although he had also heard the story of Stellar Fairy w.a.n.g Lulu—it was because Xiang Liang suddenly found that there was something more pleasurable than stage advancement and winning a war!

This nearly changed the way in which Xiang Liang looked at the world, and greatly improved his impression on w.a.n.g Lu. His previous exchange with w.a.n.g Lu in the immortal dream land during the battle for the five blood spirit crown allowed Xiang Liang to have a preliminary understanding of w.a.n.g Lu. But now, he thought that his understanding of w.a.n.g Lu was actually far from sufficient!

No one had ever told him before that w.a.n.g Lu was actually such an interesting person. People only said that w.a.n.g Lu was one of a kind in immortal cultivation world of Nine Regions. No one could match his talent in overcoming hurdles, but no one ever said that chatting with him would be so enjoyable!

When he saw that Xiang Liang's eyes seemed even more glazed, w.a.n.g Lu inwardly sneered.

Sure enough, it's really easy to acquire the favorable impression of this little virgin!

By fully displaying his eloquence, w.a.n.g Lu had increased Xiang Liang's favorability towards him almost to the max!

w.a.n.g Lu obviously understood the principle of many friends on many roads. It was just that, in his opinion, most people didn't have the qualification to be his friend. However, for the lead disciple of the Five Uniques… they were without a doubt the target to pull to become friends. And this trip to the demon world, they finally had a relaxed time… The lead disciples of the Five Uniques were all veteran of hundred battles, so he had no doubt that they were already fully prepared to face this mission. Thus, since there was nothing else to do on their journey, he might as well try to increase the favorability with the other lead disciples.

In fact, w.a.n.g Lu had already locked Xiang Liang as his target. Unfortunately, he was busy chatting with Zhou Mumu, so he had no time to spare.

Fortunately, due to the timely intervention from Zhan Ziye, w.a.n.g Lu was able to extricate himself.

Looking back at the two behind them that were still fighting, w.a.n.g Lu's smile grew more flourishing.

The two of you might as well be together forever.

Idiom, from a.n.a.lects of Confucius

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