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Zhou Bao hesitated for a moment. Taoist Qing Feng clearly showed his intentions. He wanted to hire Zhou Bao as a thug.

Since he was wanted as a mercenary, he would make sure to ask for a high payment.

Even though he was not willing to serve as a thug for others, he understood that he could not refuse while he was in Fifth Manor. In particular, Taoist Qing Feng talked to him in such an open way. He even did not conceal his cultivation to Zhou Bao.

Breaking the Earthly Immortal phase meant that both this Taoist and his junior brother had reached Immortal peak phase in terms of the cultivation. Their combined strength was equal to that of the Realm Lords of two macro worlds. The Realm Lord in a macro world was similar to the Jade Emperor at antiquity times. Their strength was at the peak phase of the Immortal. For a very few macro worlds which possessed peerless pneuma and resources, their Realm Lords would likely be the Earthly Immortal. When they reached this phase, they would not be interested in managing the macro world because they've already had their own macro worlds. Therefore, their attention diverted to their own macro worlds. When they reached the Earthly Immortal phase, even if they were Realm Lords, they would also retire from the leading position and seldom show up.

What was their combat capability when they reached the Immortal peak? Zhou Bao did not think that Taoist Qing Feng's combat capability would remain at the Immortal peak. They must have a strength higher than an ordinary Earthly Immortal. After all, they had different backgrounds and were in a special place. Zhou Bao had a strength of Immortal peak even though he had just reached the Realm of Human Immortal. If the Taoists in the Fifth Manor could not kill the enemies, it would be a big joke to the rest of the world.

Zhou Bao knew that the experts must experience the Earthly Immortal Tribulation before they reached the Earthly Immortal.

From Immortal to Earthly Immortal, there was only one Tribulation. However, the Earthly Immortal Tribulation alone was ten times more terrible than the other tribulations combined due to many factors. Therefore, a pract.i.tioner who would experience the Earthly Immortal Tribulation could not partic.i.p.ate in a battle and kill anything. Even if he stamped an ant to death, the Karma rising from the dead ant would probably escalated to a high level when he went through the Earthly Immortal Tribulation. Moreover, such a thing only happened when one's cultivation and phase reached the Immortal's peak and when he was affected by the Earthly Immortal Tribulation. If one failed to feel the chance resulting from the Earthly Immortal Tribulation, killing an ant would still leave Karma unchanged. Zhou Bao came to realize this thing. Now that Taoist Qing Feng told him, he must have already felt an opportunity in the Earthly Immortal Tribulation. Besides, it was also true of Ming Yue, his junior brother. Consequently, they did not want to act and intended to ask for help from a thug.

"In the Fifth Manor, Are there any other people except for the senior Taoist and your junior brother?"

"Uh!"Taoist Qing Feng face froze. "It's a good question. Actually, there're not many people in the Fifth Manor. Our senior and junior brothers have achieved the Earthly Immortals' Great Way earlier and left the Longevity Mountain. Only my junior brother Ming Yue and I are still here to research the Earthly Immortals' Great Way. As for our teacher—"

Mentioning his teacher, Qing Feng paused for a moment and said, "He doesn't care about those things!"

This sentence revealed something which attracted Zhou Bao's attention!

Taoist Qing Feng's teacher was also in the Fifth Manor. Moreover, according to Ma Linglong's words, their teacher was the Ancestor of Earthly Immortals, Immortal Zhen Yuan, in the legend.

Obviously, such a big boss would ignore those trivial matters. In his eyes, everything about the Heaven Realm World, including Zhou Bao, was not interesting at all. Maybe, after his nap, the world had already seen a great change.

"From the antiquity times, my junior brother and I have been managing the Fifth Manor together. We incurred this enemy. He doesn't even know my teacher, so he's so bold."

Hearing this, Zhou Bao realized that their enemy just bullied the weak: the two Taoists. At first, he was curious who was so aggressive to provoke the Immortal Zhen Yuan.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. A person of Earthly Immortal Level who did not know the existence of Immortal Zhen Yuan. Why did Qing Feng easily tell him that? It seemed that Qing Feng did not intend to conceal it from him and was straight up front with him since the beginning. Did he know that Zhou Bao had already heard about the Immortal Zhen Yuan?

Thinking of it, Zhou Bao instantly cast a suspicious look at Ma Linglong.

"Please don't get me wrong, King Wuyang. Our teacher once said you're special, so we should be frank and sincere to you!" Seeing Zhou Bao's eyes, Qing Feng knew Zhou Bao's thought and gave a gentle smile.

