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"The Child-endowing Buddha is merely one of the 13 Living Buddhas in the Bigwheel Temple, so he may not have the power to influence the Bigwheel Temple's decision. Even if the Divine Wind Palace and the Bigwheel Temple will join forces, the Child-endowing Buddha alone does not have the final say!"

"You'd better be careful. A tall tree catches the wind!" w.a.n.g She smiled cynically.

"Oh, and how did you know the Child-endowing Buddha is here?" Zhou Bao asked him suddenly.

"Your territory is only a small area. You also arranged for my guys to be your guards. How can't I know? But I was in a closed-door training yesterday and I didn't hear about it. Upon completion of my training, I heard the news and came to you immediately. I'm worried that you might have offended him. You ruined his incarnation unexpectedly!"

"What I want is not only to destroy his incarnation, but also to find a way to injure him and even to the extent of killing him!" Zhou Bao said. His tone was filled with immense hate as if he bore a deep grudge against the Child-endowing Buddha.

"Why?" Sensing the sudden venomous hate spewing from Zhou Bao, w.a.n.g She felt puzzled.

"You said that this guy is narrow-minded and likes to avenge the smallest grievance. Now that I have seriously hurt his incarnation, he's bound to oppose me. Naturally, I will deal with him. As for the thousand incarnations that you mentioned and the 80% strength recovery in 50 years. 50 years later, even if his strength recovers by 180%, it will not be a big deal, let alone 80%?" Zhou Bao spoke confidently.

"Yes. You're right. You're only 20 years old, but you've reached such a level already. 50 years will surely give you a further enhancement of your skills, that is if you don't become evil. Who knows which level you will attain? You certainly don't need to bother about the Child-endowing Buddha!" w.a.n.g She instantly understood Zhou Bao's tone. At the sight of Zhou Bao's confident expression, he also laughed. "It seems you've already known what you want. I won't give need to give you more advice!" At the same time, w.a.n.g She's figure flashed and turned into a cyan light, disappearing into the s.p.a.ce of Segmented Realms.

"I didn't realize that this guy was able to break through my s.p.a.ce of Segmented Realms so quickly and silently that I did not feel a thing. It seems that I have underestimated him!" w.a.n.g She vanished, and with it, Zhou Bao's smile too. w.a.n.g She's sudden appearance was a big surprise. The s.p.a.ce of Segmented Realms was controlled by him. Logically speaking, anyone who wanted to enter this s.p.a.ce would not be able to hide from him. However, w.a.n.g She had boldly entered the s.p.a.ce, which was really beyond any of his expectations.

"w.a.n.g She must have practiced one of the 3,000 Great Ways. It's not the Nine Heaven Yuan Yang Technique. Instead, it's a very un.o.btrusive skill, a little bit like the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill that you practice. But it's a more wondrous skill!"

"Have you heard of it?"

"No. The 3,000 Great Ways have many variations and are closely guarded secrets. Except for the famous cultivation method of the Great Ways like the Way of the Emperor, I don't have much information about the other ways!" Green Spirit said helplessly. "But I know the Mandkesvara Way. The Mandkesvara Sect is famous for it and its destruction was also due to it!"

"I will not bother too much about it. People only live once in this world, so we strive for happiness instead. Having to take so many things into consideration is really boring!" Zhou Bao said. The s.p.a.ce suddenly vibrated, and the segmented s.p.a.ce disappeared when he raised hands. The Jingtan Temple reappeared to the present world again. However, the entire temple yard had a desolate and chilled atmosphere now, unlike previously, when the temple grounds was permeated with the aroma of incense and filled with throngs of worshippers.

Looking around, Zhou Bao gave a grim laugh and stamped his feet. With a loud rumbling sound, the whole ground churned and convulsed. Jingtan Temple became a total wreck as it was razed to the ground.

Zhou Bao's figure gradually faded into the pervading dust.

Snow Mountain, Bigwheel Temple.

Remote and filled with silence.

This temple was built on the ridge of Snow Mountain. From the distance, it looked like a giant bronze dragon lying on the ridge, stretching hundreds of miles.

The whole temple seemed to be cast in bronze, giving off a stark and cold ambience.

Behind the Mahavira Hall lay a building with numerous large courtyards. One of the courtyard was s.p.a.cious and grand, and was filled with a flowery fragrance. Now and then women's laughter and screams could be heard. However, their voices seemed to be contained within the yard area by a strange force and did not peter out at once, but lingered in the air for a long time.

All of a sudden, a cry was heard, coming from the courtyard. Subsequently, all the laughter stopped.

"Sacred Roots. It's the Sacred Roots power. It's amazing that there's a woman who holds the Sacred Roots power in this world. That's terrific!"

In a hall in the yard, was a monk, who had bared his neck and shoulders and bent over a soft animal fur. He was an exact replica of the Child-endowing Buddha statue, one of the 13 Living Buddhas of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple.

The Child-endowing Buddha lay on the ground, his eyes shining with cruelty and greed. About ten young women dressed in green were dancing next to him, but were not able to attract his attention at all.

