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Episode 17 – SSS Grade Talent (4)

「 The greatest good person can turn into the worst killer at any time. 」

This was a sentence that described Guam Divine Doctor in Ways of Survival.

Guam Divine Doctor Heo Jun.

According to the records in Ways of Survival, the task that Heo Jun devoted his last years to wasn't medicine but poison. Like many great people who later became constellations, Heo Jun reached a level beyond the actual history records.

「 "If I make a poison that can kill anyone, I can make a pill that can save anyone." 」

Heo Jun was banished after the death of King Seonjo and devoted his last seven years to this question.

Why was poison a medicine for some people and a poison for others? One day in his last years, he finally reached a mystical answer.

「 "It isn't the body but the spirit that determines the action of the poison." 」

A poison made by a.n.a.lyzing a thousand souls. The result was the heavenly poison that flowed out of Lee Seolhwa's body, the Thousand Spirits Poison.

Dongui Bogam was actually written from Heo Jun's failure to reach Thousand Spirits Poison.

"Kiik, kiiik!"

I moved through the Thousand Spirits Poison and dealt a merciless blow to Lee Seolhwa.

Lee Seolhwa flew through the air. It wasn't hard to defeat Lee Seolhwa if her poison was disabled.

It was the Thousand Spirits Poison that solidified her reputation as one of the Ten Evils. If I hadn't got the Dongui Bogam, I would've become a sacrifice of her reputation…

This time her luck was bad.

[The constellation 'Guam Divine Doctor' is looking at you like he is sorry.]

[The constellation ' Guam Divine Doctor' is looking forward to you dealing with this properly.]

[300 coins have been sponsored.]

The 'Parasite' infection was irrelevant to Guam Divine Doctor's intentions. In other words, Lee Seolhwa's attack on me wasn't according to Lee Seolhwa's will.

By the way, only sponsoring 300 coins…

[The constellation 'Seo Ae Il Pil' is looking forward to you dealing with this properly.]

[The constellation 'Bald General of Justice' expects you to do your best.]

[300 coins have been sponsored.]

I ignored the response of the constellations and approached Lee Seolhwa. Lee Seolhwa crawled across the ground with fear.

I could feel Yoo Jonghyuk's gaze in the distance. Yoo Jonghyuk would probably be hurt badly if Lee Seolhwa died here.

I looked at the fallen Lee Seolhwa and opened my mouth. "Hey."

To be exact, I spoke to Parasite Antinus inside her.

“It would be good if you come out."


“It isn't too late now. Return to your duties as a guide. Teach people skills and get along with them."


"If you work hard, maybe you can become a constellation one day?"

The Parasite Queen, Antinus was a strong hero.

It wasn't possible for her to exert all her strength because she was restricted by the probabilities. It wasn't impossible for her to become a constellation if she continued to be a 'guide' and acc.u.mulated history.

"You humans… I hate…"

The problem was that she thought of humans as enemies. It was also a mortal enemy. I glanced at the disaster meteorite that was intermittently shaking.

“I am sorry that your world was destroyed. But is it necessary to destroy this world? Are you going to reproduce the same tragedy here?"

"…All of you will die."

I watched the smiling Antinus and sighed. If she didn't go out on her own, I would have to force her out.

In fact, I didn't want to use this method. It wasn't just due to the pain Lee Seolhwa would go to. I didn't want the burden of dealing with Antinus after she left the body.

I glanced up at the sky. The constellations of the Korean peninsula. I owed them a debt last time so this time I had to make a concession.

[The special option of Dongui Bogam – Incomplete has been activated.]

[Dongui Bogam – Incomplete has conveyed the essence of Oriental medicine to you.]

I had an incomplete version of Dongui Bogam so I couldn't do miracles like making a powerful poison or saving a dying person. However, I could do simple treatments.

For example, taking a parasite out of a body.

Her body had to be bound for a smooth treatment, so I held Lee Seolhwa's arms from behind, holding her to the ground. It was a misleading position but her consciousness was buried deep inside her.

Common sense told me not to go after Yoo Jonghyuk's ex-girlfriend unless I was a madman. Especially in front of Yoo Jonghyuk's eyes.

[The exclusive skill 'Hit a Pressure Point Lv. 2' is activated.]

I started to press at different pressure points on Lee Seolhwa's body.  

Soon after, her skin turned red and I planted a needle made of magic power into her reacting blood. It was my first time doing this so I didn't know if it would work.

"Kiiit! It hurts! It huuuuurts!"

Lee Seolhwa howled loudly. I ignored her and kept pressing the pressure points.

"Kiiit! Kihit! Kyaaaak…!"

