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"Yeah, I see. We have nothing to discuss. We need to try our best to kill this disgusting fatso. Should we leave him an intact corpse or only his head?"

"Am I an immortal? I cannot live with only a head!" Green Spirit shrieked after hearing Zhou Bao's words. "I need at least an intact body that hasn't been severely injured. Otherwise, Even if I possess it, I'll suffer considerably!"

"That guy's cultivation is at the peak of an Individual Immortal, the same as that of White Tiger. His combat capability might have even reached the Level of True Immortality. Don't forget that he's lived for over 3,000 years. These years, everyone knows to conceal his own strength, and cultivation rarely commensurates with combat capability. It'll be difficult for me to even defeat him with my current cultivation. I can only get rid of his soul and leave him an intact corpse if I use my fairy weapons!"

"Firstly, you do have fairy weapons. Secondly, if you operate them properly, you can even fight against Taihai Sage, a Genuine Immortal. Why are you afraid of a Metaphysic Individual Immortal?!"

"What do you mean?"

"If you operate Yin and Yang Dust Formation properly and trap him in it, whether his cultivation is at the peak of an Individual Immortal or the Level of True Immortality, he'll still end up dying!"

"Nice try, but this formation is one of my ace cards. I won't reveal it just for a Child-endowing Buddha. It's too unworthy!"

"I'm not asking you to reveal it. If you trap Child-endowing Buddha in your formation, we can join hands to kill him, even if he has fairy weapons. It's the safest way!"

"Although I've already refined an Innate Qi Talisman, my cultivation isn't high enough. Therefore, I cannot operate it smoothly, and it'll take me some time to become familiar with it. I'm going to enter the Azure Secret Area soon, I don't have much time to do it."

"There's still some time left before you enter the Azure Secret Area. As of now, the Essential Qi Tide hasn't formed yet. If you enter it now, you may attract others' attention. You'd better go in when the Essential Qi Tide has completely formed. It won't take you much time. With your current cultivation, you just need to make several arrangements. Since you have your own territory now, I suggest that you can first set up the Yin and Yang Dust Formation on your territory and be familiar with it. It's very beneficial to you. Once you know the formation well, your enlightenment and control of the essence of the world will be further levelled up. It's good for your trip to the Azure Secret Area!"

"Not bad. I should set up the formation even if it is not for my trip to the Azure Secret Area. When there are enemies, it can at least withstand for some time. I'm going to fight against Mandkesvara this time. I've destroyed his incarnation, perhaps he'll cause trouble for me. He's more powerful than the opponents that I've met. Perhaps w.a.n.g She is no match for him!" After thinking twice, Zhou Bao thought that Green Spirit's words made sense and nodded in agreement.

"Sister, what happened? Why did Zhou Bao shatter the statue of Child-endowing Buddha?"

Standing in the lobby of Lord Mansion, Yan Yunfei was very nervous. She had married Zhou Bao for such a long time but had never seen him get angry in front of her. Though he was not mad at her, she was sensitive enough to naturally understand it was because of her.

"It's not a big deal. Men are all the same. Perhaps he felt that praying for children is too embarra.s.sing?"

"No, it's impossible. If he really thought so, he wouldn't let me go there. Is there something wrong with that Jingtan Temple?" Yan Yunfei shook her head in doubt.

Yan Yunyan's countenance slightly changed. She forced herself to smile and said, "I don't think so. Jingtan Temple is very popular all over the world and it's very efficacious on the matter of praying for children. Everything had been fine all these years. I don't think anything wrong would happen just because it's built on the Wuyang Region?!"

"It sounds reasonable, but..."

"You don't need to worry about it. It's not your problem but that of the statue of Child-endowing Buddha!"

Just when Yan Yunfei was still contemplating the reason, Zhou Bao's voice came from outside of the house. He strode into the room and smiled at Yan Yunfei. He then glared at Yan Yunyan harshly and said, "Princess Heyang, I hope that you didn't know about the problem of Jingtan Temple beforehand, otherwise we'll become enemies!"

"Hehe, now that's interesting. How am I supposed to know that Jingtan Temple is problematic? Besides, what problem does that temple have?" Yan Yunyan was quite nervous, but she let out an unbothered smile and showed slight confusion.

"Hmm. If you didn't know, why are you nervous?" Although she pretended to be calm, she could not cheat Zhou Bao. Zhou Bao's face darkened suddenly and he said, "Don't tell me you've schemed it beforehand!"

"I...!" Yan Yunyan's heart trembled and she looked up. Just when she was about to say something, she heard a thunder-like roar bursting out in the sky.

"Zhou Bao, give me your woman!"

Following the thunder-like roar, a flame-like huge hand broke through the sky and tore the roof of the lobby apart directly. It stretched towards Yan Yunfei ferociously.

"You don't know what you're doing!" Zhou Bao's expression became cold, and he pointed at the huge hand with a single finger.

Great Fusion Technic!

The dark golden flame surged forward and fused half of the hand with a sizzle.


