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In his previous life, Zhou Bao had read some cla.s.sical books which said, "The sage has no father".

It meant that those wise men of old had no mortal fathers.

For example, in the legend, Fu Xi's mother became pregnant after she touched a huge footprint in the woods out of curiosity. It was similar to Liu Bang, the first Han emperor, whose mother had the same experience. It was said that after his mother met a powerful G.o.d in her dream, she became pregnant and gave birth to him.

No one knew who Confucius's father was either. There was a remark indicated in Sima Qian's Historical Records: Shu Liang Ho, an old man, married young Yan Zhengzai, a daughter of Yan Family in order to get Confucius.

His conception was a total mystery.

Back then, Zhou Bao regarded these stories as a joke, but his att.i.tude was different now!

Responding to a subconscious feeling, Zhou Bao intuitively felt that something was wrong. He pulled Yan Yunfei back from the Child-endowing Buddha before its power could advance on her.

Then he smashed the Buddha with one strike of his hand.


Before Zhu Ba and the people outside could react, an extraordinary vision appeared.

The bizarre vision suddenly vanished and they tried to rush into the palace, but Zhou Bao was already standing there before them, with a frightened Yan Yunfei in his arms.

"Your Excellency, what brings you here? What's going on?"

At the sight of Zhou Bao, those people were shocked, especially Zhu Ba whose expression was even uglier.

Zhou Bao's sudden appearance and destruction of the Buddha revealed that some untoward incident had occurred in the palace. As his personal guard, not only had he been unaware of danger but had left Zhou Bao to his own defenses.

By any point of view, he could be charged with breach of duty. Therefore, he grasped the collar of Monk De Ling to release his anger. "What an audacious monk! How dare you trick Mrs. Zhou? Aren't you afraid of being killed?"

Zhu Ba was a fierce looking man. This time due to his extreme fury, the scar on his face pulsated and stood out vividly on his face, making the monk's blood turn cold.

Trembling violently, the monk begged, "Your Excellency, please forgive me. I really have no idea what just happened!"

"You don't know? Humph, you were the one who built Jingtan Temple. How is it possible that you don't know? How dare you deny any knowledge of the incident! Let me..." Zhu Ba berated him and raised his hand to hit him.

"Well, Zhu Ba, you can't get any useful information from him in this way!" Zhou Bao looked at him, frowning. "Take all the monks back. I will interrogate them carefully!"

"Yes, Your Excellency!" Zhu Ba loudly responded. Then he shouted his orders at his underlings to tie up all the monks in the temple and escort them back.

At the same time, Yan Yunfei came to herself and looked at her surroundings in bewilderment. "Zhou Bao, what's going on? Did something happen?"

"There is something wrong with this temple!" Zhou Bao smiled and gently stroked her back. "Nothing to worry about, just someone up to mischief! You can go back first. I'll deal with the matter here!"

Yan Yunfei nodded. She was such an acquiescent woman that she obeyed Zhou Bao's instruction unfailingly. She only looked at Yan Yunyan who was in the temple and said,

"Yunyan, let's go back!"

"Alright!" However, Yan Yunyan seemed to be terribly frightened. She straightened up slowly and walked out of the temple.

"Humph!" Zhou Bao snorted when Yan Yunyan stood before him. His eyes bored into her.

In a low pitched tone, he warned her, "Your Highness, you'd better pray you're not involved in this matter. Otherwise, I will throw you to this evil G.o.d!"

Yan Yunyan shivered. She looked up and wanted to say that she was not guilty. As her eyes encountered Zhou Bao's cold ones, she felt frightened.

She hastily lowered her head and didn't dare to look into Zhou Bao's eyes. Silently, she moved beside Yan Yunfei.

With the occurrence of the incident, Jingtan Temple was naturally in a state of chaos. According to the protocol, Jingtan Temple should have been off limits to the public since Yan Yunfei was there for a visit.

But because the princess was benevolent and didn't mind having other people around, the temple wasn't isolated specially for her visit.

When they entered the temple, there were still some people around. In such an enclosed area, when a frightening incident happened, the people inside naturally scuttled away like frightened rabbits.

Zhou Bao didn't stop them, and the temple emptied rapidly.

"There is something wrong with the temple, just as expected!" After all the other people left, Green Spirit's psywave pa.s.sed to Zhou Bao.

"Hahaha, kiddo, this time you should thank me. If I did not have such an extensive knowledge, you would have fallen for the trick. Made a fool of, hahaha... "

"Shut up!" Zhou Bao was in a bad mood and had no time for Green Spirit's self-admiration.

At this moment, a dark golden light shone around him. Then an egg-shaped canopy dropped down and covered the whole temple.

"This is... "

Outside the temple, there were some martial arts masters like w.a.n.g She. Following w.a.n.g She's lead they gathered in the temple. Though their skills were only at Level Seven, their spiritual minds were better developed than any ordinary person's.

They could not sense anything amiss in Jingtan Temple and felt rather confused with Zhou Bao's sudden appearance and his breaking of the Child-endowing Buddha.

