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"And so, you were told her eggs were stolen?"

A policewoman from the dog race was writing down my statement.

The police arrived very quickly and I explained the situation to them. It seems like they were informed about the situation by supermarket's customers.

However, it was cold outside, and there were even babies here. The closest police station was rather far away, so when the supermarket's manager saw our situation, he kindly invited us to this office.

"No, I was only told that children were abducted—"

"And so, you jumped onto a car while running, then punished the perp?"

The dog-eared woman made an amazed face. She had a nice figure and, to be honest, she was quite good-looking.

"Officer Doge, it was useless after all. It seems like there's no hospital willing to admit infant dragons." A human police officer returned after making a call.

[TL/N: As you might've guessed, the author strikes again with his pun names…]

"I see. Thank you, Officer Inokami. Troubling, isn't it. While they're dragons, they've just hatched… I can't help but worry."

As she said that, she looked at the nearby sofa.

The one seated there was Aoinoun.

I'm somehow uncomfortable with using -san with her name, so I'm just calling her without honorifics now.

"It can't be helped. After all, the case from ten years ago is quite famous." The human police officer folded his arms and let out a sigh.

"Case, you say?"

I suppose it must be some troublesome case connected to dragons.

"…It was around ten years ago, in the Northern Europe if I remember correctly. A dragon came to a certain dental clinic."

"To the dentist?"

Hm, so dragons get tooth cavities too.

"Yep, a dragon suffering from pain. The dentist tried to somehow treat it, but apparently, he couldn't do anything with his drills."

"Well, it was a dragon." The officer called Inokami nodded heavily, agreeing with Officer Doge's words.

"Angered by the treatment that just wasn't making any progress, the dragon completely pulverized the clinic."


Wait, I don't get it.

"In addition, it destroyed all nearby dental clinics. It seems like the diagnosis was necrosis which lasted for about half a year. 150 of them, I think. The death toll aside, there weren't even any wounded, so I guess it can only be said that it was indeed as expected from a dragon."

"Because of this case, everyone believes that hospitals and ambulance crews can't help patients from the dragon race and give them any medical a.s.sistance."

Officer Doge and Officer Inokami looked at Aoinoun with troubled gazes.

"Dragoline-san. Are the babies alright?"

"Ah, they seem to be sleeping peacefully, so it's okay."

She was hugging the twin sisters within her arms. They were covered with a blanket, which—as well as some female clothing and underwear—was of course provided by the kind Mr. Manager.

What a kind man. Is this the so-called rural warmth?

"Kazamachi-kun, have you contacted your family? I'd like you to go to a hospital right away, but…"

"Ah, pretty much. My old man said he'll come to get me."

"I see. That's good. There's no serious damage, and the thunderbolt hasn't struck anyone, either. As expected of a dragon. As for those three, they're injured, but it's nothing serious. After all, we beastmen boast considerably tough bodies."

"And so, Kazamachi-kun and Aoinoun-san will be released in the light of the current circ.u.mstances. Kazamachi-kun, I want to give you a rather serious reprimand."

That's a relief. In her dragon form, Aoinoun recklessly shot out lightning after all. It was really some excellent news that no one was hurt.

"As I need to fill an investigation record, I want you to write down your address, but… Dragoline-san, well, do you have a house?"

With a worried face, Officer Doge bent forward and met Aoinoun's eyes.

"Ah, well, I don't have a house, but I do have a nest."

"As I thought. Just like in the old legends about dragons. Can you tell me where it is? I know dragons have their own customs, so I won't press you if you don't want to tell me, though."

So it was true that police was instructed to be flexible when it comes to a lot of races as they appear in many regions.

There were a lot of annoying a.s.sholes among the police in the place where I've been living before moving, though.

"Ah, it's on top of that giant boulder."

Aoinoun pointed her finger outside the window.

She was pointing at the big inverted triangle-shaped boulder towering over the dense forest where my house was.

"So you were living on the crag fang? Wow, I was born in this town, but I didn't know~" [TL/N: Crag fang is apparently what the locals call the boulder]

"That's because no one can climb onto that boulder. The inside became a dungeon too."

Dungeon?! Officer Inokami, did you just say 'dungeon'?!

So a dungeon is there!

I did hear rumors of them, but to think they actually existed!

"Nah, the summit has no relation to the dungeon. It is possible to get there from the dungeon, but aside from the dragon slayers who came today, other people mostly return after obtaining the treasure on the top floor since it's difficult to find the way to the summit from there."

For some reason, Aoinoun was embarra.s.sed and acting bashful. The baby in her arms stirred a bit. That girl is the older sister, right.

"Then, those three heard somewhere that there was a dragon on the summit and wanted to get the treasure. I wonder if they were aiming for dragon bloodstones.

"They probably only stole the eggs coincidentally."

"Dragon bloodstones?"

An unusual phrase appeared. For some reason, Aoinoun-san was also making a curious face.

"Eh? When speaking of dragon nests, it's either eggs or dragon bloodstones, right? They've been actually sold in the past, and it was for a price that would make your eyes fall from their sockets."

"It's a kind of crimson gems. Apparently, you can only find them in a dragon's nest."

The police officer combo explained it for us together.

"Gems? I haven't seen anything— eh? Wait, is this about the eggs?"

"Eggs? Nah, they're gems?"

"W-well, when dragons lay eggs, not all of them sp.a.w.n life. Such eggs are quickly turning crimson, and we're just randomly pushing them into the nest, but…"

I looked at the bits of the eggsh.e.l.l in the office's corner.

Somehow, I couldn't leave them be, so I gathered them and brought here.

"Hmm… Well, there's more what we don't know than what we do know about dragons, and I somehow felt it was wrong to mention that… so there are things like that too, huh."

"For now, let's write down Kazamachi-kun's statement. Your father will arrive soon, right?"

Well, sure… if he hasn't got lost, that is.

After that, the office became crowded—a patrol car arrived to take away the kidnappers, and Mr. Manager's wife came to see the children.

My old man came a good hour after that.

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