A low hum was heard from the sky, saying, "Little boy, you're inflicting your own death!"

"No, it's you!" Zhou Bao's expression became more serious. The dark golden Gang Qi surged around him. Nine glittering rays formed a shield by rotating and enveloped the sky.

"What a cheap trick!"

Soon after the huge hand was fused, another bigger hand that spanned across thousands of feet formed in the sky. The veins of that hand were clearly visible as if they were dozens of Heavenly Dragons entangled with each other. They let out ferocious roars and immense coercion.

Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint!

It was a thousand times stronger than the Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint used by Happy Monk when Zhou Bao last met him.

He swooped with a single palm, aiming to not only destroy Zhou Bao's Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Shield, but also half of his territory.

"How dare you be rude to me! I'll let you know how powerful am I!"


The sky seemed like it turned upside down from his palm. Countless Heavenly Dragons roared and pounced onto Zhou Bao with bare fangs and open claws.

"d.a.m.n you!"

Feeling the power of this palm, Zhou Bao's expression changed sharply. This Child-endowing Buddha was really merciless. He tried to kill him with a single movement, leaving him no room to fight back at all.

However, Zhou Bao was neither an ordinary powerhouse nor an ordinary Metaphysic Individual Immortal. He had many ways to fight against Child-endowing Buddha. Looking at the lowering hand, he smiled coldly and lifted up his hands. Starlights flashed through the sky and instantly transformed into thousands of silver rays. They were knitted into a huge net and enveloped that huge hand tightly, stopping it 300 feet away from the ground.

In the sky of the Wuyang Region, starlights glittered again, leaving silver stars all across the sky.

These starlights fell down like willow twigs, and turned into an immense star force, surging towards the Sky-measuring Star Ruler.

This was not the Taiyuan Heaven, but the real secular world. The Sky-measuring Star Ruler appeared and demonstrated the power of an Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Device. A giant spider came out of the Sky-measuring Star Ruler and controlled these starlights and the star force. It knitted a huge silver cobweb in the skies above the Wuyang Region.

"Child-endowing Buddha, how dare you attack ordinary people publicly! Don't you know that you've already violated the Law of Heaven?" Zhou Bao's face became livid and he shouted coldly.

"Hahahaha. The Law of Heaven. Interesting fella. Since you know about it, you should know that it's controlled by us. Even if I violate it and exterminate the people of the Wuyang Region, it cannot do any harm to me unless the Golden Book of Fate is launched! Haha...!"

Child-endowing Buddha's laughter travelled through the sky. The huge handprint disappeared suddenly, and a cl.u.s.ter of red clouds instantly expanded. Even naked eyes could see its ferocious speed. In a flash, it enveloped the entire sky.

These red clouds actually managed to cut off the star force that the Sky-measuring Star Ruler had been gathering from the skies above.

"Haha. I did not expect you to possess the Sky-measuring Star Ruler, an Upper Grade Pure Yang Celestial Device. It proves that my trip will be fruitful. I'm destined to become rich!" Child-endowing Buddha's excited voice reigned through the sky, and m.u.f.fled thunder could be heard faintly in those red clouds. "Little boy, what you used just now is the Great Fusion Technic of Evil Fire Kylin. It's indeed not bad. But I'll let you have a taste of the Rolling Thunder Technique of Divine Gang Jade Kylin!"

"Rolling Thunder Technique?!"

Zhou Bao was shocked. Following which, a flash of the lightning broke through the giant red clouds. Several claps of thunder rung out of thin air. b.a.l.l.s of thunderbolts rolled out from the red clouds and shattered the big net knitted by starlights.

Red clouds, star net, and thunderbolts.

All of a sudden, the entire sky of the Wuyang Region seemed to be at its end.

"Rolling Thunder Technique?!"

Zhou Bao's face turned dark as he saw the fragmented star net. He raised his five fingers at the same time, and clouds of dark golden firelight appeared around those thunderbolts, fusing their surroundings completely.

Great Fusion Technic!

"Am I afraid of you when it comes to comparing the density of Real Essence?!" Zhou Bao had already opened nine acupoints. He looked grim while he fused those thunderbolts falling down from the sky one by one, as if the Great Fusion Technic does not cost him anything.

"Ah? Your Real Essence is quite immense. No, it's something more powerful. You actually have such overwhelming Dharma power!" Noticing that Zhou Bao had calmly fused all those thunderbolts completely, Child-endowing Buddha was surprised. Putting aside Zhou Bao's powerful combat capability, his current cultivation was only Level Nine. There was no way he can be too powerful. But little did he know that Zhou Bao would give him a big surprise.

"Child-endowing Buddha, have you run out of tricks?" Zhou Bao looked up at those red clouds and smiled ruthlessly. "I beg your pardon. What did you say just now? You want my woman? Haha. I feel so sorry for you!"

In a flash, Zhou Bao's body transformed into a dark golden light and flew towards those red clouds. "Child-endowing Buddha, give me your body!"

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