However when they stepped outside, they could sense the temple undergoing a series of bizarre changes. As they turned to look at it, their expressions changed.

In the eyes of the untrained, the temple appeared to be the same. However, for those with highly defined spiritual powers, the Jingtan Temple appeared to be shrouded in a thin mist and was not clearly visible.

It looked like a total illusion.

"What's wrong? What the h.e.l.l is going on?" The three felt nervous. They exchanged looks and all wanted to return to find out what was really going on in the temple.

As they were about to move, a green light flashed. Then w.a.n.g She appeared before them and said, "Escort them back and leave the matter alone!"

w.a.n.g She's expression was somber as if he had encountered a very serious problem.

They rarely saw that expression on his face. All of a sudden, they too became serious and stopped talking.

Leaving the temple manifestation behind, they escorted Yan Yunfei and other people out.

When they had departed, w.a.n.g She felt a sense of relief which was reflected in his eyes. Then he turned to look at Jingtan Temple. "s.p.a.ce Division Skill! This guy is getting increasingly skilled at using it!"

With a whirl, he slipped into the temple as if he were a wisp of smoke.

Inside, Zhou Bao's expression had darkened.

As soon as he had isolated the temple from the actual s.p.a.ce-time, using the s.p.a.ce Division Skill, he scanned every corner with his spiritual mind and repaired the broken Child-endowing Buddha after scrutinizing it.

However, he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

After the Child-endowing Buddha was smashed, the wave of strange power dissolved.

The whole temple seemed to be back to normal but was eerily silent.

"Humph. I don't believe that!" Zhou Bao sneered. Then a golden light flashed behind of his head.

The shadow of a golden mirror appeared to be suspended behind his head. That was the shadow of Golden Flame Mirror.

Though the mirror had been engulfed by the Skull Elixir Furnace, it did not simply disappear.

Zhou Bao was still able to use it, with even greater proficiency, enabling it to produce greater power. Now the Golden Flame Mirror was represented by a mirror shadow.

As a strong Pure Yang Qi rushed out, a beam of golden light suddenly shot out and began to sweep through the whole temple.

Golden Flame Mirror's golden light not only had a strong killer force, but was capable of detecting and killing demons.

In ancient times, it had another name--Demon-detecting Mirror.

Reflected by the Golden Flame Mirror, the fragments of the Child-endowing Buddha came to life and a light green smoke appeared from the top.

"Who's that? How dare you offend me!"

Ma.s.ses of violent psywaves were released from the green smoke which affected Zhou Bao's spirit greatly.

The psywave was so powerful that an ordinary expert at Level Seven or Eight would be shattered by its power.

This force would have a direct impact on the spirit, but it encountered Zhou Bao, a monster with a strong spirit and a magic weapon.

"Humph, what a tricky guy. Come out! Come out!" Zhou Bao yelled, curling his hands into claws and trying to grab the fragment.

Turtledove's claw!

PHEW! The green smoke eluded Zhou Bao's grasp and seeped directly into his hand.

"Oh no!"

Sensing the strong power coming from Zhou Bao's claw, the green smoke suddenly receded.

At the same time, Zhou Bao felt the smoke putting up a resistance in an attempt to defeat his palm.

He couldn't help but sneer. "Trying to escape? That's not so easy!"

Zhou Bao's fingers curled into a fist and seized the air abruptly.


A silent wail which turned into fierce psywave fused with Zhou Bao's spirit.

The green smoke was divided into two parts, one in the hand of Zhou Bao's turtledove's claw, the other retreating towards the fragment of Child-endowing Buddha.

However, the cover of the Golden Flame Mirror prevented it from going back in, so it struggled violently and contorted into various ugly images.

Then a forceful power at the spirit level was released, but this time, all of it was engulfed by the golden light of Golden Flame Mirror.

"Humph. Who are you? How dare you play a trick in my territory. Are you tired of living?"

"How bold and ignorant you are. How dare you do this! Aren't you afraid of being ripped into pieces?" A vicious psywave shot out from the smoke and pierced his hand.

"You are facing imminent death. It's useless to say this!" Zhou Bao sneered and clenched his fist to crumble the smoke.


Out of the smoke came a cry. However, a black whip-like shadow subsequently appeared out of thin air and lashed at Zhou Bao.


The sudden appearance of the whip like shadow aroused Zhou Bao's interest. It destroyed the s.p.a.ce and launched a direct attack from a remote corner at Zhou Bao.

Zhou Bao was familiar with its clear s.p.a.ce wave attack.

The shadow moved swiftly and whipped his face. However, Zhou Bao who was surrounded by the dark golden Gang Qi did not evade the attack.

The shadow then charged at the Gang Qi, but met with resistance and bounced off, emitting a sizzling sound.

It turned out that the hot Gang Qi had seared the whip into two pieces.

"Junior Leopard, stop!"

As Zhou Bao was about to make his next move, he heard w.a.n.g She calling out anxiously.

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