Then Lee Seolhwa's screams gradually changed. It changed from the cry of an insect to a human voice.

The mysterious thing was using Oriental medicine to remove a parasite from the body. I was embarra.s.sed that a person who had relied on Western medicine so far was now practicing Eastern medicine.

[The essence of Oriental medicine is effective!]

[The constellation 'Guam Divine Doctor' is looking at you with a warm expression.]

I got up while Lee Seolhwa gasped for breath.

Yellow mucus was flowing from the glands in her body where poison had been secreted. The mucus was the main body of a Parasite.


This would've satisfied the constellations.

[The constellation ' Guam Divine Doctor' thanks you for your good deed.]

[500 coins have been sponsored.]

Lee Seolhwa's eyes slowly opened. Consciousness had returned to her eyes but there was still no focus.

It was because she had been infected with a Parasite not long ago. She wouldn't be able to see my face right now with her five senses half dead.

"You… who are you?"

I was well aware of the events that would happen if I answered this question. A similar thing happened when Yoo Jonghyuk saved Lee Seolhwa in other rounds. That's why the important thing wasn't my ident.i.ty.

“I was sent by Yoo Jonghyuk."

–Kim Dokja. Don't do anything unnecessary.

Yoo Jonghyuk's angry voice pierced my ears. Lee Seolhwa's expression changed.

"…Yoo Jonghyuk? Who is that?"

"You will soon find out."

Poisoner Lee Seolhwa had to become part of Yoo Jonghyuk's group.

After the prophets appeared and the Absolute Throne broke, the flow of this world was slowly changing from what I knew.

It was difficult to make the mistakes of the original but it was also hard to see the future that I didn't know.

That's why it was necessary to balance the important events directly. Some things flowed the same while others flowed differently.

There were twists and turns but in any case, I thought that this 'round' was approaching the ideal approximation that I was thinking of. And the Poisoner… No, Immortal Doctor Lee Seolhwa could be one of the greatest set points of this approximation.

“Kim Dokja, this side is done!"

I turned around and saw Han Sooyoung and Yoo Sangah approaching this way. Amazing. The two of them swept up that many people?

It might be a situation where the Poisoner was missing but they were still the 'Poisoner's Group'…

The original plan became meaningless. The two of them might be comparable to Lee Jihye's Ghost Fleet and Gong Pildu's Armed Zone.

"Wait, don't come over here."

I had to restrain their movements. It was difficult if they didn't have immunity to being infected. This fight hadn't ended yet.

Kiiiit… human…!

The mucus that escaped from Lee Seolhwa's body gathered in a ball at one point in the air.

Parasite Queen Antinus. She was scary in parasitic mode but even scarier when she didn't have a host.

The mucus moved like a small bug and formed a shape. It was a body made of nutrients that had been absorbed for many years. It was a body with beautiful curves and solid muscles.

She had dragonfly-like wings and a tail that resembled a scorpion. She was covered in an insect's sh.e.l.l apart from the face, but she looked more like a bipedal creature than an insect.

The real battle started now.

"Get away before you are infected!"

The sharp tail aimed for my stomach.

[The effect of the Dongui Bogam – Incomplete has been activated.]

[Your body is immune from a parasitic infection.]

It was so fast I couldn't avoid it despite having over 50 agility. I narrowly caught the tail before it pierced me. But if it hit, I would've definitely got a hole in my stomach.


She used the fact that I was holding her tail to fly towards me and hit me. I was knocked onto the ground and a strong pain filled my body.

Strong. She became even stronger when she wasn't in a host. The power of her main body was comparable to a 5th grade insect king species.

Once Antinus unleashed her fighting power, it was equivalent to the degraded fire dragon I once killed.

It might be destroyed but she was still the hero of her world. She was as strong as Lycaon who emerged from the yellow meteorite.

This didn't mean I had no chance.

It was a clear violation of the scenario rules for the 'guide' to cause such an uproar before the fifth scenario ended. It wasn't just killing a few people. She even tried to hatch a disaster, which meant she had given up on her probability.

The sign of a probability storm was already descending on Antinus' body.

As time pa.s.sed, the collapse of her body would accelerate, even if I didn't attack. It was a fight I could win if I just bought time.


The problem was how much time I could buy before dying. At this moment, the Protection Symbol of the Imyuntar started shaking.

Ah, that's right. There was this. I held my aching body and said to her, “I'm sorry but I'm not your opponent."

As I spoke, a flash of silver light crossed the sky, causing a sonic boom. The gorgeous mane scattered in the air as something landed in front of me with a loud roar. The being was over three metres tall.

Lycaon, Prince of the Imyuntar, stood up.

"I'm sorry for the delay, Protector."

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