"Heyhey...Sacred Roots. I didn't expect to have such a lucky encounter. I can't let her escape! If I can get this woman, she is the equivalent of skills cultivation in half of my lifetime. No no no, that's the skills cultivations for my whole lifetime. If I can get her, no one will be able to match my skills. I can even practice the Way of the Emperor and even the—!"

Although his incarnation did not manage to attain his goal, he found out that Yan Yunfei was actually an embodiment of the Sacred Roots. Therefore, he fell into a deep reverie.

"Zhou Bao, Yunzhou Zhou Bao, has been really blessed from the beginning with great luck. He is married to a woman who is an embodiment of the Sacred Roots. No wonder he has such tremendous strength and can even fight against the White Tiger at such a young age. He has gained great benefits from this. However, since you've already benefited so much, it should be more than sufficient. And the following benefits should actually be mine. They will be the compensation for the destruction of my incarnation!" He laughed, stood up abruptly from the animal fur and dumped the women who were with him. He swished a red robe around his shoulders and transformed into a red cloud, heading northwest.

"Zhu Ba, I've already figured out the whole thing. Stop all the inquiries. Kill these monks and hang their heads on the flagpoles. And ask Jiang Xiao issue a notice to all the people in the Wuyang Region. In my territory, they have to let Jiang Xiao know their religious affiliations. And I will be checking on them. Anyone who is found to belong to cults will be driven away, like these monks. And find out how many women have become pregnant after they have prayed for babies at Jingtan Temple. Who are they? Check it out!"


Back to the Lord Mansion, seeing Zhu Ba still questioning the monks, Zhou Bao became very angry and shouted out the instructions.

Zhu Ba was greatly dismayed. He immediately said "yes" when he saw Zhou Bao's complexion turning pale and heard the anger in his voice.

"Boy, I feel a ma.s.sive murderous intent here!"

"The more I think it, the angrier I get!" Zhou Bao said coldly, "I'm very angry now. It's not over. I will teach this d.a.m.n Child-endowing Buddha a lesson. It will be better if I can kill him!"

"He can't be killed so easily. He has sown so many Devil Foetus, that it is like he has eternal life. It's similar to an Original Spirit that is feeding off the Golden Book of Fate. He's also an Individual Immortal whose skills cultivation has reached its peak. His Original Spirit has pervaded the Golden Book of Fate, so you can't kill him!" Green Spirit's psywave came to him with a little sneer.

"Didn't you say you want a strong body?" Zhou Bao suddenly asked.

"What did you say?" Green Spirit was stunned for a moment and did not get Zhou Bao's drift.

"A strong body, a body whose cultivation has reached the peak of the Individual Immortal. I suppose that will suit you. And once you have this strong body, you can quickly break through the Mysterious Realm to be a Genuine Immortal" Zhou Bao said insidiously. Every word sounded like a ticking time bomb, grating on Green Spirit's nerves.

"Let...let me think it over."

"No need to think about it. Don't miss this opportunity. I don't have such an opportunity to meet with such an enemy. The Child-endowing Buddha may look weird but he has a strong body. He practices the art of Mandkesvara Dhyana and that makes his spirit formidable. His body is able to harbor a great spirit with its strength. Except for him, even a body whose cultivation is at the Level of True Immortality finds it hard to harbor your Original Spirit!"

"That's a good idea!" After a long pause, Green Spirit sighed. "Boy, it's a huge temptation for you. The Child-endowing Buddha's body is definitely competent enough to harbor my spirit. But will you agree to let me go?"

"Why not? Even though you're with me, you're always giving me dumb ideas. It's true that sometimes they do bring benefits to me, but I feel that there is always a malicious intent behind your ideas. I'd better get rid of you first so as to avoid being played out by you!" Zhou Bao said frostily. "So, it's better to let you leave as soon as possible!"

"Well, OK, OK, boy. You're really something!" Green Spirit laughed in delight. "Don't worry, I'm not an ungrateful person. As long as you help me to get the body, I will not mistreat you. And I will not go back on my word. Even if I get the body, I will still follow you!"

"Come on! If you get the Child-endowing Buddha's body and still stay at my side, I'm afraid I'll be pursued by Bigwheel Temple forever!"

"Impossible. If you can completely destroy the Child-endowing Buddha, n.o.body will know that I am occupying his body!" Green Spirit said balefully.

"He practices the Mandkesvara Dhyana ritual. A little bit of his Original Spirit is protected by the Golden Book of Fate. Even if you completely destroy him, he cannot be killed off!"

You don't understand this. Currently, n.o.body can grasp totally the essence of the Golden Book of Fate. It can only protect a little bit of a person's Original Spirit. But n.o.body can get the complete information through his Original Spirit. As for his countless incarnations, hum, they are a direct link with his spirit and has left a deep imprint on his Sea of Consciousness. If I control his body and occupy his Sea of Consciousness, I will have all the information. Then, I just need to annihilate his incarnation and those Devil Foetuses he has sown. Thus, he has to be reincarnated with his Original Spirit. However, once his Original Spirit leaves the Golden Book of Fate, my Sea of Consciousness will feel it as there is a telepathic connection, unless he's willing to be a coward in the Golden Book of Fate for thousands of years. Hahaha—!" Green Spirit laughed complacently.

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