"OK! I think too much!" Zhou Bao said. However, he became nervous. The Immortal Zhen Yuan said that he was a special person. Did the Immortal Zhen Yuan know his background?

"Ok. King Wuyang. I've already told you our requirement. What's yours? I suppose you won't demand a high price, right?"

"I won't do it!" Zhou Bao laughed and told Qing Feng his thoughts honestly. In any case, being in good relation with Fifth Manor was always a good thing. "But I want to know how strong your enemy's incarnation is. He's an Earthly Immortal's incarnation. He can't be too weak, right?"

"His incarnation is a silver fox with the Primordial Fierce Beast's bloodline. Through rigorous training for many years, its combat capability is almost like an Immortal's peak at our phase. It's hard to handle!"

"I see." Zhou Bao suddenly felt a headache. "You know, I just look like having good combat capability. My skills are not that useful. It's just OK to deal with an opponent like me. But I may defeat him and drive him away. If that happened, do I make a Karma with that Earthly Immortal? I—"

"I know what you want to say. Indeed, as you said, you just look strong. But you don't have a solid foundation and your phase is not enough. You're asking for a quick death if you fall into the Karma with an Earthly Immortal!" Taoist Qing Feng softly flipped the teacup before him. "However, you don't need to fear. You're a Fate Creator. According to your spirit, you're also a Fate Controller. Whatever your phase is, your position is the same with the Earthly Immortal—"

"Same position but different strength!" Zhou Bao forced a smile.

"Yes. But it doesn't matter. I can a.s.sure you that you can help us this time. And, he won't go to you!"

"Are you sure?"

"Sure. The Karma between you two is from our Fifth Manor. We will shoulder the Karma. So, for you, it's a very easy thing. Just drive him away!"

At this moment, he took a look at Zhou Bao. "I know you have a good combat capability now. But frankly speaking, you overuse weapons, especially your bluff, the Supreme Fairy Weapon. I admit it has a strong power. But it can only be your bluff. Your phase is too low and you're just at the Realm of Human Immortal. You haven't formed the Three Flowers above the Head yet. You can play strong combat capability because you integrated the Real Body of Zhuyan. I believe you've got Zhuyan's inheritance and practiced the Mysterious Divine Light. I can even feel the Icy Divine Light on you!"

Taoist Qing Feng spoke about Zhou Bao's strength with concrete exactness. He seemed like he would never stop. "I'm mostly interested in your Seven Wonderful Techniques. You're young but you've got five kinds of the Seven Wonderful Techniques. You even fostered the bud of the Wonderful Techniques in your Dantian. That's an impressive achievement. Master said you're a special person. He's right. When the Mysterious Icy Divine Light combines with the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and the Heavenly Jade Technique, two of the Seven Wonderful Techniques, an overwhelming power can be released. That's also the best way to reach the Extreme Realm of Force. But you always pay more attention to your Supreme Fairy Weapon. Since you've chosen to reach the Extreme Realm of Force, don't put extra things in your heart. Whatever the Supreme Fairy Weapon and the macro world are, a fist could crash them into nothing!"

Zhou Bao's eye corners were convulsed with his face changing. Finally, he slowly said, "Exactly!"

"Hahaha. Yes. Exactly!" Taoist Qing Feng could not help laughing after he heard Zhou Bao's response. "Yes, I just said it. Don't take it seriously. The Extreme Realm of Force is the first Great Way among the 3,000 Great Ways. How can it be easy to be practiced? You chose this way. I don't know if you're arrogant or stupid!"

"I didn't choose it. It's just a coincidence. An opportunity!" Zhou Bao said worriedly. "If you let me choose, I'd rather choose an easy way!"

"Hehe. If you chose an easy way, I wouldn't be talking with you today. Forget that nonsense. This time, if you can lend a hand to us, first, I a.s.sure you that you won't be caught into the Karma with that Earthly Immortal. In the future, any difficulty you encounter won't suffer the effects of this thing. Secondly, I can help you form the Three Flowers above the Head within 10 days and guide you to the way of the Five Qis in the Chest. Third, you understand the Seven Wonderful Techniques. Our Fifth Manor doesn't care. But some guys will make big troubles to you, so I can teach you the way to conceal the Seven Wonderful Techniques. I can also even tell you where you can find out the other two. Lastly, I can answer your two questions if I know the answers. What do you think of that?"


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